Edward Curtin
(June 4, 2018)

The counterattack on those, including Senator Robert Kennedy’s children, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, claiming that Senator Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated as a result of a conspiracy involving at least a second gunman, has commenced.  The Boston Globe, the traditional hometown newspaper of the Kennedy family, published a clearly misleading piece on May 31, 2018 by Nik DeCosta-Klipa, with the curiously long and loaded title “Bobby Kennedy’s son thinks he was killed by a second shooter. Is there anything to it?  Or has RFK, Jr. “launched a whole new generation of conspiracy nuts 50 years later.”

Whether DeCosta-Klipa was acting on orders from above to produce such a specious piece or is ignorant of the fundamental research in a case that shouts out conspiracy is a question I cannot answer, although based on his go-to “expert” in his article – Daniel Moldea, whose contradictory disinformation on the case is well known to serious researchers – I would guess the former to be correct.

Let me begin with the title, which is marvelously propagandistic and sets the naïve reader’s mind on the intended trajectory.    RFK Jr.’s recent claim in The Washington Post of a second shooter and his call therefore for a re-investigation (a redundancy since no genuine official investigation was done; it was a cover-up from the start) is followed by a question: Is there anything to it?  This is followed by a headlined quote from Moldea, repeating the CIA created meme about conspiracy nuts: Or has RFK Jr “launched a whole new generation of conspiracy nuts 50 years later.” A question mark for RFK, Jr., while Moldea is allowed an assertion in the title that is not followed by a question mark.  Language is the key to effective propaganda, including punctuation.  It is a very subtle art, at which our mainstream corporate media are adept.

But if you think I am being picky, let me explain further

DeCosta-Klipa begins by asserting that “conspiracy theories concerning President John F. Kennedy’s death may be most widely circulated.”  Thus the reader is led into this article with the insinuation that of course Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK and anyone who questions that is a conspiracy nut.  So what about RFK’s murder?


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12 thought on “The Boston Globe’s Hit Piece on the Assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy”
  1. When the Gov’t uses the Criminal Conspiracy Charge, it automatically has merit and credibility. If a citizen levels the same charge on Gov’t… it’s some far out lunatic’s fringe. The Jedi-Mind Trick of “owe… you’re a conspiracy theorist” should be hit between the eyes with “welcome back Agent Smith”

  2. RFK was such a different person than his brother (JFK). I guess both could be said to have been trying to unite people, which a certain (((group))) desperately fears. But was Bobby really going to unite blacks and whites or would he have still brought us this: http://dailycaller.com/2018/06/01/rutgers-prof-officially-hate-white-people/

    I’ve always assumed the real threat RFK posed was that he would inevitably investigate JFK’s assassination.

    1. I think the “certain (((group)))” to which you refer has taken an interest in the family for generations. Paterfamilias Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. is denigrated as an anti-semite and will never be forgiven for trying to avert WWII, thwarting Zionist Transfer plans and subsequent reparations. JFK, Jr looks like a prophylactic assassination, for the same reason you intuit RFK was killed. The young journalist/publisher would have looked into his father’s death.

      Here’s a couple of recent headlines from the liberal Israeli paper, Haaretz. Like the Boston Globe article, both stories reinforce the official ‘lone gunman’ narrative. But Haaretz throws in a convenient motive: the ‘Palestine situation.’

      And they have the nerve to call him ‘Bobby.’
      Why Sirhan Sirhan, a Jerusalem-born Palestinian, Shot Bobby Kennedy

      Bobby Kennedy’s assassination, 50 years later: Sirhan Sirhan, whose family fled Jerusalem in 1948, may have been America’s first Middle Eastern lone-wolf terrorist
      Bobby Kennedy’s Little-known Visit to the Holy Land That Made Him pro-Israel – and Got Him Killed

      In June 1948, a young Robert Kennedy had four articles printed in the Boston Post on the ‘Palestine situation.’ What he witnessed would eventually contribute to his assassination 20 years later

      1. “Fake News” on parade. The extent to which such media uphold the “lone gunman” narrative of RFK’s assassination is commensurate with the extent of their deep state control. RFK’s murder in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel and its coverup by the LAPD and US intelligence is far more blatant, tidy and solvable than his brother’s assassination five years earlier. This is especially the case because of the fact that the patsy Sirhan is alive and it has been demonstrated by proven psychologists and counsel that he was groomed and positioned in the pantry to take the fall.

        1. The evidence suggests how Sirhan was “programmed to kill,” even if he did not fire the fatal shots. For example, he had no recollection of allegedly shooting at RFK.

        2. This is new to me – that some see the programming of a patsy as an adjunct to the black op where some government agent or paid hit man does the deed.

          I never thought of that.

        3. As Toni points out the documentary RFK Must Die provides an objective and detailed analysis of the circumstances surrounding the assassination. Sirhan was an ideal candidate for a number of reasons: 1) Traumatic childhood experience of war in late 1940s Palestine (probable cause for early dissociation), 2) Personality predisposed to hypnosis, 3) Traumatic experience of injury while working as a horse jockey in months leading up to incident (if I recall correctly), 4) Fascination with mysticism and the occult, as evidenced by his membership in the Rosicrucian Order.

        4. Sue, there’s a trailer posted on this page right now for the film, “RFK must die,” which questions many of the anomalies in the assassination investigation. The documentary describes CIA mind control efforts and how they were applied to Sirhan over a period of time.

          Most revealing is the audio recording of an emotional Sirhan acting out the shooting under hypnosis with his doctor becoming increasingly adamant that Sirhan pull out his gun and “shoot Robert Kennedy!” After the hypnosis, Sirhan is again unable to recall the shooting.

          The film is also remarkable for detailing the close ties the intelligence services had to the Kennedys, and how the same actors were proximate to both assassinations.

          Vivian Lee mentioned that William Pepper is Sirhan’s lawyer now. The Washinton Post wrote, “Sirhan attorney William Pepper said he’s convinced that someone used ‘both drugs and hypnosis to make him a totally compliant distraction at the time Bobby Kennedy was within range of the second shooter, who was able to get down behind him.’ Kennedy’s fatal wound was fired at point-blank range from behind, while witnesses said Sirhan was in front of him.”

          From Aljazeera: “Not incidentally, William Pepper was the lawyer for James Earl Ray in the trial for the murder of Martin Luther King and argues that a conspiracy took place then.” Pepper vindicated Ray and the King family by winning a wrongful death lawsuit in which Pepper produced seventy witnesses to outline evidence pointing to the real killer as well as a plot that included “government agencies.”

          Here’s an op-ed from Pepper and Andrew Kreig of The Justice Integrity Project that addresses RFK Jr’s call for a new investigation, and the news articles and issues that followed. It makes a good companion piece to the post above.

  3. The deep-state propaganda organ New York Times also weighed in on the 50th anniversary of the “murder” (as opposed to assassination) of RFK yesterday: “A Campaign, a Murder, a Legacy: Robert F. Kennedy’s California Story.”


    Their tactic to mow down RFK Jr’s claim was to completely ignore it. I guess they decided to let the Boston Globe do the job. Anyway, readers of the NYT are schooled in the art of allowing themselves to be brainwashed into believing deep-state lies by happily allowing all evidence to the contrary to be dismissed by omission from the paper.

    If you can access this useless article, you will see an entire section entitled “Conspiracy Theories,” in which Zev Yaroslavsky and Thomas Kranz are interviewed, and where it is asserted that investigations “determined there was no evidence of a second gunman.”

    Sirhan Sirhan “remains imprisoned in California, with his next parole hearing scheduled for 2021.” We look forward to hearing more from RFK Jr and Sirhan’s attorney, William Pepper.

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