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November 16. 2016

A private citizen working in the public interest to increase news transparency has announced a $10,000 reward, payable in Bitcoin, for the names of the PropOrNot news hoaxers. If successful, the names will be shared with the FBI, Sen. Jeff Sessions and the Trump administration.

Last week, the Washington Post was hoaxed by PropOrNot, which tricked the Post into printing an article that falsely claimed 200 independent news websites were being run by the Russian government. Natural News demanded the Washington Post retract the fabricated story, but the Post has so far refused to issue a retraction or apology, proving the news organization has abandoned all pretense of reporting factual news.

PropOrNot, a shadowy group at the center of the story, is obviously nothing more than a cabal of disgruntled, delusional liberals wallowing in paranoid delusions and political conspiracy theories. (This is the new standard of “facts” the Washington Post now embraces, by the way.) While ridiculously accusing hundreds of websites of working for the Kremlin, the PropOrNot group hides behind anonymity, claiming they don’t want to go public with their names out of fear of a Russian retaliation (there’s that delusional paranoia kicking in again…)

The aim of the $10,000 reward is to encourage citizen researchers to uncover the real identities of PropOrNot organizers, then to disclose that information in the public interest. Some clues have already been published on the ‘net; see below for possible clues as a starting point.

Here are the guidelines of the offer, as described to Natural News:

• The reward is payable in Bitcoin.

• The reward is open to any person, anywhere on the planet, except where such an offer may be prohibited by law.

• The reward is not open to persons inside the PropOrNot organization.

• “Success” for qualifying to receive the reward Bitcoins is defined as follows:

– Names and unique identifiers (such as home addresses) must be provided for a minimum of TEN members of the PropOrNot group (which currently claims 30 or so members).

– A chain of evidence must be provided that conclusively proves the people named are behind the PropOrNot news hoaxing organization. In other words, a person can’t just make up 10 names and claim they are the founders. There must be clear, convincing evidence that conclusively links the people to the organization.

– The reward is only payable ONCE and only payable to the FIRST researcher to provide the required details. There is no reward for being second.

– If the identities of the PropOrNot group are somehow made public BEFORE this reward is issued, then the reward will no longer be offered, since the information is already public knowledge.

– Natural News intends to vet the information provided to us. The researcher must allow us three business days to vet all the information, after which time we will render a decision to the sponsor of the reward, telling them the information is either “conclusive” or “not conclusive.” If it is “conclusive” then the person offering the reward will immediately initiate the Bitcoin reward to the wallet address provided by the researchers. Natural News guarantees that we will not in any way unreasonably withhold approval of the reward. (I stake our reputation on dealing honestly with researchers who achieve the goal of accurately identifying the names of those behind PropOrNot.)

– The tax consequences of receiving $10,000 worth of Bitcoin are the responsibility of the recipient.

New clues

The “PropOrNot Propaganda Flagger” Chome add-in shows it is registered to:
530-B Harkle Road
STE 100
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Another clue that MAY (I emphasize MAY) lead in the direction of the identities of the people behind PropOrNot.

From CounterPunch.org:

CounterPunch is listed on PropOrNot’s home page as number nine on the PropOrNot.org blacklist, under the headline: “Russian Propaganda Targets All Americans.” PropOrNot conveniently included two links to CounterPunch articles which it indicates make its case for including the site on their list. The first, under the heading “Review Article,” takes the reader to a page of a very similar looking site called ToInformistoInfluence.com and an article headlined: “Russia Useful Idiots Proliferate Russian Propaganda.” Below that snarky headline, the analyst Joel Harding gives a bylined analysis of the article, in which he questions the author’s qualifications to be a self-described part of the American left, since he identifies himself as a socialist, which Harding then tells the reader “isn’t exactly the normal American ‘left’, but the ‘remnants of the Soviet’ left.” Comically, Harding fails to notice that actually the CounterPunch author in this case isn’t even a US resident, but describes himself as a “retired aerospace worker living in British Columbia.”

What Natural News intends to do with this information

If this research project is successful, Natural News intends to share this information with the FBI, Sen. Jeff Sessions, officials inside the Trump administration and our law firm that’s pursuing legal action against the group.

Secondly, Natural News intends to publicly publish the names of the PropOrNot participants so that they can no longer hide their delusional conspiracy theories behind anonymity.

Thirdly, Natural News intends to file suit against these individuals while naming the Washington Post as a co-defendant in the lawsuit.

Unlike PropOrNot and the WashPost, Natural News will remain completely transparent throughout this entire process, openly sharing what we find with the world in the interests of journalistic integrity and news transparency.

Researchers who wish to take on this task may contact us through our contact page. Put “PropOrNot” in the subject or your email or submitted feedback message. Once a connection is established, we will provide a secure channel for further discussion.

For members of the media who are reporting on this, here are some statements you can use, which you may attribute to Mike Adams, editor of NaturalNews.com:

“The Washington Post has proven itself to be engaged in journalistic malpractice, knowingly printing a false and defamatory report from a shadowy group of delusional conspiracy theorists who have turned their hatred for Donald Trump into a vendetta against the only remaining free press in America.”

“The people of America deserve to know who is behind the defamatory accusations that claim hundreds of independent media websites are somehow controlled by the Russian government. In truth, most of the websites named by PropOrNot are pro-Constitution, patriotic sites run by the most dedicated, genuine Americans you’ll ever meet. It’s the radical leftists like those running PropOrNot who are worshippers of Fidel Castro and Soviet-style communism.”

“Natural News intends to contribute to honesty in reporting by publicly disclosing the names of the deceptive individuals behind the PropOrNot news hoaxing effort. This disclosure is necessary for a continued public debate on the abandonment of real journalism by the Washington Post and the collapsing credibility of the left-wing news media, which now spreads blatantly fake news as a matter of course.”

Stay tuned for updates…

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