Newly Launched Mirror Site Now Operating

Online behemoth Google has once again lashed out at would-be thought crimes of its users. As longtime conspiracy analyst Jim Fetzer was in the process of moving his website to a new domain and off the “Blogger” service, which hosted the blog for several years, the Google subsidiary pulled the plug on the site entirely.

Fetzer remarks in a September 28 email:

Unbelievable! We were in the process of posting a notice that I was moving to when they took it out. Just in the nick of time! Stunning!

This is part of an ongoing campaign by tech and internet transnationals to censor content their owners do NOT deem fit to print.

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3 thought on “JamesFetzer.Blogspot Shut Down By #GoogleGestapo”
  1. Hmmm. Why did it take the PTB so long to go after Jim Fetzer’s blog? Especially after the book ‘Nobody Died at Sandy Hook’ which was more high profile than Wolf’s inquiries. Look what they did to Wolf, they are draining him dry with lawsuits he defends at high cost, then get dropped after the financial damage is done. The Sandy Hook Hoax is old news to the awake crowd. That’s a six year old story. Can we please move on to new real life horror stories? Like the engineered California fires that have killed thousands and permanently displaced many more thousands. Like the weoponized weather events in Houston, Puerto Rico and the Carolinas just recently. Every day Network News loses another thousand people who finally catch on to the scam and agenda to tear down the US. You can’t even trust the weather people nowadays. They will talk about climate change but never say weather is engineered for disaster. The only thing left credible on the NEWS is the sports scores and highlights. Every day the PTB are losing more control over our perceptions. Every year another million people switch to the alternatives. People don’t want News anymore, they want the truth. I trust average citizen reporters who aren’t getting paid, I don’t trust the NEWS. Concerned Citizens report because they have a sense of duty to expose bad things they see. Network News has no such motivation. Like reporting on the million plastic coffins stored down in Georgia that hold 3 or 4 bodies each. The Coffins belong to Homeland Security and a farmer was getting paid to store them there; conveniently next to a railroad. The special three floor railroad cars that join in the middle. The shackles without seats might alarm some old Japanese folks who can’t forget those nice internment camps they lived in during world war two, even though they were US Citizens.The endless trains of armored vehicles seen all over the place. The UN armored division stationed near Hagerstown, Maryland. Yes Dorothy there are FEMA Camps all over the US with barbed wire facing in and security that will run you off when you get close. You can see the funding for them buried inside other legislation. When the Senator that sponsored the bill was asked about the camps, he acted like the camps and the funding for them didn’t exist but you can look it up. You can also see many videos of the camps made by many different people. None of them are with the NEWS. I love the way people fill in the gaps in logic when I point out the engineered fires in California and elsewhere around the World in Portugal, China, Greece, Canada, Australia and right now Italy. We also had engineered fires in Waldo Canyon, Colorado and Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Houses are turned to light gray dust while nearby trees surrounding the subdivision are untouched. There’s no explaining it with wild fires that skip the forest and devastate homes and melt cars engine blocks and wheels. It’s engineered displacement of thousands of people with the highly implausible deniability of natural wild fires. 60 fires erupted all over California one night last fall without a single lightning strike recorded. Wind came from nowhere and disappeared as fast they showed up. The small death toll is a savage lie, many thousands of people were incinerated in their homes and cars. The enormous homeless population this created has been chased away nightly from temporary camps. This is no accident or failure. It was planned. It ties directly in with UN Agenda 21’s plan for the US. Also not a theory, you can see it on their web site. Re-wild semi-rural and rural areas, cut out large swaths of Suburbia and move everyone in to a SMART City close to mass transit. The units will be tiny, parking will be scarce. It’s all to save the planet. Right? Sustainability … who could be against that? Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 are not theories, they are the UN’s proud blueprint to remake life as we know it. The average man on the street never heard about it. That’s no accident either. Trump gave lip service to halting the UN’s plans for world government at his last UN speech. I guess we will see if it’s all talk, Trump has obviously seen the plans to destroy our lifestyles and bring us down to a third world shit hole. Will he stop it? Can he stop it might be a better question.

    1. These are some good points by Dave Kraft. I grew up in California. My Dad called it the “Kook Capital of the world”. In many ways this was true. Rules and laws there are only to harass citizens with but not for outlaws in government. For example, most people have heard that the “big one” is overdue. This means the next big earthquake in California. If this is true wouldn’t you think local governments would be prohibited from allowing development right on top of an earthquake fault? Well they are not so prohibited. Money runs the show especially when someone else will have to pay for the losses. Most people have heard the song “It never rains in California”. This means it is a dry State. Most local towns do have fire departments. The town I grew up in had a volunteer fire department. But what about rural areas with no fire departments within many miles? Why not prohibit homes and other developments in such fire prone areas? Because money runs the show and they know the federal government will come to put out the fires for them and possibly even pay for losses when they happen. Doesn’t the government in California know how to prohibit activities when they want to like gun control? In LA, SF, Miami, and NY a 3 bedroom piece of junk is about $1 million or more and can sell in about a week if money is made available by a bank to purchase it. Suppose no money were made available at artificially low interest rates for such a purchase? What would happen? The property would not sell and prices would drop. On the other hand what will happen at the next down turn in the economy? These price inflated houses will go into foreclosure and be sold at losses by the banks and lending institutions. It is outrageous for a few elitist areas to allow some elitist owners to make huge undeserved profits on literal JUNK just because money is made available in these high population cesspools. A virtual palace can be purchased in many other areas for half the price or less. Let’s end the artificial price inflation in high population cesspools like NY, Miami, LA and SF. Some local cities only have signs in Chinese or other esoteric languages. California is jammed with “desirable” immigrants, the rich ones from Asia which come in through the cesspool Hawaii.,

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