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James Tracy: In Solidarity with Alex Jones – Sandy Hook Mother feted by Obama was Personal Assistant to Democratic Fund Raiser Maureen White

Mr. President,

On 16 January 2013, in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting, President Barack Obama signed no less than 23 executive orders to constrain our access to weapons under the 2nd Amendment. A few months thereafter, on 13 April 2013, at Obama’s invitation, one Francine Wheeler delivered an impassioned speech for gun control from the President’s Oval Office, a distinction Obama previously  conferred only upon Vice President Joe Biden. The choice is telling on multiple grounds.

Francine is likely the only actress with credits for doing the voice of a character in an animated porn feature to speak from the White House. Francine is also a musician member of “The Dream Jam Band.”

In fact, she and her husband, David Cole Wheeler, are both professional actors with film credits. David has starred in an obscure film, “Faithful”, which centers around the theme of guns and suicide, and he’s most recently been on the speaking circuit in the role of a bereaved Sandy Hook parent.

David Wheeler in “Faithful,” Image Credit: YouTube

More to the point, the Wheelers’ involvement in Sandy Hook and Francine’s choice to speak from the Oval Office appear to derive from Francine having been previously employed as personal assistant to chief Democratic National Committee fundraiser Maureen White. In fact, White was the DNC’s star campaigner, raising $51 million in 2005 alone. White then served as senior advisor on humanitarian issues in Afghanistan and Pakistan under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which is suggestive of the political alliances behind the Sandy Hook event.

Maureen’s husband, powerful Wall Street investment banker and Obama administration advisor Steve Rattner, is also a close personal friend and money manager of anti-gun crusader and founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg used the Sandy Hook shooting as a rallying cry for more stringent federal gun control measures. Rattner is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

The more we dig into Sandy Hook, the more we learn its probable motivation as a FEMA drill presented to the public as real to promote the DNC gun control agenda.

Very respectfully,

James F. Tracy


James Tracy, “Francine Wheeler was Personal Assistant to DNC National Finance Chair”, Memory Hole Blog, 15 May 2016.

James F. Tracy is a media scholar, educator and political analyst located in South Florida. He received his doctoral degree from The University of Iowa in 2002 and was a tenured Associate Professor of Journalism and Media Studies at Florida Atlantic University from 2002 to 2016. Beginning in 2013 Tracy became victim of a media-led smear campaign as one of the few working academics to publicly question the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre and Boston Marathon bombings. In 2015 Florida Atlantic succumbed to public pressure and terminated his professorship. Tracy has filed a First Amendment lawsuit against FAU and its officials that is now before the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

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4 thought on “Sandy Hook Mother feted by Obama was Personal Assistant to Democratic Fund Raiser Maureen White”
  1. Former President Obama and his crony Lawyer Eric Holder have been at the right place at the right time and rose to the top in America, largely based on false pretenses. At bottom we know very little about the background of Obama. He has it all. Even today he has everything any person could want including full time Secret Service Armed Protection 24/7. Yet although most other presidents and former presidents released many details of their lives and educational experiences, he did not and has not to this day. His birth certificate is a fake. No one really knows where he came from. Every legal effort to expose his fraud was met with vicious illegal lying lawyer obstruction in almost every court in our country. Courts declared challenges before inauguration premature and after moot a deliberate effort to hide the truth and facts about him and his history. The corrupt State of Hawaii, likely the most corrupt in the Union, did everything in their power to hide his true history and identity including lying and cheating by public officials. Now, to add insult to injury there is evidence that both Obama and Holder planned and conceived and executed the Sandy Hook School Shooting Hoax in Connecticut Dec. 14, 2012. Since Obama now has it all, he could turn a new leaf and demonstrate some personal courage. He could release all his personal school and college records. He could disclose his real birth place and details of where he really came from. He could expose the many lies about him from the corrupt State of Hawaii. And finally he and Holder could open up and admit to the American Public their evil plan to fake a school shooting in Connecticut on December 14, 2012 for the evil purpose of scaring the public into abridging the Constitution to promote gun control. There are legal ways to change the Constitution. I challenge president Obama to admit his sins about all this and now use legal means of changing our Constitution to achieve his goals not the illegal lies he and Holder have been perpetuating against all the good American citizens who expect, at minimum, the truth from their leaders, not lies from lying lawyers. Shame of them.
    And after over 200 years isn’t about time the lazy worthless lying lawyers on our Supreme Court finally told us all what a “Natural Born Citizen” is?
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  2. so the word out is anyone blogging about hoaxes i.e. Sandy Hoax is being removed from their WordPress blogs. IN the last few days 50shadesofpissedoff and FellowshipOfTheMinds have been cancelled

  3. Back up your info / sites
    I’ve moved to
    Ironically, it’s a chinese hosted server so the censoring won’t effect you so long as you don’t bad mouth the chinese government. Should be easy enough, but they are getting quite kosher these days. Maybe we’ll have to hold out for Iran to host web blogs?
    Anyway, just helping as I can.

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