Popular culture is often a field upon which political issues manifest and play out. In Germany and several other countries historiographic activity on certain events that may shed light on or contradict official narratives is verboten and can result in imprisonment. The purview of today’s censors using outrage to suppress utterances with which they disagree or take offense knows no limits.

If not for the First Amendment the United States such authoritarian maneuvers to silence debate on a host of issues and events would have already come to pass. Major corporations are only too happy to appease and abet such efforts, as the report below suggests. Internet behemoths such as Google, YouTube, and Amazon have already exhibited their censorial prowess to silence sociopolitical and cultural exchange.

As reported in The Guardian:

Big businesses have joined growing criticism in Germany over the awarding of an annual music prize to a pair of rappers accused of antisemitic lyrics, with Airbus chief executive Tom Enders adding his condemnation of the decision.

German executive Enders told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper he was shocked by what he considered widespread ambivalence about the Echo award given to rappers Kollegah and Farid Bang on Thursday, which coincided with HolocaustRemembrance Day. The rappers deny they are antisemitic.

German rappers Kollegah and Farid Bang’s lyrics have been criticised by Jewish groups. Photograph: Axel Schmidt/AP

“That hurts Germany’s international reputation. Is antisemitism becoming acceptable in Germany?” Enders told the newspaper, adding it was his belief that an anti-Muslim text would have generated far more outrage.

The BVMI German music industry association had drawn increasing criticism in recent days for honouring the rappers’ album, which sold more than 200,000 copies despite lyrics considered offensive by many Jewish groups and others because of lyrics that refer to the Auschwitz Nazi death camp.

In the song “0815“, the rappers talk about their bodies being “more defined than Auschwitz prisoners” while another says, “I’m doing another Holocaust, coming with a Molotov.”

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2 thought on “Outcry in Germany As Rap Group Accused of Anti-Semitism Wins Award”
  1. There’s a huge backlash coming from the Muslim invasions of Europe. One of which should be our withdrawal from NATO since they didn’t lift a finger to stop it… supposedly their reason for being. NATO is there to stop an armed invasion of Europe and yet they were unable to respond to an unarmed invasion? The average European male’s backbone has been surgically removed by a feminized leadership and gelded by political correctness. I think Europe is finished as a White European Christian entity. It’s no accident, part of the master plan coming to America. The FEMA camps and train cars are real and have been found all over. The Agenda 21 map is real and the wheels are already turning to make it happen: Re-wilding rural areas after killing off the last of the independent family farms and ranches. Weaponized words like sustainability and resilient cities, and the word SMART. A lady with a “SMART” phone walked in front of a moving bus without so much as glancing at traffic. How about my friend Orlando who worked for the Power COOP as a meter reader. His last job was overseeing the installation of SMART meters, a pretty dumb thing to do, oversee the destruction of your job. Watch out when you hear the word sustainability, no one dares oppose the movement because how could anyone be against sustainability ?

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