Worldwide Dispersal of Aerosolized Particulates Increases Global Warming, Endangers Human & Planetary Health

Two scientists have published their findings on the relationship between geoengineering and the intensity of California wildfires in the peer-reviewed research outlet, Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science.

“The near-daily, near-global jet-spraying of particulate matter, evidenced as mainly [coal fly ash], into the troposphere has major consequences on climate,” authors J. Marvin Herndon of Transdyne Corporation and Mark Whiteside of Florida Department of Health write in the report. “One consequence of aerosolised CFA is to exacerbate global warming, which evidence indicates is mainly caused by pollution, especially particulate pollution, not by greenhouse gases.”

U. S. Air force jet spraying particulate trails in the air above palm springs, California (USA). Photos courtesy of Dan Dapper

The article also features copious photographic evidence of what the authors assert is geoengineering, including “[e]xamples of deliberate jet-sprayed particulate pollution … on days devoid of natural clouds.”


The California, USA wildfires (Fig. 1) are symptomatic of far more serious anthropogenic phenomena adversely affecting flora and fauna, including humans, worldwide. The California

(USA) wildfires are thus a microcosm of wildfires worldwide. Climate change, specifically increased temperatures and increased water vapour pressure deficits, is considered a key factor driving California, regional and global wildfire increases. We agree with the assertion that “human-caused climate change is now a key driver of forest fire activity in the Western United States,” but the explanation proffered is grossly insufficient. Although wildfires are to some extent natural occurrences, the undisclosed, unnatural manipulations of our planet’s atmosphere and hydrosphere that we describe in this review heat the atmosphere, exacerbate combustibility, and wreak anthropogenic environmental havoc of unprecedented magnitude.

On December 12, 2017, the U. S. Forest Service reported that an additional 27 million trees, mostly conifers, died throughout California since November 2016, bringing the total number of trees that have died to a historic record of 129 million on 8.9 million acres. Forest die-offs, with concomitant wildfires, are not confined to California, but are occurring globally. The usual explanations given for the die-offs are combinations of global warming, drought, and bark beetles. These explanations, however, are just consequences of a more fundamental human-caused attack on Earth’s natural processes that has not been reported by academic scientists, but is the subject of this review.

The unprecedented numbers of tree deaths, while providing ready fuel for wildfires, is just one adverse consequence of the unnatural environmental manipulations that exacerbate the potential for major destructive wildfires whose occurrences are increasing in California and, indeed, globally. Here we review the consequences of those unnatural and unreported climate manipulations with particular emphasis on their adverse implications to wildfires and to human health.

The complete article may be accessed here.

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One thought on “Scientists Address Link Between Geoengineering and Wildfires”
    Read the articles at the links above from top physicist and earth scientist J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D. from South Carolina. He is five years younger than I. He earned an A.B. degree in physics from UC San Diego and Ph.D. in nuclear Chemistry from Texas A and M. He studied under Nobel Laureate Harold Urey. He is the best and should have been a full professor at UC San Diego long ago like another top University of California graduate the late Sheng Ma, Ph.D. was. But Marvin was different. He had the guts to criticize the orthodoxy. Although he won the debate he lost because these gutless cowards with tenure in the corrupt academy pushed him aside in the secret environment they love. Shame on them. Our academy is a dismal failure. The treatment of professor Jim Tracy, Ph.D. by the gutless cowards at FAU is a perfect example of the downfall of the academy in this country. I hope he wins this round in the appeals court. I have had the pleasure of a personal relationship with Marvin for about 5 years. He is the best of the best. He displays the kind of guts and courage which a true scientist should, but most tenured cowards on the government dole, do not. If I was younger I would apply for a job in his lab. But I am about 5 years older than Marvin and now over 80. Say a prayer of thanks for intellectual giants like J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D. and James Tracy, Ph. D. every day.
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

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