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This is literally one of those videos with viral potential … if it can stay online long enough before it is banned by FBI and friends, including the Secret Service.

It’s a race against the clock, so to speak.

If the video, which drops bombs on the Florida school shooting. goes viral it will certainly face doom on YouTube.

Entire archived link available here. This is how Twitter seeks to divert attention from Mr. Bouchell’s remarks:

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19 thought on “VIDEO: School Security Expert Makes Video About Florida Shooting; FBI & Secret Service Want it Banned, Silenced”
  1. Great reportage. Again!

    This is another “shooting” that sent up red flags for me at once. My husband was a point man in Viet Nam and is tragically familiar with shootings and the ensuing panic. When we looked at videos after the fact, the first problem was even finding footage from the scene. The media was swamped with lugubrious homilies about gun control. We had to find the footage by going down the Youtube crawl. When we did find helicopter overhead footage paired up with a voiceover, every face looked calm (minus the whoring crisis actresses). When people have really been shot people freak. On the contrary it looked like what it was: an orderly fire drill adorned with a simulated event inside. The voice of an alleged father of a girl texting him from within a closet in a room adjacent to gunfire broke character during his interview with a media widget – he seemed to be reminding the newscaster that it was actually a simulated event – stressing that there was a drill in place.

    Where are the death certificates? Where is the blood? FWIW people have been utterly brainwashed about gunshots. There are all kinds of videos from police drills out there, depicting persons shot multiple times with faint gunshot wounds. Take this from an eleven bravo veteran of Viet Nam’s front lines: ALL GUNSHOTS BLEED FURIOUSLY. Not some discreet little stain like an overshot sanitary napkin. pulse blood out like a fountain. There is a lot of fakery out there. Where are the corpses? Why don’t we see evidence of real gunshots on any of these videos?

  2. I don’t know what happened but wordage was entirely removed from my sentence, which should read “real gunshots pulse blood out like a fountain. “

  3. Sorry for not wrapping this all in one post… a most egregious example of fakery floated around maybe five years ago – a youtube wherein a gaggle of cops were seen firing away at a homeless man from behind in the periphery of Albuquerque. Why did this have to be drill footage? The alleged victim was shot repeatedly in the buttocks. Discreet, oily little stains appeared on his backside. Had the footage been of a real shooting there would have been little jets of blood soaking his clothing and everything on down. If you are even shot in the finger a gusher of blood will result. This is the kind of hoodwinking being done to a nation brainwashed from watching “shootings” by Hollywood. Veterans please speak up.

  4. There is much of interest in John Bouchell’s video (in which he reads his carefully constructed text). However, he insists that this “shooting” really happened, and that is a problem. This video is either a commentary by a well-qualified but duped observer, or it is a purposeful ruse, meant to reinforce the idea that a shooting actually took place. I would suggest the latter.

    1. What you have to understand is that this is actually a hybrid event.. I do also believe there was a shooting however, not perpetrated by a man named Nikolas Cruz. But instead by 2 gunman, the darkest deepest type of gunmen… Now, here is the tricky part, this is a hybrid event. You will only see what the MSM wants you to see, you will only read what is released to read… the key is to recognize the slip ups……. he is correct.

      1. I studied at MIT’s (then) Center for Advanced Visual Studies where my teacher/mentor Aldo Tambellini taught artists’ use of media. Also I held an internship at the MIT community cable TV station and later had an internship at Boston Film/Video Foundation during which I assisted an MIT professor teach a class in computerized video editing. This was the very early 80’s when all such technology was new and prohibitively expensive for private sources. What I saw during that tour of duty blew my mind for both the technological capability to fake events (from special effects generator/green screens to much more sophisticated tech blending voice recognition cells with digitized imagery) and the human propensity to exploit the medium for falsehood. I heard lectures by many of the top world specialists in media, such as Nick Negroponte: “artists, think of the DOD as the new Medici family for sponsorship of work.” That was almost 40 years ago and the mass media environment then repulsed me. To my dismay I am pleading with friends to get past the smear campaigns and study the dark cabal manipulating society via mass media. This nation has sacred lies, such as SH and the absurd demolition show in NY of 2001. It is an utterly lonesome beat to try to convince people to even take a look. The sleight of hand potential with MSM TV is stupendous. The reason I’m answering you is because I like the hybrid event analysis. In light of all these CL cattle calls for crisis actors, looking at footage from Parkland it is obvious that portions of these events might have been shot at any time and anywhere. A montage of distinct events. In the face of which challenge Dr. Tracy and associates stand heroic in presenting a media critique to the public. But people worship their national lies like SH. People whose intellect I previously respected guffaw analysis of television stunts as though they were Victorian women whose chastity was besmirched. They refuse to even speak about SH or ground Nero (9/11). Thanks for being here to all the commenters. Feeling so alone today.

    2. Bouchell says it’s not about guns, it’s about a mentally ill individual. Oh, no it’s not. It’s about a fabricated scam like SH and other false flags. Why did Bouchell say this, is he probing for our observations and replies. I smell a rat here, a big nasty rat.

  5. “This video is either a commentary by a well-qualified but duped observer, or it is a purposeful ruse, meant to reinforce the idea that a shooting actually took place.”

    Absolutely correct.

    I think it would be good to not refer to the Parkland Florida event with the words school SHOOTING. That just reinforces the false assumption that there was a shooting.

    I also do not like use words like “attack”, collapse, and controlled demolition for the same reason.

  6. The Sandy Hook narrative is extremely difficult to believe.

    This one, however, is just a little bit different because my 15 year old & my 17 year attend Douglas. Are some of your people actually saying my kids’ friends didn’t actually get killed?

    Was this another Maurice Greenberg operation & these kids never existed in the first place? (I can easily verify my kids attendance because they’re on the Douglas website (sports).

    1. What constitutes “death of children”? Here in Connecticut, the infamous and mendacious Sandy Hook event had extremely dubious circumstances allegedly leading to putative funerals. The secretive nature of the event included the funerals, how can we be sure when mysterious circumstances included a very questionable forensic pathologist who acted like he was high during photo ops and interviews. One of the world’s most famous forensic pathologists, Dr Henry Lee, a former State of Connecticut Commissioner of Public Safety, was not consulted at all during the discovery phase of the “investigation”. He begged off….Translation? Somebody made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. The entire emergency/triage sequences for the “wounded” was a sham. EMT’s were forbidden to go inside the school. Yet, people other than the medical examiner made the life/death diagnoses on the alleged victims. How so? This is illegal, nurses cannot make this type of decision either.
      Sandy Hook was a complex yet blatantly obvious scam. Yes, there are some details that are not pieced into the whole matrix yet, but make no mistake about it, SH was as obvious as the nose on your face. Phony baloney!

    2. Yea, that’s what I’m saying. As to whether the alleged dead kids are real I don’t know, yet. In my view we are dealing with much of the intelligence apparatus of the U.S. with it’s unlimited technical and financial capability. so it’s not easy.

      1. I did a search a few years ago that turned up a device that would determine if a real human body was contained within a grave. It had been patented by the US government and had been conceived and built by government employees, their names were given. I contacted the agency where they worked via email and was put in touch with one of the developers. I made progress with the individual until I asked if they’d scan grave sites of putative SH victims. Well, guess what happened. That was the last time we were in contact, an abrupt cessation occurred and that was that.
        What has been blatantly obvious in the development of escape mechanisms for perps and their sayanim following these events is the continuing saga paradigm. As the body of information uncovered and developed by sleuths like Dr Tracy increases, the background workers that support the effort for the perps get to work and create new fictions that create phony denials of the developed evidentiary leads. It’s a tit for tat process and it leads to some ludicrous outcomes. What cements all this information together and legitimizes it is the enormous amount of gullibility shown by the American people. Tell them anything remotely connected to the event and they’ll bite on it. Just as they are absorbed in soap operas, so they are absorbed in these periodic additions to the collective fictional body of work produced by the script writers of the event.
        Make no mistake about it. This is another fight to the death and its like peeling an onion, layer by layer. How and why Americans are not on to these ruses is a study about the American mind and psyche. Americans remain horrendously devoid of the powers of observation and analysis, a product of their early schooling. Thank you, John Dewey.

        1. As Allen Dulles once famously remarked, hinting at the shoddiness of the Warren Report, “Americans don’t read.” That’s certainly part of the problem. Fifty-four years later Americans also have a much larger plethora of gadgets to distance themselves even further from necessary analysis.

          The public is invited to partake in tragic/catastrophic events via the concerned talking heads. Through their own imagination and vicarious grief they invest in, take ownership of, and thus defend such events.

    3. “The public is invited to partake in tragic/catastrophic events via the concerned talking heads.”

      This, of course, is the point. Our freshman and our junior at Douglas are not concerned talking heads. Coach Feis was a real coach, Jaime Gutternberg was a real acquaintance, ect.

      In my opinion, it is far more likely Nikolas Cruz was a perfect “Ewen Cameron / Sidney Gottlieb / Jolyon West” controlled patsy by our good friends at the FBI or another three-letter agency.

  7. Ha Ha Ha – so glad to see Tracy back! One of my favorite sources of objectivity in this cloud of fog and propaganda. Had no idea what happened.

    The certain marker of a staged event, for me, is watching to see if the story evolves in any way with new information. If it does not change, I see everything as some kind of a ploy to ram the event into history.

    The Bouchell vid has the smell of “hidden axiom” – much is believable so that the “hidden” turd will go down.

    Laurent Guyénot (“Yahweh to Zion”) tells us of the appearance of the “Northwoods” plan in the spring of 2001, which means it may have been part of the 9/11 diversions written into the script by the Mossad et al.

    I tell you what: These sons-a-bitches are quite good at what they do. However, cracks appears – that march of cattle last Saturday for guns, had a doubtful mob marcher here and there – we’re gaining. The cliff is near but we are gaining, and they are scared! If they had a way out – they’d take it!

    Pacific Green Party Candidate, 2018, US House, OR Dist 5

  8. These school shootings have taken on a religious overtone by the people that still believe random lone wolves lurk at every school, dying to murder children. I don’t believe it. Killing them somewhere else just won’t do?… they must be shot while in school ! It’s another thing that I just don’t believe. I don’t think it’s true that there’s so many random lone wolf psychopaths hell bent to kill kids…. unless they are paid to do it. Then there’s people that might line up for the job because they are souless killers. Otherwise I don’t see anyone being brave enough and having enough of a grudge against children to kill them.

    It looks like a plan to make every event a security shakedown. The Powers That Be turned the formerly glorious travel mode of flying into a prison admittance procedure. They did the same thing with Rockies Baseball. The security shakedown cost us 22% of the game, we missed the first 2 innings. I wanted 22 % of my money back! I vowed to never attend another MLB game.

    They already make football just as unpleasant as flying. My Dad who volunteered for the Marines at age 18 in World War Two was also drafted into the Army during Korean War. His account of attending a recent Baltimore Ravens Football home game…“They separated men and women” let me stop you right there, POPs… I had a thought bubble “And as a veteran who fought for freedom you think’s it’s right they break up couples and families right from the start?” He didn’t question it while I was outraged. I couldn’t decide what outraged me more. That he accepted the intrusion, or that the intrusion was made in the first place. To attend football.

  9. Here is a comprehensive analysis of Parkland Florida school “shooting” event by Rachel Tobias.

    Go to the profile of Rachel Tobias
    Rachel Tobias
    May 30

    Parkland Massacre Puzzle

    By Rachel Tobias

    February 14 2018, an alleged mass shooting occurred at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High school in Parkland Florida. 19 year old Nikolas Cruz, a former student was arrested at the site and accused of carrying out the tragedy. This paper provides a basis of what we do know based on Police statements, student and teacher testimony, video footage taken from inside the school as well as news reports. I also want to specifically focus on one room in particular, room 1214 (the Holocaust Study Room).

    Here is the official timeline of the event, as per the Broward Sherriff’s Office ” SNIP

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