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19 thought on “2016 Live Election Coverage”
    1. Trump is now ahead by close to 6% in Ohio, according to CNN, with far less than half of precincts reporting. Little if any discussion of exit polls thus far in mainstream coverage, unsurprisingly. They are more reliable than the present US ballot system.

  1. Quoting @RANsquawk

    Swing states:

    FL: T 49.2% v C 47.6% (93% rp)
    OH: T 51.5% v C 44.4% (50% rp)
    NC: T 49.1% v C 48.93% (71% rp)
    VA: T 48.8% vs. C 46.2% (73% rp)

    Also, less that 20% of the votes are reported in Broward. Someone said that the blue South Florida counties keep their totals back till the all the red counties have reported. Perhaps so they know what vote deficit they have to cover?

    1. I think I’m inebriated by this election. You know what that means for the morning.

      I just didn’t think I’d ever see corporate media go along with a Trump victory. I was expecting a lot of things; I wasn’t prepared for that.

      I suppose they may have been scared into it, what with wikileaks and all. Wikileaks and the citizenry’s increased awareness of vote and poll rigging, as well as previous elections that were compromised.

      It may all have accrued to compel the media to say to themselves, we better make it look like we’re all on the up and up.

  2. Well, Soros said Trump would win in a landslide. But it’s difficult to imagine how he figures there will be enough delegates in the Electoral College flipping to realize his prediction that Hillary will be the next POTUS.

    Hopefully Trump takes a cue from events, and like Putin, revokes Soros’ citizenship, bans him and his organizations from operating within the US, and as a gift to the rest of the world, issues an arrest warrant.

    Trump has a long road ahead of him filled with potholes and snares. Godspeed, sir.

  3. I sat this one out and hid in bed, assuming Clinton would take it, be given it is the better word.

    Wow is all I can say now.

    I wish I could take real satisfaction in the results. But I have a brain in my head.

    1. Poor girl, you probably miss the tyranny Hillary would be tossing our way, right? Psst. I think you’ll get over it and STOP this ridiculous and pathetic pity thing, will ya? We take the country back one step at a time and for that, you should be ecstatic. Allow yourself to be happy for a few seconds before you go back to your extant depression.

  4. Well I can’t believe it, the Clintons are out of power, lets just hope we see some indictments, along with all the other traitorous monkeys running around without bananas right now, I didn’t vote for him but lets see what he is gonna do

  5. The Trumpster has kicked butt, a bright shining moment in historical bad taste, even if one has to hold one’s nose to appreciate it. This should enliven the comment on the racist and anti-Semitic blogs.


    1. Readers might keep in in mind that folktruther is among the biggest racist commenters on MHB, seeing almost every present and historical economic, social, and political issue or event though a racial lens. This blog’s administrator is still inclined to think that he’s on the SPLC’s payroll.

      1. I didn’t know that you suspected me of being a troll of some kind, James. I’m not. I’m interested in the racist blogs particularly because they state explicitly what Progressives tolerate implicitly.

        I don’t think that the major form of oppression is class oppression, as marxism argues, but class-led racial oppression. Capitalism is not the major form of historical world oppression, but the Western Civilization of the White Man. Capitalism merely assisted the anti-people values of the Western Man.

        But I have only recently understood how restrictive, delusive and clueless typical academic thought is, so it is understandable that thought outside the Western and American truth consensus would raise suspicions. But I don’t understand as well why the Israeli oriented proxies should have focused on attacking you. You don’t appear to be more anti-semitic than the other rightist populist blogs.

        In any case in the USA, the major operative racism is directed against African Americans. It can only be combated by developing an anti-racist grouping historically of all the different cultural racist groups, including Whites of course. I understand that you would oppose it.

  6. Forced myself to watch the Hillary confession er I mean concession speech, had to turn the sound off and read her body language,
    she’s crushed inside,
    I feel her pain (NOT)
    here’s for hoping Hillary for prison 2016
    along with the expose of the email release followed
    by arrests of the Clinton cabal
    (I know I.m dreaming but today is a celebration of the defeat of the Clinton Cabal, which would have been WWIII for sure)
    There apparently was a war among the competing secret societies and media powers who rebelled against the Clinton Cabal)

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