“It’s Not Real”

By James F. Tracy

In the wake of the Parkland shooting a handful of individuals pointed to one of many especially glaring discrepancies in the event’s coverage. An odd video depicts an apparent Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student rehearsing a pro-gun control rant.

She’s doing so at the prompting of David Hogg, the would be high school-attendee and aspiring journalist, on the morning of February 14, 2018. This footage then oddly aired after the “live” Parkland incident that afternoon. To make matters more confusing, the individual goes by “Alex Vieux” in the morning, and “Isabelle Robinson” hours later as the same footage is widely broadcast in the aftermath of the event.

“I really don’t think there’s anything new to say, but there shouldn’t have to be because if you looked around this close and saw everyone just hiding together you would know that this shouldn’t be happening anymore, and that it doesn’t deserve to happen anymore [sic]. And no amount of money should make it more easily accessible to get guns [sic]. Uhm, and that’s that.”

Shortly thereafter the young woman becomes visibly nervous and, when Hogg asks, “Do you want to say anything else?” she demurs from stating her name on camera, “That was more or all articulated in my head.”

Hogg or another party present can then be heard whispering something indecipherable to her. Apparently to set the student at ease, Hogg tells her, “We’ll point it [the camera] at the ground.”

Hogg then states, “This is Alex Vieux. This recording was taken at 9:32 February 14, 2018. Alex, are you OK with me recording this?” The interviewee responds, “Yet, I’m OK with you recording this.”

“Alex’s” remarks are hardly natural or spontaneous. Even so, after Hogg continues to point the camera downward her awkward soliloquy resumes, becoming more pointedly anti-Second Amendment.

“I personally have rallied for, you know, gun rights, she continues,

and, uhm, not necessarily less control [sic] but this experience has definitely changed my viewpoint. I wanted to be an NRA member. I wanted to learn how to hunt. I was always fascinated by guns as a young girl. But this experience was so traumatizing to me to the point where now I can’t even fathom the idea of a gun in my house or on my body [sic]. I did have plans to go to  Nexus gun range to learn how to shoot, but at this point I don’t want to even be behind a gun.

I don’t want to be the person behind a bullet because I don’t want to be the person to point a bullet at someone [sic]. And to have the bullet pointed at me, my school, my classmates, my teachers, my mentors, it’s, just, it’s definitely eye opening to the fact that we need more gun control in our country, because for this to happen, and for people to be so neutralized to it [sic]. I even texted my sisters, “Shooting at my school. I am safe.” They both responded with, “Omg, lol, you’re funny.” And that’s a problem in society and a bigger problem in America, and it needs to be fixed and I believe the most definite way to fix it is by changing our laws when it comes to gun ownership.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel used a small part of the “Alex Vieux” interview footage in a February 15, 2018 video report (brief excerpt at 4:07 below), referring to the interview subject as “Isabelle Robinson.”

One party brought their interpretation of the interview discrepancy to the attention of the Sun-Sentinel via Twitter less than two weeks after the Parkland shooting event, suggesting how there may have been be two interviews of the same party using different names.

The comment was mocked and the news outlet provided no response to the query. Nor did its editors issue a correction or qualifier to the video report referenced above. In fact, the article remains unaltered from its February 16 publication.


As Harold Saive observes, portions of the same interview transcribed above and derived from the erroneous Sun-Sentinel reportage were likewise unwittingly aired by Newsweek Media Group as part of the broad media extravaganza. He provides a thoughtful overview of the discrepancy:

The Newsweek media group failed to check the content of Hogg’s interview where he states the time of Alex View ’s gun control rant is at 9:32 in the morning – nearly 5 hours before the alleged shooting. The time of 9:32 PM is ruled out since all students had long been evacuated by that time. 

When you listen to the dialog it’s clear the interview is said to be held while “hiding in this closet”. This should mean that the interviews were recorded at around 2:30 PM. But David Hogg slipped and revealed foreknowledge of the shooting drill when he asserted the time of the interviews were at 9:32 on 2/14/18 …

Alex View was obviously reading from a script. It would be awkward for her to be seen looking at prepared text. The background noise clutter and chatter remains the same on both interviews. So, nobody changed location from the phony closet scenario from one interview from the next regardless [of] the B-roll video inserted on top of the Alex View script reading.

This is but one facet of mounting evidence suggesting how at least parts of the Parkland incident are inauthentic. As we noted here shortly after the event, the most powerful (and corrupt) Democratic Party leaders seized upon the event minutes after it transpired.

Stoneman Douglas High students impacted by the event were rapidly mobilized by Democratic political leaders to advocate for the Party’s foremost rallying cries–strengthened gun control laws. News media including CNN and state and federal Democratic Party operatives, including Florida Representative and former Democratic Party National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, advised key Stoneman students in organizing the #NeverAgain movement and arranging protests, including a lobbying trip to Tallahassee to meet with Florida legislators. Parkland, however, is represented by Democratic Representative Ted Deutch, another staunch gun control advocate.

After one of the worst school shootings in US history, rather than being thoroughly traumatized, several Parkland students embarked on a massive publicity campaign including the “March For Our Lives” in anticipation of the US 2018 midterm elections.

According to the New Yorker, Wasserman Schultz and her aides touched base with Stoneman junior and NeverAgain leader-in-training Jaclyn Corin on February 15–one day after the shooting. “Conversations with state representatives followed, and preliminary arrangements were made to bus a hundred Douglas students and fifteen chaperones to Tallahassee to address the state legislature. Yesterday, I asked Corin if she had been politically active before the shooting. ‘Not even a little bit,’ she said.”

Corin appears especially astute having absolutely no previous experience in issue-oriented politics. “The action has been so quick,” the 17-year-old told the Naples Daily News. “And that’s necessary because this is a fresh and open wound and we can’t let it close up. We need to do something about it before it just disappears like it always has.”

Robinson became one of the many Parkland/MSD players, being profiled by CNN and lending her name to an op-ed published in the New York Times, where she claimed to befriend alleged gunman Nikolas Cruz.

More recently the young woman known as Robinson was featured in an impressive music video production, “Carry You On,” commemorating the Parkland shooting event and released just prior to the 2018 Midterm Elections.

At the end of the day how much of this is real? When Robinson was approached at the “March For Our Lives” event in March 2018 by online researchers and asked to explain the time and identity discrepancies of the February 14 video, one of the two women accompanying her stated, “Alex Vieux is a different girl.”


Pressed further, Robinson finally responds, “He edited it. It’s not real.” She smiles, half waves, then hastily ushers her friends away.

Not real indeed.

H/t Tony Mead

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29 thought on “Parkland Shooting: Revisiting the “David Hogg/’Alex Vieux’ Interview””
    1. Wonderful sleuthing, Tony! That’s worthy of a blog post in and of itself.

      And my, what a coincidence that Isabelle’s mother’s (Jennifer Robinson’s) maiden name is “Rothschild”!

      Thanks for focusing attention on this scam, James. Your article needs to be republished far and wide.

      1. I realized not everyone has the info I do, because I benefited from Anne Berg’s research immediately following up on this post.

        The wedding announcement of Jennifer Rothschild and Paul Lawrence Robinson (both lawyers in D.C.) is here: https://timesmachine.nytimes.com/timesmachine/1997/09/21/issue.html (at page 58). The groom was counsel for the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs Special Investigation of campaign finance practices.

        Anne found great photos, but between my visit to that page this morning, and now, there has been inserted a requirement to subscribe and pay. Some of these pictures are here, though: https://www.google.com/search?q=The+Herald+Sun+Isabelle+Robinson&client=firefox-b-1&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiIqrCA8MfeAhWJilQKHd4sBH0Q7Al6BAgGEA0#imgrc=RfiX8uDnDrY9WM:

        In the article Tony found, there is no explanation why that beaten-up photo of Jennifer and Isabelle should have been in the inferno of the World Trade Center on 9/11. Jennifer was in Cape Cod and the article doesn’t say either she or her husband worked at the WTC (although a running caption on the video does say she worked in the North Tower. Was that just a fib some editor put in to round out the story?) The article also says that she and her husband “moved to Florida for her husband’s work.” We can only guess what that would mean for an election finance specialist who works for Congress.

  1. It’s really hard to stay on top of all the shootings at the rate they’re coming out. Regarding the latest, “Borderline” is obviously an interesting choice for a shooting. I find it interesting that Ventura County Sheriff Dean, handling the scene and talking to reporters, was set to retire tomorrow. Also, what’s up with the shirtless males in these photos? Seems like we’ve seen that before – maybe Pulse. But three men (uninjured) without shirts? Also, article states that local hospitals have been inundated with injured folks driving themselves there. I’ve seen figures for injured, including superficial scratches and such, anywhere between 13-22. Hard to believe that this number would inundate a couple of hospitals. And finally, I find it interesting that in the series of photos we see one man wearing a Reagan/Bush t-shirt and one man wearing a black rifles coffee company sweatshirt. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6366501/Gunman-shoots-dozens-victims-including-police-officer-opens-fire-California-bar.html

  2. I think these Hogg videos are some of the best evidence, along with some of the obviously exaggerated injuries, which show we were given a false narrative. And great work to whoever went to March for our Lives and questioned Isabelle Robinson.

  3. Also happened with Alexa Miednik, the girl that claimed to talk to the shooter as they were exiting the building. This name has quite a social media profile.

    She also appeared as Polina Oleinik, sporting a Russian accent.

    “Polina Oleinik, who is the daughter of the Russian champion in all-in wrestling and mixed martial arts Alexei Oleinik, is a pupil of the 11th grade of the Parkland School. She gave an exclusive interview about the fatal shooting in Parkland that claimed at least 17 lives, from Parkland on Thursday.

    During the interview, Oleynik noted that she came to school after the suspect in the shooting was expelled.

    Oleinik explained how at the beginning of the incident, students and teachers thought it has been a false fire alarm. “We just heard how people started talking about that there was a shooting right in the next building,” explained Polina. She said that she was neither acquainted with the shooter nor with the victims of the massacre.”


    1. Wow, so Alexa Miednik and Polina Oleinik are the same person.

      Regarding the Borderline event, learned of it early this morning and it was 11 people injured. One hour later heard it was 12 people dead, and last I heard it was 13 dead. So there is the whole question of how and where these people were pronounced dead.

      1. There were allegations that the Miednik parking lot interview was some sort of CGI using AI. This was quickly removed from YT. Meanwhile, articles were warning that this technology could be used to start wars by CGIing public figures to say whatever the programmer wanted. Personally, I can see no other reason to develop this technology OTHER than to deceive the public.

        Bombard’s wrote off Miednik’s seemingly quirky facial expressions and responses as merely being an awkwardly-social teenager at the time.

        1. That was an odd interview. I tried to find it again and it’s gone missing. They look exactly alike.

      2. I noticed that as well, and am wondering if there was a bit of a distinction between who was shot – 11 patron, 1 officer, and the shooter himself. Wondering if the importance of numbers played into how this was presented. It seems like 11 is a special number this month.

    1. Sorry I pointed anyone to Russ Winter. My continued searching for 9-11 facts and truth, and my email exchanges with Mr. Winter today and yesterday, tells me he subscribes to is what I consider to be dishonest latest 9-11 “truth” initiatives related to drones and secret space technology.

      As always of late, the elections, the corruption in academia, the corruption in our courts, the corruption in our finance and banking, the corruption in all mainstream media, the corruption in protecting our borders, and the corruption in seeking truth about false events seems to sift down to the current Left wing top socialist creators of chaos and destruction, many of whom appear to be judaics. THEY just can’t do truth and righteousness.

    1. Here is an interview with Nicholas Champion, who claims to have been at BOTH the Las Vegas shooting and the Thousand Oaks shooting, and he’s not the only one. Telemachus Orfanos, who was purportedly slain at Thousand Oaks, was also at Las Vegas, and so were several other people who survived or weren’t wounded, including a woman who works at the bar. In this interview, Champion says that he helped direct wounded people to the “staging area.” He uses the term “staging” once and “staging area” twice. Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary defines staging area as “an area in which participants in a new especially military operation or mission are assembled and readied.” Champion is also wearing what appear to be latex or nitrile gloves. Why?


      1. He said it on the video. He was helping his friend, an EMT, triage somebody with a gunshot wound to the chest. Nitrile gloves are first and foremost when working with wounded people. Standard PPE for all EMS workers.

        From emsworld:
        “The principle of staging is to keep EMS providers safe until police secure a violent or potentially violent scene.”

        Again, standard procedure. It would be counterproductive for first responders to become casualties. A lot of people don’t realize that the quickest way to medical attention is to extricate themselves out of a crime scene. If possible, don’t wait for the ambulance guys to come with a gurney.

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