The creation of the Central Intelligence Agency in the 1947 National Security Act constituted in several important ways the bond between the financial, “defense,” and scientific-technological industries. Over the next half century these seemingly disparate areas of corporate activity developed to where they became part of the Western citizen’s everyday existence. The introduction of spy craft in this way is evident in, for example, the company that owns the world’s most well-known internet search engine.

As social historian Darrell Hamamoto asserts, “The rise of IT conurbations known as ‘Route 28’ and ‘Silicon Valley’ are extensions of the corporatist national security state rather than expressions of capitalist entrepreneurial genius alone.” The American precursors and advocates for a civilian intelligence network that would be the basis of “the American shadow government,” such as Allen Dulles and OSS Director William J. Donovan, were also employed at Wall Street’s most prominent law firms.

IN-Q-TEL founding CEO Gilman Louie. Image Credit: Aspen Institute

“The relationship between spy-craft, high finance, and IT,” Hamamoto observes, “was to reach its logical endpoint by the formation during the late 1990s of IN-Q-TEL, as the financial investment arm of the CIA.” IN-Q-TEL has funded a wide array of well-known social media platforms capable of aggregating user data, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google. “Appropriately enough,” Hamamoto continues,

the first head of IN-Q-TEL was a Chinese American video game expert named Gilman Louie. Under his visionary leadership, Louie developed a civilian surveillance technology that today is in wide use: Google Earth. He resigned from the top spot at IN-Q-TEL not long after his appointment to become a full-time venture capitalist under his own banner as the story goes. It is more likely that Louie has been “sheep-dipped” and functions in the guise of a civilian entrepreneur while remaining close to government intelligence-IT entities.

Darrell Y. Hamamoto, Servitors of Empire: Studies in the Dark Side of Asian America, Walterville OR: TrineDay, 2014, 81, 82.

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9 thought on “The CIA and the Media: Historical Fact #98”
  1. When is the lying evil obscene bunch of criminals and traitors who operate the secret outlaw insane unconstitutional so called “United States Government” today, going to admit what a despicable traitor terrorist that so called “General Donovan” was when he was in charge of the secret illegal criminal and unconstitutional Office of Security Services or predecessor to the current illegal, criminal secret unconstitutional Central Intelligence Agency, which operates today outside of all Constitutional authority and against every good intention of the Founders of this once great, but now destroyed country? Donovan was nothing more than a gangster criminal traitor hoodlum who even sold out his own friends, worse than any in Chicago or New York the well known capitals of organized crime in our country since the very beginning.
    When are officials in our government of selfish secret con artists going to admit that so called “General” Donovan paid a U.S. Military hit man, $10,000 in 1945, to plan and carry out the murder of General George S. Patton, the four star general of World War II considered by the German Generals, to be the greatest American General? The fake stories in the thousands of lying high school history books are still there and have not been removed that General Patton was killed in an “innocent” car accident. I can still recall first reading this statement over 60 years ago and being very very suspicious of this claim even then without any evidence to disprove it. Now my suspicions have been confirmed. The author, top investigative journalist Robert Wilcox, who proved it even interviewed this criminal in our military who carried out this evil plot against our top General of WWII because he was still alive when the research was done! General Patton was ambushed by a coward paid by General Donovan, who fired rubber bullets to cover his tracks. Patton was not instantly killed but seriously injured and finished off at the hospital. Many historical records have been criminally stolen from archives on this. Our government then and now has dropped to the lowest of the low, rock bottom. We citizens demand our government today admit every detail of this crime against one of America’s most distinguished citizens and Generals, and make full corrections in every new history book and add errata to all existing high school or other history books which contain these government lies about this event. By the way even General Dwight Eisenhower, “Ike” as he is known, the “Motherhood and Apple Pie” General of that era, and his cronies, were in on this evil plot! A permanent statement about this crime by Ike and his cronies should be engraved on stone and placed at the grave marker of traitor Ike for all the world to read what a disgraceful evil terrorist criminal he really was.
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

      1. Hey back!

        Can you possibly remember the name of that woman who was interned and committed back in the 1940’s in NYC we’d discussed briefly? She had polish parents who arranged for this with I think that famous psychiatrist at Bellevue maybe.. The young woman was ‘diagnosed for wanting to live alone!

        I’ve tried to search google a couple times over the years and find nothing! I think her story has been scrubbed. And that our acknowledgment of the horror – she was lobotomized – may have inspired the removal of it.

        Any recollection of her name or story details?

        1. Oh so that was my error…Illinois, not NYC. Thanks so much for finding it, I’d even tried searching MHB files but no luck without the right city or any name.

          At least the truth is still out there online. There are so many homeless people and TPTB are conditioning society to intern them. I’m traveling through some of the South and see lots of vagrants in Charlotte, NC, for example. A few probably do require some sort of institutionalization, so sad to say, I just hate how inhuman most of the state’s facilities are for those very few. But I fear even more how ominous the bell is tolling for the simply downtrodden, economically-marginalized and stigmatized.

          Thanks again, hope you’ve been well, I’ve missed our and everyone’s great discussions on here.

        2. Sue said, “I’ve missed our and everyone’s great discussions on here.”

          Yes, I’ve missed it, too.

          I think the reason the truth is still out there for Gennie Pilarski is that someone made art out of her story. Think of the many others whose stories we don’t know; each one, sick or not, made to submit to social norms by a coercive state.

          Your comments about the homeless are apropos of this. How can a person be well when one is “downtrodden, economically-marginalized and stigmatized”? The homeless, besides no money, live with the stress of an insecure environment, anxious sleep, poor sanitation and a lousy diet. All this precludes physical health, of which mind and body are one, I think. Then their living conditions and state of health are used against them, to describe their character, much as her doctors said of Gennie: “. . . and she is not especially neat or clean.“ Yeah, that was her problem.

          I’m envious that you’re traveling in the South, though I’m chagrined to hear about the vagrants in Charlotte. The jobs report says ‘lowest unemployment ever!’ but there are a 100 million people out of the workforce. You should see Los Angeles or all of SoCal really. There are miles and miles of tents on sidewalks and every scrap of dirt available. It’s a mess. You can’t really blame people for complaining, so the homeless are constantly harassed by cops and made to move and lose what little stuff they had. It’s a downward spiral.

          I don’t how you could ever make it back into a house from that situation. Rent here is out of control. Maybe this is how they get people into the FEMA camps.

        3. I most definitely think it’s the way the government will be forcing people into FEMA hospitals.

          I think they’re preparing the infrastructure, both concrete and legal, as we speak. And continuing the media propaganda campaign.

          I also think there’s going to be a vast network of organ harvesting and trafficking along with all sorts of human experimentation and even outright murder, for all sorts of diabolical reasons.

          It’s coming soon, I just don’t know exactly when.

          Great to get to read your input again, Toni. I’ve really missed our discussions.

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