The research of former US State Department officer John Marks that would become his seminal work on the CIA’s MKULTRA program was preceded by President Gerald Ford’s establishment of a commission led by then-Vice President Nelson Rockefeller to examine reports of CIA exploits that included spying on domestic political dissidents. “Included in the final Rockefeller report, “Marks observes, “was a section on how an unnamed Department of the Army employee had jumped out of a New York hotel window after Agency men had slipped him LSD.

That revelation made headlines around the country. The press seized upon the sensational details and virtually ignored two even more revealing sentences buried in the Rockefeller text: ‘The drug program was part of a much larger CIA program to study possible means for controlling human behavior. Other studies explored the effects of radiation, electric-shock, psychology, psychiatry, sociology, and harassment substances.’”

John Marks, The Search For the “Manchurian Candidate:”: The CIA and Mind Control, New York: W. W. Norton, 1979, 220.

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11 thought on “The CIA and the Media: Historical Fact #73”
  1. Has anyone seen the MKultra glitches highlight reel of celebrity brain freezes and Britany Spears’s personality shift in a Diane Sawyers’s interview? It’s mind blowing. Britany turns infantile right before your eyes. The most famous is Al Roker’s legendary trigger of the words “Holy Ghost”. He stood there transfixed for 17 seconds staring blankly on live television. There were so many questions about it that Anderson Cooper had to offer the cover story of AL doing this on purpose. I don’t believe Cooper as far as I could throw him. The same thing happened to another News Barbie. It was nearly identical to Roker’s trance. This is high strangeness the likes of which we have never seen. Watch the Rabbit Hole’s compilation and analysis here

  2. How about a possible “CIA & MIT” connection? with MSM revealing the “goods”…

    I just saw this tweet today, from 60-Minutes:

    David Bay, former Army with Top Secret Crypto clearance, & founder of the long-running (1980’s) “ministry,” has always said that if the military announces they have a brand new weapon, that they really have ALREADY HAD IT for at least 15 years prior.

    My bet is that also applies across the board to all “spook agencies” & their techie associates re any new “evil inventions.” CIA should stand for: Communists In Alliance.

    __I couldn’t help but note the word RADIATION in the CIA’s “experiments arsenal” in your post.

    __Re: the guy who jumped out of the NY Hotel window, I can’t recall his name but, within the past few years, did a good article about that guy & the circumstances.

    __Back to the 60-Minutes tweet: When I was first researching a few years ago what makes concrete floors vibrate, google kept sending me to architectural sites. At one site I read the simple rule: “All Sound Is Vibration & All Vibration Is Sound.”
    –Aren’t all Sounds > Frequencies?
    –And aren’t all Frequencies > part of the Electromagnetic RADIATION (EMR) Spectrum?
    –“InfraSOUND,” which includes 20Hz & below that, is at the very bottom of the EMR Spectrum.
    –I can’t recall the numbers for all of the human brain wave frequencies, alpha beta theta delta gamma, but one of those was 30Hz.

    For whatever all that’s worth. 😉

    1. In case the full @60Minutes tweet doesn’t show up, here it is:

      “Arnav Kapur, a student in MIT’s Media Lab, has developed a system to surf the internet with his mind. He silently Googled our questions and heard the answers through vibrations transmitted through his skull and into his inner ear.
      4:25 PM – 22 Apr 2018 “

  3. I’m so glad this was mentioned, in the article and the comments. “the guy who jumped out of the NY Hotel window” was Frank Olson. It’s more accurate to say he was “dropped” as outlined in the CIA assassination manual found by his son decades later. The manual instructed operatives in how to create “a contrived accident” by concussing and then “dropping the subject from a high window,” describing the circumstances of Olson’s death almost exactly.

    In 1975, the CIA “inadvertently” released a Frank Olson file to the Rockefeller Commission, which was convened after the release of the Pentagon papers. The file told the story of an unsuspecting Dept. of the Army employee who was slipped LSD by the CIA, and as a consequence committed suicide by “jumping out the window.”

    The story was shocking enough to stop inquiry into the real reason that Frank Olson was killed. With the Department of the Army, Olson worked in biological and chemical weapons development, and had already begun privately expressing moral conflict about the program.

    When POWs confessed to their Korean captors that they had used biological weapons on Korean civilians and showed remorse, the US govt came out with the story that the soldiers had been brainwashed into their confessions, and forced them to recant.

    But Olson knew they were telling the truth because it was his research. By then he wanted out of his contract, but they couldn’t allow that to happen. They had to protect the program. So they had him dropped.

    There’s a Netflix series about this story called Wormwood by the great documentarian, Errol Morris. Morris moves back and forth over the decades, weaving together multiple themes in a way that makes the search for truth deeply contemplative.

    Limited hangout artist, Seymour Hersh, makes an appearance in one episode. He broke the original the-CIA-gave-him-LSD-and-he-killed-himself story in ’75 in the New York Times, and now, unsurprisingly, knows the facts of Olson’s death but will not divulge them. He must protect his sources.

    It’s pretty funny how the Liberal’s Hero reacts when he’s pushed by Morris to defend himself. Hersh is up against the Master, and he’s not used to it. He gets a little testy.

    The ground-breaking journalist doesn’t like it mentioned that he’s covering up for the same institutions he’s celebrated for exposing.

    1. Thanks, Toni! for Olson’s name & all the extra details!

      With that info I was able to find the article I remembered, though it is older than I thought (2012!). It had affected me (so sad + the depths of evil) that it seems I had read it much more recently:

      9/13/2012: “Frank Olson: CIA Scientist Murdered for Moral Stand”:

      Anyone who thinks the “great USA” does NOT “experiment on people” is CLUELESS!

      1. You’re welcome, Outlaw. And thanks for the link.

        The last sentence in the article there is profound, I think:

        “The CIA considered Olson’s conscience a national security risk, and so he was murdered.”

  4. Frank Olson was also apart of the HIV study at Ft. Derick and Dr. Sidney Gottlieb had a brother( Ejnar Gottlieb), also a doctor whom migrated to the Bahamas and became very good friends with Wallace Grove. I knew his son Cay who killed himself many moons ago.
    The same can be said of Anderson Cooper brother. These spook family have all one thing in common.

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