RFK, Jr shared a lengthy Instagram post implicating Thane Eugene Cesar in the death of his father

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Irish Central Staff
(September 13, 2019)

[This post replaced an earlier UK Daily Mail article excerpt on this story with Irish Central’s below. -Ed.]

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr says there is “compelling evidence” that Thane Eugene Cesar, and not Sirhan Sirhan, killed his father Robert F. Kennedy in 1968.

Just hours after Cesar died in the Philippines on September 12, RFK, Jr shared an Instagram post with a lengthy caption that began: “Thane Eugene Cesar died today in the Philippines. Compelling evidence suggests that Cesar murdered my father.”

Robert F Kennedy, Jr (at the front) was one of the pall bearers at his father's funeral (Getty Images)

Robert F Kennedy, Jr (at the front) was one of the pall bearers at his father’s funeral (Getty Images)

On June 5, 1968, as Senator Robert F. Kennedy was in the midst of his presidential campaign, he had just concluded a speech responding to his primary win in California when he was fatally shot at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

RFK, Jr was 14 years old at the time.

24-year-old Sirhan Sirhan was promptly arrested and charged in the politician’s death. He was handed the death penalty, which was later switched to life in prison after California abolished capital punishment.


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4 thought on “RFK Was Assassinated By Thane EUgene Cesar, Declares RFK Jr”
  1. Please proofread this paragraph-

    RFK Jr said Sirhan fired once in Kennedy’s direction and then into the crowd, while Cesar then the fatal bullet as the senator from NY fell to the floor

  2. During the reign of Dubya, Al Martin (RIP Iran-Contra whistleblower) was blogging on White House Atty John Woo’s flurry of gag orders. Recipients were not only to clam up about issues, but faced full legal fury if they even told spouses (et al) about having received gag orders. Makes me think that’s why RFK, Jr. is following up right on the heels of the assassin kicking the bucket. Was possibly coerced into silence until the spook affiliate died. Probably unable to say a word about getting a gag order if that was the case.

    1. Certainly no party knows more about the JFK / RFK assassinations than the Kennedy family itself. RFK was, after all, the first JFK assassination “conspiracy theorist” just hours after his beloved brother’s death, and remained so until his own passing.

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