Coached Drama Students in Manufactured Dissent

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Drama teacher Melody Herzfeld is being recognized by the Tony Awards for training students in her drama class to perform an pro-gun control song on nationwide television one week after the Parkland massacre event.

The New York Times reports:

Melody Herzfeld will receive a prize from the Tony Awards and Carnegie Mellon University for her work as a drama teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. Image Credit: New York Times/CreditIan Witlen

Melody Herzfeld will receive a prize from the Tony Awards and Carnegie Mellon University for her work as a drama teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.CreditIan Witlen

Melody Herzfeld, a drama teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., and a survivor of the shooting there, will receive a theater education prize from the Tony Awards and Carnegie Mellon University.

Ms. Herzfeld was on campus on Feb. 14 when a former student, Nikolas Cruz, opened fire on students, staff and faculty at the school, killing 17 people. She and dozens of her students hid in her office during the rampage for two hours before being taken to safety by authorities.

Ms. Herzfeld said in a statement that during a normal time she would feel “humbled and grateful for this recognition for the work I have done,” but since her students “have taken to action through speech, performance and passionate honesty it now means so much more.”

Only a week after the shooting, Ms. Herzfeld’s students performed “Shine,” an original song, at a CNN town hall meeting on gun violence.

Lyrics from the song include, “We’re done with all your little games. We’re tired of hearing that we’re too young to ever make a change. You’re not gonna knock us down. We’ll get back up again.”

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5 thought on “Parkland Teacher Receives Tonys’ Education Award”
  1. Look, even the CNN sign left off part of the name and only wrote Stoneman Douglas on its sign instead of Majorie Stoneman Douglas. What a horrible Faux Pas isn’t this? When I grew up I attended a school named Wilson Jr. High. Others attended another school named Marshal Jr. High. No one named a school with three names. It is bad enough to write one isn’t it? And most kids do not care what the name is so long as they know which one they are supposed to attend. Evidently those who named the Parkland High School Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School have some psychological problem don’t they? What is the point of all these ridiculous given names in the name of the school? In fact why not call it Parkland High like Pasadena High where I went over 62 years ago? Could it be those arrogant folks who named this school think they are better than everyone else and did this to remind everyone of that incorrect claim and force everyone to waste time writing all these meaningless names every time they address a letter to this disgusting school which very likely is involved in staging this fake attack to promote gun control to destroy America?

  2. The mind control ministry programs all need to know, here’s your school shooting du jour, please be generous to the poor, they aren’t coming to disarm us, no they would never harm us, just look at above ground nuclear tests, we survived their very best, attempts to kill us all in one fell swoop or slowly one by one by one. They got quiet weapons for a silent war on humanity, and the travesty is no one seems to notice. That’s why the NEWS barbies and Kens give us the uplifting banter between segways into madness. They bring us right to edge of the cliff and yank us back with a safety chain of human interest and light weight banter. No one seemed to notice they replaced on the ground reporting with debating opinion slingers. It’s not news. I wonder how long they have been simulating on location reporting. I doubt CNN was the first one doing it, they were just the first ones busted for it during the first Gulf War.

  3. I have a portrait of a genuine, bonified, “definitely happened” mass shooting. I use it to compare to all these other shootings. I knew both the killer and one of the surviving victims. I also know a non-victim witness very well. It was a bar shooting in Vail, Colorado not more than a mile from here. The killer was well known in town as a troubled Viet Nam Vet. Do you know what an aside introduction is? That’s where you are about to introduce someone you know is unstable, prone to rage or “trigger-able”. So you warn people ahead of time. Here’s how Rossi Moreau was introduced to me before the actual introduction in 1990. “He’s a Viet Nam Vet, he’s got problems”. Enough said. I knew exactly what not to do, that’s for sure. It was common knowledge Rossi was on psych meds for decades and had run ins with John Q Law. About 20 years after meeting Rossi, he was thrown out of a bar for being combative and saying bizarre off the wall things. It was an ejection by committee of management and patrons. Rossi pulls out a 45 cal military issue 1911 Colt pistol out of the back of his waistband and shoots the Manager in the arm and crazes a bystander with a stray bullet outside. He then proceeds inside to execute a Doctor from Carbondale at close range and attempts to do the same with my friend Jim Lindley after reloading with another clip. Jim survived four or five close range 45s. It took years to recover after being in a coma. The Manager was back to work in a couple days and the bar reopened with zero change in security (none except the same video surveillance). Jim Lindley was back at the Sand Bar casually drinking as if nothing happened there. He’s a miracle man. How he survived is nothing short of miraculous. And the bystander who got grazed by a 45 was literally a band aid recovery. Rossi was apprehended by SWAT team members and went without a fight to jail. It briefly looked like Rossi might suicide himself by cop. After a brief negotiation without another shot being fired, Rossi surrendered. During the trial security footage from the Bar’s cameras were played in a public trial. The cameras clearly showed the crime. Their was victim and bystander testimony. What happened in this story never changed. But the venue changed to Georgetown, CO about an hour from here. It’s amazing this ever went to trial because the evidence was so clear cut. There was indisputable video evidence backed by eye witnesses. The Public Defender got Rossi convicted and sentenced to life. The Cops took away Rossi’s guns after he fired rounds outside his apartment complex. A judge ordered them returned. The long term effects of these psych meds are well known to me. One minute the person seems lucid and friendly and the next minute they are saying frightening things or unintelligible gibberish. Exactly what happened to trigger the ejection and Rossi’s drug induced snapping. Here’s a video interview Rossi did a couple years before he snapped. I think all you should study this case as a litmus test for any alleged mass shooting because I can verify the accuracy. The story never changed, the picture just became more and more complete.

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