“Performance Artists” versus The First Amendment

By James F. Tracy

Inflammatory radio host Alex Jones is besieged with lawsuits brought by Sandy Hook parents who claim to be “defamed” by the content of his broadcasts. America’s loudest rant monger appears to be fulfilling a central role in a broader play that could seriously undermine the First Amendment.

Most recently Jones, who maintains via his counsel that the Newtown massacre itself was genuine, has agreed to defray the plaintiffs’ court costs for bringing suit in Texas should the judge find it frivolous. Concurrently media platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Spotify are now censoring “Infowars” for purported “hateful” content.

Jones’ ex-wife and conflict-of-interest show boater Kelly Jones is allying with parents of the children who are reported to have died in the 2012 school shooting by picketing an August 1st Texas court hearing with a sign reading, “Texans For Sandy Hook Justice,” NBC News reports.

Image Credit: Eric Gay/AP

Ms. Jones won a vicious child custody battle with the radio personality in July 2018. Jones asserts that she was present during the creation of InfoWars, “and I’m trying to make that right.”

These people not only lost their children in the most horrible way that you can imagine – I mean, unspeakable – but they’ve been harassed by his audience. They’ve had to move houses. They had people come up to them and say that their children didn’t even exist.

As this storyline goes, while the Sandy Hook parents lost their children in December 2012 Kelly Jones saved hers from America’s most prominent career “conspiracy theorist.”

A deeper dimension to this unfolding scenario is the fact that both Kelly Jones, Jones’ children, and the parent-plaintiffs squaring off against Alex in Texas are Jewish.

This aspect of the saga would not be worth noting at least in passing if not for the fact that certain Jewish-led “civil right groups,” including as the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center, have long-sought to topple the American ideal of free speech ensconced in the First Amendment.

These interests and the powerful forces they represent would much rather have the United States temper free speech rights by taking away the rights of those expressing “hate speech,” which in reality translates to any political speech the deep-pocketed sponsors of such groups deem undesirable.

One way to seriously cripple if not eliminate free speech is via a “Trojan horse” like Alex Jones. Despite the swaggering Texan’s professed expertise in conspiracy investigation Jones cannot seem to make heads nor tails of the Sandy Hook massacre.

But that’s not all. Jones has been caught censoring actual research addressing the event, and through this ham-fisted performance has set himself up to take the fall that will likewise bring down US free speech rights.

As we’ve recently stated,

the broadcaster has waffled so much on Sandy Hook that it’s difficult not to believe that he isn’t a pre-designated foil in a broader play to defeat what’s left of speech freedoms in the United States.

There is a well-known theory that 1980s comedian Bill Hicks faked his unusual death from pancreatic cancer at the age of 32 (pseudocide) and has ever since been playing the character Alex Jones since the mid-1990s. Although the idea seems far-fetched, the fact is that celebrities with substantial means have “faked their deaths” for many years to assume a new life and identity.

“Some people fake their death to avoid jail or get away with a crime” according to Psychology Today. “[O]thers want to escape debt, a stalker, or a burdensome relationship.”

“’If you want to disappear and do it right,’” writes author Elizabeth Greenwood,

“the planning is not for the faint of heart, or the careless.” She proves this throughout her book. The question for those who want to reinvent themselves is whether they can ever completely leave their lives behind. Many think they can do it for a period of time, but expect to pick it back up at some point. To really be successful at pseudocide, though, it seems one must be able to walk away—and stay away—from everything. This includes family, medical records, bank accounts, social media, cars, and your reputation as an honest person.

Even Vice News calls pseudocide “a timeworn tradition” among the laity. Is this also the case with the victims of mass casualty events … and perhaps the successful radio persona whose attorney admits is “a performance artist playing a character”? If by chance Alex Jones is Hicks’ invention he could not have pulled this stunt off for two decades without certain lettered agencies’ complicity. And for this he is indebted to them.

If one is going to file a civil claim that someone’s speech is actionable then it is tremendously helpful to have a “friendly” defendant. Just ask German-born  journalist Richard Gutjahr, who is closely allied with the Sandy Hook parents bringing suit against Alex Jones in Texas. Gutjahr says he was encouraged by “Sandy Hook parent” Lenny Pozner and supports the lawsuit against Jones. Gutjahr is of the litigious sort, of which more below.

As some may recall, Richard Gutjahr is so anxious for a scoop that he was present to document both the July 14, 2016 “Nice truck attack” and  the July 22, 2016 “Munich shooting.”

Richard Gutjahr “accidentally” deleted the photos and tweets about Munich.

Gutjahr’s wife, Israeli-born Einat Wilf, is an outspoken Harvard and Cambridge-educated foreign policy advisor to former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres. Wilf’s additional credentials include serving as a lieutenant in the Israeli Defense Forces’ intelligence division and fulfilling a partial term in the Knesset.

Thus it is perhaps ironic that both Gutjahr and Pozner have wives capable of potentially operating under intelligence cover and likely even diplomatic immunity if necessary. We have been apprised, for example, by parties with considerable investigative capacity that it is close to impossible to ascertain the actual background of one “Veronique De La Rosa.”

Along these lines, more than a few individuals have preferred the compelling and plausible notion that Jones is in fact an imposter, and thus a double agent of sorts.

Thin-skinned writer Richard Gutjahr borrows an image from television program “Better Call Saul” Image Credit: YouTube

In the 2017 presentation below Gutjahr’ (at 13:19) discusses his would-be persecution at the hands of “hoaxers”and a strategy of waging legal battles in order to stifle anyone who might question the “on-air talent” in dubious public events.

Lenny [Pozner] and I, we talked many, many times online, and he told me about the so-called “truthers,” the so called “hoaxers.” People who get a kick out of it, to have that power over other people. And who actually also get paid for their ‘work’ by YouTube.

Now Lenny told me, “Look, Richard, you can either continue whining, or you start to get back on your feet and start fighting [sic]. It’s gonna be hard, it’s gonna be long, it’s gonna be painful, but you can actually do something against them. And so I did. [Applause.]

Not on-only I took one lawyer, I took two lawyers [sic], and from that day on they took care of Facebook and of Google. We keep on, like, telling them, “This is wrong, this is wrong. We have this court order, this court order. So we’re really a pain in the neck. And you know what? It feels really good to have somebody speaking up for you-finally.

Despite the fact that Gutjahr is “lawyered up,” he can’t seem to prevail in court. Earlier this year the ubiquitous journalist suffered a stinging defeat after suing independent German investigative journalist Gerhard Wisnewski in the district court of Cologne. The reason? Wisnewski pondered whether Guthahr’s presence at both the Nice truck attack and Munich shooting was coincidental, or may have involved some type of foreknowledge.

Gutjahr’s extravagant complaint suggested that Wisnewski’s reporting on possible prior knowledge involved omission, thus defaming Gutjahr’s by generating suspicion that his motives were for professional advancement. As the defendant explains,

In the eyes of Gutjahr and his lawyer, [I] suspected him of a crime under § 138 penal code (Strafgesetzbuch; “non-disclosure of planned crime”). “A far-fetched assertion. This was never the subject of my reporting, It was all about the abstract possibility of prior knowledge, so only about a cognitive process and the question of how the reporter could have been in two alleged terror locations or in the immediate vicinity within a week.”

A verdict favoring Gutjahr in Cologne was thrown out on appeal, with the higher court reminding the plaintiff that he must “accept critical illumination of his activities by his peers.” In Wisnewski’s view, “the case developed toward a judicial disaster for Gutjahr.”

While their approaches differ, Gutjahr’s case and the defamation actions of the numerous Sandy Hook parents share the same target, namely the free speech that prompts the public to question the sometimes unlikely narratives of government and its corporate media allies. If a verdict against America’s biggest carnival barker can be secured, everything beyond the pale of government and corporate news pronouncements becomes fair game.

Who benefits? Is it those who have something to hide? Who would rather cry, “Hate speech!” and thereby attack the messenger instead of having a fair debate where such speech, if it is truly without foundation, might be confronted and dismantled once and for all?

In the case of Sandy Hook especially the petitioners employ an entirely different method, imploring the general public to viscerally identify with their persecution and suffering–with, as Kelly Jones puts it, those who “lost their children in the most horrible way,” and who must thereafter be “harassed by [Alex Jones’] audience.”

This dramatic plea combined with Jones’ over-the-top “performance art” distracts everyday spectators from considering the events in question and, moreover, the “hoaxers” and “conspiracy theorists” who’ve raised the very questions that most salaried journalists have either long abandoned or must consciously dismiss for fear of losing their own livelihoods.

One thing is certain: Richard Gutjahr might have ultimately won his court case, if only the defendant was as eager to forfeit his free speech rights as Alex Jones appears to be.

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15 thought on “Strange Allies in the Fight to End Free Speech”
  1. Your post is interesting. However, when I have looked into the backgrounds of those involved in the Sandy Hook caper, I have found them to be predominantly Catholic, not Jewish. This includes Veronique Haller Pozner de la Rosa, whose brother Alexis Haller is an attorney for the Vatican. Don’t forget the integral role St. Rose of Lima played.

    1. As one vector of the narrative goes, Veronique Haller Pozner de la Rosa converted to Judaism around 1992. This is not to necessarily dispute the assertion, yet this Jewish identification, if only incorrectly perceived, succeeded in mobilizing this constituency (via organs such as The Forward) against Prof. James Tracy in December 2015, alleging that he was “harassing” the Jewish family concerning “proof their son ever existed,” and likewise consorted with “holocaust denier” Prof. Jim Fetzer.

  2. This is an outstanding and powerful and incisive statement of this reprehensible situation by Professor Jim Tracy, Ph.D. All a judge has to do to move either way is to simply deny certain “evidence” to be allowed. It is that simple. It could be done totally unwittingly. There is no such thing as “hate” speech. There is only truth and lies. That is why there has been no successful challenge of the precious 1st Amendment so far and likely never will be unless these scoundrels happen to succeed. After all they already have the full power of government at local, State of Connecticut and Federal at their beck and call don’t they? The alleged Sandy Hook Shooting is totally, fake, phony, lies with every rule of crime scene investigations totally obliterated. But thousands of crime scene investigators, including one of the most prominent, Professor Henry C. Lee, Ph.D., have suddenly lost their courage and their voices.
    Deafening silence from them, not to mention the million or so lawyers in this country who must also acknowledge this massive swindle of all America at Sandy Hook School
    December 14, 2012. By the way another interesting “coincidence” is former FBI Director James Comey was born December 14, 1960 and lives in the State of Connecticut today at last report. One can be sure he knows all secret dirt about the Sandy Hook Hoax protected by the full military armed force of government deep inside the FBI and CIA secret files.
    Why all the secrecy if not to hide unethical, improper and illegal criminal conduct from public exposure? Millions of Americans own millions or more guns and weapons or all sorts and kinds. Are they shooting up schools? Obviously not or we would have school shootings every day in every city and town in the country. These are fake, phony, staged events to promote fear in the population, leading to more government control of our basic Constitutional Rights. There are legal ways to change the Constitution. Why don’t the powers that be simply announce they want to abridge or abolish the 1st and 2nd Amendments and be honest about it? We all know the answer to this question don’t we? They seek to fool us into making an end run around the rules because all anarchy would break loose if they chose to follow the rules wouldn’t it? Thanks to Professor Tracy for a fabulous analysis. Only time will tell the outcome: Good or Evil. America is already on the ropes right now. It cannot sustain many more blows to its foundations in the Constitution.
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  3. Brilliant article. In my view, the Bill Hicks to “Alex Jones” transformation, based on very clear photographs, similar mannerisms, and a compelling timeline, is one of the most obvious slam-dunk matches of all the alleged/suspected pseudocides. And his rhetoric and presentation are consistently schizophrenic, thereby undermining whatever legitimate and credible information he does actually share with his audience. With friends like “Alex Jones,” who needs enemies?

    The following article is somewhat related, as it highlights the inevitable trauma that will be inflicted upon tens of thousands of students as a result of the ever-growing “active shooter drill” industrial complex, which itself appears to be promoted and implemented largely on the basis of certain key, highly dubious “events” such as Sandy Hook and Parkland:

    Seidman: The trauma of an active shooter drill
    There are no easy answers to responding to an active shooter; in fact there may not be any proactive solutions at all. Certainly efforts to prepare and protect are well-intentioned. But I am eternally grateful not to be parenting a young child right now, because I honestly don’t know how I would conquer my fear of sending him or her to school every day, not only because of the potential for violence, but for fear of the trauma caused by one of those well-intentioned drills.

    There’s a question that also needs to be asked: At what point do active shooter drills do more harm than good? And, when you’re looking down the barrel of a loaded gun, how helpful is all the training in the world going to be?

  4. As far as the current lawsuit against Jones, I have known from the beginning that this was theater because I have known Alex Jones since his beginning broadcast days on KLBJ radio and local public access TV in Austin, TX in about 1995 or 1996. He has been a performer from the beginning. I observed over the years his using various tricks to bring publicity to himself. One of his most used ones, and copied by others, is what I call the martyr schtick. He always was able to get his listeners to join in on his ranting patriot bandwagon whenever he made a big deal about various people threatening lawsuits against him.

    “Defendant InfoWars, LLC is a Texas limited liability company with
    principal offices located in Austin, Texas. It may be served at the address of its
    registered agent,
    Elizabeth M. Schurig, at 100 Congress Avenue, 22
    Floor, Austin,
    TX 78701.”

    Alex Jones main attorney, though now AJ’s legal team has expanded, from at least 2009 and probably beginning a few years before that is Elizabeth Schurig, an attorney serving, exclusively apparently, a very wealthy clientele.

    Bhavani Lev and the Bet Lev Foundation and More…
    July 4, 2009
    Continued from Part 11

    Holly Bronfman also has Elizabeth Schurig as her attorney, though Holly, sister of Seagram heiresses Sara and Clare Bronfman who are charged now in connection with the NXIVM sex cult and human trafficking case, are trying to distance themselves from all activities of Sara and Clare.

    Alex Jones is a real person and I have seen him in person at least once at a City Council meeting and possibly another time at a Second Amendment rally at the Capitol. He appears to be about five feet two inches tall though he claims six feet. Not saying faking own death does not happen but I think the bit about Hicks actually being Alex Jones is nonsense but it has been ever so useful to Jones who always likes to make a big deal of those famous people who are talking about him and persecuting and threatening him for his truth and patriotism.

    I would find it very interesting if this current lawsuit is actually brought to trial and I see not much evidence that it is moving along to that end. Its purpose is for the usefulness of the discussions and attention such as being given here.

    “While their approaches differ, Gutjahr’s case and the defamation actions of the numerous Sandy Hook parents share the same target, namely the free speech that prompts the public to question the sometimes unlikely narratives of government and its corporate media allies. ”

    What I am more concerned about even more than the free speech / first amendment issue is the horrifying legal precedent being set for trials to take place that assume a priori certain aspects of the case are true, such as in this lawsuit, that the parents are actually the parents of a deceased child and that the child actually existed and is now actually dead, and even that the parents were ever actually married.

    This same kind of miscarriage of justice took place regarding the 9-11-01 “attacks” …
    ” On December 11, 2001, [Zacarias] Moussaoui was indicted by a federal grand jury in United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia on six felony charges: conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries, conspiracy to commit aircraft piracy, conspiracy to destroy aircraft, conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction, conspiracy to murder United States employees, and conspiracy to destroy property. ” (This person was said to have presented in the court room as a drugged and electronically shocked / controlled Manchurian candidate type.)

    Lastly, Alex Jones is a totally owned individual. His current wife, also Jewish and with whom he has one child, worked formerly as a yoga instructor and personal on-call “massage therapist” to clients in their hotel rooms.

    None of this current lawsuit matter is about rule of law and justice and free speech, though it will provide entertaining but most destructive theater.

  5. RE:
    Gitardood: “As of 2016, there are 1,315,561 Licensed Lawyers in the United States of America”
    Current 2016 data table of registered attorneys. How many of these now exceeding 1.3+ million licensed lawyers in the U.S. have uttered a peep about what they think about the Sandy Hook Shooting? So far as I know zero. They have been unusually silent haven’t they? Even after nearly 6 years later than the big day Dec. 14, 2012, they are still silent. Suppose someone hired a prominent lawyer to do the dirty job of examining this case from the beginning, no restrictions with unlimited money to do the investigation. By now, although there is a minority of “hoaxers”, still the media have won the battle so far haven’t they with their narrative that all the kids and teachers died that day according to the media narrative? But a lawyer hired to challenge this claim still has the right and responsibility to dig as deep as he can or has resources to do. He has every right to question every document by questioning those who prepared them, or even others, under oath. This includes, but is not limited to the Medical Examiner Wayne Carver, M.D., The Connecticut Police, the Attorney Sendensky who prepared the largely redacted report, the Newtown School Board, and on and on and on. No attorney worth their salt is going to blindly accept statements on a piece of paper. They also want to ask rude questions about the autopsy reports, and the dead bodies and even details of how and if the remains got placed in the caskets and how those caskets were handled up to and including placement in the ground if that is what happened, or cremation if that is what happened. It would be very convenient for the official narrative if all the remains were cremated but I have never read an article discussing this issue.
    However, even if a lawyer, at a national law firm, were paid almost unlimited amounts of money, how many want to develop the case, at this point, that this was a hoax? They become the bearer of bad news don’t they? They become a major problem for the large number of obviously powerful folks who have sustained this lie so far don’t they? They rise above a few “cranks” and a few others who claim to prove this was a hoax, but who are easily ignored or dismissed by the lying media as “conspiracy theorists”, we all know the drill by now. However a top lawyer at a top law firm is a different story altogether. Perhaps none of them would even accept the case for any amount of money because of this possible outcome. Or, of course, they could always obfuscate, as lawyers do, and join the opposition at the end. Due to the evident powerful interests involved in this big lie, it is very doubtful any lawyer or any law firm would go to the end and blow the official lies out of the water, especially by even obtaining a court order to exhume the “dead” bodies which is also a real possibility. If Jones and his lawyers cave, as looks like a very real possibility, it merely reinforces the official lies and makes any further effort toward exposing the truth a very high bar indeed to reach, no? And of course this is exactly what the evil powers that be want isn’t it? They continue to win by default. They never have to prove their case by dotting every i and crossing every t, in a real courtroom do they? They are sustained again in a “media” win, not a courtroom win, which is the last place they want to go, be it an honest court with an honest judge and honest witnesses and honest lawyers and honest investigators a very very tough challenge indeed! In the end, it is much easier to simply continue to “walk away” from the truth, and be satisfied with a little easy money for doing almost nothing or absolutely nothing, or even obstructing, efforts to find, and prove, to the whole world, in a courtroom, that Sandy Hook was a fake, phony, false flag hoax event, staged by the powers that be, for the purpose of promoting gun control as a result of phony fear instilled in a duped population. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  6. Coming tourist attraction:


    “After nearly five years since the Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial Commission’s (SHPMC) inception, its members voted unanimously on a design selection on Monday, July 30. The commission plans to recommend their choice to the Board of Selectmen (BOS), who will ultimately be in charge of approving the decision for the town.”

  7. “One thing is certain: Richard Gutjahr might have won his court case, if only the defendant was as eager to forfeit his free speech rights as Alex Jones appears to be.”

    Alex Jones is a bit of a hack. That being said you have to be careful about attributing legal positions with personal positions. His attorney stated that he is a performer because it was the best legal defense. Why should Jones have let these characters fleece him by saying otherwise on the record?

  8. Alex Jones was always an idiot
    who was being useful to the
    conquering Khazar Horde.
    And now that they successfully
    set him up as a ‘free speech
    man of straw’ – demolished by
    the kosher ‘humanitarians’ –
    they must have categorized
    him as a very useful idiot.

  9. I’m wondering if SH was never about gun control or turning schools into prisons.

    Maybe the SH hoax was so obvious because it was designed to ultimately censor us — those who dare to question the official story of SH and other fake stories. It would seem that Alex Jones has been playing a role in it by talking about crisis actors all these years.

    And Senator Chris Murphy with his statement about how AJ should just be the tip of the iceberg of being banned from social media. Murphy was very involved in the SH story, attending all of the press conferences, etc. if you remember. I think censorship was probably the goal all along.

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