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The following is an overview of current developments in the Florida District Court lawsuit brought by one of the most prolific Sandy Hook victims’ families against former school safety expert Wolfgang Halbig. In March 2018 after having withdrawn the case the plaintiff motioned to reopen the matter with a most curious set of actions.

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9 thought on “Pozner v. Halbig’s Phantom Plaintiff (Video)”
  1. It is obvious the judgements are a sham and are intended to create financial harm. Going to court would require proof of the death and the required evidence to support said crime. The victim in this is the American Justice System.

      1. Seems to me Lenny must have known the motion for recusal would be approved and is expecting an advantageous replacement or else why simultaneously refile and submit what appears on the face of it as a ridiculous demand with no foundation?

  2. …..a “thought virus”….
    That’s interesting. That is a new one. Rather than say “thought crime” which would be too obvious.
    And “every mass casualty event…. is labeled a hoax by this circle of people on the web”. A ‘circle’ of people. Hmm. Pozner’s voice is almost hypnotic during this interview.

    As for the fifth circuit judge, Briggs, who has recused himself, (see link) there isn’t much to go on in his ‘bio’ at the fifth circuit site. He must not be the “right kind” of judge for this case.

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