Circulated Confidential Videotaped Deposition

Claims Deponent Was An Imposter

Outspoken Minnesota professor emeritus James Fetzer’s legal travails continue to mount as a judge in the defamation case he lost against a Sandy Hook parent last June found him in contempt of court. Fetzer admitted to sharing a videotaped deposition of the plaintiff that the judge ruled confidential. The retired professor has been directed to pay the plaintiff $7,000 in legal costs and “if you don’t, bring your toothbrush because you’ll be going to the Dane County Jail,” the judge said.

Chris Rickert of the Wisconsin State Journal reports:

A longtime conspiracy theorist and retired professor from Dane County who thinks the Sandy Hook massacre was a government hoax was found in contempt of court Friday in a defamation case brought against him by one of the Sandy Hook parents.

A Dane County judge found Oregon conspiracy theorist James Fetzer, foreground, in contempt of court Friday for violating a confidentiality order in the defamation case against him. The case is scheduled to go to trial next month. Image Credit: Chris Rickert, Wisconsin State Journal Archives.

James Fetzer, an Oregon resident and University Minnesota-Duluth professor emeritus of philosophy, admitted to violating an order to keep a May 28 videotaped deposition of plaintiff Leonard Pozner confidential. Instead, he shared it or allowed it to be shared sometime between June and August with what he called fellow “researchers” of the 2012 murder of 27 people in Newtown, Connecticut.


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6 thought on “James Fetzer Found In Contempt of Court”
  1. Just thought I’d say, because I know what’s really going on, I am in contempt of all courts, all of the time. Go ahead and come lock me up. Let’s get it over with.

    If you speak the truth, you are automatically considered an outlaw, and you just have to get used to that fact. Be an outlaw.

      1. The U.S. Constitution is silent on the number of Supreme Court Justices or their qualifications, as it is on most elected offices. So far as I can see, the word “lawyer” does not appear anywhere in the Constitution let alone the phrase “lying lawyer”. The Founders did not intend that the “oldest profession”, lying lawyers, would end up controlling all three branches of our government as they mostly do today and have for decades past. Theoretically any citizen could be appointed a U.S. Supreme Court Justice; anyone randomly chosen off the street. Theoretically we could have a Supreme Court with one justice from every State for example. Why not? Why only 9 lying lawyers? Earl Carey, a U.S. Citizen who was also an engineer, wrote a book “IBM and the Corruption of Justice in America”, Bismarck House, St. Louis, 1992. He documents and lists 42 federal judges who patently and with malice violated the rules and law they took a meaningless oath to follow. He even tried to have them arrested by the FBI! He recommends banning all lawyers from holding any jobs in our government because they are basically trained to lie, cheat and steal. Lying lawyers have hi jacked all three branches of our government. This was never the intent of the Founders. Therefore the lawyers themselves foisted this monster on us. This must be changed. There are no checks and balances because lying lawyers control all three branches of our corrupt government today. These whores have sold the country out to Israel which did 9/11/01 and many other crimes against the United States. Most of the whores in Congress refuse to address this problem. They are mostly lying lawyers. Carey was right. Lawyers must be booted out of our government if we are to bring our country back from the brink of destruction today. Lawyers are evil people trained to lie, cheat and steal. Why do people elect such evil thugs to run our country? Because they have been brainwashed by the lying media that only lying lawyers should be elected. This is false and wrong and the basic reason our country is headed straight down the cesspool into oblivion. Wake up Americans. Stop electing and appointing lying lawyers to all the offices in Congress, Supreme Court and President. Nothing in the Constitution demands this at all! Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  2. How could there be any deaths at the Sandy Hook School in 2012 when the school had been closed for asbestos issues etc. in 2008 and was being used for storage?


    Ned Beatty being forced to “squeal like a pig” while the twang of a banjo is playing comes to mind. I bet Dave Gahary (DBA Moon Rock Books) and Mike Palecek are relieved to be out of the woods having this lawsuit dismissed against them!

    ”I will be starting a “Soap On A Rope” fund for Jim in a few days……………”

  4. I don’t always agree with Fetzer, but I have been following his work a long time. I was wondering why they went after Wolfgang so hard when Fetzer was the one with the book “Nobody died at Sandy Hook” They were just working their way through the list Wolfgang first because he went to Connecticut. Tracy because so many people took notice of whacky Wayne”The Carver” antics at the press appearance… great name for a butcher or a medical examiner. I showed my roommate Wayne’s crazy antics and he did not see what we saw… bizarre behavior more akin to a stand up comic than a Coroner! His take was “oh he’s just nervously laughing because he’s not used too cameras and reporters” People’s blind spot on Sandy Hoax is maddening to me. We keep seeing survivor “victims”, witnesses to mass murder and victims’ relatives behaving bizarrely. They just can’t help but smile and laugh about mass murder. My new favorite is the twin girls from the Las Vegas concert “victims” interview at the hospital. Gleeful is my best single word description I have of their demeanor. Gunshot wounds covered with band aids. They do a cheerleader’s duet at the 2:16mark. You’ve never seen more happy gun shot victims. This is part of the mocking of the awake population constantly seen. It’s so in your face you want to scream.

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