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In 2016 James Tracy and the Florida Civil Rights Coalition (FCRC) filed a federal lawsuit against Florida Atlantic University (FAU) for its unlawful termination of Tracy’s tenured professorship of 14 years.

Professor James Tracy Florida Atlantic University 2015 Faculty Profile. Source: WebArchive

The essence of the case revolves around the fact that FAU trustees and administrators disapproved of Tracy’s political views, expressed on his personal blog. They therefore utilized an unconstitutional prior restraint (“Outside Employment Policy”) barring Professor Tracy’s right to free speech as the basis for his dismissal. Moreover, to this day these very officials continue to use the same policy to limit university faculty and employee expression.

In 2017 a hostile court dismissed most of TracyvFAU’s First Amendment claims, ruling in favor of FAU and its administrators, and barring crucial evidence in advance of the case ever going to a jury.

Anticipating such a setback, the FCRC successfully engaged a prominent national law firm which, recognizing the case’s  significance, brought the lower court ruling before the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

In June 2019 the Eleventh Circuit’s panel of judges granted the case oral argument. Such a hearing is less-than-common at the federal appellate level. TracyvFAU is scheduled to be heard the morning of September 19, 2019 at the Elbert P. Tuttle US Court of Appeals Building in Atlanta Georgia. We are uncertain of the judicial outcome, but are grateful that the case is under review at this momentous level.

The James Tracy Legal Defense Fund wants to thank all of you for your moral and/or monetary support along the way. Because we have taken on a state agency with unlimited resources, there is no way we could have endured this fight for over three long years without you.

Yet our work is not finished.

Please consider a contribution to the Fund, so that we may continue fighting to preserve free speech and academic freedom. More information is available at the Legal Defense Fund’s website. No contribution is too small.

As a token of our appreciation, those making a contribution of any size will receive one of Professor James Tracy’s original signed business cards.* Printed by the forced inmate labor of Florida’s infamous prison industrial complex, this cocktail hour conversation-stopper bearing Tracy’s signature is suitable for framing, or simply serving as a page marker in one of your favorite banned books.

Again, thank you for your support in defense of the First Amendment and free speech.

Further information on donating to the Legal Defense Fund is available here.

*Supplies are limited.

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12 thought on “Thank You For Helping to Defend the First Amendment”
    1. Technically speaking, the trial was in December 2017. This is the appellate court hearing. After the review of briefs it is up to this court to determine whether a case requires “oral argument”, wherein the judges will question each party before rendering their decision.

      This hearing is free and open to the public.

      Thank you for your support!

  1. Please, if you can, contribute to this important effort. With James Tracy’s case, that of James Fetzer, the banning of books at amazon, and the censoring on social media, we are looking at an end run around the First Amendment. The right to free speech may soon be effectively terminated, and all we will have left is the propaganda pushed by the fake news media.

  2. It’s no different in Wisconsin with Fetzer’s case. Remember the Justice system is “JUST US” … Eustace Mullins called it the Babylonian Debt System. Gerry Spence wrote a book called “Justice For None”… Gerry’s law firm occupied an entire city block in Jackson Hole. The title almost makes the book un-necessary to read because the title says it all. The Justice System is not about fair and square dealings, it’s about doing damage to your opponent; it’s just a game and very rigged one at that. It’s like being a pony league team having a legit shot beating the Yankees. There’s really no chance.

  3. You are mentioning nowhere that you claim sandy hook was a hoax. Instead you paint yourself as a brave defender of free speech. That is misleading and I hope you lose the appeal.

    1. There’s nothing misleading about the post. We “mention nowhere that … sandy hook was a hoax” because we have not made that claim, at least by our own volition. Major media, beginning with the Sun-Sentinel, have attempted to paint us into this corner since early 2013.

      When Vice interviewed us for over three hours earlier this year we maintained this very position, which is perhaps why they never aired the interview.

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