First Attorney General Held in Contempt of Congress

“Could maybe unify the country”

President Barack Obama’s Attorney General Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder has intimated that he may be considering a 2020 presidential run. The nation’s former top law enforcer thinks he can unify the country after having served close to eight years dividing it along racial lines.

Holder presided over one of the most corrupt US Justice Departments in the country’s history.  Further, a host of mass casualty events occurred under his watch, ranging from the dubious to the wholly fraudulent, These included Tucson, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, Umqua College, Charlotte, San Bernardino, and Orlando.

Following many of these events Holder’s DOJ curiously paid out millions of dollars to those directly involved in the incidents and/or residents of the communities. In fact, Holder does not keep secret his contempt for the Second Amendment.

And for all the ballyhoo about Holder being the “First African-American Attorney General,” he proceeded to let all of the criminal bankers go unpunished while leaving black-on-black crime entirely unaddressed.

What about Freedom of the Press? Eric Holder served under an ostensibly “liberal Democrat.” Plus he once sported a “black power” afro the size of Billy Preston’s. Surely he upholds the right to free speech.

In fact, Holder’s DOJ prosecuted more journalists under the archaic Espionage Act than all previous administrations combined. Holder also used aggressive search-and-seizure tactics against individual news organizations for alleged leaks that would have made the Nixon administration blush.

Eric Holder in March 2018. Image Credit: Facebook/New York Times

Below are a few of the remarks from a March 2018 conversation Holder had with the New York Times, highlighted in USA Today.

“If I were gonna [run], I would do it because I think- I would have concluded that I could maybe unify the country,” he said. “Help unify the country, because it’s bigger than one person… That I could repair and then advance the nation in a variety of contexts.”

But after serving under both the Obama and Clinton administrations, Holder’s not so sure that he wants to jump back into public life.

“I remember some unpleasant hearings with some congressmen who are now leaving,” he said. “I’m gonna miss them.”

While he thinks could personally withstand any criticism thrown his way, he’s not sure he would want to subject his family to that.

“I read about, ‘Holder’s corrupt,’ ‘Holder’s whatever,'” he said. “It’s all politics, and I just dismiss it. But I saw the impact that it had on my family.”

“‘Holder’s corrupt. Holder’s whatever'”? (Not this again.) The facts speak for themselves.

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5 thought on “Eric Holder Contemplates Run for Presidency”
  1. What honest person would run for office anymore in the totally sold out and corrupt U.S. Government filled with whores who deny Israel did 9/11/01, despite all the evidence proving it? Many like traitors Bush and Cheney and the four star generals know it with a wink of the eye. The country is bankrupt morally and fiscally going the way of Rome. They are blowing money like it was going out of style. But it will catch up with them, and us too, because history proves no one can continue to spend money it prints and borrows forever and they are nearly at the brink right now. The financial collapse could come at any instant without warning. The U.S. is run today by arrogant selfish insane people who belong in an insane asylum not in charge of blowing up the planet.

  2. If a former U.S. Attorney General who was held to be held in both criminal and civil contempt of the United States Congress is eligible to run for president, then congress and the contempt charge are meaningless.

    Our congress has already waitied way too long to hold Rod Rosenstein in contempt of congress and now some congress members are making noises that they will and then will promptly proceed to draft an article of impeachment against him.

    Meanwhile the clock ticks closer to the mid-term crooked elections.

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