Editor’s Note: On June 15 2014 James Tracy sent the correspondence below to Anderson Cooper inviting the longtime CNN anchor to Newtown Connecticut in order to conduct a true journalistic investigation of the Sandy Hook massacre event. Four years later Mr. Cooper has yet to take Tracy up in his quest. 

Since the US corporate news media’s presentation of Sandy Hook solely involved parroting the official government narrative, still leaving so many questions unanswered and information overlooked, we’re hoping that Cooper will finally do the right thing. 

By James F. Tracy

June 15, 2014

Anderson Cooper
10 Columbus Circle
New York, New York 10019

Dear Mr. Cooper,

Seventeen months have passed since you featured me on your AC 360° program on consecutive evenings to call attention to my commentary and analysis of the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut. As you may recall, in the prelude to those January 11th and 14th 2013 broadcasts you sent a production crew to my place of employment that proceeded to pursue staff and administrators on my whereabouts.

[The record of Anderson Cooper’s January 2013 on-air attack of former FAU Professor James Tracy has been expunged from YouTube. The clip below is provided as a replacement of that video.]

Your staff then repeatedly telephoned my residence, later filming in front of my home and disclosing my address to a national audience without my knowledge or consent. This behavior jeopardized my family’s safety and peace of mind, and included a flurry of threatening and abusive communications directed at me. Further, some observers presumed that CNN and other national news media sought to create sufficient controversy that would lead to the termination of my employment. On the other hand, I understand how you may have perceived this as an act of due journalistic diligence rather than coercion.

Further, if at the time ample proof existed that the Sandy Hook massacre was genuine I think you may have been at least partially justified in such activity. Yet in the time since little evidence has emerged to uphold the notion that the event took place as it had been reported by CNN and other news outlets. In fact, the opinion of many independent experts and a wealth of data point to highly questionable elements of the Sandy Hook narrative that require rigorous interrogation through the intrepid investigative reportage of journalists such as you.

Anderson (if I may), that’s why I challenge you to join me on a reportorial quest to Newtown and Sandy Hook in order to revisit and rigorously question the painful affair that still rests so uneasily on the public conscience—one that is called up in memory with each report of another school shooting. Together let us ferret out and present the relevant information, interview the necessary parties, and get to the bottom of what transpired so that we can put the conspiracy theories to rest!

Anderson (again, if I may), this could very well be a landmark event in investigative journalism. If after a thorough investigation we prove that the event in fact took place as CNN and other major media reported, I will concede that you were in fact correct and seriously consider resigning my post in academe.

On the other hand, if we find holes in the official narrative this may in fact be a scandal requiring journalistic performance on par with the paragon set by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein over 40 years ago. It will call for—indeed require—the public service of news professionals like you to find out what really happened and bring the culprits to justice! Anderson, at the end of the day it’s just like you say each evening: we truly need to “keep them honest.”

Yet there are some who say that CNN and, I’m sorry to say, even you may have been in on what they call a “hoax.” These suspicious minds say that some of your reportage from Newtown in the wake of the shooting was “greenscreened.” Others point to the time you spent in the Central Intelligence Agency and subsequent involvement in student and activist groups of several foreign countries. Still others bring up CNN’s sometime questionable coverage of major historical events, such as the Persian Gulf and Iraq Wars.

I say “Hooey!” There are many fine young men from extraordinary wealth and privilege yet limited experience or career prospects who serve in our national intelligence services. These include the nation’s 41st president, George H. W. Bush, in addition to littérateurs such as Cord Meyer. In fact, for over fifty years some of our nation’s finest journalists and political leaders have either served overtly with or maintained ties to the intelligence community. Anderson, both you and I know that serving your country is nothing to be ashamed of.

I think you’ll agree that it’s time to put these Sandy Hook “truthers” to rest for good, thereby allowing the Sandy Hook victims’ families to find comfort in the millions of dollars in donations they have received from sincere and goodhearted Americans.

Anderson, let’s reexamine Sandy Hook together to confirm our own professional integrity, while at the same time striking a potential blow at corruption and deceit. Our conscience requires it. Our nation demands it. Won’t you join me?



James F. Tracy

SENT USPS CERTIFIED MAIL 7013 2250 0002 2334 3915

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9 thought on “Four Years Later: An Open Letter to Anderson Cooper”
  1. Hey Jim, I tried to enlighten a 20 year old from Indiana on school shootings. He said no one would say their kid died if it wasn’t true. Want to talk about just falling off the pumpkin truck? His middle name should be changed to naive. I asked how much time he spent looking into the shooting at Sandy Hook? He seemed disturbed that I would ask such a question, it was obviously none. I hit him with the hardest fact no one can dispute and anyone can check. There are still zero murders listed for Newtown on the FBI’s crime data base six long years after the crime. I checked it several times and it still lists zero. I asked our pumpkin truck rider how is that even possible? He looked a little more disturbed by that and said “I believe school shootings happen because no one would lie about losing loved ones”. I could see just a little doubt creeping in. Then I asked him what an assault weapon was? and he had nothing. All he could manage was they were used in school shootings. I then said “did you know the anti-gun marchers were shown a photo lineup of a various guns and not one person could point out the only gun that could be considered an “assault” weapon. It was a kalashnokof AK-47 with banana clip. No one fingered the AK-47, but many pointed out a high tech 22 cal competition target rifle as the assault weapon. It looked all high tech and scary to people who don’t know a thing about guns. How would you like to go into battle wth a .22 and the enemy had Kalashnikovs ? Pumpkin Boy got in his car and shut the door to get away from the uncomfortable facts…

  2. I get the Agent Smith scenario from the Matrix movie quite often. For those living under a rock who have never seen the prescient allegory the Matrix, it’s a “Hollywooded up” version of what is actually occurring in our society. Only a few can see the US for what it really is and what they are doing in our name; how deep the level of deception goes. The rest can become Agent Smith in a nano-second. I tried to reach a group of gung-ho whitewater guides in their twenties, and they all turned into Agent Smith. One guy said “oh, it’s a conspiracy theorist” and they chuckled like Pavlov’s dogs would do if they could be taught to laugh instead of just drooling on themselves. I hit them with this: Everyday in courts across the land, the state levels conspiracy charges at citizens. Conspiracy to commit fraud, armed robbery or murder. When the Gov’t charges people with conspiracy, that’s valid and accepted. But when average people accuse the Gov’t of conspiracy to screw us over, that’s some far out non-sense. I doubt I got through to any of them. Their attention span has been reduced to sound bite length, nothing more than zinger that makes them laugh.

  3. Dear Dr. Tracy:

    Imagine me inviting Bill Gates to face off on the issue of geoengineering and Agenda 21. Wouldn’t it be self-aggrandized of me to imagine the power of my rational arguments would cause Gates to back down from his agenda?

    I feel this is analogous to asking Mr. Cooper to dissect his own bulwark of phony journalism. It is evident that you have to be frustrated with him, as he has directed his disingenuous public media investigation towards you. But after having lived out the burden of growing up around a father whom the VA spooks mentally modified – a playing field always slanted and false where the names and nature of everything had been distorted – I am qualified to guarantee you there can be no logical outcome. Despite how brilliant and concise your arguments may be, you are enjoined with an individual who is not playing with a full deck. And never has.

    My guess is that no one ever arrives at Cooper’s level of media power unless they are – to use a most hackneyed term – quite mind-controlled. You are not going to change him, or his point of view. Furthermore he is little more than a gadget controlled by a vast social array of deceivers who will not suffer you to fight a fair battle. If Cooper can’t manage you and discredit you, they will.

    Really my husband and I have been worried for you, and praying continually for you and your family for years. You are an old-fashioned noble warrior, fighting the good fight for justice. Unfortunately the cartel running this colony – a bastion of pedophiles and psychotics, to start with their better qualities – have utterly disfigured the law of the land. They have slain most everyone who is decent and honest. They are hideously envious of anyone who truly has a life – wit, talent, especially genius – and recently we have voiced an ongoing tally of all the talent whose lives have prematurely perished by faked drug overdoses, plane crashes, car and motorcycle wrecks or stricken with anomalous disease. Like the scripture says, Sheol has opened its mouth beyond measure.

    Your work is fantastic. Your legacy stands. . Not just in the archives on the internet, but – should it be expunged from there – in the mind and memory of God Almighty, who ultimately will bring this rogue bastion of cartels, dupes, cowards, lackeys and all affiliates to an end. You have done a job no one else has. Please rest. Get away from this. After exploring the hideous things done to my father by the VA when he was put away in the name of phony shell shock, I guarantee that this outfit have weapons capable of making any of us go out of our minds. Out of character. Get away from them. Remember the verdict Ernest Hemingway’s family achieved. They literally drove the writer to suicide.

    Arguing with Cooper is a stand-off with Satan. Whose gig is up. Whose fiery fate is sealed. Jealous of all of us who yet possess life, the evil cadre is on a rampage. I hope you will consider spending the rest of your time and days with those who love the truth. You are a magnificent asset to us.

  4. The following letter was just sent e mail to the head of the physics department at Yale University and others indicated:

    Date: June 16, 2018

    To paul.tipton, joy.mcgrath, jamestracy, jfetzer
    Paul L. Tipton
    Professor of Physics, Chair of Physics Department
    SPL 34 / EVN 206 / WL 235

    Dear Professor Tipton:
    You are obviously an intelligent scholar and productive physicist. Many others in the physics department at Yale University at New Haven, Connecticut are also highly qualified.
    Obviously your first responsibility is to teach the subject of physics to students and to do research in unsolved problems of physics. Are these your only responsibilities? As tenured faculty members, do you have academic freedom and lifetime job protection to speak out on vital issues of public concern or don’t you? Suppose, for example, the State of Connecticut and Federal Government sought to stage a fake shooting in your physics department. In other words suppose representatives of both governments came to you and requested and expected your cooperation and participation in a fake, staged attack, falsely represented as a real attack to the duped public. Would you, as department head, agree to such a scenario and participate in a scam to falsely represent this to the public, or would you demonstrate personal guts and courage to oppose this massive con on the public?
    When you leave your office every day, do you close your eyes and ears to events happening around you? Do you fear speaking up on vital issues of public concern lest you lose some government funding or favors for being labeled a “conspiracy theorist” or face the risks of losing your job due to unfair publicity for speaking out as Professor James Tracy, Ph.D. did at Florida Atlantic University when he simply questioned the official media presentations of the Sandy Hook School Shootings December 14, 2012 in the state of Connecticut? He was subsequently fired from his job for simply expressing an opinion about some very questionable events at the Sandy Hook School Shooting. In fact, are not you and every good physicist in your department all conspiracy theorists of the highest order with a large badge “conspiracy theorist” on your chest every day whether explicitly or implicitly because isn’t this what all physicists do 24/7 in order to reach conclusions to complex problems in physics? Is not “Conspiracy Theorist” a badge of honor for all physicists? In fact shouldn’t “Conspiracy Theorist” be a badge of honor for all good citizens? Have you ever given a lecture to any group students or otherwise on the true meaning of “Conspiracy Theorist”. Every time you claim you discovered a so called “quark” or made the claim “quarks really exist in nature” are not you in fact being a “conspiracy theorist”?
    Surely professor Tipton, the many intelligent physics professors at Yale University have not closed their eyes and minds to the many media and possibly internet media reports on the events of the alleged Sandy Hook School Shooting December 14, 2012 have they? I would bet if I could have recorded all conversations in and around your department since that day I would find many discussing this event. And since that event some very intelligent investigators have provided a mountain of evidence and facts indicating it was a fake, staged event, not a real one. This is, at bottom, a problem in basic physics isn’t it professor Tipton? What better folks to investigate it than physicists especially the very good professors and students a Yale University right inside the small State of Connecticut? Have you ever asked any of your students to look into it? Why not? What better project to learn some real physics such as, for example, the event could not have happened if the school had been closed could it professor Tipton?
    A distinguished professor, who didn’t major in physics, but philosophy instead, and even graduated from another Ivy League school Princeton University in 1962, and has a distinguished career studying artificial intelligence and many other problems, retired chaired professor Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, has even written a book on the subject along with a number of other highly qualified authors with Ph.D. degrees. The book was for sale for about a month on Amazon but Jeff Bezos, a summa cum laude graduate from Princeton University in Electrical Engineering in 1986, banned the book although he still sells much garbage like books on the flat earth for example. Isn’t this amazing professor Tipton a summa cum laude graduate in electrical engineering banning a book challenging the official claims about the Sandy Hook School Shooting while not banning books claiming the earth is flat? Personally I abhor all book burnings and censorship!
    Professor Tipton, the silence of you and your highly qualified physics colleagues is “DEAFENING” to put it mildly. Are all the members of the physics department at Yale University little more than gutless selfish cowards who deliberately close their eyes and ears and other senses to the fake shooting hoax at Sandy Hook School on December 14, 2012 to promote the gun control agenda in patent violation of the 2nd Amendment to our precious Constitution? I don’t like to be fooled and lied to by government professor Tipton. Do you like to be lied to by government? How about the rest of the “conspiracy theorists” on the physics faculty? Perhaps Yale University is not really a top institution of higher learning after all. Or perhaps conflicts of interest are getting in the way of the TRUTH!

    Winfield J. Abbe, A.B., Physics, UC Berkeley, 1961, M.S. Physics, California State University at Los Angeles, under Professor Earl Jacobs, Ph.D., 1962; Ph.D., Physics, UC Riverside under Professor Peter Kaus, Ph.D., 1966, Institute of Science and Technology Fellow, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, under Professor Marc Ross, Ph.D. 1966-1967, Faculty Member with lifetime tenure, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, 1966-1978 voluntarily resigned due mainly to lying and cheating by two deans and three department heads to the tenured faculty for over 5 years.
    Born at Cleveland, Ohio, 1939, raised at Sierra Madre, California, 1943-1966, graduated Pasadena High School, Pasadena, California, 1956, Pasadena City College A.A., 1958.

    Copy to Yale President Salovey c/o
    Chief of Staff
    April McGrath
    Chief of Staff
    105 Wall Street

    Copies to Professors James Tracy, Ph.D and James Fetzer, Ph.D.

    1. The following statement was also just sent to Professor Henry C. Lee with a copy of the above letter:

      University of New Haven
      New Haven, Connecticut
      Henry C. Lee, Ph.D.
      Henry Lee HeadshotAssociate VP / Professor

      Institute of Forensic Science Department
      Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Science
      Honorary Degree, American International College, Doctor of Science
      Honorary Degree, University of Bridgeport, Doctorate of Humane Letters
      Doctor of Law, Honorary Degree, Roger Williams University Law School
      Honorary Degree, Saint Joseph College, Doctor of Humane Letters
      Doctor of Science, Honorary Degree, University of New Haven
      Ph.D., New York University
      M.S., New York University
      B.S., John Jay College of Criminal Justice
      Police Science, Central Police College, Taiwan, Republic of China
      About Henry
      “Dr. Lee, the founder of the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science, has assisted in over 7,000 major case investigations, has served as a forensics expert for 50 states and 30 countries and as a consultant for 600 law enforcement agencies, and has testified over 1,000 times in both criminal and civil courts in the United States and abroad. Some of the high-profile cases Dr. Lee had provided investigative assistance for include the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey, the death of Chandra Levy, the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart, and the reinvestigation of the Kennedy assassination.”
      See More
      Dear Professor Lee: Attached is a recent letter to Professor Paul Tipton, Chairman of the Physics Department, Yale University, on the subject of Deafening Silence of University Professors on the Sandy Hook School Shooting Hoax scam to fool the gullible public out of their precious rights to bear arms for self defense and other purposes, as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
      Professor Lee, as a top distinguished scholar and professor in this field your silence is also deafening too.
      Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  5. Ann Coulter is claiming the children of invaders or illegal ‘immigrants’ who are appearing on tv wailing for their parents in detention centers are crisis actors.

    Counter is still a mainstream media figure, sidelined as she may be for her stance on immigration. What seems to prevent acknowledgment of crisis actor roles in staged shootings is the problem of media complicity. Certain government factions can be accused of fakery but to expose it in mass shootings is to indict the entire media. I think truthers would do well to help make the media’s tactics more accessible along the lines of, how does it all go down? What are the concrete dynamics of hiring crisis actors, etc…?

    Of course, to do so poses some risks but they’re well worth taking.

  6. “Ann Coulter is claiming the children of invaders or illegal ‘immigrants’ who are appearing on tv wailing for their parents in detention centers are crisis actors. ”

    Hope I am not getting too far off topic, but I see this whole topic of illegal “immigrant” children in Walmart / cage facilities a distraction cooked up by the Democratic party and Senator Merkley at the needed time. The problem of children separated from their parents has been going on for many years. Southwest Key Programs , Soros funded non-profit, contracted by federal and state agencies involved. Not saying not some real wrongdoing on this issue, such as child trafficking, but just saying it is odd that the public began talking on this subject at the most needed time.

    Off topic observation on crisis actors. I say this woman is a 9-11 crisis actor. She looks like a total set-up to me and this calls into question the whole “dancing Israelis” story. Sunsteinian craft at its best.

    At 15 second mark on this, now restricted access YouTube video.

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