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This is what we DON’T want! No more false flags, no more 9/11s, no more Sandy Hooks, Orlando shootings or any other hoaxes, propaganda or B^!!$#!%! What we want now is the truth!

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40 thought on “No More False Flags, No More B^!!$#!%! (Video)”
  1. Mr. Pieczenik, We also do not wish that central banks should continue “independent” of their respective govts– so that they can instead be controlled by the international banking cabal thru the Fed/IMF system.

    We understand how this banking system has been set up to force excessive and unnecessary trade which makes workers everywhere compete against each other to see who can make the highest profits for the oligarchs.

    Development depends upon investment, but nations labelled “developing”– just about all of them including Russia– may not issue their own currency and credits as needed. The Fed/IMF system mandates that these may be issued only in an amount equal to the country’s export earnings. The resulting distortion of entire economies results as everyone scrabbles for “export income.” Satisfying the domestic market takes a backseat, as even producing FOOD is set aside to grow soybeans or cotton or whatever for export. Entire countries slip into debt slavery by borrowing at interest worthless paper dollars to meet their needs instead of printing their own currencies.

    And the US itself sinks deeper in debt since it can issue dollars only by selling bonds. Latterly, the oligarchs who control our govt have taken to selling off our resources, infrastructure & assets. Now they flirt with giving up US territory for debt.

    I think, Mr. Piecznek, that while truthful information is deeply appreciated, that a more complete revolution will be required. Donald Trump’s further deregulation of Banking via the Financial CHOICE Act will never fly.

      1. My concern is who is this author? He shows up on the scene all of a sudden, and now he is speaking for us? Beware of new voices thrust upon the people,I haven’t seen this man before over the years of observing the political scene,
        please weigh in if you have followed this author’s work over the years

        1. Dr. P was on Alex Jones show several times in the Spring of 2011. He was on that show one time a few years before that.

          I just have always had an uneasy feeling about Dr. P. Right now I sure would like to believe him but until I see some very top level people get a just trial and prison sentence for treason among other crimes, I just will have to live with my uneasy feeling.

          The full article may still be accessible after signing up for

          but it is here…

          March 30, 2016 at 8:14 AM

          Dr. P. came on the scene five years ago and many on the alternative media sites have thoroughly discussed this person. Here’s a sample from five years ago.

          Excerpt from
          Joel Skousen’s May 13, 2011 World Affairs Brief newsletter


          “Meanwhile on our own side of the search for what really happened, Alex Jones came up with several blockbuster interviews with one Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, touted as a former Deputy Secretary of State and the greatest insider expert on psychological operations and military intelligence. Frankly, I’m skeptical that this guy is really on our side.

          First of all he claims a bit too much and exaggerates his background. He wasn’t a Deputy Secretary of State, but rather a “senior official” at State—a catch all term that can be used by anyone whose has had some executive status at State for over 10 years. He hinted to Alex Jones that he was very instrumental in the creation of the US Delta Force. Not true, though he may have had some input into their hostage negotiation techniques, which seems to be his only really legitimate use at State. … ” SNIP

          His physical appearance has changed greatly since what was presented on the web in 2011.

          This latest video leaves me also with an uneasy feeling. He used mild words like “nonsense” and “hoax”. The truth is the USA has been murdering innocent men, women and children all over the world and causing our soldiers to be killed and maimed in continuous unjust wars for decades.

        2. He´s been a Zionist shill on Zionist shill Infowars, proclaiming the Saudis did it diversion theory. The Trump regime is a Zionist operation to steer the public from the real truth. Its a 100% psyops!

      2. Agreed. There just is no such thing as an on the level psychiatrist.

        As of 2017 Medicare and Medicaid recipients will be forced to be ‘treated’ by teams of doctors even when it comes to routine office visits for annual physicals. The team will include psychiatric and behavioral health ‘experts:’

        They want the ‘collaborative care’ model to become standard for the whole medical field. It’s not entirely clear from the link whether this all inclusive collaboration will immediately apply to recipients who aren’t already classified as ‘behavioral health’ or ‘psychiatric’ patients but it looks suspicious, and certainly older people on Medicare are being plied with outrageous amounts of psychotropics.

        Rutgers professor Kevin Allred was forced to the ER at Bellevue for making politically charged comments in class or on social media:

        I want to make sure everyone reading understands that people get committed in NJ (and probably NYC) all the time for doing far less than Allred. Psychiatrists will back down every time from any confrontation with the middle class jury they know a citizen might take up his or her case with, so when that’s at all likely they feign innocence and don’t try to abuse the power the state endows them with.

        I actually think Allred’s incident might be a decoy type operation, although in this day and age it’s not impossible an RU student may have actually thought they could have him committed for simply making obnoxious incendiary comments (I detest Allred but respect his right to free speech). Even so, with Allred tweeting to his many followers as the incident transpired it’s not surprising the shrinks feigned sanity.

        With the purge of certain Alt Right figures from Twitter, this could be a way to make it appear as if both far right and far left extremism would be subject to controls, but it’s even moreso a way to allay budding concerns in whites about the impending Stasi State.

        1. To add, the most well known Alt Right leader purged from Twitter was Richard Spencer, who heads the National Policy Institute or something like that.

          What’s interesting about Spencer is that he’s considered very ‘kosher’ by skeptics within the pro-white world (accurately). Some think he’s the ultimate form of controlled op. His twitter account was totally civil and mild (I don’t follow him closely but know his persona) and lacking in any wording that could be construed as exhortations to violence.

          So it’s highly odd that he was targeted, although tough to know whether the Alt Right’s promotion of Trump is now being castrated, perhaps so that the president elect can’t be further associated with him.

          Far more authentic challengers to the kosher status quo are so far being ignored, but rumors are circulating that there is a more serious repression along Stasi State lines to be enacted as of December 1.

        2. Here’s Alex Jones on the topic with Joe Biggs and some ‘anti-pedophile’ truther twitter luminaries:

          Everyone on Jones is always suspect, obviously. Brittney Jones purports to be an -anti-pedophile’ Alt Right truther who has appeared on Twitter in the last year. Her accent sounds vaguely Canadian.

          It’s hard to believe any sober truther still believes anything coming from Jones. This video seems so canned.

  2. We want the perpetraitors of Sandy Hook , Boston Bombing, Orlando Hoax brought to justice. These people are traitors and deserve nothing less than to be swinging from ropes … Starting with Stumpy Bauman.

    1. Yes, and add the 9/11 perps in there as well. They’ve made out like bandits over the last 15 years since $8 trillion dollars went “missing” from the Pentagon coffers, and all we get is an ever-increasing police and “security” state, more foreign wars and more debt.

  3. ….we don’t want the continued secrecy, surveillance and the electromagnetic propagation of weather manipulation and AGW climate change fraud nor the Tallinn Treaty or any other variation of the TPP designed not to lift the world up from poverty but create the old world elite ruling class over feudal slaves in a one world serfdom. We do not want the IMF mission team members from past regimes back at the helm nor any new members from the alt-right created to defraud us with this phony second revolution nonsense. We want mass encarcerations, election reform, broad executive order repealing and we wish never to see or hear the name of John Bolton or any other Captain Kangaroos from 911.

  4. Let me get this straight, Trump and “all his people” are working for we the people? That would include Mr. dis-info Rudy Giuliani would it not? Newt “contract with America” Gingrich?

    Enough will never be enough for the willfully ignorant and those who strive to maintain it.

  5. Rense and Fetzer debated the significance of Pieczenik’s message and its “revelations” on a recent radio show. Fetzer thought it was important because it was an admission by an insider of previously unacknowledged false-flags, while Rense thought it added nothing new and gave it a “so what” shrug.
    I agree with Rense here. Many if not most of the former members of the intelligence and defense agencies and departments who voice their opinions in the blogosphere seem to have an exalted opinion of their own opinions and blow smoke most of the time. Sibel Edmonds, Scott Bennet, Susan Lindauer, Ray McGovern, Gordon Duff, and many others whose names I forget.
    Pieczenik seems to be one of those. Sure, he has good credentials and he shows up periodically on Alex Jones’/ Bill Hicks’ show at key times. But he offers nothing new here, and has rarely done so in the past on Alex Jones. He claims or suggests that he represents a community of disgruntled intelligence officers, but is there any reason to believe that? No. He’s just an old retired codger, out of the game, who wants to be relevant again.
    During the Comey affair, he claimed that he was the spokesman of sorts for the community of ex-spooks, who had released info to Wikileaks. But how much was really released to Wikileaks that was deep insider info? Not much, if any. The Wikileaks releases consisted almost entirely of John Podesta emails, which came through a mass hacking of Yahoo mail. We got nothing of other persons’ email accounts, or of anything on the Anthony Wiener hard-drive, which the NYPD has, and the CIA almost certainly has, and no evidence of a concerted ex-CIA/FBI action.
    I wouldn’t call Pieczenik a “disinfo agent”. He’s like the retired guy who likes to come back to the office and acts like he still runs the place.

    1. Very insightful posting, SVBob. Do not completely agree with all you wrote but it very helpful toward hearing all opinions and coming to a correct discernment, at least for me personally.

      Again, have strong misgivings about Dr. P. and have had for over five years. I think it was Fletcher Prouty who said something like “once CIA, always CIA.” So true. Fill in the blank on the Mossad and MI5 and MI6 etc.

      I wish I could think of Dr. P. as just an old codger who wants a last hurrah but I do not. That video of original point of this discussion shows a very close shot of the “honest face and honest eyes” of the actor and looks very theatrical to me.

      As someone who has been through various phases of the “patriot”, right wing (from lefty Catholic Democrat origins), to heavy duty 9-11 truth lay researcher yadda, yadda and on I go…

      I feel like
      de ja vous all over again.

      Like they have hit the back button and replay button about 10 years back and are doing a replay now with the older same faces and players and warmed over memes. The same old one world death and slavery for all neocons and neocons in sheep’s clothing coming out of the woodwork.

      There are a couple of MAJOR realities in our present environment that all factions seem to be completely ignoring. Here are a couple of them.

      People are waking up to left / right games big time

      People are waking up to how even the Internet, the prime factor in our waking up and coming more to truth, is on the same track as the news media (newspapers and talking heads on MSM news shows etc). We know now not to trust, not to believe, because they are all purchased and have been lying to us, and lying us into wars, for over a half century.

      Lastly, there IS going to be a USA economic collapse very soon and a concurrent worldwide economic breakdown. When the full force of that happens is being controlled by our shadow world government controllers, but will probably be let loose right after Trump gets in oval office, if he makes it there. That fact wipes out all the wonderful “take America back” plans and actions of Trump.

      As a Christian, I want zero to do with the Left, and I want nothing to do with whatever is starting to being called the “Right” or the “new Right” or the “alt-right.” All of that works fundamentally against the true tenets of the whole of Christ’s teachings.

      I am just thanking God Almighty that a nuclear war has maybe been pushed back a bit.

  6. Sorry not buying it!

    Donald Trump is friendly with with Likudniks and 9/11 collaborators. He represents a different side, perhaps a regrouping, of the Bankster/Zio mafia already in charge. They´ll might throw a few people under the bus now, but they expect to be back to business as usual soon enough.

    The media has been playing the public like fools this election cycle. Wikileaks on one hand has favoured DT wholeheartedly, MSM the Clinton team. It´s a cheap ‘good cop bad cop routine’. WL mean to tell us that a fat cat from NYC is clean, no dirt on him at all, no enemies?!! Yeah right! PTB owns both sides. They just threw MSM under the bus this time.

    Like George Carlin said: ”It´s a big club, and you ain´t in it!”

    Trump was selected to win from the beginning. Just search for ’election fraud’ on veterans today and you should be convinced!

    There was only one anti war candidate that voters could choose and that was Jill Stein. She wanted to ”take home troops from over 800 bases”. She got no time in the media, or help from WL! Sadly no one in their right mind could vote for her since the public (those who understood the message) got an ultimatum with the two other choices:

    One representing a death threat by a clearly deranged ”Satan in grandma form”, who promised us WWIII with Russia. The other one a two faced shill for Likudnik Zionists that won´t give us WWIII. Thats how they roll, the house always wins!
    Or no one does.

    The ”Infowars” zio-shill faux truthers have take the White House. A massive power grab of these kosher nationalists! Proving the strength of the Zio-Faux-Alt-Media at this moment. And that the plan of ”Ordo ab Chao” continues in its next phase.

    I expect an increased risk of false flags now. Like Dr. Kevin Barrett says; They will rally the masses towards a common enemy, Carl Schmitt style. Muslims will be the target, increased general oppression (for all) the goal, for the purpose to protect the current myths we have in our civilization (that benefit Zionism and fractional reserve banking).

    Considering how much real truth is out there on the web these days, it was imperative to get the shills in place now to minimize the damage that is possible right now. But we all know who really did Charlie Hebdo, 9/11, Le Bataclan, London Bombing etc. Read Kevin Barrett´s books if there are still questions about that!

    I hope goodhearted people will see through all this and keep charging forward. The Alt-Media is infiltrated by enemies who right now want to save themselves from the truth. It´s the only way they can fight the fight, because they have too much untruth on their side. They must be feeling the pressure!

    Like Penelope says, the world needs monetary reform, that´s all we need the most. We do not need more money spent on the military industrial complex (as proposed by DT). We just need money reform, like Ellen Brown describes it in her books. That will give us peace and jobs and small government!

  7. If Trump nominates Giuliani for any position at all in his new administration this will be the cue that he has been compromised, and is working for interests other than those of the People of the United States.

    1. So right you are, Christo. By the way, so good to see you posting here again after such a long while. I have always found your comments to be true and very helpful.

      How soon we forget “America’s mayor’s” behavior during and after 9-11. The guy subsequently became associated with some law firm in north Texas that is all about typical neocon activities.

      Now all these “alt-right” “patriots” are dragging out of the closet people like Giuliani and Gingrich and giving them a whole new personna. What a joke!

  8. Those who relegate the slur of anti-semitism on their critics have gained another victory.

    The Oberlin College professor Joy Karega, who was suspended for speech and whose case we have followed on MHB, was officially fired yesterday. In this article from The Tower, the publishers, and everyone else they mention, are gratified by the outcome, and ready to declare their righteousness in defense of censorship.

    “Oberlin College Fires Professor Who Blamed 9/11, Charlie Hebdo Attacks on Israel”

    “Joy Karega, an assistant professor at Oberlin College whose Facebook posts featured anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Jewish global power and accusations that Israel was behind the 9/11 terror attacks and the creation of ISIS, was officially dismissed by the school’s Board of Trustees on Tuesday.”

    Still awaiting Karega’s official statement.

    1. I’d read this and forgot to comment. Please see my post above as it relates to repression of academics.

      Kevin Allred’s forced psych evaluation (he is extremely controversial and unpopular in NJ) may truly have been theater.

  9. Police doublethink in Utah H.S. mass stabbing:

    Police said a knife with a 3-inch blade was recovered from the crime scene. The motive of the attack, however, is still not known.

    “After interviewing the suspect, victims and witnesses we believe this had nothing to do with race, religion, or ethnicity. The suspect had not been bullied by any of the victims. This was not retaliatory. The victims in this case appear to have been chosen simply because of their proximity to the suspect at the time the incident started,” the Orem Police Department said in a statement on Facebook. ”

    Okay, so the police are stating that “proximity to the victims” is probable motive. I guess that the police did not read the statistics showing 160,000 students do not go to school each day because of bullying! (that does not even include the growing number of home-schooled children):

    1. I think this movement to put bullying on par with so many other important aspects is just another social control used to limit and restrict people in society, another layer of bureaucracy,
      we have teachers in school for things like this,
      this absurd attention to human relations is part of the plan to totally control society

      1. The problem is more than bullying. This is linked to local police, community watch, church groups. And there is huge$$$ in the threat assessment professional industry, an industry that is pushing unstable people over the edge in schools, colleges and in neighborhoods near you. You need to do a little more research on the subject:

    2. Yes, the bullying industry is real.

      So is the tll road industry.

      The public school racket.

      The mental health industry.

      The housing industry

      The tax racket.

      The utitlity bill industry.

      Here is a short video about the End-your-life ndustry.

      Compassion and Choice DENIED [Full Film]

      The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network

      Choice and Rights are a couple of words heavily twisted in the conversation these days.

      Always, the banksters are laughting all the way to bank in installing the one world death and slavery system for all.

      1. I like your insightful comments dachsielady. All that you say is true, but, what you call the bullying industry (I would call the community mobbing industry) is one that is distinct in one respect: it is actually Increasing the number of Active Shooter/Domestic Terror incidents by a modus operandi that includes “testing” individuals deemed unstable by very poorly trained laypersons. This is pure provocation, and is the direct, proximate cause leading to the mass shootings that are NOT being directly provoked by the other toxic enterprises you list. Here is a link to a piece I wrote on MHB on Jared Loughner who was an excellent example of the blowback of the “bullying industry”:


    Ohio professor fired over anti-Semitic Facebook posts

    By Brooke Singman
    Published November 16, 2016
    Facebook Twitter livefyre Email Print

    Coming up on Thursday, Nov 18 edition of ‘Special Report’
    Never autoplay videos
    “An Oberlin College professor whose anti-Semitic social media rants stoked controversy and angered alumni was fired from the Ohio liberal arts school Tuesday after “extensive consideration” by the Board of Trustees.
    Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition Joy Karega first came under fire in February after a series of anti-Semitic Facebook posts blaming Israel and Jews for 9/11, the Charlie Hebdo terror attack and the creation of ISIS. At the time, reported that Oberlin President Marvin Krislov appeared to defend Karega’s freedom of speech in a letter to the college community.
    Related Image

    Expand / Contract

    But after a “comprehensive review” and recommendations from multiple faculty committees and Krislov, the Board of Trustees voted to dismiss Karega for “failing to meet the academic standards” that Oberlin requires of its faculty and students.
    Related Image

    Expand / Contract

    “Dr. Karega attacked her colleagues when they challenged inconsistencies in her description of the connection between her postings and her scholarship,” the board said in a statement released Wednesday monring.
    Karega told that her social media posts were taken out of their original context and “grossly misrepresented” in published reports.
    “Since the publication of the posts, I have been inundated with HUNDREDS of [pieces of] hate mail filled with slurs (racial, misogynist, classist), harassment, and threats,” Karega told in an email. “Oberlin College has campaigned to implicate my professional fitness using arbitrary, inequitable, and discriminatory practices — indeed, the college launched an assault on my substantive rights.”
    Conservative columnist and Oberlin alum Michelle Malkin, who called for Karega’s ouster in March, said she was glad to see her alma mater take action.
    “Good riddance to Joy Karega,” Malkin said. “She was an untenured and unhinged loon whose anti-Semitic diatribes and barely literate social media rantings shamed Oberlin and all of American higher education.”
    Malkin told that during her studies at Oberlin, she witnessed similar Israel-bashing and anti-Semitism, and a “stubborn intolerance of diverse political viewpoints.”
    Karega vowed not to accept the ruling without a fight.
    “I will challenge the college’s decision and assault on my substantive rights through all the avenues I have available to me,” Karega said in her email. “The Oberlin community doesn’t deserve this racist, arbitrary attack which has damaged the name and reputation of ‘Oberlin.’””

  11. Off topic completely, but 4chan user has noticed that a missing infant looks the same as the child on Comet Ping Pong owner’s Instagram feed.

    Then there is this PizzaGate analysis. Anthony Weiner (very apt last name) has made life much worse for these shadow dwellers. Too bad the FBI dropped things (for now, at least).

  12. Steve P, has done a Great Service for the American People by exposing the truth behind the CF and their connections to the international Pedophile ring, so why are so many bashing him here.
    The guy is highly credentialed and just came out of hiding after 25 years to expose this. He is being used as leadman to communicate the info, form the rank and file FBI/ NYPD to the American people.
    The folks around here bash the guy???
    What gives???
    Once in a while Real Patriots Rise Up.

    1. TyrannyStopper2, I have followed those who wish to convert the world into their very own global oligarchy for decades. Let me ask you a question: If the MSM had praised Trump’s candidacy and said all manner of complimentary things about him, you would have decided that he was a bad guy & not in our interests, right? Do you think that they didn’t know that? They see on the internet what we think of the MSM. So if they WANTED Trump elected what would they do? Bash him, right? But many people know that the vote count isn’t honest, so WHOEVER is elected is the choice of TPTB. So how to make us believe that Trump was elected in spite of manipulating the vote count? Give us a story that some heroic intelligence people intervened to prevent some of the dishonest vote-count.

      Is it true? And is Trump an outsider billionaire who is going to work for peace? He is pushing fear of Muslims & is very warlike towards Iran. Why? Iran is not a threat to us.

      The top level of the globalists who want to do away w the nation-states include the banking cabal. Donald Trump wants to further deregulate banking thru the Financial CHOICE Act. But it was deregulation of banking that brought on the economic crisis of 2008 from which we still haven’t recovered. We need to reinstate Glass-Steagal. Do you mind if I suggest to you something on youtube that explains the outright fraud by the “elites” that caused the 2008 crash? William Black is an actual hero, an honest man who successfully jailed lower level bankers in the past.

      Dismantling the developing global oligarchy requires reducing the UN to a debating forum which has the power to censure acts of aggression. Instead, the Rockefellers and other global bankers control the UN & it does nothing to prevent or censure US aggression. Instead the UN acts as a mask for the globalists and promulgates “world agendas” that all countries must work towards. One is Agenda 21 Rosa. Don’t mind Rosa’s wild hair; she knows a lot. I have not empowered the UN to set the agenda and priorities for my life, and I am sure you will object to it too.

      The international organizations which are a part of the UN System must be dismantled. The Fed/IMF system usurps the right of citizens worldwide to control their own currency & credits their own currency– a right usurped by this system. The WTO usurps the right of citizens thru their elected govts to control their bilateral trade w other countries. WTO usurps this right from us & arranges the rules to further enrich the oligarchs.

      Please read my comment above where I try to explain how excessive trade is forced upon all countries so that they cannot be self-sufficient even as to food.

      I understand that you believe Dr. P to be truthful and speaking for a heroic group in the interests of our freedom. I don’t. But you may be correct; we will have to wait and see. I know you are sincere, and thanks for expressing your annoyance with what most of us are saying.


  13. Dr P revealed the real perpetrators of 9-11 and he told the truth. It was a Mossad-CIA operation with cooperation from Pakistan & Saudi Arabia. Also the $8 trillion? Thats been an ongoing thing with 2.3 trillion of the $8t first disappearing in the same week of 9-11-2001.

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