Dr. Eowyn
(November 10, 2018)

Late yesterday afternoon, I published the post, “Parkland anomalies: David Hogg was at home during school shooting; interviewed girl before shooting,” then closed down my computer.

I awoke this morning to find a series of 16 successive emails from Jetpack Support, about FOTM doing down and then up throughout the night. Jetpack Support says it’s a connectivity problem.

Although FOTM now uses a non-U.S. host server, after our previous server WordPress burned down our blog on August 15, 2018, we still use WordPress’ Jetpack software because our readers and writers are familiar with the format and all the “bells-and-whistles” features.

I called our host server, and as we were talking on the phone, FOTM came back on. Minutes later, FOTM went down again: All you see is a blank page. I asked the server’s customer support if FOTM is under attack. He refuses to say, but said they’re “monitoring” FOTM and will call back.

He called back and informed me that the reason FOTM keeps going down is because we’re getting “a lot of hits with different IP addresses” — as many as 703,000 IP addresses — which led to periodic “system overload”. He promised that this now has the attention of the server’s “higher-ups” and that they’ll increase FOTM’s “processing” to handle the extraordinary number of “hits”.

Clearly, Fellowship of the Minds is under attack, probably by “bots” pretending to be different IP addresses. The timing of the attacks suggests the attacks are due to the “Parkland anomalies” post. TPTB does not want you to read the post. Happily, James Fetzer has reproduced the post at his blog: https://jamesfetzer.org/2018/11/dr-eowyn-parkland-anomalies-david-hogg-was-at-home-during-school-shooting-interviewed-girl-before-shooting/

Please say a prayer for FOTM.


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10 thought on “Fellowship of the Minds Site Under Attack”
    1. Oh, isn’t this cute! Russ Winter, a shill who pretends to attack shills!

      Ironically, I fit the description of an alleged “shill” in this bs article, to a T: I recently spoke to an old classmate who lives in Las Vegas, and he told me a friend of his son had been shot that night. So I guess I must be a liar, right?

      Of course the same thing could be said of all those “shills” who claim to have friends whose friends died in the WTC on 9-11. I guess that proves nobody died there either. Because nobody ever, ever dies in a false-flag event–Russ Winter and his bs link said so!

      1. I am not sure Russ Winter is saying what you say he is saying, that is, that “nobody ever, ever dies in a false-flag event.”
        I do not know what Winter is contending and have already written him off for other reasons, which I have stated somewhere here.

        Winter is free to express his ideas.

        You are free to relate what you heard and believe what you want.

        I take all such expressions with respect and react as I see fit, but exaggerating Russ Winter’s position and then knocking that straw man down just takes us all off the path of truth seeking.

        The truth of the matter is that we have no way of knowing who really died, and who was a real person who really died, and who was a composite digitized creation based on a real person who may or may not be alive before or after the event.

        (As much as I dislike extreme positions of “September Clues” Simon Shack and Hoe Pilloi on “vicsims” of 9-11 World Trade Center site, (All World Trade Center victim were simulated victims.) they put out some good articles and photos of fake digitized victims of 9-11. ) Rarely can one say ” all ” or “none” and those are not the positions and qualities of objective search for truth.

        We have to search out what weak records we have to try to build the best case possible for who is or who is not a real victim. Government records have always been fraught with errors and now show evidence of being engineered dishonest errors. Media reporters of deaths used to be based on searching out of facts by the journalist reporter not primarily motivated to keep his job. Add to that corrupt attorneys and judges and elected officials and lack of just proceedings. Still, we have to not rely only on hearsay, no matter how much it appears that is all we have.

  1. So I hope you don’t mind if I go off topic because a town in California was just wiped off the map. The Town of Paradise, pop. 27,000 is gone courtesy of the “Camp Fire”. How quaint. The name of the target and the fire is mocking the awake population. Jim this is Engineered Population Displacement on a biblical level. The asleep population will believe it’s possible for cars to spontaneously combust on the beach in Malibu from a “wildfire”.


    t looked like they were strafed for hours by fighter jets with incendiary ammunition. In another video from average Joe escaping, he showed charged skeletons inside cars left in the middle of the road. The hellish death these people met was apocaolyptic… a dystopian nightmare for real. I am deeply concerned and more frightened by this than pretty much everything else … the lame fake shootings, the trails in the sky, weather run amok by geo-engineering, Hostile Foreign Invasions playfully called a caravan. That’s more mocking the awake, they love doing that. This new weapon can target individual houses and turn them to dust. The entire structure is consumed and things that can’t possibly be on fire are shown clearly combusting. Things that should melt are catching fire. There’s one video from the news where the reporter does not even notice a windshield on fire like it was made of finely seasoned wood. There’s video of metal and terra cotta roofs clearly shown burning like they were also made of wood. Porcelin has a melting point of 3300 degrees f. It should always survive a structure fire because house fires only rise to about 1700 degrees f. Ask yourself how all the toilets and sinks are gone?


    The answer is that this is not normal combustion as we conventionally understand it. Materials that have been traditionally used for roofing because they don’t catch fire are being destroyed. It’s mind blowing and even more baffling how more people don’t see this is a silent weapon for a quiet war on humanity. California is being transformed into UN Agenda 21 map that calls for re-wilding vast rural and semi-rural land tracks into no go zone for human habitation. I find it interesting the UN’s plan to transform our rural land into wildlife reserves with their map uses the color red, why not green? It’s because no one is abandoning the rural lifestyle willingly. They must be driven off. Last year 170 fires started out of no where in the middle of the night without a single lightning strike. Entire subdivisions were turned to dust, but so much woods was left untouched. Sure there was woods that did burn. But that was to provide cover for what they were really doing. They were engineering population displacement with the built in deniability of the nebulous label “wildfire”. The asleep population will accept the lies the NEWS tells us. Diablo winds and other fanciful ideas. The awake population is scared sh%#-less. This is being done world-wide. Greece, Australia, China, Portugal, Canada. The greatest fire fighting aircraft ever built is being purposely kept out of the fight on “wildfires” by the forest service. Listen to the frustration of the inventor who is desperate to help and the Gov’t won’t let him.


    1. Dozens and dozens of pack and stack apartment buildings are being built all over Los Angeles. They are covering every square inch of dirt left in the city. Perhaps to accommodate the newly homeless at $ 3,000 a month for 500 square feet of living space. Who can afford that? Having Malibu residents move from mega mansions in ashes to a shoe box pack and stack is a stretch to imagine.

      Culprits are defense contractors in cahoots with UN, upper echelons of utility companies, military brass, politicians, bankers and all the other psychopaths who make big bucks out of destroying planet earth. The oligarchs running UN Agenda 21/2030 are speeding up their wet dream of rewilding, depopulating, repopulating and remaking the planet to their own specifications. When done even they may not want to live in a toxic ash heap. So off to Mars?

      The last two days have seen massive chemtrailing over Southern California gearing up for the next onslaught.

      California is the test pilot. From the mouth of Satan’s spawn: https://www.lockheedmartin.com/en-us/capabilities/directed-energy.html

    2. I think what is happening RIGHT NOW is worth posting off topic.

      Former ambassador William Mount did a good report showing Directed Energy Weapons damage photos….

      He claims Raytheon and Lockheed Martin are the two corporations wielding their secret Directed Energy Weapon.


      Why Martial Law Is Coming Quickly – Be Ready

      William Mount
      Published on Nov 15, 2018

      Here is a good report about “the caravan(s)…


      A Chilling Report : La Marabunta
      Headlines With A Voice
      Published on Nov 15, 2018
      A Chilling Report : La Marabunta

      The following is a report posted several days ago, from Alex Backman, an independent journalist in Mexico. The report offers a south-of-the-border perspective, on the caravans making their way from central America to our border with Mexico. …



      I think we should each pray.

      1. Hi DachsieLady – had a look at both links. The second is not available here in Mexico, if anywhere. The first I don’t trust. I think the voice-over is a shill. I say this after having driven all over Mexico – down to Oaxaca, crosswise from Cancun to the west coast and a whole lot of mileage in between. What people wouldn’t know without being here is that travel is much more controlled than the US. There are toll roads with controlled access with rates the poor could not afford. On the “libramentes” there are fairly frequent military checkpoints. No one just goes by. Many checkpoints require paperwork. I guarantee anyone these people are not entering Mexico without at least tourist visas. In the 60’s protesting students in Mexico City were gunned down by the hundreds. They can be quite despotic. I’m not saying the scum are not contriving some kind of “invasion” of the US. I would bet they are. But what I keep waiting for is footage showing people who look like they’ve actually walked hundreds of miles. And how do they eat? Mexico is still very third world in parts. You can drive a long way between convenience stores, and prices there are comparable to the US. Tacos for that matter are not free. All these thousands of people have to eat. I may be asking for too much for you to believe me, but the logistics (water, food, permits, not to mention somewhere to sleep, etc.) don’t bear out. Someone show me footage of people walking who look like they have never missed a meal in their lives. Which is what I see thus far on videos. There were no images on the first link. Just the woman’s voice. I don’t trust the report. So far my hypothesis is that they’re bigging up Mexico caravan fables to cover for bringing in hordes from elsewhere. Maybe even trucking them overland in those innumerable painted-over white anonymous trucks now swarming the highways of the southwest? There has been a campaign by the MSM to scapegoat Mexico for US economic ills. Believed by all those nodding heads who don’t understand what a phony fiat currency is, etc. Get all the lower social echelons to blame one another for all the evil originating from the elite.

        1. Pardon my addendum but people from densely populated areas of the US tend to have no concept of how utterly wide open and desolate the west and much of Mexico are. All of New England would fit inside the borders of the Navajo nation, which is a small pockmark on the four corners area. People have been deliberately brainwashed to think in terms of overpopulation and the cities are case studies in that, but I have news: 99% of both US and Mexico is uninhabited land by humans. We have put 500K miles on our Toy4 over some 20 years traveling the region, and I can guarantee anyone that a few thousand people trying to walk many of these stretches would be living out a death sentence. Water is hard to find. These allegations of thousands marching through some of these areas (and the lady on that voice-over was beyond belief) are absurd. Not to mention hordes facing off the Mexican military at all the checkpoints. They have plenty of M16s and certainly would use them. I stress: I am sure they will cook up an invasion for the US just like they did with Europe. But people are mistaken to scapegoat Mexico.

  2. horsegirl, you nailed it again. The walking caravan is another fable from the spinmeisters. These people only walk when media need a photo op. The rest of the way they are ferried.

    I have lived in New England and also in the Mojave Desert with Joshua Tree National Park in my backyard. In the desert it was a regular occurrence to read of someone just walking a short distance from their cars and die from exhaustion. People in good shape, people in not so good shape and some who even knew of the dangers these areas present.

    The walking not so dead are financed by the same globalists who opened up the gates of Europe. The desired end result will be a carbon copy of Eurabia.

  3. Call me crazy, but I actually have a comment that’s directly related to this article–imagine that!

    I would like to know who hosts Jim Fetzer’s website, and why HE hasn’t been taken down (yet) by these goons? And why doesn’t FOTM just use whatever he’s using?

    I have a selfish motive for asking, since I’ve got my own small website, on less controversial topics, and I’ve already had issues with the idiots at Jetpack. Apart from any political bias, they’re little more than a bunch of incompetent millenials, who think “customer service” means “customers are supposed to praise and validate me, no matter what I do or what blather I tell them. Because me me me.”

    If Fetzer’s site isn’t WordPress, what is it? Maybe we should all follow his lead…

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