Evan Gerstmann

(September 7, 2019)

School shooters represent a minuscule fraction of the risk to America’s schoolchildren. According to a 2018 Washington Post editorial, “the statistical likelihood of any given public school student being killed by a gun, in school, on any given day since 1999 was roughly 1 in 614,000,000.” According to a recent article in The Atlantic: “The Washington Post has identified fewer than 150 people (children and adults) who have been shot to death in America’s schools since the 1999 shooting at Columbine High School, in Colorado. Not 150 people a year, but 150 in nearly two decades.”

Nonetheless, 96% of America’s schools conduct lockdown drills meant to protect students from active shooters. These are required by state or local law in most cases.

The inordinate attention paid to a phenomenon that represents such a tiny proportion of the danger to school kids (a drop in the bucket compared to the danger they face from car accidents for example) can only be justified if one assumes that the psychological impact of these shootings on students is disproportionately great. But what if these lockdown drills are actually what is creating most of the anxiety?


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4 thought on “Why Schools Should End Active Shooter Drills Immediately”
  1. There is one very good reason that their “active shooter drills” are a bad idea, at least for truth in media. It is clear to me and there are many more comprehending that it is the drills them selves that are being pushed on the naive as real events. The author of the article made that clear with his given example of another florida school drill where no prior warning was given, and all were left to believe it was a real event. The chaos that ensued belies the hoaxes portrayed at sandy hook , parkland, and so many other events, with the organized calm single file evacuations of so called “survivors” with their hands in the air, or children with hands shoulder to shoulder.

    But, said author still seems to be intimating he believes, or that we should believe, they are all for real.

  2. You can’t radical change the way things are done unless you scare the living shit out of people. That’s why only first graders were targeted at Sandy Hoax. Second, third and fourth graders were progressively less innocent than six year olds. The emotional shock was calculated to be greatest with first graders. But it’s more than that. The powers that be want you to be afraid of your own shadow, so churches, malls, concerts and movies have to be attacked as well. They want you to think there’s no safe place left, even the Pentagon is vulnerable. That’s why the anthrax attacks happened through the mail. After the initial shock of the 911 attacks wore off, people that don’t live in cities soldiered on with their lives knowing they are safe away from urban centers. But everyone gets mail! that’s a big part of why the mail was used, to keep even farmers in Iowa scared. If people aren’t scared shitless, they would never tolerate TSA… gotta be safe!
    Dierks Bentley’s Seven Peaks Country Music Festival was a Constitution Free Zone on sept 1, 2019 in Buena Vista, Colorado.
    As we entered the parking area everyone was greeted by the following : Do you have any Guns? Explosives? or bullets in your car? Not sure what good bullets would do without a gun. There was bomb sniffing dogs.Then the security dick asked us to open glove compartments, center console, doors and the rea lift gate while he searched every car. It was the most blatant violation of the Bill of Rights I have ever seen. Remember the part about illegal searches without a warrant or proboble cause? That’s toast at Dierk Bently’s festival. Then we had to endure a long wait to go through metal detectors. It so destroyed my desire to attend this event because it said America is gone as we knew it. All because of the Vegas staged shooting at the country music festival there. Now we have to endure the Nazi Police state no matter where we go.

  3. Hey Jim, when are going to talk about the latest Colorado scam shooting at the Stem School? More laughing and smiling witnesses that instead of being traumatized seem instead to be giddy at their remembrance of the horrors they just experienced. When you point out the non sequitur incongruity of their reaction to the asleep masses they immediately seize on any other reason but the obvious explanation… they were no where near a tragedy.

    1. I have not seen any news on this, and it’s difficult to keep up with such events.

      Moreover, if the event is in fact doubtful, in the end what will yet another critique of its reportage accomplish?
      The law enforcement and news media have presented it as factual, and that is quite enough validation for the majority.

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