The failed Bay of Pigs invasion began just before midnight on April 16, 1961, when a group of roughly 1,500 Cuban exiles trained and supported by the CIA landed on Cuba’s south-central shore at the Bay of Pigs.

As author Vitaly Petrussenko chronicles, following the failed Bay of Pigs invasion the CIA sustained significant negative impact. To help restore its luster “and his own image at the top of the Establishment” then-CIA Director “Allen Dulles authorized a big article in Fortune magazine, written by his friend Charles J.V. Murphy.” Classified documents intended to place CIA officials in a positive light and relieve them of responsibility of the failed invasion were turned over to Murphy “with Dulles’s consent.”

Shortly thereafter Dulles became the standard public spokesman for the Agency when he “began cultivating relations with television companies as suggested by Attorney General Robert Kennedy who himself was instructed by his President-brother to re-organize the Agency.” For example, “NBC television was offered the unique opportunity of producing a film about the CIA narrated by David Brinkley, NBC’s star commentator. Naturally, the film vindicated the CIA, and praised its cloak-and-dagger agents.

Vitaly Petrusenko, Trans. By Nocolai Kozelsky and Vladimir Leonov, A Dangerous Game: CIA and the Mass Media, Prague: Interpress, 1977, 23.

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3 thought on “The CIA and the Media: Historical Fact #68”
  1. It is a sad state of affairs when virtually every department in the U.S. Government is corrupt to a greater or lesser degree. Israel lover liar traitors in Congress have sold out to Israel. The so called “War on Cancer” a total dismal failure with about one person dying every minute either from cancer or treatment or both, usually treatment but falsely reported as from cancer. The War on Drugs a total dismal failure. The secret criminal CIA commits unspeakable crimes while the whores in Congress look the other way just like they did the other day when Trump illegally bombed Syria all over lies of a false flag gas attack which never happened and Congress provided zero permission as is “required” in our meaningless Constitution because there are no penalties for violating it. How about a death penalty for a president who violates a totally meaningless oath he took? Ditto for the lying four star generals too who obviously stood down and did not lift a finger to defend the country on 9/11/01 despite having been provided almost unlimited resources to do so.
    Trump and his propaganda aid Haley purport to have compassion for gassed kids and civilians in Syria. But Saudi Arabia also gassed kids and civilians in Yemen. So why did not Trump also illegally bomb the head choppers? Answer: Because they have MONEY and Trump’s GOD is MONEY. He and Haley could care less about the welfare of kids and civilians. Trump even killed a few last year. They are classic hypocrites saying one thing for public consumption while acting in the opposite direction. They are classic propaganda artists and liars and cheaters. They should return to their holes in the wall where they belong, not running our totally outlaw lying corrupt country today. America is on borrowed time. The secret criminal corrupt CIA and its sister agencies, go against every principle of our Constitution and must be shut down, killed and buried and never brought back to life in any shape or form. Let’s stop fooling people with the fear mongering nonsense in the obscene phrase “national security”.

    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  2. How are we not in world war 3 already? Perhaps we are. Just not in the normal sense of the word with troops in uniforms killing each other. The entirety of humanity is under attack with the spew planes. So many people just dismiss it by saying “they” would never do that because it would harm them and theirs as well. All I have to do is bring up atomic bomb tests. After the first detonation, the deadly “after” affects were documented. Did that stop them from doing more right here in America? Of course not because it’s for the greater good. Maybe that’s the most dangerous reason, because there’s always a higher purpose which excuses pure evil like geo-engineering. It’s a silent weapon for a quiet war on the whole of humanity. I have been observing this for 11 years now. It’s ramped up in Colorado during the Trump era. The frequency and all out saturation has exploded. How can so many people not have noticed it yet? It’s people that spend most of their lives inside. Then even when they go outside, instead of looking up, they are looking down at their device. Quite a few times I have watched people step right in front of a moving bus watching their smart robbing device without so much as a glance at traffic. They are so well connected to remote locations that they lose situational awareness surrounding them. Dozens of jets spraying poison right above them does not register. Don’t forget what my pal at Locheed Martin said: “It’s nothing to be too concerned about” with not the slightest sense of denial, but more of a passive admission it is occurring and it’s harmless. Then he excommunicated me for life. When I heard the same thing from a different era Locheed guy. He said “I am part of it” , “it’s nothing to be too concerned about”, “I don’t know the true purpose of it because I’m not high up enough to know” and “we are working on things way more interesting than that”… later I interpreted that to mean directed energy weapons or DEWs. Want to talk about a silent weapon in a quiet war on humanity ?… this is it. One egghead at the defense contractor boasted that DEWs are virtually untraceable and possesses an inexhaustible supply of ammunition. I’ve seen a couple demonstrations in the middle east and it’s off the hook. When the DEW hits it’s target it’s like one giant welder’s arc of an explosion. It’s nothing like a bomb going off. In another demonstration, a drone plane was downed simply by heating up and burning off the top of the tail fin. The plane was toast in seconds flat. There was no transit time wasted like that of a missile traveling to it’s target. That plane was downed in seconds flat. DEWs make missiles obsolete when seconds count.

    1. Well said Dave, there was a phrase you mentioned in your comment and it was “Situational Awareness” . It reminded me of something my father would say that as society progressed that the above mentioned behavior goes away. And hence is why the people not just in Colorado but nationwide are like “Androids ” or mindless beings that are so easily programmed .

      The spraying out here has intensified in the DMV area in the past 10 years that I lived out here, and I remember being out at NAS PAX River some years ago and notices it for the first time since returning from the west coast. And when you talk about it everyone play the “Three Monkeys” as they do with DEWs even my old service buddies who don’t speak to me either because I questioned the narrative and maintain that war is a racket.
      So don’t feel too bad Dave, your`e not alone.

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