By James F. Tracy

Major media and certain figures in the Sandy Hook fundraising and gun control cavalcade have recently highlighted prominent radio infowars-truthhost and filmmaker Alex Jones as a brash and indecisive observer of the Newtown school shooting event. A central reason for the attention of late is the fact that Jones has vigorously supported the Trump-Pence presidential campaign, with the president-elect responding in kind. Fortunately, Jones has issued one of his characteristically unambiguous video editorials to set the record straight.

As some observers will recall our “tip of the spear” alt-media broadcaster issued a very similar statement in January 2013.

Jones seems to have been given the unenviable task of convincing his audience to disbelieve or at least withhold judgement on what they’re already certain they’ve detected. This is illustrated in the classic Richard Pryor “lying eyes” monologue, where the comic explains to his significant other as she stumbles upon his philandering, “What you’re seeing here baby–you didn’t really see it. This ain’t goin’ on.”

While Jones has consistently claimed an agnostic view of Sandy Hook, we find his stance disingenuous and self-serving. Very early on in the controversy one may recall how Jones played a hostile gun rights advocate alongside CNN’s Piers Morgan on national television. This performance must be contrasted with his subsequent aversion to closer examination of the event itself.

Other alternative figures and outlets, including videographers such as Independent Media Solidarity and “Barry Soetoro,” and personalities like Wolfgang Halbig, Dr. EowynJim Fetzer and Jeff Rense, have been at the forefront of producing and disseminating some of the most compelling research on Sandy Hook.

Despite their relentless work on what remains a highly suspicious event that remains largely unexamined by truly competent and reliable authorities, Jones has chosen to sit on the sidelines. Despite his vast resources he has largely ignored such efforts and made at best marginal efforts to truly examine an incident that overall lies at the heart of a well-financed gun control movement he claims to so vehemently abhor.


We must point out that Infowars writers break some important stories, and this author once even defended Jones when colleagues at Project Censored targeted him with a tawdry hit piece. Yet from collaborating with Google to suppress news on’s blacklisting of Fetzer’s Nobody Died at Sandy Hook to downplaying bogus copyright infringement claims targeting his very enterprise, one might conclude that Jones has heretofore functioned as a key gatekeeper  Alex Jones’ “Final Statement on Sandy Hook” the entire Sandy Hook affair.

Perhaps Jones knows something the broader public doesn’t about a pending investigation under the new administration, which would of course be appropriate and welcome. For the interim, the present attempt to ingratiate himself in a movement that he’s repeatedly chosen to eschew should be recognized as exactly that.

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68 thought on “Four Years Later Alex Jones Still Confused By Sandy Hook”
      1. Except he’s notably changed positions in recent years on left/right paradigm/Islamist threat/Trump etc. I don’t believe people who want standard Democrat baiting they can get from Fox News buy more water filters and supplements. i think the significant money’s coming from above, not below.

    1. That has been said for many years, but in the last one to three years Infowars have noticeably pushed left-right where once they criticised it, and taken alleged Islamist attacks at face value where before they were skeptical, and Watson wrote articles like . That and the sudden reverse on Trump from scream directive from whomever owns them.

    1. That was experience as well. I started listening to Jones after the Boston Bombing and listened to him for a couple of years after that. This past year I have seen what Dr. Tracy is saying, not just with Sandy Hook but other events as well. Reality is way more strange than I realized.

  1. Alex, or whoever he really is, seems confused about a lot of things. Between him and Glenn Beck, those two do a decent job of keeping a lot of sincere, though misguided truth seekers confused and anxious.

    Oh, and they are also both pretty good at profiting off all the fear and anxiety they promote by selling their over-priced supplements and books. Personally, I have a particular antipathy for Beck because I actually listened to him for years and believed a lot of his nonsense.

  2. What group / entity fosters gun control, accepting official stories of false events, same sex marriage, homosexual rights, drug trafficking, human trafficking, money laundering, crooked big banks, trashy Hollywood movies and trashy TV, fake MSM news, “alt-Right” and “alt-Left” fake internet news, New Age, New World Order. pedophilia/pederasty fake Christian churches, fake theology, fake science, fake “anti-semitic” commentators. etc…?

    We are way beyond pointing out fake reporting of just one fake news purveyor.

    1. @dachsielady

      Duhhhh. It’s the Muslims, obviously! They pulled off 911 (with Saudi Support, of course That’s what Ari, I mean Alex Jones said). Of course they were dancing and celebrating in New Jersey the day of 911. That’s what the Donald had been saying and when interviewed on Alex’s show, AJ totally agreed with him! They also control Hollywood and the media. This is also what Alex Jones and DIS, I mean, Infowars had been saying. In fact they are of course behind all of the “hate” speech laws, and are trying to control even what is said online. Ditto for financing/banking, Wall Street, and yes, of course they are very anti-Semitic. Obomber is also a Muslim (but born in the US!), and a total peacenik, and pacifist. He has also been destroying our glorious military. And he sure is mean to Bibi, and total anti-Israel! Their land is being illegal occupied. All of this I also learned from great truthers, researchers, and patriots like Mike “Savage” Weiner, Matt Drudge, Hannity, Jerome Corsi, etc., all of whom have I think have been on with Alex.

      But it doesn’t matter, because we one! USA USA USA USA USA. Finally we can go after Iran and build up our military. Trump WILL make Isra, I mean America great again! 🙂

  3. We’ll, like Alex made perfectly clear, although the public does not know exactly what happened, it is obvious that the official story is like Swiss cheese. The perps are not going to tell you what happened, and I’ll bet the real story is even more evil than most people could stomach. Consider all the stories we have been privy to surrounding this past election, with all the innuendos of covens, and “spirit cooking”, and child rape/murder. Consider this drill was planned and someone got the idea that some real victims were needed, so in come some orphans who end up dead. But then at the last minute, someone realizes thru their drunken haze that a paramedic or two might grab some DNA samples, so they are excluded from the crime scene. Just saying, anything could have happened, but we may never know for sure, unless some one comes forth and blows the whistle. But it is painfully obvious that there is a coverup in the works from day one. Some day soon it may be necessary to do a few exhumations, if it is at all possible to find some completely honest and objective scientists to do the job. DNA samples must be obtained and sent blind to a multitude of labs for analysis, and the results compared. I am sure that people who claim to have lost their children would not object to this, so that their names could be cleared. That is, if they have nothing to hide. If they do have something to hide, then I would expect them to “protest too much”.

  4. He was pushed, to come out… coz others, he so respects, will not shut up ‘No More False Flags, No More B^!!$#!%!’ and off the block; Paul C.R. Wants all sides win/win + all that. Infowars, bridging into the mass alt.right lot, who’ve used f.f.’s to pretend they’re legit arguments, used to vomit-nauseam. Now election is over, wants to pull his captive audience onward. ‘Can tell an actor…’ and he, shaky as. Nb moon unnecessary. No one – facts not feelings – has come close to do doing more for the offence than this man. Easy for me to question his strategy and partial compliance… compromise and gripe. So, well written James, decent and honourable pitch. Alex likely/hope, now more, unfold radical and truth. For those bang-bang-bang way projecting on. Like (must quote): ‘I prefer madam, I like the way I’m doing it, rather than you are not’ (C. Finney re a wom. comes to him at the end of meeting over Ira Sankey’s music). I-wars and associates, pulled millions in. Our hope. For me/in God. We all move on. Respect and God bless him (and crew). And you ‘n all and If, you’re not against (me) you’re for (me) – all go easy, and right drection, most matters.

  5. Alex Jewnes isn’t confused. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He purposely keeps his listening audience confused so they stay stuck in one place, spinning their wheels and going nowhere. If his listeners can’t move forward then they are suspended and enraptured and hanging on every word or nonsensical diatribe that comes out of his fat, jowly mouth.
    I know, I used to listen to him years ago. Before I realized he was slamming the gate in my face and only letting me peak over the top of it once in a while.
    “If Trump doesn’t win, I’m moving to Sweden.”–Alex Jewnes.
    Yeah. He can go ahead and move to Sweden anyways. He’s a bloated coward and I don’t want him here. Probably shoot me in the back.
    And he can take his CIA handlers with him.
    I guarantee, when the SHTF he’ll be catching the first plane out of the country.

    1. @tc

      If any so-called Truther or alt-media personality is still pushing Trump (especially overdoing it the way Ari “Alex” Jonesengold was/is), then you need to be VERY leery and suspicious of him/her, IMO. (it was bad enough for people to be doing this months ago before his (s)election; at least we could “kinda” say that didn’t know as much about him).

      Also, if they’re not taking about that that special “nationalism” that begins with a Z or that gangster entity (at least to some extent, especially in terms of the US military and any wars and whatnot), then IMO this person is also suspect. And I’m not saying to be a bigot or unreasonable about it of course.

  6. It occurred to me also, that maybe Alex is privy to a major investigation coming up in the future. I’m sure Leeny Putznah targeted him – like he does most truth seekers-so it’s possible that the business end of Infowars was going to be subject to retaliation. I am fascinated that Erica Lafferty Smegielski would think she can Tell President elect Trump who he is allowed to speak to. Delusion at its best. I was worried that the election would take over news about Sandy Hook researching. So, I for one, am glad we have Alex making a video. Please know that a twitter alliance composed of Ron Paul, Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney has retweeted several SH Hoax tweets. Even a reporter for World Net Daily retweeted my comment that a grand jury investigation is called for. I met a person from Breitbart last winter. Even he listened to me without any castigation. Also, Comey’s cousin has been denied toxicology and medical records of “Adam Lanza” for years now – and she is an advocate for children – and has received information about the crooked Guardian Ad Litem System in Ct that hands over children to molesting fathers- yes CT has its own pizzagate As one commenter has mentioned here, possibility of horrendous child abuse connection to SH will be forthcoming. the players: members of the SH advisory commission – include psychiatrists from the Institute of Living – notorious for giving a pass to convicted child molester Rev. John Geoghan years ago. Alexis Haller: (brother of Vernoique Pozner De La Rosa) helps defend molesting priests . Rev Castaldo – pedo from St . Rose of Lima. ANd Putnah himself- admitting to (temporary) ownership of a teen girl porn web site. Evil does this: they pretend to be angelic when they are satanic instead. One more thing : Hillary Clinton connected to SH too through Datto Server, Maureen White, Ratner, and Francine Wheeler. This might be the whole ball of wax of Pedo Podesta. Researchers are working a lot on pedo rings from Maine to Fl. Stay tuned.

    1. Very astute sir. This bunch of think tank orators with their criminal false flag “Capstone Drills”, and counterfeit birth certificates are like the “Gang that Can’t Shoot Straight”. It’s hard not to laugh at the thought of 15, or so SWAT operators – full combat “ruck” entering the Sandy Hook school building through the little shot – out glass left by the 95 pound shooter.
      At least that is according to the police statement.
      As opposed to the first man in open the door for his team to enter.

      I mean “Laurel & Hardy” could do practically a full episode just trying to enter a building through the door, and window.
      Buffoonery is what people are seeing, and it tends to confuse those that believe that the “government” is their hero that exists to protect, and provide for them.
      When it is where the Oligarchs steal, and feed their lust for power.

  7. Disinformation agents, like Alex Jones, in my opinion, need to generate trust and thereby lay the foundation for their controlled opposition activities. Alex Jones has displayed, self-marginalization, a hallmark of the disino artist, by blowing up on a live TV debate with Piers Morgan. Jones also sets clear gatekeeper boundaries. For instance, he dismisses a caller’s claims about gang stalking on air, yet, at least three of his former reporters went on the record about their being gang stalked shortly after leaving his Show:

    Notice that he mentions certain known Programs like MKULTRA and MKNAOMI, however, he does not mention the CIA’s much bigger Program, Operation Chaos, that used gangs talking tactics against, inter alia, domestic anti-war activists.

    1. Yes and Mr. Jones is more and more seemingly similar to the tactics of this Clinton regime. He would have been smarter to just had kept his big mouth shut entirely. I guess he’s not as bright as I once thought he was. It boggles the mind. He’s been known to pull little innocent jokes on his supporters only to correct himself quickly, but this is one sick joke if that be the case. There is no excuse for it. He’s covering up treason and crimes against humanity.

  8. Thank you Dr. Tracy for this enlightening article. I feel betrayed by Alex Jones. His agenda regarding his behavior when he was on CNN with Piers Morgan contradicts anything that he had originally stood for. It’s baffling for him to even come forward with such an absurd “final” statement such as this for if he were avoiding it for the sake of the new president, he would have been much better off to not have produced this article in the first place. I smell hypocrisy at the highest level here myself.
    At least we have you Dr. Tracy that remains transparent, honest and genuine. God Bless you sir!

  9. One more point I’d like to bring up. This regards Jesse Ventura. This man as I can see all to well and totally obvious has also chosen the Alex Jones stance on the matter. They are behaving in the very same manner. Their credibility and transparency has totally gone south with myself and i’m sure others are feeling the same way as well. They have their reasons and are entitled to them. However, I also am entitled to my decision of ignoring and avoiding them in any shape form or fashion. As Dr. Tracy stated…they are showing their true character as of the present to be very self-serving and I find this to be very disturbing and disappointing to say the least.

    1. Markus, Jesse is just a another CIA stool-pigeon and was use to discredit Chris Kyle when he forgot who his handlers were.

      Chris wife is still paying for his big mouth, but no worries, he’s on a beach in Andros having a beer with a new identity. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

      1. Sorry Ted,
        I don’t see it,
        Kyle screwed himself,
        I see nothing Ventura did I wouldn’t do myself,
        and Ventura lost his standing among his Special Forces brethren,
        which is no small thing,
        Ventura is a businessman and he does promote himself,
        but he has stood up against these Asshats in the media for years
        and is a brave patriot,
        I respect that and unless i see cold hard facts to the contrary I think he is a totally stand up Guy

    2. Both are protecting their respective brands.

      If you can find it, Alex’s interview with David Duke is worthy of a view. I’ve never seen Alex look more uncomfortable, or insecure. Jones made attempts to counter Duke, but I’m afraid he was out of his league.

      1. Duke’s past is held against him, it’s like he is a conspiracy theorist. Duke might be what is called a necessary evil. While he clearly supports white power, it’s only to counteract the excesses that have been wrought by the traitor president Obama. If black power is legit and wunderfull, why not white power?, says Duke. He has a point. I’d put him in a separate department and call it “The Department to Undo the Destruction Wrought to Destroy America by Obama”. Obama has been a vicious enemy of America and he needs to be shut down and neutralized. Duke is the man to do just that and if some pantywaists still see the shadow of KKK in Duke and fail to see his extreme value to America, too bad for them.
        Trump, you might realize, is here to undo Obama and the slime that has become America. What’s wrong with that? Are you offended or are you OK with the direction of America under Obama? If so, you might check into Fairfield Hills in Newtown for your desperately needed tune-up.

        1. That “white power” perjorative has long since been the cry of the Left, there is nothing more normal for white people to support their own ethnic group, the hypocrisy of the Left to encourage and support ethnic pride of so called minorities and then attack the white population for doing the same??? I vomit this kind of rhetoric out

  10. “Listen to my words, Lord, consider my lament. Hear my cry for help, my King and my God, for to you I pray. In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly. For you are not a God who is pleased with wickedness; with you, evil people are not welcome. The arrogant cannot stand in your presence. You hate all who do wrong; you destroy those who tell lies. The bloodthirsty and deceitful you, Lord, detest. But I, by your great love, can come into your house; in reverence I bow down toward your holy temple. Lead me, Lord, in your righteousness because of my enemies— make your way straight before me. Not a word from their mouth can be trusted; their heart is filled with malice. Their throat is an open grave; with their tongues they tell lies. Declare them guilty, O God! Let their intrigues be their downfall. Banish them for their many sins, for they have rebelled against you. But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you. Surely, Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield.”
    ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭5:1-12‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  11. There is no doubt the dreaming and vapid American public would accept almost any new wrinkle put forward about the Sandy Hook event. Periodic alterations and lies only spice up the interest for the gullibles who would rather be fed false flags so they don’t have to think about truth because they are being so well entertained by the seeming realities put forward to them in such a fashion as to fit like a glove with the older lies.
    Living in the Nutmeg state as I do, it is blatantly obvious who some of the perps were.However, the hardest thing to accept even at this late juncture is how did they call in cahoots almost the entire town of Newtown? If you went to some random street in Newtown and started asking questions, would you find yourself arrested when the resident called the copz on you?
    When things get too hot for the perps, or when they got too hot back around the time of the crime, the perps promptly changed direction and created a new reality regarding the area that fell under withering scrutiny. If you saw and read the VT article written by Ralph Cinque, perhaps 5 months ago, you saw investigational results that showed a Secret Service agent pulled the trigger on Lee Harvey Oswald, NOT Jack Ruby. If you put this information out into the general public, you’d probably be treated to jeers and catcalls. A body going in one direction tends to stay going in that direction unless a new force enters the system to cause the body to take on a new direction.
    Alex Jones is a person of interest. Would not personally buy a used car from that guy……

      1. Refer back to Veterans Today website, perhaps 3 months ago, They had an article by Ralph Cinque, a long time JFK assassination specialist who has done massive research on the topic. It looks genuine,but you know things are subject to, er, various interpretations. The article is well worth reading, it’s an eye opener.

    1. Alex Jones is most certainly controlled opposition…I used to listen to him religiously, so glad that he was bringing out the theories no one will talk about. Then I realized he only grazes them to stir up interest so he can push another agenda altogether (mostly, the agenda of lining his own pockets). He won’t come out & say Sandy Hook was a false flag or no children died because he is a cop-out! Wants to dance both sides of the fence while he rakes it in selling his products. His tantrums and theatrics, “skipping network breaks” for the sake of a good story…all such a farce, Another case-in-point: His flagrant arse-kissing of Donald Trump. If he was true to his own message, Jones would be “backing” the same notion that the rest of us know: It doesn’t matter which side wins, as they’re all controlled from the top. Lost all respect for him once he became Trump’s little cheerleader.

    2. Very successful TV and radio shills for the apparatchiks in the background are happily willing to pay these superstars to pitch the Khazarian world we live in. In a perfect world, Wolf Blitzer would be sent back to his homeland. Once you become an adult and read the Culture of Critique by Dr Kevin Macdonald, you realize just exactly what is wrong with America. Of course, most Americans choose to remain suspended in the paralysis of the young minds and fail to learn much of import regarding our sorry mess here in America. How can we eliminate the ruling class mentality without calling ’em as we see ’em? Sentient people know what we struggle under in our own Bolshevik gulag. Either we recognize our tormentors or we will remain fodder for said tormentors. I love seeing Trump attack the lying criminal media moguls, the lying reporters and the tripe they call news. We need more of this, now and forever. If people cannot support Trump because of his mere sexual peccadilloes, well, they just don’t see the big picture at all. We’ve been ravaged by the worst ideologue in US history and it’s time to erase this man’s “work”.

  12. There are thousands or more of forensic medical examiners and crime scene investigators throughout this country and more outside its borders. There are thousands of top medical examiners in top pathology laboratories throughout this land. Many lawyers are also experts in this field. What about that usually outspoken lawyer from OJ Simpson fame who usually has so much to say about almost everything? Evidently the cat has got his tongue on this one and many other false flag events like the Boston Bombing and 9/11/01 as well. One could go on and on and on. Forget about the nothing disinformation agent Alex Jones who could care less about truth. But observe the deafening silence of the thousands in the other groups and ask why they have remained silent to all the obvious lies and false and misleading statements from authorities and media in Sandy Hook? Obviously fear is a factor. Fear instilled by totally corrupt lying government and lying media. Wolfgang and a few others have stood up. The U.S. Justice Department is totally corrupt because under normal circumstances they would have a dozen of these others under oath investigating and testifying before a grand jury on the Sandy Hook Scam. They have not done so. Forget about the worthless comments of Alex Jones or whatever his name might be. The burden is on the authorities to prove their case. They have not done so. In fact they have deliberately violated all the long established scientific rules of crime scene investigations. Until they do follow the rules this is all lies and must be rejected period end of sentence. This is what, I believe, professor Tracy is saying with this post. There is one and only one reason to destroy the crime scene consisting of both the school and the so called home of Lanza: To destroy evidence so no one can know the truth. We have all the false story we will ever be told because government can and will use its full military force and power to hide all the true facts from a duped public forever and ever and ever and everlasting. Secrecy is the enemy of the truth. Americans love to be conned, fleeced and had by their own government and the lying media.

    1. Why Even Connecticut’s own Professor Dr. Henry C. Lee, Ph.D., the widely acclaimed “world authority” on forensic science and crime scene investigations not only has clammed up on Sandy Hook after a few meaningless remarks at the very beginning, evidently none of the journalists or media reporters thought to call him or visit him at the college named for him or one of the buildings named for him. This is absolutely astounding that no one would call him about one of the most bizarre alleged crimes in the nation in his own state!. The only conclusion is he refuses to comment. This is very unusual conduct totally out of character by him who has at other times been aggressive in commenting on such crime scenes especially the many deliberate lies and misleading comments coming from that goofy medical examiner Carver or the many other goofy people in Connecticut about Sandy Hook. It looks like professor Lee has a case of mental impairment or amnesia or cowardice doesn’t it? Even today why not go and ask Dr. Henry Lee his opinion of all this reprehensible gross government misconduct in his own State for the record? Ask him if he has read “Nobody died at Sandy Hook” by Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. and James Tracy Ph.D., et all and if not why not but if so, what he has to say about it and why he has been so deafeningly silent for nearly four years? Henry Lee you are a disgrace to your profession. You have a duty and responsibility to comment on all these crimes and misconduct and illegal machinations by government officials both state and federal. You are violating the rules of professional responsibility. Henry Lee is obviously not the top scientist he has been proclaimed so loudly about by his good old boy cronies in Connecticut. No true forensic scientist could or would remain silent about Sandy Hook period.

  13. He’s just FOX on steroids now. He’s a lot like Trump. All ego now and he spends his day on Trump. No discussions on the chemtrails, CERN, Antarctica and Climate Change Hoax. No good guests anymore. They all saw him for what he was. Now it’s all about him and Trump and their egos.

    He was good ten years ago before the Learned Elders and Vatican Assassins got to him. I think he wants the Media Empire Roger Ailes just lost. It’s all Snake Oil and Slithering Salesmen like Steve Pieczenik. Talk about an insider. He and Roger Stone are a pair. So much happening now outside of the phony election that to spend full time on it is a dead giveaway he is compromised.

    Everyones getting harrassed, blocked and DDOS’d by the googleplex. Why hasn’t Infowars been hit? Facebook is getting ready to make the move on truth “Fake News” free speech. Let’s see how Prison Planet fares.

    1. There was a time when Infowars took time to investigate chemtrails:

      For anyone living in the Phoenix area:
      Global-Warming; an Inconvenient Lie.
      It is a gathering of the world’s top experts on this subject who will put an end, once-and-for-all, to the myth of anthropogenic (man-caused) global-warming.
      WHERE: Phoenix, Arizona ‒ Marriott Phoenix Tempe at the Buttes
      WHEN: 2016 December 2‒4.

    1. I have tried to expose NASA as the center of NWO universe. From JPL, Parsons and Crowley to date, this has been a money-honeyhole for the techno;logy of our coming slavery. Weather weapons to Mind Control and the hoax after hoax regarding space missions.When I heard him mention NASA following, it was not surprising elfmom.

      1. Hay-zeus- Thanx for the nightmares Puddy,
        that’s a great analysis,
        I have been taking in the NASA cover-up for years, and after seeing the impossibility of the Moon landing with the Apollo technology it opened up a lot of new brain connections-if they are running the greatest money scam in the history of civilization with the Federal Reserve Criminal RICCO operation, now the trillions stolen through fake NASA re-creations (the lunar landing module failed every pre-mission test, and they supposedly landed it on another solar body, perfectly, first time, being one of the most complicated feats in history? They can’t make a chocolate bar right the first time (I don’t think the Mars mission is real either btw, )-
        how many more masssive scams are going on, e.g., Global Warming etc.

    1. Ron,The only way to prove actual deaths(I don’t think there were) at Sandy Hoax is to dig up a few of the little coffins and peer in,then get DNA if indeed there ARE any bodies from which to make such an extraction. That will never happen.

  14. My thinking is that the Trump administration is going to have access to the unredacted Sandy Hook files and will not go along with the program so the rats are preparing to jump ship or plan an exit strategy because the lies will be coming to a dead end street. (as opposed to an ongoing perpetual lie under a Hillary administration.

    Jones suddenly wants to raise the issue again -? Why now ?

    The Twitter accounts of the active SH parents are all abuzz with indignation. Jones is only saying ” I don’t know what happened but it needs to be examined”. Belief as to whether there were real deaths or not is irrelevant – what is important is the official story has gaping contradictions and anomalies.

    This is not a national security issue there is no reason or justification for such secrecy around an event like Sandy hook. The FBI redactions are utterly absurd and unjustifiable in any way.

    The volume of institutional corruption and betrayal of the Constitution is beyond belief but sadly very likely to be true. The official story is a lie – The FBI, State.Police and numerous others know it and yet have remained silent. Not even a one to anonymously blow the whistle?

    Notice how urgently the Sandy Hook families respond to Jones’s comments DEMANDING that Trump disavow him ?

  15. It was Sandy Hook that got me questioning.. ‘ what on earth is going on’. because it was such a horrific event. or story, broadcast by every tv channel across the world.. Deep down I new something wasn’t right.. could they not see that the majority of people saw the inaccuracies of the story.. it wasn’t sold like they wanted.. .. it was questioned..and now Ive questioned every event since.. and found a horrific underlying quest by the authorities to hoodwink and steer the public into a thought process that is unheathy and full of fear..with so much propagander you could sink a ship with it.. I was beginning to think that Sandy Hook had faded, but pleased to see on here once again.. like minded people who will not stop questioning and keep the heat up. I don’t live in your country, but I can assure you there are plenty people around the world that can’t wait for the Sandy Hook fiasco to break…In my opinion the authorities that are turning a blind eye, will have to, one day, come clean..

  16. There is a trustworthy system to investigating any alleged event.

    Keep track of everything reported by local and national news outlets. Keep track of all official statements whether they be local, state or federal. Keep track of alleged eye witness accounts, as well as those closely related to the alleged event.

    In the case of Sandy Hook, Print out and devour Stephen J. Sedenskys report on 12-14-12 in Newtown, Ct., along with it’s 100+ page appendix.

    And if possible, visit the site of the alleged event yourself and knock on doors, even doors that lead to voluntary fire units and local newspapers.

    Document all of your findings. Amass a library if necessary.

    Read all you have documented over and over. Think about what news outlets, witnesses and officials have said. Think some more. Keep thinking until you lie awake at night, unable to sleep because you are so disturbed that what has been reported couldn’t possibly have happened.

    Contact others who are as disturbed as you are, and as genuinely determined to uncover the truth as you are. Share research information. Follow hunches and suspicions.

    Don’t be anxious that it appears they have gotten away with it. Don’t worry about the passage of time.

    Keep watching, keep listening. If you slack off for some time, pick it up again. Maintain a steadfast determination to expose unspeakable evils such as Sandy Hook.

    Don’t be overly concerned with transients like Alex Jones, Glen Beck or anyone else for that matter.

    Let the story speak for itself. In the matter of Sandy Hook, it will confess.

    Oh, and this also, very important. Don’t be afraid to be mocked and scorned by friends and family.

    The easiest thing in the world is to go with the flow.

    1. Knocking on doors would be a great way to get arrested or harassed (not that I’m knocking it), the community surrounding Sandy Hook appears to be heavily involved in the cover-up, while others are probably intimidated to speak out, local law enforcement keeps a very tight lid on this sort of investigation, from what I picked up

  17. To me it is quite simple. AJ is a gutless wonder who knows perfect;y well there was no massacre at Sandy Hook but does not want to jeopardise his media empire by admitting it publicly. Cowardice is a way of life over at Infowars, that’s why when AJ interviewed Trump he was perfectly willing to indulge the despicable lies about Muslims celebrating” across the world” on 911.
    At this point anyone expecting honesty from IW is simply brainwashed or hopelessly naive.I long ago decided to stop listening to IW with the exception of Steve P who is worth a listen.

    1. Ooh, Dr Steven P is a person of interest, heed the words of the observers who have watched this guy for many years. This guy worked under 4 Secretaries of State, all of whom were persons of interest. He worked various endeavors for the government agencies that dealt with torture, interrogations, etc.
      Pieczenik is one I’d be a bit careful with when accepting anything of substance from him. Just sayin’, when you look at his background, things kinda look tainted and tilted. Be careful! I would guess he might still be on somebody’s payroll……

  18. This is the reason why Alex Jones is respected by more and more people; he takes a measured approach. He says nobody knows exactly what happened at Sandy Hook, but the official story is false and more investigation needs to be done to expose the truth. That statement is 100% true. Anyone who says they know exactly what happened is lying. Just because some of you want wild, sensationalist stories of lizard shapeshifters or whatever, that’s your problem, not AJ’s. I lose respect for people who make claims they can’t back up.
    Alex sells good supplements that work, he breaks stories MSM won’t cover and he has a dedicated team of real journalists investigating the truth. He has had the biggest impact on the movement against the globalist elites. If you want to sit there speculating on nonsense, be my guest, but don’t expect serious journalists to do the same.
    I detect a lot of jealousy here. Alex is the conspiracy theorist who managed to become mainstream and famous, and there are a lot of internet amateurs who wish they had that kind of exposure.

    1. “Alex is the conspiracy theorist who managed to become mainstream and famous.”

      That really says it all, doesn’t it?

      In this world of deep deception in which we live, fame, recognition and vast wealth are almost never a good sign, IMO. I can’t think of one famous person I trust.

      1. Here’s the problem Haley, once you start distrusting anyone anyone who is well known, simply because they are well known, then you’re dooming our community to always be fragmented, tiny little pockets of extremism, based on an irrational dislike of anything approaching mainstream. I’m not interested in anything but the truth. If the truth doesn’t fit the story I put together in my head, then too bad.
        I don’t know what you want from Alex Jones. He’s very influential and reaches a lot of people, and he’s calling for Sandy Hook to be exposed, he’s saying the official story is bogus and he’s saying it’s being used as propaganda for gun control. All of those things are true and you should be applauding him for saying it. Now he said he doesn’t know exactly what happened at Sandy Hook. How can you possibly have a problem with this? YOU don’t know what happened there either! I have watched every youtube documentary and video on this subject, I’ve researched it for years, I have studied satellite photos, read emails, scoured the deep web for documents, I have researched this as I’m sure most other people have. And I can honestly tell you I don’t know if someone was killed at Sandy Hook or not. I know it was faked, I know those kids didn’t die…But for all I know there was an execution of someone and the massacre hoax was used to cover it up. For all I know something also happened at St Rose of Lima school. The only people who know are the ones who perpetrated the hoax. So don’t attack Jones for speaking the truth.
        And remember, he has been vilified by the MSM over Sandy Hook, and is mocked and hated by all the globalists. I think that speaks volumes.
        If we’re going to succeed, we need to knock out the infighting. Mike Adams has been lashing out at Alex Jones, James Tracy is doing it, everyone seems to think it’s a good idea to tear each other to shreds over nothing, based on (as far as I can tell reading between the lines) professional jealousy.
        Divided we fall.
        So unless you found Obama’s secret diary entry that explains all the ins and outs of Sandy Hook, and are prepared to share that with the rest of us cut Alex some slack when he doesn’t embarrass himself with wild speculations.

    2. AJ is NOT respected more and more-he has long been outed as a Zionist controlled “limited hangout,” his treason re: his “conspiracy” position on Pizzagate was just one of the latest zingers in a long line of “sell-outs” to the Truth Movement

    3. You’re covering up for Jones. I notice you didn’t mention he never says anything about the Tribe and their exploits jamming the goyim. How come?

  19. The Chattanooga mass murdering bus driver is now being reported as having taunted the children with ‘Are you all ready to die’ prior to crashing the bus, and is said to be an alcoholic.

    Murphy’s Stasi State bill is about to pass in the Senate and intrinsic to its lies is the construing of substance abuse problems as ‘mental illnesses.’ No one cares about any of these supposed diseases (even the two real ones), really, until they’re somehow defined by danger to others, especially the public.

    I don’t know if the incident is authentic but the story emerging around it sounds contrived. A mother complained three times about the driver’s reckless handling of the bus but continued to allow her kids to ride on it.

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