Commentary on ViceNews’ recent video, “False Flag Hoaxers

(Warning: Profanity)

Editor’s Note: Vice News is a largely anti-journalistic video production company with a clear political agenda. Their most recent production borrows its title from “activist” groups openly seeking to quell free speech through intimidation, cyberstalking, and fraudulent copyright infringement claims. Some of their methods are critiqued in the video below.

We should note that in February a Vice News producer interviewed this author and his attorney for several hours, assuring us before our participation how Vice would approach the topic in a “fair and objective” manner. We are without regret that none of that footage was used in the referenced ten minute piece. 


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2 thought on “Vice News = Fake News? (Video)”
  1. Would ViceNews publish this quotation from VeteransToday senior editor Gordon Duff says about inhumane treatment of Palestinians by the barbarians in Israel?

    https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/03/31/waiting-for-us-intervention-in-israel/ Quote:
    “ Editor’s note: The accepted rationale for US military intervention around the world is always the same, reports that some nation is slaughtering its own people. Israel has done this for 70 years.
    Mass slaughter, concentration camps, chemical weapons, genetic experiments, mass organ thefts, these aren’t just theories, they are the reality of a supposed “Jewish state” that in actuality is a home for world organized crime.
    That “state,” as author Jeff Gates calls it, a “criminal state,” runs Washington, London, Berlin and Paris, partners with the Saudi butchers and is behind world terrorism and war after war.
    Whenever this is mentioned, which is seldom, the accusations begin: “anti-semitism.” It is time to wage a real holy war on evil around the world, bring an end to nations that traffic in human misery.
    Tel Aviv is on that list. Is America also? Under Trump, of course it is. Best begin at the historical root, London… Gordon Duff ]”
    The Israel lover whores in Congress and Draft Dodger Israel lover Trump support all these international crimes by Israel against peaceful demonstrations against Israeli tyranny. Thugs in Israel give the world their giant middle FINGER. This is what they think of the “rule of law”. If America can be disarmed this same tyranny will be here in our own backyard. This is their goal.

    1. The Us/Uk constitute an empire. The wealthy oligarchy has overlapping interests with Israel, so when Gordon says Israel runs those western countries it is related to the expression ‘wag the dog’.
      Gordon and the other people there are probably honest but VT is an intel outlet so there are limits to what they are allowed to say.
      The americans have easy access to a great deal of good material on Larouchepub.com, but very seldom seem to read it. It is clear since the 1970′ independent research there, that the Israel-project was entirely British. In the early phase it was about twarting France and Russia in the ME during Napoleons efforts to develop Egypt. Napoleon was following Leibniz ideas, for which he was hated by the British. Later when Britain was busy trying to rip apart the Us in the so called civil war, Bismarck, assisted by german jewish bankers, managed to unite Germany. The jews were emancipated there in 1869. In the background Britain had been encouraging anti-jewish tensions and this now was intensified by the mounting of various cults which constituted the background of nazism. There is a lot more to bring up, but without the British interference there would have been no strong sympathy for zionism.
      The country Gordon claims is running the west, is a bridgehead for the angloamerican empire, led by people who are doing that empires bidding. If Israel no longer was the rogue state we are familiar with it would be of less interest to the hegemon.
      It is interesting that the Palestinian politician Abbas recognizes this.

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