Book’s Daughter Sits on Commission Investigating Parkland Shooting

Israel Accuses Reporter of “Bullying”

In a rare display of South Florida news media committing true journalism and going after a corrupt public official–Democratic Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.

Miami’s ABC affiliate WPLG News10 reports that Israel, who is under fire after an overwhelming no-confidence vote, recently wined and dined with “one of the most powerful lobbyists in Tallahassee,” Ron Book.

Book’s daughters, State Senator Lauren Book, sits on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission that is in charge of investigating the Parkland school massacre.

From WPLG News10:

After an overwhelming no-confidence vote by his deputies’ union and with investigators — from both the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and Gov. Rick Scott’s public safety commission — looking into his actions after his agency’s failures in Parkland, Israel may need all the protection he can get.

“Everything is on the line right now,” said union chief Jeff Bell, who led the no-confidence vote and is encouraging Scott to suspend Israel from his post, alleging incompetence and neglect of duty.

The clouds surrounding BSO could explain the sheriff’s meeting with lobbyist Ron Book Tuesday night at J. Alexanders in Plantation. Book is one of the most powerful lobbyists in Tallahassee and has the ear of the governor, who has said he will decide whether or not to suspend Israel when the FDLE investigation into the BSO response to Parkland is completed.

Presenting a more serious potential conflict of interest for Israel is the fact that Book’s daughter, Sen. Lauren Book, sits on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission, which is also investigating the shooting and BSO.

When reporter Bob Norman asked Israel about the meeting the Sheriff was visibly perturbed, refused to answer Norman’s questions, and stated that he was the victim of “bullying and disrespect.”

WPLG appears to be the only news outlet reporting on Israel’s behind-the-scenes maneuvering with the veteran lobbyist who’s related to a state official on the Marjory Stoneman Commission. To date no South Florida news outlet has covered two unusual deaths of Broward Sheriff’s Deputies under Israel’s command.


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4 thought on “Broward Sheriff Scott Israel Meets With Veteran Florida Lobbyist Ron Book”
  1. At least Broward’s Sheriff can be voted out of office, James. Wish we could vote out the Police Chiefs in Colorado. The things they have been caught doing are beyond the pale. Like when Leadville’s Chief was busted selling confiscated guns straight out of evidence rooms and driving drunk. Steamboat’s Chief instructed his Cops to use brutal force, ignore pot legalization and to write as many tickets as possible or they were fired. The Chief drove police vehicles not just under the influence but blind drunk with illegal sawed offed shotguns and fully automatic M-16s while closing down the LoDo bars in Denver. Maybe it’s been that way from the beginning of our country, rogue law enforcement that should be behind bars themselves. We are fortunate to have Eagle County Sheriff Van Beek who is one exceptional law enforcement official. After he replaced Joe Hoy I have noticed a dramatic drop in ticky-tack tinhorn practices like getting followed at night for miles and miles all the way home at tailgate distance attempting to induce a moving violation. I grew up in Baltimore and cops never did this, there were actual criminals to chase after. That’s the real problem with small town law enforcement. These cops are bored out of their sculls. They are dying to do some real criminal police work and they get so few chances.

    How about this one Jim: While out limo driving one night, I pulled into a convenience store for coffee. I had no idea the Sheriff is coming for me as he pulls up behind you with cherries blazing. I get out for coffee and I’m confronted with a freaked out Deputy with his hand on his holster ready to draw. He is screaming “get back in your vehicle” “get back in your vehicle” “get back in your vehicle” I will guarantee this was a three tours of duty Veteran and he thinks he is still in Bagdad. My high crime? Improper lane usuage when none are visible on a snow packed road. Once Deputy Fife calmed down about 5 notches on his total freak out scale, he says “I’ve been watching you all night…driving back and forth and back and fourth and back and fourth” and I said “yes Deputy, I’m a limo driver and that’s what we do”. A simple run of my plate would have shown that. Fife didn’t bother finding out who I was. The real reason he wanted to interface with me; Fife wanted to see what kind of nefarious activity I was involved in. Then Fife says: “You really got my Agent Orange up” … referring to me stepping out of the vehicle and reaching for coffee money… I said “I had no idea I was getting pulled over” … for all I knew it was a donut emergency. They baked fresh ones there. Fife let me go for the imaginary lane violation. I thought it was a perfect example of Joy Hoy’s policies for his Deputies. When you hire war torn Veterans who are battle conditioned to react or die policing a ski resort town with no serious crime, they are ready to snap at the sheer boredom of it. I have to think I was lucky not getting shot, I had my hand in my pocket fishing out my wallet for coffee money. Imagine dying doing that. There’s a dashcam video of a very similar scenario on youtube where a guy gets shot reaching for his Driver’s License. He was unarmed and it was a “routine” traffic stop.

    I wonder what year it was there was this switch in law enforcement to be be a profit driven enterprise that involved targeting ordinary folks just trying to get home from working their 70 hour weeks? I remember breaking down on the outskirts of Rifle, Colorado about 1990. That was before everyone had cell phones and AAA was on speed dial. My alterator was toast and another blizzard was blasting the high country just ahead. It was maybe a half hour before dark. Two Garfield Country Deputy squad cars show up. I didn’t get why they had no interest in helping me. I felt like a wilder-beast with a broken leg on a wildlife show and hyenas started to close in. When the deputies realized there was nothing to get me for, they were just going to leave me there stranded five miles from a telephone. I had to beg them for a call to Triple A. Barney Fife was refusing to do it and turned away to get in his car… I said “please, I’m 70 miles from home”. He begrudgingly made the call. Fife sure made it seem like it was really inconvenient for him. He had “to serve and protect” written on his squad car. What a crock. That was 28 years ago. After what I’ve seen driving two million miles commercially, every time I see police behind me I get a queasy feeling. I drive gently compared to the many agressive maniacs that blast up behind you doing 15 or 20mph over the limit on ice and glare furiously at you as they make an illegal and often dangerous pass. I smile and wave at their menacing looks. With so many insane passes and 50% of the people driving well over the limit, why on God’s Green Earth would any cop need to pull over anyone for no good reason?

  2. Good memes to spread re the Parkland FL hoax’s headlined crisis actor, David Hogg:

    “Tide Pod Hogg” animated GIF:

    “Hogg: From my Cold Dead Hands!”
    animated GIF:
    6 sec video, Charlton Heston voiceover:

    Original Charlton Heston NRA speech ending which the above memes imitate; 7 secs:

  3. This is very interesting. I wonder whose toes Scott Israel stepped on to bring on that vote of no confidence. Ouch! Those sheriff’s boots can really hurt a guy’s foot. What a pity that he is being faulted for simply playing his role in the fake shooting. Maybe he didn’t play his role exactly as written. Or maybe he just got too big for his boots.

  4. A grand jury should be convened immediately with Israel the first on the Dock. If he refuses to answer jail him until he gets his voice back. Florida is not New York yet is it? Fine him too say $10K per day. He can afford these fines can’t he, driving such an expensive car provided by government? I bet he knows all the sordid details of the Parkland Shooting Con.
    A few years back a female assistant professor in the Dept. of Education at the University of Georgia, who had been denied promotion to tenure a number of times, sued the University. Federal Judge Wilbur Owens demanded all senior professors on the committee publicly disclose their votes and the reasons for them. One senior professor James Dinnan refused claiming he had the right to keep his vote secret. Judge Owens disagreed and immediately jailed him for 90 days with a $3,000 fine. I believe he was jailed in Florida. These were the days when some Federal Judges had guts and did not put up with academic nonsense like secrecy in promotion decisions. This case was appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court which refused to intervene. It became one for the history books which you can easily verify. It is too bad Judge Owens was not the judge in the recent sham trial of Professor James Tracy. I would bet the outcome would have been dramatically different. Judge Owens was one of a handful of honest, candid, federal judges who did not put up with nonsense spoken by lawyers or anyone else.
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

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