Matt Agorist
The Free Thought Project
(January 15, 2019)

Members and owners of multiple alternative media outlets gathered in Houston, Texas to discuss the heavy hand of corporate and government censorship and how to stop it.

Over the weekend, members and owners of multiple alternative media outlets gathered in Houston, Texas to discuss the heavy hand of corporate and government censorship and how to stop it. The meeting was a success with the common theme of peaceful voices refusing to be silenced.

For those who remember, on October 11, 2018, Facebook and Twitter — without warning or justification — deleted the pages of Free Thought Project and Police the Police which had over 5 million followers. During this purge, they also removed hundreds of other pages who had massive followings like the Antimedia, Cop Block, and Filming Cops.

The owners of these pages would eventually find out that the secret hand behind this massive purge was tied to government via the Atlantic Council.

As we previously reported, the Atlantic Council is the group that NATO uses to whitewash wars and foster hatred toward Russia, which in turn allows them to continue to justify themselves. It’s funded by arms manufacturers like Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing. It is also funded by billionaire oligarchs like the Ukraine’s Victor Pinchuk and Saudi billionaire Bahaa Hariri and the US government.

Instead of taking this censorship move lying down, TFTP co-founder, Jason Bassler and Conscious Resistance founder, Derick Broze organized the United for Common Ground summit in Houston to plan a strategy to fight back.

“We walked away with some powerful ideas, a solid game plan and made connections that will last a lifetime and hopefully beyond. We have a lot of work ahead of us but many of us are now reinvigorated. This was a perfect opportunity to refocus our strategies and refine our potency for the future,” Bassler explained.


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4 thought on “Alternative Media Companies Unite in Inspiring Rally Against Corporate, Gov’t Censorship”
  1. Ironically, about the same time this excellent conference was going on in Houston, a fine American Journalist, who works for Press TV in Iran, was illegally arrested at an airport in Missouri while on a trip to visit her children. Here is a quote from one report by U.S. News. Other reports on this appear on VeteransToday: Quote:
    “AN AMERICAN-BORN anchorwoman on Iran’s English-language state television service was arrested by the FBI this week while visiting the United States.
    Press TV reported on Wednesday that its anchorwoman, Marzieh Hashemi, had been detained in the U.S. “for unspecified reasons.” She was taken into custody upon her arrival at St. Louis Lambert International Airport on Sunday.
    The station learned that Hashemi, born Melanie Franklin of New Orleans, was transferred by the bureau to a detention facility in Washington, D.C., and it says officials have not provided a reason for her arrest.
    According to Press TV, Hashemi, who converted to Islam in 1982, has worked for the station for 25 years. She was in the United States to visit her family and brother, who has cancer. Hashemi could not communicate with her family and was only allowed to contact her daughter two days after being taken into custody, the outlet said.
    Hashemi reportedly told her daughter that she had been handcuffed and shackled and had her hijab forcibly removed. Press TV claimed she had been subject to “abusive treatment,” including being offered only pork to eat, which is forbidden under Islamic law.
    According to the Associated Press, Hashemi lives in Iran for about half the year, spending the other half in Colorado, where her children live.”
    This arrest of a U.S. Citizens, so far as I know, is a shameful disgrace to all Americans and all Veterans who have defended the Constitution with their lives. The whores in our Congress gang raped the Constitution following the illegal attack on 9/11/01, not by Muslims, but by criminals in Israel, aided by traitors Bush, Cheney and the four star generals. There are legal ways to change the Constitution. But the whores in Congress don’t want to go to all that trouble so the pass illegal laws instead. This country has turned into little more than a totalitarian dictatorship. A mountain of evidence and facts prove that Israel did 9/11/91 with the aid of traitors Bush, Cheney and the four star generals. The official report is nothing but a con job seeking to blame Muslims.
    Every American must remember any one of us could be arrested by the same criminals in our own government who arrested this fine journalist. Shame, shame, shame on the gutless whores in our Congress who have sold out the country they took a meaningless oath to protect and defend. By the way her arrest has, for the most part received a news blackout by the lying media mostly owned by billionaires in Israel.
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  2. Correction: The date 9/11/91 above should read 9/11/01.
    Also the Act passed almost unanimously by Congress following this blatant false flag attack, was improperly named “The Patriot Act” when a more appropriate name would be “The Tyranny Act” because it gang rapes our most fundamental freedoms and protections in our Constitution. I believe only a single member of Congress refused to vote for this travesty. Bernie Sanders. The Patriot Act is totally unconstitutional and illegal and since most of the whores in Congress are lying lawyers they knew this when they voted for it. Shame on them.

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