By Winfield J. Abbe
(June 16, 2018)

Paul L. Tipton
Professor of Physics, Chair of Physics Department
Yale University
SPL 34 / EVN 206 / WL 235
New Haven, Connecticut
paul.tipton (at)

Dear Professor Tipton:

You are obviously an intelligent scholar and productive physicist. Many others in the physics department at Yale University at New Haven, Connecticut are also highly qualified.

Obviously your first responsibility is to teach the subject of physics to students and to do research in unsolved problems of physics. Are these your only responsibilities? As tenured faculty members, do you have academic freedom and lifetime job protection to speak out on vital issues of public concern or don’t you?

Suppose, for example, the State of Connecticut and Federal Government sought to stage a fake shooting in your physics department. In other words suppose representatives of both governments came to you and requested and expected your cooperation and participation in a fake, staged attack, falsely represented as a real attack to the duped public. Would you, as department head, agree to such a scenario and participate in a scam to falsely represent this to the public, or would you demonstrate personal guts and courage to oppose this massive con on the public?

When you leave your office every day, do you close your eyes and ears to events happening around you? Do you fear speaking up on vital issues of public concern lest you lose some government funding or favors for being labeled a “conspiracy theorist” or face the risks of losing your job due to unfair publicity for speaking out as Professor James Tracy, Ph.D. did at Florida Atlantic University when he simply questioned the official media presentations of the Sandy Hook School Shootings December 14, 2012 in the state of Connecticut? He was subsequently fired from his job for simply expressing an opinion about some very questionable events at the Sandy Hook School Shooting. In fact, are not you and every good physicist in your department all conspiracy theorists of the highest order with a large badge “conspiracy theorist” on your chest every day whether explicitly or implicitly because isn’t this what all physicists do 24/7 in order to reach conclusions to complex problems in physics?

Is not “Conspiracy Theorist” a badge of honor for all physicists? In fact shouldn’t “Conspiracy Theorist” be a badge of honor for all good citizens? Have you ever given a lecture to any group students or otherwise on the true meaning of “Conspiracy Theorist”. Every time you claim you discovered a so called “quark” or made the claim “quarks really exist in nature” are not you in fact being a “conspiracy theorist”?

Surely Professor Tipton, the many intelligent physics professors at Yale University have not closed their eyes and minds to the many media and possibly internet media reports on the events of the alleged Sandy Hook School Shooting December 14, 2012 have they? I would bet if I could have recorded all conversations in and around your department since that day I would find many discussing this event. And since that event some very intelligent investigators have provided a mountain of evidence and facts indicating it was a fake, staged event, not a real one.

This is, at bottom, a problem in basic physics isn’t it professor Tipton? What better folks to investigate it than physicists especially the very good professors and students a Yale University right inside the small State of Connecticut? Have you ever asked any of your students to look into it? Why not? What better project to learn some real physics such as, for example, the event could not have happened if the school had been closed could it professor Tipton?

A distinguished professor, who didn’t major in physics, but philosophy instead, and even graduated from another Ivy League school Princeton University in 1962, and has a distinguished career studying artificial intelligence and many other problems, retired chaired professor Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, has even written a book on the subject along with a number of other highly qualified authors with Ph.D. degrees.

The book was for sale for about a month on Amazon but Jeff Bezos, a summa cum laude graduate from Princeton University in Electrical Engineering in 1986, banned the book although he still sells much garbage like books on the flat earth for example. Isn’t this amazing Professor Tipton a summa cum laude graduate in electrical engineering banning a book challenging the official claims about the Sandy Hook School Shooting while not banning books claiming the earth is flat? Personally I abhor all book burnings and censorship!

Professor Tipton, the silence of you and your highly qualified physics colleagues is “DEAFENING” to put it mildly. Are all the members of the physics department at Yale University little more than gutless selfish cowards who deliberately close their eyes and ears and other senses to the fake shooting hoax at Sandy Hook School on December 14, 2012 to promote the gun control agenda in patent violation of the 2nd Amendment to our precious Constitution? I don’t like to be fooled and lied to by government professor Tipton. Do you like to be lied to by government? How about the rest of the “conspiracy theorists” on the physics faculty? Perhaps Yale University is not really a top institution of higher learning after all. Or perhaps conflicts of interest are getting in the way of the TRUTH!

Winfield J. Abbe, A.B., Physics, UC Berkeley, 1961, M.S. Physics, California State University at Los Angeles, under Professor Earl Jacobs, Ph.D., 1962; Ph.D., Physics, UC Riverside under Professor Peter Kaus, Ph.D., 1966, Institute of Science and Technology Fellow, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, under Professor Marc Ross, Ph.D. 1966-1967, Faculty Member with lifetime tenure, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, 1966-1978 voluntarily resigned due mainly to lying and cheating by two deans and three department heads to the tenured faculty for over 5 years.
Born at Cleveland, Ohio, 1939, raised at Sierra Madre, California, 1943-1966, graduated Pasadena High School, Pasadena, California, 1956, Pasadena City College A.A., 1958.

Copy to Yale President Salovey c/o
Chief of Staff
April McGrath
Chief of Staff
105 Wall Street
joy.mcgrath (at)

Copies to Professors James Tracy, Ph.D and James Fetzer, Ph.D.

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6 thought on “An Open Letter to Yale University Physics Department Chair Paul L. Tipton”
  1. I have pestered and tried to reason with the Hartford Courant regarding the Sandy Hook “event”. No dice. The Courant has taken the Comments sections from their editorial content. Now, interested and concerned citizens have no voice whatsoever.
    Try reasoning with magazine and newspaper editors, see what you get. You’ll readily find that media ownerships impart a deep measure of secrecy and subterfuge in their content. Writers can be contacted readily, but one gets no replies from them as they fear for their jobs. I can run down the listings for staff members that write for the Courant and note that the entire staff appears to have been told to lay low and not answer the questions of smartass writers that dare oppose their opinionated verbiage. Bizarre as it sounds, truth has become abhorrent to these former observers of the national and local scenes. Truth is not something to be ferreted out, it is too damaging to the lie structures these media cesspools have fabricated in front of a public hungry for truth. Once an observer becomes aware of their obfuscatory mien, it’s painfully easy to pick out their sleight of hand as they mangle the truth and replace it with some of America’s finest mendacity. In short, American media has become a galling traitor’s nest replete with what tragically amounts to a bee’s hive of venomous lies.

  2. Excellent article Winfield. And I`m sure like most knowledgeable academics most have heard of Prof. Antony C. Sutton. His discontinue printed book “How the Order Controls Education” has been my bible for the current state of the world education system.
    About 25 years ago I received a full scholarship to Cornell and turned it down after a long weekend of Ivy League propaganda, and mind raping. I have never regretted it and ended up at Prof. Sutton Alma mater. (King`s College. London)

    I seriously doubt you`re going to get an answer from Prof. Tipton,he`s a paid actor doing his part to keep the deception going. Enjoy the book for those who haven’t read it.

  3. Thank you Bahmi and SaltySailor for two excellent comments on this very serious issue of conflicts of interest preventing the truth to be exposed about vital problems of public concern.
    John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D.
    Birth: September 21, 1918 in Cleveland, Ohio., Died 2007
    • Grade and high school in Cleveland. A.B. in Chemistry from Oberlin College, 1939.
    • Ph.D. in Nuclear/Physical Chemistry from the University of California at Berkeley, 1943. Dissertation: Discovery of Pa-232, U-232, Pa-233, and U-233. Proof of the slow and fast neutron fissionability of U-233. Discovery of the 4n + 1 radioactive series.
    • M.D. from the School of Medicine, University of California at San Francisco, 1946. Internship in internal medicine at the University of California Hospital, San Francisco, 1946-1947.
    • Gofman produced the first plutonium for the Atomic Bomb. After that he spent his life on both cancer and heart disease problems for human health. He was the world authority on radiation and public health.
    • I urge everyone to read the Plowboy Interview at the link below, which describes what happened to him and Dr. Arthur Tamplin when they blew the whistle on the plans of the AEC and Congress to build 1000 nuclear power plants and make many nuclear explosions to release natural gas. He went up against his own advisor Glenn T. Seaborg, Nobel Laureate and Chairman of the AEC. He placed the public interest first and paid the price. This was a top chemist and physicist and medical doctor with a conscience. He won many awards and should have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. This is how our corrupt government treats real scientists who place the public interest above selfish interests. This was a shameful disgraceful episode in American History but ultimately the public did win at least for a time.
    Quote from the Plowboy interview with Professor Dr John W. Gofman at this link:
    “PLOWBOY: You dropped your heart research project?
    GOFMAN: I let myself get talked out of it. John Foster, the director of the Atomic Energy Commission’s weapons design facility at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, called me up. He wanted me to set up a biomedical division at Livermore that would investigate the overall impact of radiation upon man in the biosphere.
    I finally told him I’d accept the job . . . but on one condition: I wanted letters from the president and regents of the University of California saying that anytime I wanted to resume full-time teaching at Berkeley, I could do so. I needed that assurance because I didn’t really trust the AEC. Johnny went right to the officials and got the letters for me, and that’s how I started studying radiation and human health for the Atomic Energy Commission.
    We didn’t accomplish anything earthshaking in our division, but we were all doing good scientific work . . . and I felt I was making some significant advances in the area of which specific chromosome abnormalities can cause cancer.
    PLOWBOY: When did you realize the harmful effects of low-level radiation?
    GOFMAN: Well, back in October of 1969 I was slated to give a talk at the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers. It so happened that Tamplin and I had just completed our cancer and radiation calculations, so I used the results as the topic for my speech. I described the three generalizations we had learned about radiation and health: that all forms of human cancer can be induced by radiation . . . that, per unit of radiation, there’s a certain linear percentage increase in the production of cancer . . . and that children are far more susceptible to radiation-induced cancer than are older people. I also explained that our data showed the cancer hazard resulting from radiation to be 20 times worse than we, or anybody, had thought: We calculated that, if everyone in the country received the official “permissible” dose of radiation–which at the time was 170 millirems per year–there would be between 16,000 and 32,000 additional cancer deaths a year in our nation.
    With that speech, the AEC’s façade–the claim that it really wanted to know the truth about radiation–began to crumble. Actually, I didn’t get much publicity from the Institute lecture, but about three weeks later I was invited to testify at Edmund Muskie’s Senate hearings on underground uses of nuclear energy. Art and I went up to Washington, and I gave an expanded version of my earlier speech, entitled “Federal Radiation Council Guidelines: Protection or Disaster?”.
    After we gave our testimony, Ed Bowser–the staff aide to the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy–told us that Chet Holifield would like to see us. Representative Holifield was chairman of the Joint Committee, which oversaw the AEC, and a very powerful guy.
    So Tamplin and I went over to see him. We were ushered into a special security-cleared room. Some other congressmen like Melvin Price, one of the originators of the infamous Price-Anderson Act–were there as well. Art and I sat down–I remember we were seated at a green table opposite Holifield–and the congressman began, “What the hell do you guys think you’re doing interfering with the Atomic Energy Commission’s program?”
    Holifield really hit us with a tirade. When he finished, a staff aide tried to calm him by saying, “Mr. Holifield, these are two of our highly respected scientists from the Livermore Lab.” He replied, “I don’t give a damn who they are. They’re going to have every little old lady in tennis shoes in this country up in arms against the AEC program.”
    At the close of our conversation, he leaned over to me and said, “Listen, there have been a lot of guys before you two who’ve tried to interfere with the AEC program. We got them and we’ll get you.”
    PLOWBOY: That’s amazing. Did you realize when you gave the testimony at the Senate hearings that you were stepping into such a hornet’s nest?
    GOFMAN: Well, we knew our findings were worrisome . . . which, of course, is why I thought we ought to present them. And I did suspect that we might have trouble getting continued funding after we’d spoken out. But I didn’t think the reaction would be as extreme or as blatant as it was.”
    This is an example of the kind of true scientist with guts and compassion and personal conscience the late Professor Dr. John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D. had then, in contrast to the gutless cowards at Yale University today who are experts and clamming up to avoid trouble with the government money flow to their selfish research projects. John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D. is an example of a giant of a man and scientist and human being for all, especially unwitting students, to follow and emulate. This is also the kind of guts and intelligence and compassion and courage Professor James Tracy and Professor James Fetzer also exhibit in their long fight to expose the truth of the Sandy Hook Hoax to promote gun control in America.
    Everyone must keep this in mind: A government big enough to give, is also big enough to take away and that is exactly what happened with the late professor Dr. John W. Gofman and this is exactly what the gutless cowards at the Yale University Physics Department fear with also happen to them if they speak up about the Sandy Hook Hoax. Shame, shame, shame….on them!
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

    SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018
    Sandy Hook: Not only is “Noah Pozner” a fiction but his father, “Lenny”, is also a fake Quote:
    “This blog is mirrored from because it is being heavily censored. They are still trying to keep the American people from the truth. This is for educational purposes only. Please read and share far and wide. There is a reason they are so desperate that they have completely purged Youtube videos of Sandy Hook and Dr. Fetzer’s work on false flags. It is therefore important for everyone to get involved and pay attention to whats happening. They have a plan to rid us of our weapons and they cannot do this if everyone knows the truth about these false flags.”
    What say you to all this fakery all you “distinguished” professors of physics at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut? Has the cat got your tongues?
    How about it “distinguished” crime scene investigator Henry C. Lee, now big shot at the University of New Haven, while you clam up about all this hanky panky by the criminals in our secret CIA or NSA or whatever other secret agencies are involved in this massive scam on all Americans to rob them of their basic rights under the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution?
    By the way there are legal ways to change the Constitution aren’t there? Citizens are expected to only use legal ways to change laws or Constitutional Laws. How about government? Why is our government permitted to criminally violate all laws in secret because it would be too difficult for them to abolish the 2nd Amendment legally, so they turn to the age old ways of criminally fooling their citizens in secret, just like any garden variety totalitarian dictatorship don’t they, while the gutless cowards at Yale University and the University of New Haven in Connecticut aid and abet their crimes by remaining silent? When the United States of Israel finally collapses, all of you cowards can sleep well knowing your silence aided and abetted these crimes. The end is not predictable but could come at any instant. This country is bankrupt fiscally and morally. It is only a matter of time now. Shame is far too polite a word to describe the obscenity of your collective cowardice. Expletives deleted would more accurately describe your dishonorable behavior.
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

    The Moon Landings How we know we didn’t go
    Professor Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.
    15 January, 2018 Quote:
    Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin files lawsuit against two of his children, who are trying to take control of his finances

    Jun 25th 2018 10:37AM
    “Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who has walked on the moon, is facing a major challenge at home — from his kids.
    Andrew Aldrin and Janice Aldrin say their 88-year-old father is in declining health and want to be able to make financial decisions on his behalf. The NASA icon responded by filing a lawsuit, claiming they slandered him by saying he is suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s.
    Business manager Christina Korp is also named in the lawsuit, filed earlier this month in Brevard County, Fla.
    “Nobody is going to come close to thinking I should be under a guardianship,” Buzz Aldrin told the Wall Street Journal in an interview last week.
    Aldrin alleges in the lawsuit that the two children and Korp intentionally withheld “pertinent financial and business information” belonging to him. The suit claims that Andrew Aldrin and Korp transferred nearly $500,000 for their own use. They are accused of elder exploitation in the lawsuit.”

    “The children are seeking control of their father’s finances and want him to undergo a competency exam, according to the Wall Street Journal.”
    ““What Andy is doing is saying to Buzz, ‘you’re old, you’re not in your right mind anymore because you don’t agree with me,'” Buzz Aldrin’s lawyer Robert Bauer told the Journal.”

    In addition to being a top Mechanical Engineering graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Dr. Buzz Aldrin, Ph.D., holds Ph.D. in aeronautics and astronautics, graduating in 1963 from MIT. So he is a highly qualified and intelligent citizen and former astronaut and U.S. Air Force fighter pilot who fought in the Korean War. He has also been awarded the highest civilian honor the Medal of Freedom. He is one of many distinguished citizens from the State of New Jersey.
    While none of the above facts preclude developing age related diseases, still his wealth, reported to be in the millions of dollars, could be a conflict of interest for his siblings not an uncommon problem with parents and their children who often can’t wait for the “pay day” of the report of the death of their parents.
    There may be another motive at work here. Dr. Buzz Aldrin, Ph.D., may be the only person alive today who really knows the truth of whether or not he really did go to the Moon in Appolo 11, July 20, 1969. A mountain of evidence and facts provided by top investigator and scientist Professor Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., above at the video and books and other presentations he has made, along with others who also challenged the claims of NASA, contradict the claims of Dr. Aldrin that indeed he went to the Moon. If we suppose for a moment that the claim is false, then could not this be a pressing contradiction he has carried for many years of his life? For example he could fear being asked questions under oath, about this pressing and on going issue couldn’t he? Suppose he were asked about this and answered truthfully that indeed he had not gone to the Moon as he and NASA have claimed since 1969? This would be like an atomic bomb going off in America wouldn’t it? Because despite all the evidence and facts proving we indeed did not go to the Moon, most citizens still believe we did, just like most citizens believe the Sandy Hook School Shooting did happen as reported by the lying media rather than the fake scenario presented by Professor Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., et al in his book and many video and blog presentations as well. It would be very very bad publicity for all concerned wouldn’t it, if at or near the end of life of this superstar, Dr. Buzz Aldrin were forced to admit to a lie by the very government which promoted him to the top all these years with the aid of the lying propaganda media? He would have the reputation for “spilling the beans.” A number of others in similar circumstances have had mysterious accidents and such, evidently to protect the official lies of NASA and Government, very similar to a number of accidents and mysterious deaths in the investigators and questioners of the Sandy Hook Hoax including even at least one police officer. Our government is playing hardball here because they love to lie to citizens while using their military force and power to prosecute any citizens who lie to them, hypocrites as they are. America is little more than a corrupt gangster cesspool today, operating in secret with impunity protected by the full military power of government against its lowly citizens.
    What say you about the Moon Landing Hoax you “professors” of physics at Yale University who have clammed up on the Sandy Hook Hoax? Could all those “distinguished” professors of physics at Yale University deny the violations of the laws of physics as demonstrated by the expert in scientific reasoning a lowly “professor” of Philosophy Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D. in the powerful moving video above? Has the Schrodinger Cat still got your cowardly tongues in this example of government hanky panky too? Perhaps Professor Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D, from Pasadena, California is a better physicist too than all you gutless cowards at Yale University in the cesspool State of Connecticut which gang raped our Constitution despite its nick name the “Constitution” State.
    Or do all of you “distinguished” professors of physics at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, believe we really did go to the Moon July 20, 1969 in contradiction to the mountain of evidence and facts produced in the video above by Professor Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., evidence which you are just as deafeningly silent about, as you are about the Sandy Hook School Shooting to abridge us lowly citizens of our basic rights to possess weapons under the precious 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution? By the way not only is Professor Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D. a top scholar and expert in the rules of logic and science and physics, and the scientific method, he is also an expert at courage and honor because he is a former Captain in the United States Marine Corps too!
    Webpage for Professor Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.:
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  6. Winfield Abbe – sorry for the off topic post here, but I came across some writing you did years about on another internet forum about the Jennifer Stone and Tara Louise Baker cases.

    Any chance you would want to do an audio interview about these?

    Maybe we could chat some time. You have a lot of interesting stuff to say about the cases and I’m trying to make a podcast about them. Thanks.

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