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Recent research on the 50th anniversary of world renowned Catholic mystic, author, and antiwar activist Thomas Merton’s untimely death suggests that it may well be categorized alongside the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, and Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. *

Additional information and research on the suspicious death of Fr. Thomas Merton are available at

*The video report notes that no autopsy was conducted on Merton’s body because of counsel by the US Embassy in Thailand. To be clear, this was according to a single claim made by a Merton colleague. The records and testimony surrounding the death are profuse and often at odds. They suggest, however, that even some church members and those in the company of Merton at the time were potentially complicit in a coverup.

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17 thought on “Thomas Merton: Enemy of the ‘Warfare State’ (video)”
  1. In the last Memory Hole Blog Report, Tracy noted that all aspects of a given story may remain unknown, and that players are often the last to know when they become the patsy.

    This is especially ironic in the case of Merton’s death, because in the motive to silence an anti-war voice, they killed a major proliferator of WW11 propaganda, now repeated here on Memory Hole Blog. Gas chambers, really?

    It kills my spirit when this despicable propaganda is parroted by those who pretend to the truth. Now it’s not just commenters, but MHB itself.

    As the manipulative Merton wrote about Americans, dutifully echoed here by Tracy, “They blindly follow any line that is unraveled for them by the mass media.”

    Yeah, well, there’s blind, and then there’s willfully blind. Which is more dangerous?

      1. Seems he was more staying true to, and trying to get the Church back to it’s core teachings…. closer to the teachings of Christ…. to love one another, not just American Catholics, and certainly not war in Vietnam.

    1. To describe Thomas Merton as “a major proliferator of WWII propaganda” is simply absurd. The “gas chamber” reference in the video is to a poem that Merton wrote in 1961. As much as he might have known that the average person in the U.S. didn’t at that time, it was very difficult for anyone to know what people like Toni know in 2019. In 1961, the gas chamber story was just taken as a given by almost everyone, apparently including Merton. For more about the poem and its larger importance, see my article, “Thomas Merton, Anti-War Hero.”

      1. “… it was very difficult for anyone to know what people like Toni know in 2019.” What’s Tracy’s excuse then?

        It’s a peculiarity of the times that people like dcdave believe that consciousness started with them.

        On his way to promoting his own article TWICE just under this post, David Martin says it’s “simply absurd” that Thomas Merton was a WWII propagandist, when Merton helped concretize the lies in the huge ‘60s ramp-up of the false Holocaust narrative. It was a pattern of deception discernible since before WWI, and no secret. As a leading intellectual, it’s simply absurd to think that Merton would not have had access to this material when he took on the project.

        But Merton was a cultural “change agent” used to dramatize the demonization of the German people, as well as his own adopted Church.

        1. We frankly do not understand how the comments section of this site has become a meeting place for Holocaust revision hardliners, especially since, with the exception of a podcast interview with James Fetzer several years ago, the topic has never even been broached in any posts on the site.

          Both authors of The Martyrdom of Thomas Merton referenced in the video have attempted to address your concerns as civilly as possible, yet you persist in attacking them and criticizing the site owner. We have the creative and editorial license to address a topic any way we wish in a post or video. It’s offered free of charge. If you disagree and wish to mount a soapbox about it here’s a wealth of info and forums available elsewhere on the web that you should perhaps avail yourself of.

        2. I apologize to you and your colleagues.

          I take a “hardline” on all the lies of the 20th century because of the direct relevance they have, especially the Holocaust, to the many deceptions still being perpetrated today. As you know, there are people who have lost their jobs, who are castigated and gang-stalked, who are financially ruined, and even put in jail for saying these things. This is why I think it’s crucial to always point out Holocaust propaganda, even when it’s used reflexively by normally clear-headed folk.

          I have to say that being a long-time and loyal commenter here on MHB, I’m quite shocked to be told to move along if I disagree.

        3. In 1961, did you believe in the holocaust? I did. I don’t anymore. I think it is an obscenely ridiculous story. But is this the place to raise that non-related issue? Had Merton lived, he may have caught onto the lies about the holocaust too. But this site is referring to only one aspect of his life – his death. It’s not a holocaust investigation. It’s a murder investigation. Even if Merton believed in the holocaust, and held some koo-koo Modernist views of what the Catholic Church should be (that it has since completely adopted), it doesn’t make Merton murder-proof. When Merton died by what I believed back then was electrocution, I immediately thought he got what was coming to him.
          BUT his views on warfare were very unpopular with the people in government who were making piles of money from war. He and his writings were influential, not only with ordinary Catholics, but with heads of state, like, for instance, JFK, and that kind of influence makes you dangerous as well to the same people. JFK’s immediate family were enamored of Merton, often met with him, and surely sent his writings to their brother JFK, who was President. We know that JFK was assassinated because of HIS views on peace and warfare. Why wouldn’t they murder the guy who had such a hold on the JFK family and perhaps even JFK himself.

  2. One might easily gather from Toni’s argument that Thomas Merton, the brave and tireless opponent of the U.S. military misadventure in Vietnam, was actually such a bad person that he deserved to be assassinated and to have his murder painted as an accidental death.

        1. Ok, Boomer.

          I never really got the “Ok, Boomer” meme till I received the Millennial treatment from you, so… thanks?

  3. Since Toni would apparently want people to believe that it is an act of shameless self-promotion to direct people to an article that I have written, permit me to explain directly why the poem that Tracy mentions in his video is important and why it is hardly a sort of subliminal intentional reinforcement of the holocaust narrative. The theologian, James W. Douglass probably has the most widely read critical book of the JFK assassination of the 21st century, “JFK and the Unspeakable: Whe He Died and Why It Matters.” (As of this writing, 785 people have written customers’ reviews on Amazon.) There is little doubt that Douglass introduced a large number of people to Thomas Merton with his book. In the first place, he tells us in his introduction that he got his “unspeakable” adjective from Merton to describe the evil of the conspiracy against our president. Douglass also tells us in the introduction that he, as a young anti-war activist was so impressed by that poem by Merton, comparing many of this countries deeds with the presumed evil of the Nazis, that he immediately wrote to Merton and Merton wrote back and they began a long epistolary relationship. In this context, the degree of the validity of the holocaust narrative comes very close to being irrelevant.

    1. The poem is hardly subliminal as Merton wrote it in the first-person voice of Rudolf Hoess! Hoess who was tortured into his “confessions“ and made a puppet in the extra-judicial Allied victory dance known as the Nuremberg War Crimes trials.

      Put simply, the dramatic appeal that Merton makes by saying, “Watch out! You might be a Nazi, too,” establishes and accepts the a priori evil of the Nazi. Merton helped to root this bigotry in the public’s mind, making it the default for derogatory expression ever since. Thus, the false Holocaust narrative is completely relevant here, not just to the poem, but to the boost it gave to Merton’s popularity, a notoriety that was ultimately resented and probably got him killed.

      Well, I was warned off my soapbox, but let me just finish this first.

      Contrary to the admin’s opinion of your civility, David Martin, your conjecture that I wanted Merton assassinated is scurrilous and hateful. You try to put me on the side of his murderers, which is a slur.

      I never said Merton was an unalloyed evil; he was USED to carry forward many of the engineered social changes we have seen since WWII. When he became a liability to his handlers, he was obviously and UNFORTUNATELY murdered.

      How aware was Merton of his complicity? How many people at age 31 have their autobiography accepted for print and go on to publish (more than fifty in 27 years!) book after book? The mid-century publishing houses, like all media, were mired with CIA and other interested parties, who determined the success of writers by their social ideologies.

      Merton’s reputation is founded on these perpetrated ideologies: the “Nazi” slur and the canard that all religions are alike. His failure to examine his assumptions, you would argue, fades before the greater “anti-war” good he did. However, the message that stuck was not his pacifism, but the insidious status quo propaganda upon which it was built, which seeks to go unquestioned to this day.

      It’s not a stretch to imagine that Merton let his pride be played to in exchange for his considerable reputation as the Wise Monk. In fact, it’s Biblical. The problem I think, David Martin, is that you have trouble seeing your hero as a human being, as anything less than perfect.

      *I thank the admin in advance for publishing my remarks.

  4. “Merton’s reputation is founded on these perpetrated ideologies: the ‘Nazi’ slur and the canard that all religions are alike. His failure to examine his assumptions, you would argue, fades before the greater ‘anti-war’ good he did. However, the message that stuck was not his pacifism, but the insidious status quo propaganda upon which it was built, which seeks to go unquestioned to this day.”

    It might have stuck, but hardly because of this piddling contribution by Merton to it that “Toni”has siezed upon. It is a relative mole hill that the Memory Hole’s resident deer fly would like to make into a mountain. What we see at work here, I believe, fits under #13 of the Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression if I might cite my own work again. And I really can’t see why any reasonable person would have a problem with what “Toni” mainly correctly states that I would argue.

    And if “Toni” really believes what she has written here, she(?) is completely clueless as to the foundation of Merton’s reputation.

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