Editor’s Note: This tragic story from El Paso stems from the Democratic Party and gun control lobby’s fraudulent and cynical manipulation of school districts throughout the US, which have been convinced they must effectively force students to partake in political publicity stunts (“memorials”) and plead for salvation via more stringent gun control legislation, all with an eye on the 2018 mid-term elections. Moreover, genuine civil disobedience, which is spontaneous and arises from a will to publicly challenge and alter certain laws and/or social conditions, is never condoned or enforced by the very government institutions such actions are demonstrating against.  

KVIA reports:

EL PASO, Texas – University Medical Center has announced a memorial for the Parkland Middle School student struck and killed Friday.

Police say 11-year-old Jonathan Benko was taking part in Parkland Middle School’s organized walkout when he and a group of students left the designated walkout area. Police say around 10:30 Friday morning, the group crossed Loop 375 then attempted to cross it again. Benko was the last in the group to cross and was struck by a Ford F150.

Benko sustained serious injuries and was taken to UMC where he died.

Officials say Benko’s mother works as a Registered Nurse in UMC’s Emergency Department and his uncle, Michael Benko, is also an employee at UMC, where he works as a Respiratory Therapist.

“All of us at UMC are heartbroken by the loss of a child belonging to one of our Associates, especially a child as young as Jonathan,” said Jacob Cintron, UMC President & CEO. “As a father, I can only imagine how hard this must be for Ashley and her family. She is also one of our family at UMC. Our support, thoughts and prayers are with her and her family throughout this difficult time.”

The UMC Foundation has set up a memorial fund in Benko’s honor. Contributions to the family can be made by check here:

UMC Foundation
C/O Jonathan Benko Fund
1400 Hardaway, Ste. 220
El Paso, TX, 79903

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2 thought on “11-Year-Old Boy Killed During School Gun Grab Exercise”
  1. I am very sad that this innocent child, 11 year old sixth grader Jonathan Benko, was killed. The child is real, the parent is real, the happening is real. However there are some glaring unreal and nebulous aspects of this tragedy.

    There are several things about this child’s death that I think warrant further investigation.
    The name of the school is
    Parkland Middle School. odd coincidence
    this school is part of…
    Ysleta Independent School District


    No matter how in favor of protests (marches, rallies, and walkouts) for stronger gun control laws school children’s parents think there should be, these parents of all of these school children in this Parkland middle school in El Paso should never never have allowed the school to force their children to participate in what appears to be a very poorly supervised activity of the students. The students were said to have marched across Loop 375 in Northeast El Paso. That sounds like a very big busy dangerous highway. Were there police officers and school officials present with the students throughout this school sponsored or allowed “walkout” or march, which maybe was on school day time? If so, these police and school employees were not doing their job and did not stop traffic and keep the children safe.
    The parent, the mother, Ashley Benko, needs to get a team of lawyers and file a lawsuit against the school district and maybe the El Paso Police Department. Maybe that memorial fund the UMC Foundation memorial fund for Mrs. Benko would help cover her legal costs for this lawsuit. (Note: (The University Medical Center is the main teaching hospital of the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at El Paso. This is part of the state of Texas state funded university system.)

    How could some of the students in this school-authorized activity separated from the other students and gotten off the path of the walkout area and path? That should have never happened. Was the official path or walkout area across that busy highway? How unconscionable!
    Then, of course, the driver of that Ford 150 vehicle that hit the child should be fully investigated. Even if a school march is not invovled, when a group of young children are straggling across a busy highway, most cars in all lanes slow down to an almost stop and there is a huge major traffic jam on the highway, so it makes one wonder how the driver of the Ford 150 could not have also have been haulted in that traffic jam.

    Their failure caused the unnecessary death of a child. If not, that is extreme negligence on the part of the Parkland School administrators and the Ysleta Independent School District.
    I think it is relevant to mention that mayor Dee Margo of El Paso, who is a Republican, recently said on CBS national TV news, that the border wall is a bad idea. He said this destroys the US and Texas relationship with Mexico. Says you cannot tell where El Paso ends and Mexico (Ciudad Jaurez) begins and that it has been like that for hundreds of years.

    My knowledge of El Paso is that the Hispanic U S citizens who live in El Paso won’t allow any members of their families to go across the bridge and visit there because the crime is so everywhere. MS13, human child and sex trade trafficking, opiods, marijuana and cocaine smuggling, and provision of children for Satanic sexual ritual and child sacrifice for the rich and famous happens from the Mexico portals.

    See Mayor speaking at 2:03 on this video clip.

    Construction for new Texas border wall begins

    CBS This Morning
    Published on Apr 11, 2018

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