Found Dead on Morning She Planned to Visit EPA with 200,000 Signature-Petition

Editor’s Note: A source has informed MHB they contacted the management of Washington DC’s Cambria Hotel & Suites to inquire on the existence and availability of surveillance footage of the hotel grounds for Tuesday, April 10, the date of de Mier’s death. The personnel would not respond to inquiries on such footage and a message to management for a callback was unanswered.

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2 thought on “Florida Anti-GMO/Biotech Activist “Not Known to Be a Weak Swimmer””
  1. Just so you know what the Genetically Enginered (GE) mosquitos are about: This is the infamous CRISPR technology. Many mosquito larvae on a slide are injected with DNA while the operator looks through the microscope at them. This particular DNA is equipped with a “gene drive” which causes it to spread very rapidly thru the mosquito population.

    Concerns: Because the gene drive is so aggressive, what if it somehow crosses to beneficial insects like bees or ladybugs? What if a bee takes a drink from a puddle that is incubating mosquito larvae that are the result of a mosquito mating where the infertility gene is present, but in some rare instance allows the production of larvae?

    We know this can happen with plants because GM crops which are engineered to tolerate herbicides have passed the trait to several kinds of weeds. These “super weeds” have grown extremely large & hardy from the trait; in fact they are almost impossible to kill. Can it happen with insects too? The gene drive is very powerful and most of the concerns are about it.

    For more info search Ricarda Steinbrecher. She’s a concerned geneticist.

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