Says Should Be Put in “Solitary”

A school shooting incident transpired on April 20 at Forest High School in Ocala Florida. The shooter was identified as Sky Bouche, 19 years old. Bouche reportedly smuggled a sawed off shotgun into the school nestled in a guitar case while passing himself off as a Forest High attendee. The shooting resulted in one injury to a 17 year old student’s ankle after Bouche fired a single round of shotgun pellets at the bottom of a classroom door. He was apprehended shortly thereafter by the school’s resource officer.

According to CBS News:

Marion County Sheriff’s Detectives John Lightle, left, and Dan Pinder, right, escort a handcuffed and shackled Sky Bouche, 19, center, to a waiting patrol car, Friday, April 20, 2018, in Ocala, Fla. Bouche is the suspect in a shooting that occurred at Forest High School Friday morning. (Doug Engle/Ocala Star-Banner via AP)

A gunman who carried a shotgun in a guitar case and opened fire at a Florida high school has been denied bond during his first court appearance. A handcuffed Sky Bouche appeared Saturday before Judge Willard Pope via video conference at the Marion County Jail. The Ocala Star-Banner reports a second court date was set for next month.

Bouche told the newspaper he felt an adrenaline rush before Friday’s shooting that quickly wore off, and he was unable to continue with his plan.

Bouche faces charges including terrorism, aggravated assault with a firearm and possession of a firearm on school property.

The shooting at Forest High School in Ocala happened on a day planned for a national classroom walkout to protest gun violence and left one person injured. The school went on lockdown after the 19-year-old suspect, who was not a student, shot and injured a 17-year-old male student. His injury is not life threatening.

Reporters who were given unusual access to the shooter after his arrest for an interview where Bouche told them he was often alone and experienced moods of “depression” and “rage.” He obtained a 1930 shotgun “‘so there’s no papers on it,'” the suspect said. The purchase was made “in a private sale arranged through an online service about a week after the Parkland shooting so he could get it before [the law moved the age to] 21,” the Ocala Star Banner reports. The gunman says he got ideas on purchasing the gun by watching a segment of ViceNews.

Bouche stated that at age 14 he was examined because of mental health concerns under Florida’s Baker Act, which allows for a three day involuntary psychiatric observation in the event authorities deem an individual a threat to themselves or others. He further tells reporters he has “a lot of bipolar [and] schizophrenic people in my family,” and that he has “always been around mental illness my whole life.”

Police obtained a “Temporary Risk Protection Order” to confiscate Bouche’s firearm. The Risk Protection Orders have been provided to Florida law enforcement under the new Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act. The order prevents the subject from possessing or purchasing firearms for the duration of the court order.

There’s something very strange taking place in the aftermath of this event. This specifically involves apparent violations of the suspect’s right to due process. According to reports Bouche faces numerous charges,  including terrorism, aggravated assault, carrying a concealed firearm, firearm possession, armed trespassing on school property and possession of a short-barrelled shotgun.

Given this array of such serious potential offenses, how is it that reporters have been given such unlimited access to the suspect wherein he repeatedly incriminates himself before any arraignment or trial? Where is his defense counsel, and why are they not objecting to such questioning  and testimony? We are reminded of the odd access given to reporters following the San Bernardino and Pulse Nightclub shootings.

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5 thought on “Press Given Open Access to Ocala Florida School Shooting Suspect”
  1. Oh wow, unbelievable. This just doesn’t happen. I remember watching live as reporters combed through the San Bernardino apartment. It gave me the chills. I picked up the phone and called a friend who I thought might be curious, in hopes she would turn on her TV and share my disbelief. She had zero interest. I messaged my father, and again, zero interest. I just don’t get the lack of curiosity people have about why these things are happening. This kid seemed incredibly calm and collected for someone who believes they need to be “put away where they can’t hurt anyone”. It’s getting to where I just don’t believe anything anymore unless it happens to me…

  2. I call BS. Too calm and confident for a mentally ill individual. And the news reporter unlimited access interview is a red flag and a half. Even the mentioned of circumnavigating the law by purchasing a “1930 shotgun” because there is nor paper-trail is Holly-weird scripted.

  3. Usual goofy script. Who writes this stuff? I s’pose the voluntary patsy has been promised riches and/or a CIA career. The sad part is that many people will believe this fantasy.

    Like most people believed the silly OJ Simpson trial.

  4. “The rich are getting richer, the poor will get the picture, the bombs never hit you when you’re down so low” … one of my favorite lyrics from Midnight Oil. My summation for all staged school shootings: Creating gun hysteria using children to shame us into disarmament. I received a 12 gauge shotgun for Christmas when I was just 10 years old. There were plenty of bullies I encountered growing up. Genetic freaks that were grown men by the time we were in 6th grade. I remember being nearly choked out when I was about 15. I never once thought about loading my shotgun to deal with it. Gun hysteria reaches to all corners of this great country. I once went on a ski trip to Grand Targhee, Wyoming and thought I might duck hunt at some point. My shotgun fit perfectly inside my ski bag with the skis. So in the morning I unzipped my ski bag to grab my boards and left it unzipped not thinking of the third world mentality that would be changing my sheets. The way the hotel reacted was crazy considering I was in the epicenter of big game hunting country. The manager was freaked out I dared to bring in a gun, like they had never encountered a hunter before. I found this difficult to understand since no one wants to leave an expensive gun in a car that could be easily stolen. The housekeeper was from Central America and had never seen an average person with a gun before. The manager was from that area and acted like it was insane I would bring a gun on a ski trip. My Dad used to get on a city bus in Baltimore with a shotgun and dead game birds in his jacket as late as the 50s. No one batted an eye lash. Imagine that happening today with gun hysteria programed via the Mind Control Ministry.

    1. Dave Kraft, you have some great stories! I’m enjoying your comment in this post & other posts @ MHB. Keep ’em coming! 🙂

      As for the article, the message for the fools is obviously > Anyone who wants a gun has MENTAL PROBLEMS.
      –Mandatory Mental Health Screenings for EVERYONE has been a NWO-Desire for awhile. Remember when GWB tried to push for same yet, surprisingly, weasely Jeb, then Governor of FLA, said he did not agree with his bubba re that.
      –Point for the current time: Maybe they’ll use guns as the “door” to Mental Health Screenings, first gun owners, then Everyone.

      Also, is FLA the first state to have two school shootings? (I’m thinking the gun-haters ESPECIALLY despise FLA’s Stand Your Ground Law – which is not related to schools but homes. Even so, No Guns = No Defense anywhere).

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