Anti-White Male Professors Gone Wild

Fake News Media Push ‘Radical Scholars” Buttons

Warning: Extreme Profanity

The bizarre and unfounded allegations of Palo Alto University Professor Christine Blasey Ford concerning Supreme Court nominee Brent Kavanaugh is causing an acute outbreak of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), a particular type of behavioral disorder caused by the nationalistic, politically incorrect, and often irreverent US presidential incumbent.

This specific manifestation of TDS is evidenced as outrage over Kavanaugh’s alleged 36-year-old high school exploits, in contrast to his outstanding academic qualifications and professional achievements. Despite the profuse number of holes in Blasey Ford’s testimony and her deep state pedigree, even the very highly-educated Left embrace her without reservation.

Why? Simply because she’s a woman and Kavanaugh is a white male, a Trump SCOTUS nominee, and is thus guilty until proven innocent. In contrast to the marked attention toward his debauched high school years, Kavanaugh’s involvement in the George W. Bush administration and questionable record on civil liberties is barely mentioned.

Nowhere is Blasey Ford-aggravated TDS more apparent to this author than when he logs on to his own Facebook account. There he sees so many of his former academic freedom-loving leftist colleagues vent their vociferous, even profanity-laden discontent over the much-dreaded Kavanuagh nomination.

Mind you, these emotional political diatribes are posted by tenured professors at US universities right alongside their professional credentials, in full view of and often receiving affirmation by their academic peers and friends via Facebook “Likes”–a sort of groupthink masquerading as “peer reviewed” political dissent if you will.

Some of these individuals are even college administrators with the power to hire like-minded colleagues, while devising ways to make life miserable for (or simply terminate) those with whom they disagree.

Your family, dear reader, pays to have your children and grandchildren “educated” by those who have similar if not identical political views which are considered par for the course on US college campuses. They instill in their students similar values and assumptions camouflaged as “academic research.”

Blinded by their own credentials and salaried positions, they cannot objectively assess the SCOTUS nomination apart from their own fanaticism that is fueled by the fake news media–the New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and so on–as evidenced in the propaganda they share and comment on.

What will please the academic left? Let’s keep in mind that these highly politicized and disgruntled individuals largely control the hiring process, have the most flexible schedules, guaranteed lifetime employment and among the greatest autonomy over their professions of any salaried workers. Underpaid and often overqualified instructors perform the bulk of classroom teaching while the tenured minority produce their research.

On top of this four decades of affirmative action in higher education apparently hasn’t been enough to break break the white male curse. Many academics today, especially those in the humanities and social sciences, are more concerned with asserting a certain political agenda than with objectively approaching objects of study and instructional activities.  Nowhere is this more evident than in their blind and collective revulsion of Trump and his most recent SCOTUS nominee.


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7 thought on “Trump Derangement Syndrome: The View From My Facebook Account”
  1. For those of us soon to launch kids into college, it’s particularly depressing. My kids have a solid footing, but I remember how influenced I was by certain profs in college. Discouraging that this mindless groupthink takes place at all levels.

  2. It’s impossible not to notice that the democrat senators did not ask Ford a single question about her allegation during the hearing… not one. The fact that they could even believe her story, without question, and especially when Ford contradicted her own story over and over, tells me they have no interest in knowing what did or did not happen (although I absolutely believe the senators already know that nothing happened and were just acting (bloviating) for the camera).

    Basically too many on the left are now poorly educated, radical morons, who are being taught by other poorly educated, radical morons. The senators know that the narrow mindset of their base, their inability to converse or look at all sides of an issue, and their tendency to rationalize based on emotion rather than logic, is so easy to play to. But unfortunately, those same character flaws are making some of them dangerous.

    While large numbers of those on the left are paid to protest and act like idiots, many democrats are just ordinary citizens whose minds have been trained to believe that the behavior of those who are paid, is how they too, should act. We’re in strange times, indeed.

  3. White MAN, not “male.” Substituting “man” for “male” is another form of Newspeak and I’m disappointed to see it here on Memory Hole Blog of all places. “Male” can refer to any member of animal kingdom, but only “man” or “men” can refer to a human. When you use “males” instead of “men,” you dehumanize the demographic by failing to acknowledge their humanity.

    Take a look at this sentence from the article:

    “Simply because she’s a woman and Kavanaugh is a white male”

    Why use “woman,” but not “man”?

    If anyone is skeptical, pay attention to how “male” is used in the mainstream media and among Leftist types. They don’t want you thinking of men as human. They don’t want actual men thinking of themselves as “MEN.” It reveals a lot about a man when he calls himself a “male.” What statement sounds more empowering to you–“I’m a man” or “I’m a male”?

    1. Let’s not pick nits. Academia is in big trouble. Almost all my university colleagues, even the smart ones, are afflicted with TDS. They can fly into a rage at any given moment. There is tacit agreement that Trump is a crude, evil, racist, misogynistic, selfish moron who is destroying Western civilization. It is assumed that the entire faculty holds this and only this opinion. No one is allowed to think differently. Of course pretty much all these erudite PhDs also think Osama bin Laden carried out the 9/11 attacks, Adam Lanza killed 20 children at Sandy Hook, Stephen Paddock snuck 24 guns into his room at the Mandalay Bay, Emma Gonzalez is a heroic Parkland shooting “survivor” – and Brett Kavanaugh is a gang rapist.

      1. The point’s well taken. I agree that the “man” “male distinction is an important observation that frankly flew past my radar, perhaps as a result of my own indoctrination.

        As Vivian can attest from experience US universities today are not welcome environments for truly free thinkers. Recall the leftist UC Berkeley professor and Clinton labor secretary Robert Reich wrote a book in the late 1990s, ‘Trapped in the Cabinet,’ I believe was the title. As things presently stand I imagine (and hope) that at least a few honest and safely retired academics might be compelled to write something along the lines of ‘Trapped in the Academy.’

  4. Well said Sadie. It’s all wordsmith rubbish and as a former expat turned citizen. There is a fair amount of conservative or right wing individuals who have fallen for this nonsense also.

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