Daniele Ganser, the sole academic author thus far to have conducted comprehensive research on the NATO and CIA-supported Operation Gladio that terrorized Europe’s citizenry for two decades, describes how his pathbreaking work was stymied by the CIA’s unresponsiveness to numerous Freedom of Information Act requests. On December 14, 2000 Ganser “placed a FOIA request with the CIA, whereupon two weeks later the CIA replied to the author’s request “pertaining to ‘Operation Gladio’ in an evasive manner by stating that ‘The CIA can neither confirm nor deny the existence or non-existence of records responsive to your request,'” Ganser explains. “By raising FOIA exemptions B1 and B3 the CIA Information and Privacy Coordinator, Kathryn I. Dyer, with her letter declined all information on Operation Gladio.”

Shortly thereafter Ganser appealed, maintaining, “’The documents that were withheld must be disclosed under the FOIA, because the secrecy exemptions (b)(1) and (b)(3) can only reasonably refer to CIA operations which re still secret today.’” In February 2001 the CIA responded:

“Your appeal has been accepted and arrangements will be made for its consideration by the appropriate members of the Agency Release Panel. You will be advised of the determination made.”

In 2004, just before Ganser’s book manuscript went to press, “the CIA Agency Release Panel had still not answered the author’s request for information.” Dr. Ganser confirmed to this author in early 2018 that close to 20 years later the CIA has still not turned over the responsive documents or even provided him with a response.

Daniele Ganser, NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe, London and New YorK: Frank Cass, 2005, 35.

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4 thought on “The CIA and the Media: Historical Fact #64”
  1. Terrorizing our allies for political leverage, that would never happen! Terrorizing our own people and using children to shame us into disarmament by creating gun hysteria? That would never happen, either! I am not sure what scares me more, the brinksmanship over Syria and the Greater Israel Project and possible world war 3 or what CERN is actually doing verses what the news says they are doing. Creating dark energy and anti-matter that could destroy Earth or a cutting edge science experiment? Maybe it’s both. Then you got the synthetic cloud spew that has ramped up under Trump. Weather warfare and the Fukishima nuclear disaster that seems so dire, most people can’t even look at what’s happening. It’s easier to dismiss it as overblown than to face the music. Trash flotillas on the ocean bigger than some states. Massive die offs of sea life all over. And the population is so well entertained, they could care less as long as they don’t take away sports and beer. The entire White Population of South Africa has a bullseye painted on them. Europe is so politically gelded they can’t even talk about the Muslim invasion that continues without NATO lifting a finger to stop it. Thank God Baseball season started James, all seems right with the World.

  2. Here are three videos relevant to Ganser’s “Strategy of Tension”, ranging from Operation Gladio, to to the London 7/7 bombings, to the Boston Bombing. They trace the evolution of terror bombings from real event false flags to Hollywood spectacle:

    London bombings https://alethonews.wordpress.com/2015/07/05/77-ripple-effect-2/

    Boston Bombing
    Larrow fraudster https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEaHfAw-z70

    1. Thank you. The distinctions need to be emphasized to the lay public since the types are often conflated. If professional journalists and/or academics dealt with this phenomenon were to deal with this phenomenon more than superficially it wouldn’t be a concern.

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