“I’m in a room full of liars.”

Noland D. McCaskill
November 21, 2016)

The media figures arrived at Trump Tower on Monday afternoon for off-the-record meetings with the president-elect, who spent much of his campaign bashing the “dishonest” media — including deriding CNN as the “Clinton News Network” and repeatedly attacking the “failing” New York Times via Twitter.


According to a transition pool report, the media personalities are as follows: NBC News President Deborah Turness; MSNBC President Phil Griffin; CNN President Jeff Zucker and network anchor Wolf Blitzer; Fox News Co-Presidents Bill Shine and Jack Abernethy and Executive Vice Presidents Jay Wallace and Suzanne Scott; and CBS News anchors John Dickerson and Charlie Rose.

“@realDonaldTrump more gracious and magnanimous than I would be,” Fox News host and Trump ally Sean Hannity tweeted. “Meeting with network execs that tried hard to defeat him @CNN @NBCNews.”

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7 thought on “Trump Dresses Down Media Moguls, Anchors”
  1. While I agree that the MSM is a propaganda tool……..the fact that FOX news, and its collection of talking BS”ers appears to be missing from the lists of actors posing as journalists and reporters, is rather telling. I watched FOX election night and they were beating the drum for Clinton and absolutely stunned at the outcome. They had their scripts prepared and when the election went off the script…..they looked like deer in headlights. Stuttering and stammering……it was rather funny.

    FOX has long been viewed as a willing propaganda arm of the Republicans, especially the hard right and the war hawks. I guess people don’t remember the days of the Bush/Cheney crime administration and FOX being repeatedly outed for misinformation and for repeating the lies about WMD>

    1. Fox News was rallying for the Clintons? Hmm, I will have to go back and take a second look, seems out of character for Fox to give ammunition to the Left

  2. He has also been forgiving of Romney, Rick Perry and others who bad mouthed him during the campaign. He has met with and is considering these people for Cabinet level positions. This is anti-establishment since the partisan bickering has brought a Congress that voted their party line some 60 percent in the 1960’s to just 5 percent today. The press, as bad as they are, having achieved a lower reputation than Congress, is still considered a fourth estate with whom the Trump’s Presidential domestic detente is holding out an olive branch. I still have hope that he will change some of the cancer in this system.

  3. It was all too easy in my observations. The MSM seemed in shock during the psyop election but they must have been savvy to this bilderberg meeting with the Wall Street, IMF and hedge fund gang. There’s something suspicious about KKR Kravis, Chertoff, the Bush’s and Kissinger. The NYT, CNN and others may have had many in the dark but I doubt the upper echelon were not aware.

    There was a big payday on K Street and for insiders with the pre-post market moves. Why is the Market climbing? Could it be because the Trump Regime will bring the biggest MIC and Surveillance economy since 911? Are we expecting another major false flag? A war economy foreign and domestic?

    I expect the biggest jump to Full Spectrum Dominance by this admin. All the cabinet selections are high on surveillance and many figures from the old Clinton Bush war chest. I believe this was tailored made for a big transition whether or not Trump is a insider or the stooge. But I’ll put my money on insider. Obama was a whistleblower’s nightmare. I don’t expect Trump to support them in anyway. I’d be nervous if I were a reporter investigator.
    CNN and NYT will kill their own if the NSA-DNI Mafia sanction it.

    Mockingbird has a mute button!

  4. Why would these lying jackals be so surprised by this? These talking heads aren’t covering anything of importance any more. The bloggers are going nuts about PizzaGate, Spirit Cooking and TwitterGate, the first two could really drain the swamp if the media deigned to investigate. They have uncovered the vast pedophilia network due to John Podesta’s Wikileaked e-mails. Mainstream is silent on this.

  5. Any objective evidence that the meeting took place and went on as described? And even if it did, is there any evidence that it is not another minor act in Plato’s big and thick cave? Some Trump partisans will cheer it as a trophy while some of its opponents will tout it as an “I knew Trump wanted secrecy” vindication. It would not be the first time professional obfuscators fight to distract the gullible public from their common goals.


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