CBS News
(Oct 8, 2018)

In this rather unusual followup to the bizarre limousine crash in upstate New York CBS commentators have no conclusive breakdown of exactly how the decedents met their demise in the collision.

Instead, they note how few limousines are thoroughly equipped with seatbelts, then turn to arguably unrelated scenarios of rear seat passengers in more commonplace passenger vehicles not wearing safety belts during an accident.

After showing some video footage of people jostled around in the back of vans sans seat belts, at 4:06, CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King states:

“Because when you look at that van, er, limo, … it seems pretty much intact, so you’re thinking how many people could die.. but when you look at that video [mentioned above] you see the neck snapping that way, and we still don’t know exactly how they died, but when you see the neck snapping that way, you can understand why the death toll would be so high…”

Two days later CBS broadcasts an interview of the limousine driver’s  remarkably composed wife, yet the specifics of fatalities remain a mystery.

H/t Vivian Lee

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14 thought on “Schoharie Limousine Event: Days Later CBS Cannot Explain Accident Fatalities”
    1. This motive, as a reprisal in America for the many evil activities of our government in the Middle East, makes more sense than anything else at this point. Of course don’t hold your breath until the autopsy reports confirm this as the cause. After all the U.S. government and its allies are responsible for untold deaths and suffering over there from children, to adults to civilians and military personnel. This would be and eye for and eye retaliation. If this is true I wouldn’t get one’s hopes up for an admission by the authorities in our corrupt government.

      1. Here is another observation about this bizarre limo “accident”. Israel lover liar Trump is from New York. Isn’t his mouth running 24/7? Is not this “accident” newsworthy since it allegedly obliterated the lives of 20 people? Has anyone read a word out of Trump’s mouth on this event? He rides in limos every day. Couldn’t such an accident also happen to his limo and its occupants? I find it noteworthy he has not commented on this death limo in New York.

  1. If actual crime cannot be counted on to round out the 24-hours-a-day news cycle, then dramatized fake crimes will have to fabricated. Fake news is mere entertainment and the actors involved (when not completely invented) are not subject to the strict legalities and investigations that normally govern the criminal process. No one gets hurt and everyone gets paid. The public gets entertained, the commercials get watched, the police get overtime and all cooperating agencies get bigger budgets. What’s not to love?

    1. In fact, Obama legalized domestic propaganda in the 2013 NDAA, so indeed there are no repercussions from “fake news”. Bush was rightfully excoriated for disseminating government sponsored propaganda as legitimate news stories. Obama passed the Smith-Munda Modernization Act as part of the 2013 NDAA. It is little surprise that we experienced an exponential increase in Integrated Capstone Events under Obama.

    2. Of course you know that it’s NOT entertainment & is meant to bolster the idea that we need stronger govt/police/surveillance & control of the citizenry.

      It’s sposed to make us feel unsafe wherever we are and to identify the danger as each other instead of the billionaires who control the govt & media & banks & trade & just about everything else.

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