Keith Labella Esq.

Trump Is the Legitimate President Based on Constitutional Principles of Federalism and States Rights

Any first year law student should be able to tell you that we have 51 sets of laws, one for the federal government, and 50 for each state.

constitutionFederalism is a fundamental principle of government, in the United States, that defines the relationship between the federal government at the national level, and its constituent units at the state and local levels.

Trump won the majority of states, and he won the majority of electoral votes. We live in a shared system of government. Those citizens who do not like the laws or political make-up of their states are free to move to another state per the Privileges and Immunities Clause, the Commerce Clause as well as other federal statutes and Supreme Court Constitutional interpretations.

This is not a communist country, citizens are allowed to freely emigrate- no one is shot trying to climb over any type of Berlin wall of yore. Of course, all we hear the liberal media talking about is how Hillary won the popular vote by 200,000 to over a million votes.

That does not mean she won the Presidency under our federalist system of government. It is also not unique, it has happened five times before, the last time was Al Gore’s winning the popular vote in the 2000 Presidential election.

If you do not like our federalist system of government, that is too bad for you. Your dislike of federalism does not undermine Trump’s legitimacy one whit. Happy trails Hillary!

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49 thought on “Don’t Trust Corporate Media: Trump’s Presidency is Legitimate”
  1. Why are truthers so pro-Trump?

    A truthstream video circulating around claims Jeffrey Epstein had 14 different numbers for Trump in his black book. When you consider that alongside the irrefutable evidence that Trump makes bizarre perv comments about his own daughter and some random 8-10 year old girl (‘I’ll be dating her in 10 years…’), the portrait of him is dark.

    That doesn’t mean I don’t fully respect that he won the electoral college, however. The popular vote will probably be used to delegitimize Trump’s administration.

    Why did the Founding Fathers create the electoral college system? Did they really anticipate a tension between the urban mobs and the more rural homesteaders? Or was there some other motive? How did slavery factor in…?

    1. The founding fathers set up electoral college to 1) guard against public manipulation by a tyrant and 2) protect small states

      The main problem with this discourse over this popular vote versus electoral college thing is that Americans are CLUELESS in basic civics of their own country. Civics is NOT taught anymore in the schools.

      We are NOT a democracy, we are a republic. Very different. But I guess when you don’t say the pledge anymore, you don’t ask “what is a republic?”.

      In addition, in 1913 the 17th amendment was passed, further eroding the republic. Our system was set up to have the Senate elected by state legislators (not the people directly) and the house was elected by the people directly.

      Dumbing down American’s on their own form of government is being purposely done to break down national sovereignty and state rights. It is part of the NWO plan.

      If one more ignorant mis-educated kid tells me that the electoral college is suppressing our democracy – well I am going to choke them! And beware – there is a movement going on to remove the electoral college.

      1. The electoral college Will set up for exactly the reasons you stated. So small states would have at least 1 to 4 votes.

        If it did not exist, California and New York will determine the presidency.

        The only problem I see with it is that should be divided equally in every state. When Democrats are running for president thay automatically get the 55 votes of California.
        That is completely unfair.

        In 2012 mitt Romney actually won 40% of California but got zero votes because winner takes all. Eliminate that feature and I think it’s a very fair system.

    2. “Why did the Founding Fathers create the electoral college system?”

      Answer: Because there is no way the Constitution would be ratified otherwise. Under the Articles of Confederation, the states were really States–independent countries. They gave up a lot when they overthrew the United States government, and replaced it with the one we have now.

      The point is, this country is called the United STATES of America, not the united PERSONS of America. If the ignoramuses who wish to end the Electoral College get their way, we’d have to change the name of the country, and people at Trump rallies would have to change their chant from USA! USA! to UPA! UPA!, which would be sad, because, I’m guessing, they would slip, and chant UPS! UPS! FedEx would have a problem with that, too, most likely.

      The states choose the president, because the states created the federal government to begin with.

      “Did they really anticipate a tension between the urban mobs and the more rural homesteaders?”

      Obviously not. That had absolutely nothing to do with it. It was all about convincing the citizens of the several states to agree to the constitutional coup that was hatched in Philadelphia. The states created the Articles, and the states were asked to replace them.

      “Or was there some other motive?”

      I just explained it.

      “How did slavery factor in…?”

      Slavery factored in very importantly, in that by the time of the rebellion against Britain, most of the slaves held in the North had been moved to the Southern states (New York retained a very great number of slaves at the time, though). Since the decennial census counts people, and the census determines how many Representatives each state sends to Congress, and since the Electoral College numbers derive from that number, a question arose at the Convention: the Southern States would have a lock on everything in the new government, because of their vastly larger population. The Northern states would not ratify the new Constitution under those conditions.

      So a compromise was devised. A deal. When the census came around, and all the slaves were counted, the census-taker would automatically throw away two out of five, and thus the South would give up much of its power for the sake of switching governmental systems, to artificially make their population closer to that of the Northern states. They would have fewer Representatives, and thus fewer Electors.

    3. The alleged “truthers” that support Trump are shills, that’s why. I’ve never seen Tracy post anything against Trump on his twitter.

      BOTH Republicrats and Demopublicans work for the same side and voting is an illusion and a fraud. ANYONE who calls themselves a truther and supports ANY president under the current system is either shilling, or completely ignorant of reality.

    4. The establishment went all out to defeat Trump.If there were the least bit of dirt other than the pasted together Trump recording, Obama and his administration had access to it and it would have been used.

      My question is always: how come the pro-Clinton voters completely ignore that she is a known mass-murderer: it was she who made sure that Libya was destroyed through importing of terrorists and Obama’s bombing. 30-50,000 people were killed and 50,000 wounded. The most advanced country in Africa with freedom for women, free education, healthcare and energy was demolished. It was a secular country with freedom of religion and 60% of university students were women.

      You know, I post a longer version of the above to all my friends, going back to high school, who support Hillary and once I post it, they NEVER answer me or they un-friend me. Therein lies the truth.

    1. Christians abandon the sins of the father being visited upon the children to the fourth or fifth generation belief, and, replace it with forgiveness. There is no baggage with Trump’s in-law, and the elder Kushner served his time.

      1. True, God doesn’t punish the child for the sin of the parent. However, the consequences of the sins of the parent are often visited upon the children, meaning the example set by the parents makes the children prone to the same sins.

  2. The Trump Presidency is the first to be victimized by “political mobbing” in the history of this country. There has been voter fraud and dirty political tactics in the past, however, this is the first Presidential campaign, and the first duly elected President, to endure political mobbing. Hillary’s paid operatives were captured on video explaining their use of bird dogging, at Trump rallies, with the explicit intent to incite violence. Violent protests were funded and organized at Trump rallies across the country with rent-a-mob, paid professional protesters inciting violence. Nationwide violent protests continue unabated, and well funded, with professional agitators being shuttled into cities across the country, including the Capitol. These nationwide protests continue against the duly elected President. Professional agitators and operatives are seeking to undermine the legitimately elected President for the first time in the history of this country. This undermines over 200 years of peaceful transition of power in American Presidential history.

    Last night, Vice President Pence was singled out, at the Broadway Show “Hamilton” for directed conversation from the stage actors. In political polemic, Pence was asked whether or not he would protect minority rights. Pence was booed by the audience, upon leaving mid-show, a coordinated act of political mobbing having been conducted against him by stage and audience. Pence was robbed of his right to peacefully enjoy an evening out with his family without group harassment.

    These coordinated attacks against Trump, and those close to him, have become very personal, undignified and wholly un-American. Michelle Obama’s designer, Sophie Theallet, has refused to make clothing for Melania Trump. Death threats have come from corporate CEO’s and university academics. Diluted to its essence, the question is whether or not America will remain a nation of laws or will be subject to rule by the mob. This rule by the mob will, of course, be a rule by George Soros, and other deep pockets funding the political mobbing attacks that seek to undermine Trump’s legitimacy. This type of mobbing attack is characteristic of totalitarian regimes and police states, and, has no precedent in the American political process. The question for the American people is whether or not they have the courage to stand by their political tradition of peaceful transition of power, or, whether they will allow billionaires like Soros to fund a domestic political coup d’etet setting the precedent for an American Banana Republic.

    1. We’re definitely a ‘nation of laws’. We’re just not a nation of the Ten Commandments. I think there is a huge distinction. The most awful things can be passed off as ‘law’.

      And the Supreme Court is a prime example.

  3. I don’t trust ‘alternative media’ much either. Fellowship of the Minds writer really loses me with some of his latest (I think the author is a he):

    There is no concrete evidence for any of the claims about Hillary Clinton’s supposed ties to child sex rings, or satanic worshipping. The author provides zero concrete proof for the claim that she physically attacked John Podesta, and he repeats the hystrionic claim about her going into a ‘drunken psychotic rage.’ Somehow I doubt even drunk she’d become ‘psychotic.’

    Truthstream media released that video lamenting the truther movement’s seeming abdication of real skepticism. The narrator implied that the movement has become wholly infiltrated.

    Either that or it’s always been a refuge for cranks and charlatans.

    I am just sick of being reported to as if I, a skeptic, have no greater powers of discernment than a National Enquirer addict.

      1. I read the article. I don’t see any smoking gun piece of evidence that definitively indicates HRC somehow involved herself in or even knew of this sex-trafficking. There’s a comment under the article which explains how this isn’t proven or even strongly indicated, and that clarifies certain assertions about certain people in the article.

        So if you have some piece of evidence that strongly indicates HRC is involved please show me it. All I see are endless links and claims that aren’t substantiated in any way at all.

        I say this because there seems to be boundless hysteria about rampant pedophilia rings. Some of the evidence submitted seem to be strong indicators, but much of the noise about the extent of the practice seems hyped. I think there are a couple motivations for the hyping. One is that it demoralizes people to the point where they withdraw and become complacent. Another is that to establish the existence of this vast and broad shadow world enables people to hurl accusations without being expected to proffer any points of actual proof. So ‘pedophilia ring’ hysteria becomes a useful tool for political assassination. I even think some of the personalities who’ve come out on the issue in the last year, on Twitter for example, are probably agents to set up these conditions.

        Some think the main motivation would be to ‘normalize’ the practice. I might say ‘banalize’ it instead.

        Overall the standard of proof does seem to have faltered considerably in the truth movement. I don’t believe this is mostly spontaneous or ‘organic.’

        1. Excuse the grammar mistakes above, I didn’t proofread.

          Another motivation might be to distract so that would-be skeptics of, say, Trump and his new administration waste time chasing down rabbit holes instead of scrutinizing the abuses of power truly being perpetrated. Heck, there might even be a campaign to discredit the reality that there are some pedophile rings run among the powerful by making it all sound ridiculous and overwrought.

          Something is up that’s not just about exposing the real issue, though.

        2. Sue,
          I wanted to add to your thoughts about pedophilia hysteria, and the promotion of a “vast and broad shadow world,” to use your expressive phrase.

          I’ve noticed that when many people, including “truthers” sometimes, speak about the subject, their prescriptions tend toward increased surveillance, especially of the so-called dark web. We are told that suspects have been caught trying to access this nefarious haven for criminals, while the poor government is stuck outside wringing its hands due to well-meaning but naïve privacy rights advocates.

          All of these images are false. With the right tools, anyone can access the part of the web that is uncatalogued by google, including the government (don’t think they don’t.) In the same way, anyone can encrypt their communications so that they remain private.

          Proponents of government authority try to confuse the two, with the promise that breaking encryption will bring sunshine in to disinfect these dismal areas of criminal activity. The government wants us to think of the web as this newfangled “Wild West” without any rules, and forget that they still have all their traditional, and legal, detective strategies which they deploy under the awesome authority of the state.

          I think this was a big part of Pieczenik’s “counter-coup” op. While he wanted to make sure that the intelligence services would not be damaged in the aftermath of “breaking” the Wikileaks stories about Clinton, his promotion of pedophilia hysteria serves the longer con of negating the privacy rights of citizens.

          Anyone trying to maintain the authority of the intelligence services would necessarily want to invoke the absolute necessity of the government to access all the communications of every person on earth.

          Like “terror,” pedophilia offers that excuse.

      2. Very interesting, Toni. I’m heartened to hear that some regulars see through Pieczenik’s smoke and mirrors. I myself didn’t pay much attention to him because some of his basic profile facts already fully discredit him, but MHB is always a great cheat sheet for those unwilling to do all their homework. Your sense is that his exposes serve as pro-surveillance propaganda, and that sounds very possible to probable. Your insight also has me wondering if that tack was taken with the dumping (by the NYPD! allegedly) of the ‘spirit-cooking’ emails. I can’t get James Tracy’s links to click regarding the New York Times advocating censorship to deal with ‘fake news,’ but perhaps it further illuminates this thinking. It would be the left, after all (or certain elements of it), that would defend free speech – until their martyr was supposedly so mercilessly crucified by it.

        1. To clarify, there was no actual ‘dumping’ of real emails, just a promise to do so, and that such emails existed to begin with.

        2. Sue, your reminder that the promised info was never forthcoming has me wondering if old Dr. Pieczenik has not fooled me in some sense. I bought it when he said he wanted to protect his laundry list of intelligence entities by giving out only as much info as necessary to accomplish the counter-coup, “without damaging the nation.”

          But I had it backwards. Protecting the intelligence agencies was the excuse to cover for there being no substance to the allegations he was insinuating. Now I think he was piggy-backing his satanic/child murder memes onto the Podesta emails to leach off of, and even to control, their impact. Yes, it was quite the “Second Revolution,” as Pieczenik patriotically proclaimed it.

          (I can’t believe that I ever accepted that an intelligence agency, or any other government agency for that matter, was in danger. Ha! From what, the people’s wrath?)

          So his conjecture paired Satanism with pedophilia and got floated out, and disgust and vindication were expressed all around, loudly and sometimes too gleefully, but still with a general sense of “we’ve got to do something about this! We must expose this shadowy network of bad actors. I think they’re organizing in the dark web!” In the meantime, many a good journalist is distracted for days into making pizza party jokes and ridiculing art.

          And to a hopeful intelligence agent, we’re one more slog down the road toward what China calls internet sovereignty, meaning sovereignty of government over the internet. Total surveillance, as I need remind no one here, is a global goal.

          Pieczenik. You can’t say he didn’t come right out and tell us his job was psy-ops.

        3. There you go, Toni. Everyone has allowed their imaginations and speculations to run wild based on promises of evidence. People seem to think double quotes appearing around a phrase guarantees it was actually spoken by someone. I believe very little until I’m shown concrete, irrefutable proof. I’ve had official records falsified about me that not only fabricate comments I’ve never made, but also actions and thoughts I’ve never taken or held, etc.

          I really should watch the Pieczenik video before commenting further, but the notion of taking the rantings and ravings of any psychiatrist seriously is just too much. There’s a point where people need to apply some scientific objective standards. If someone has taken up selling snake oil for a living, his word just can’t be trusted. Pieczenik has problems beyond just his fraudulent profession anyway.

          Here’s an example of what’s seeming very contrived to me:

          How many sketches of crime suspects look so real and detailed, almost like photographs? None that I’ve ever seen. Add to the phoniness of all this that prior to Pizzagate reports held that two established sex slavers had been seen in the area along with one’s boat on the night of McCann’s disappearance, and that one was a well known russian and the other a brit. I think one had even been spied carrying a child during the time period McCann was abducted.

          This is just one example. But it has me questioning whether there’s even authenticity to the actual emails dumped with the references to pizza and other foods that are clearly some kind of code.

    1. If you think Hillary Clinton is snow white in her career dealings, you are pretty lazy not having read the reams of information about their dealings in Arkansas and later in DC. Strangely, your lament signifies you write more about you than anybody else. There’s boxcars of verbiage written about the Clintons that you defend, you might spend some time coming in out of the rain. TheClintons are worthy of scorn from all of us. Lower than a lizard’s belly and proud of it…..

      1. Where exactly did I express the opinion or even imply that ‘Hillary Clinton is snow white’ in any realm of her life? Her career malfeasance still wouldn’t serve as proof of involvement in child trafficking.

        You are the one defending a man about whom there is irrefutable proof of serious perv tendencies, or have you missed the videos of him sexualizing a 10 year old girl, his own daughter, etc.?

        I’m shocked at the extent to which the truther movement has taken leave of its common sense.


    No it isn’t. And I will attempt, in the limited time and space I have, to explain why.
    Hitlery Clinton is a criminal. That’s not even conspiracy theory at this point. It’s common knowledge. James Comey ADMITTED she was engaged in criminal activity. Just because he chose not to prosecute doesn’t make her any less of a criminal when he admits to the criminal activity that took place. She admits she “made a mistake.” Well when you are admitting to doing the wrong thing your being accused of, well, you just admitted your guilt. Which would make Hitlery Clinton, by her own admission, a traitor. By the laws set up to “govern” the Federal Government, Hitlery is barred from holding any public office. Ever.
    But she went ahead and ran for President anyways. Congress could have stopped her but they chose not to. Trey Gowdy did a remarkably mediocre job of acting all pissy and mad but didn’t actually do anything.
    So now you had an election with only one electable candidate. But you can’t have an election with only one candidate. You have to have two electable candidates in order to have an election. If you only have one electable candidate, you don’t have an election. You have fraud and treason.
    EVERYONE in the Federal Government knows this. And by knowingly participating in a fraudulent election, they made themselves accessories to fraud and treason.
    Donald Trump knows this. And by participating in a fraudulent election made himself an accessory to fraud and treason.
    Any American people who voted should have known this. But through their own ignorance voted anyways. Making themselves accessories to fraud and treason.
    And if you dig deep into Donald Trumps past you find connections to a whole lot of shady characters with known ties to Meyer Lansky and the you-know-who mafia.
    So what you had folks, was a fraudulent and treasonous election and your candidates were Al Capone vs. Charles Manson. The only difference is that Hitlery has had way more people murdered than Manson ever did.
    I hope this helps to explain to everyone why Donald Trump’s Presidency is NOT legitimate.

    And as for Keith Labella Esquire. We don’t have titles of nobility in this country, fella. You need to pack your breifcase and go back to Limeyland and practice your limey law over there where it belongs.

    1. “So now you had an election with only one electable candidate. But you can’t have an election with only one candidate. You have to have two electable candidates in order to have an election”

      Excuse me. In Florida where I voted, there were about 7 candidates running for the office of President of the US. I voted for Darrel Castle, the Constitution Party candidate.

      The only people that saw two candidates or limited themselves to two candidates are the sheople. It was not a fraudulent election.

      1. Congratulations. You’ve made yourself an accessory to fraud and treason by voting. And as for your other candidates, they did the same thing by participating. If you can even call them candidates. I wouldn’t.
        The minute Hitlery admitted to her crime any and all candidates should have immediately dropped out and demanded a new election without Hitlery in it.
        As a matter of fact, If I had the time, which I don’t, I could go all the way back to the election of all the State delegates to the Contitutional Convention and prove those elections fraudulent. And hence, any election that has ever taken place since then.

        1. “accessory to fraud and treason by voting”…….this about covers the entire human race. I’ve heard of global statements, but yours is beyond the pale. Could I serve jail time for this fraud?????

        2. It doesn’t cover the entire human race. I’m a person and I’ve never voted. Now will I, until my Rights and the Rights of every other American have been restored as the supreme law of the nation the way they were meant to be.
          It’s right there in Article 9 of the Bill of Rights. One simple sentence. You should read it sometime.
          As for your going to jail. Well you did what your slavemasters told you to do like a good slave so you should be ok. I wouldn’t go bragging about voting though, just to be on the safe side.
          As we have seen, it’s ok for the slavemasters to commit fraud and treason because they certainly aren’t going to throw themselves in jail.
          You as lowly slave though….probably best to err on the side of caution and be careful who you talk to about it.

      1. I don’t give a rats patootie what some Admiralty Court bench warmer said in a memo.
        The law has to apply equally to everyone. Across the board. Or there is NO LAW. Only dictate.
        Bet you didn’t know that America was a Dictatorship, did you?
        So go ahead and cram that in your nuance hole.

    2. Well, I heard that Esquire is a Freemasonry designation, identifying one’s membership in the Royal Order of the Red Branch of Eri. This Labella fella is obviously laughing in our faces, using it openly like this.

      The best we can do is gang up on him.

      (j/k, PF)

      Actually, in the United States, Esquire, as is generally known, is a courtesy title indicating an attorney.

      1. Agreed Toni, but no one pays attention to acient history anymore and Trump was selected to psy-ops the truth movement and usher in Project Bluebeam and the fake aliens invasion to bring us under the NWO.

        A thousand year plan and advance algorithm is what we’re dealing with…

  5. Yes,
    we don’t recognize titles in this country, nor kings nor queens nor tyrants, it is absolutely unfathomable the way Hollywood and media presents the tyranny of a monarchy as some kind of ridiculous romantic fairy tale

    1. Re-listen to President-elects victory speech. He clearly states I spoke with “Secretary” Clinton and she conceded. What is she Secretary of? So we are practicing this nobility everyday – pay attention to the news channels, et al. Rarely do they say – former secretary or former governor, etc.
      It makes me sick because I agree that we shouldn’t have nobility – but if you listen you will find it happening all the time. They get knighted and it appears to stick for life.

  6. Dan, you might want to read Marilynne Martin’s comment above.She points out the substantive reasons why the electoral system functions to balance states rights with the federal government in our Republic. Ric’s comment on California and New York determining every election in a popular vote system is also spot on. The content of the article, and the discussion on this thread offer insights almost completely absent from the MSM’s shilling for Hillary, and, harping on the fact that she won the popular vote. A nationwide popular vote would ensure a Democratic hegemony in the Oval Office. That might be alright with the Northeast liberal elite, but it’s not with me. I’m also sure that it’s not the will of the silent majority, and, we will not see a nationwide popular vote.

    “All politics is local.”- Thomas P. O’Neill, Jr.

  7. Anyone who believes this is dreaming: that we/you/our government would recognize as legitimate an election IN ANY OTHER COUNTRY in which the leading vote getter by well over a million votes was not declared the winner. We would laugh contemptuously at that country, as I’m sure millions the world over are now At us.

    Thus is true no matter what side you are on. What a pathetic choice we had.

    1. And to the REPUBLIC for which it stands.

      Are these other country a republic for which their state joined the republic with the understanding that the state will vote for the Federal leader through “electors”, not the people?

      America is NOT a democracy. It is a republic governed by a Constitution.

      Read the Constitution. If you can’t read, then ask one of these stupid apps to read it to you.

      Article 2 of the Constitution lays out the rules for electors.

      Why they laugh at us American’s? Because of our ignorance to our own civics.

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