Rory Tingle
UK Daily Mail
(May 6, 2018)

A union has paid for a huge billboard expressing ‘no confidence’ in the embattled Broward County Sheriff months after he was heavily criticized over the Parkland massacre.

The yellow sign on Interstate 95 just north of Sunset Boulevard tells Florida Governor Rick Scott ‘there is no confidence in Sheriff Israel‘.

It was funded by the Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association, which in April passed a vote of no confidence in the Democrat supported by 534 of the 628 of voting members.

The Association wants Governor Scott to suspend or fire Israel. However Scott, a candidate for the US Senate, said he is waiting for the outcome of an investigation into the sheriff’s handling of Parkland, the Sun Sentinel reported.

The sheriff’s office failed to act on 18 warning calls about shooter Nikolas Cruz before he killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14.

The tips were among a series of what authorities now describe as the clearest missed signals that Cruz, who had a history of disturbing behavior, posed a serious threat.


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5 thought on “Broward Deputies’ Union Targets Sheriff With Billboard”
  1. Thanks to every Union member who supported this action. Frankly it is amazing they were able to accomplish this without buying the whole billboard sign company because many of them are just as corrupt as Israel. Try buying space on one to criticize the “billion dollar” American Cancer Society for example. I guarantee you will have to buy the whole company.
    Obviously Scott is a political whore without the guts to do anything. Please don’t elect this gutless wonder to any position in government. Isn’t it shameful this report came from a news outlet in England? How come we never hear anything more about the failed side walk in the sky which failed a few days after it was erected?

  2. Most of the US population is convinced the country of Israel is a force for good and that they are our best friends. It’s the only way people would elect someone named Israel. What if somehow through devine intervention the lie was skewered with a truth spear and killed forever? The story of the attack on USS Liberty is just such a truth spear. I always thought Israel was our pal until I watched the story of the USS Liberty being viciously attacked by Israel during the Six Day War. They were too arrogant and never thought anyone would survive to tell the truth. The powers that be were able to keep the story hush hush for decades until some of the vets became elderly and didn’t want to die with the secret that Israel is not our friend, they are nobody’s friend and only look out for their own interests. That they play us like a fiddle with their dual citizenship Congressional members and have taught others in Congress that it’s political suicide to criticize Israel. What’s in a name? plenty. If the average American really knew the truth about Is-ra-el … just what the name means, how the Zionists perfected the use of false flags for political leverage and controlling the opposition by creating their own version of it. How they guilted the World into believing Jews had a special class of victimhood with the Holocaust, it’s brilliant and diabolical… how they weaponized the word Semite by adding Anti- to it and hurling it at anyone that opposed them. They hijacked the word Semite to mean Jew and Jew only when it also describes Arabs. After the USS Liberty story, electing anyone named Israel in the US should be as impssobile as electing someone named Benedict Arnold.

  3. Re: USS Liberty and Parkland, and all the others

    I keep waiting for the significance of just one of these events to penetrate the national consciousness. I don’t see why any one of these events doesn’t explode the entire construct of lies. You’d think people would be united in outrage for the nation, no matter their location on the political compass.

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