BVivian Lee
October 29, 2016

You don’t have to be a Trump supporter to be shocked by the anti-Trump rhetoric flooding the commercial media. Features range from gross political propaganda to pseudo-human-interest stories, economic prognostications, and pure psychobabble. The slander and libel are everywhere you look. What does Trump think about this? Is he “working for Hillary” as has long been suspected?[1] And if so, what is he getting out of the deal? A kick in the butt? The short end of the stick? Just how Trump benefits is hard to fathom.

bury-trump-in-a-landslide-nydn-10-20-16“Bury Trump in a Landslide,”New York Daily News, 10/20/16.

On October 20, the day after the third presidential debate, the New York Daily News ran a gigantic article on Trump’s many faults and follies ( interactive). In the introduction, we learn that Trump is a “liar, thief, bully, hypocrite, sexual victimizer and unhinged, self-adoring demagogue.” We also learn that his defeat is “all but certain,” a recurring theme in the barrage of anti-Trump propaganda. To help us negotiate this epic article, the News has divided it into 14 chapters: Trump the Demagogue, Trump the Fraudster, Trump the Head Case, Trump the Fake Philanthropist, Trump the Liar, etc. Oh yes – and Trump the Conspiracy Theorist. We have cute cartoons, one showing Trump with a Hitler mustache and another after having plastic surgery to make him look like Lincoln.

Then there’s The New Yorker, that bastion of neo-con fake liberalism, which has been anti-Trump from the outset. In the October 31 issue (The Talk of the Town), we read that Clinton will be elected, “an event that we will welcome for its immense historical importance, and greet with indescribable relief.” We learn that Trump is “a trash-talking, burn-it-to-the-ground demagogue,”  “manifestly unqualified and unfit for office,” and “favors conspiracy theory and fantasy, deriving his knowledge from the darker recesses of the Internet.” Following this endorsement of future-President Clinton, we have “Presumptive: What Would a Fiction Writer Do with the Campaign of 2016?” and the creepy “Trolls for Trump: How the Alt-Right Spreads Fringe Ideas to the Mainstream,” by Andrew Marantz. Then “The Unconnected” (“The Democrats Lost the White Working Class. The Republicans Exploited Them. Can Hillary Clinton Win Them Back?”) by George Packer. Plus several online offerings and erudite cartoons.

“How Trump’s Brain Works,” cartoon by Roz Chast. The New Yorker, October 31, 2016.

Many other news/information outlets have followed suit. But nobody can match the New York Times, unrivaled in its prestige, intellectual power, and moral authority. Taking the situation in hand, the Times has set out to brainwash the public and play its part in the (s)election of Hillary. In an Op-Ed piece written by Charles M. Blow, “Trump, The Worst of America” (October 17), we hear about “the staggering magnitude of his social vulgarity and emotional ineptitude” and read that he has “embraced what seems to be most natural to him: acting like a pig.” According to Blow, “Trump is in fact the logical extension of toxic masculinity and ambient misogyny. He is the logical extension of rampant racism. He is the logical extension of wealth worship. He is the logical extension of pervasive anti-intellectualism. Trump is the logical extension of the worst of America.” Very logical. Yes,  I see.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg (which is not melting due to man-made climate change, according to Trump).[2] A survey of the Times coverage for the week following the third debate yields no fewer than 68 articles and editorials bashing Trump, some in egregiously libelous language. And these are just the obvious ones. Below is a list, taken from the print version – since those reading the online Times have only the vaguest idea of what appears in the daily paper. Links to the online articles (where available) are found at the page numbers following the titles.

Thursday – 10/20/16:  8 anti-Trump articles
  1. “Trump Won’t Say If He Will Accept Election’s Results: ‘I Will Keep You in Suspense,’ He Says – Clinton Calls It Horrifying.” By Patrick Healy and Jonathan Martin (page A1)
  1. “Interrupting, Mocking, and Taunting, Clinton Turns the Tormenter” (“News Analysis”). By Amy Chozick and Michael Barbaro (A1)
  1. “Trump’s Foreign Policy Is Not Actually about Foreign Policy” (“The Interpreter”). By Max Fisher and Amanda Taub (A15)
  1. “Sticking to Truth, and Sometimes Departing from It, on a Range of Topics” (“Fact Check”). By various authors (Twohey, Appelbaum, Gabriel, Pear, Liptak, Irwin, Eder, and Lichtblau) (A16)
  1. “Donald Trump’s Contempt for Democracy” (Editorial)
  1. “The Debate in One Scary Answer.” By Gail Collins (Op-Ed)
  1. “How Tech Leaders Treat a Trump Backer.” By David Streitfeld and Mike Isaac [re Peter Thiel] (Business, B7)
  1. “‘Trumpland’ Isn’t Really about Trump.” By Neil Genzlinger [film review] (Arts, C1)
Friday – 10/21/16:  10 anti-Trump articles
  1. “In ‘Nasty’ Turn, Clinton Unites Generations: Host of Women’s Issues Coalesce for Liberals.” By Farah Stockman (A1)
  1. “Trump Stays Firm on Having Option to Dispute Vote: Rallying Base, He Says He Would Accept a ‘Clear’ Result.” By Alan Rappeport and Alexander Burns (A1)
  1. “Experts Dispute Trump in Mosul Attack Critique: Officers and Historians Assert Criticism by Candidate Demonstrates His Ignorance.” By Eric Schmitt (A14)
  1. “Trump’s Defiance Is Seen As Threat to U.S. Image.” By Alexander Burns (A16)
  1. “Was That a Presidential Debate or a Pitch for an Edgy Trump Channel?” (“Critic’s Notebook”). By James Poniewozik (A16)
  1. “Videos Force Democrats On Defensive about Tricks.” By Steve Eder and Jonathan Martin (A17)
  1. “‘Absurd’ Trump Errs on Abortion, Doctors Say.” By Pam Belluck (A18)
  1. “In Night of Punchlines, Trump’s Routine Prompts New York’s Elite to Heckle.” By Matt Flegenheimer and Ashley Parker [re the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner] (A19)
  1. “Repairing Moral Capital.” By David Brooks (Op-Ed)
  1. “Why Hillary Wins.” By Paul Krugman (Op-Ed)
Saturday – 10/22/16:  8 anti-Trump articles
  1. “Letting Go of the Secrets: Trump Tapes Have Couples Talking about Sexual Assault.” By Jack Healy (A9)
  1. “Disputing Vote Is an Uphill Battle.” By Nick Corasaniti (A12)
  1. “For Some Immigrants, Trump’s Warning on Election Results Sounds All Too Familiar.” By Yamiche Alcindor (A12)
  1. “The Powerful Woman: A Prime Target for Jobs” (“The Upshot”). By Claire Cain Miller (A12)
  1. “How Citing Voter Fraud Became a Political Tactic.” By Michael Wines (A13)
  1. “America, the Beautiful Untainted.” By Roger Cohen (Op-Ed)
  1. “Nixon’s Civics Lesson for Trump.” By Mark K. Updegrove (Op-Ed)
  1. “Don’t Take Donald to Dinner.” By Gail Collins (Op-Ed)
Sunday – 10/23/16:  15 anti-Trump articles
  1. “Outside Money Favors Clinton at a 2-to-1 Rate over Her Rival.” By Nicholas Confessore and Rachel Shorey (A1)
  1. “Trump Recording Narrows National Divide on Sexual Assault.” By Amanda Taub (A4)
  1. “Trump’s Threat to Reject Election Outcome Alarms Scholars” (“The Interpreter”). By Max Fisher (A22)
  1. “Trump Pledges To Heal Divisions (and Sue His Accusers).” By Ashley Parker and Amy Chozick (A 23)
  1. “The Rich Vote Republican? Maybe Not This Time” (“Inside Wealth”). By Robert Frank (Sunday Business, BU3)
  1. “An Election Sends America to the Couch: Safety, Secrecy, Boundaries – Therapists Say Our Deepest Worries Are Surfacing” (“Well”). By Leslie Alderman. (Sunday Styles, ST1)
  1. “No Undecideds in This Audience: Hillary Clinton’s Longtime Friends Gather in Chicago To Watch Her Debate.” By Jessica Bennett (Sunday Styles, ST7)
  1. “Room for Debate: The Trump Tower Bar” (“Night Out with Chelsea Handler”). By Katie Rogers (Sunday Styles, ST10)
  1. “Final Debate Takes a More Somber Tone.” By Vanessa Friedman (Sunday Styles, ST13)
  1. “The Media’s Moment of Truth: Donald Trump Will Continue To Rant, But Do We Have To Listen?” By Frank Bruni (Sunday Review, SR3)
  1. “The Republican Lion in Winter: Will McCain Finally Stand Up to Trump?” By Evan Thomas (Sunday Review, SR4)
  1. “How Kids Learn Prejudice: Psychology Suggests That the ‘Trump Effect’ is Real” (“Gray Matter”). By Katherine D. Kinzler (Sunday Review, SR9)
  1. “Can Trump Help Us Bridge the ‘God Gulf’?” By Nicholas Kristof (Sunday Review, SR11)
  1. “The Dangers of Hillary Clinton.” By Ross Douthat (Sunday Review, SR11)
  1. “Why Hillary Clinton Needs To Be Two-Faced: To Get Things Done in Politics, You Sometimes Have To Be a Hypocrite” (“Opinion”). By Jonathan Rauch (Op-Ed)
Monday – 10/24/16:  9 anti-Trump articles
  1. “Victory in Sight, Clinton Presses beyond Trump – Appeals to Vote Early: With Lead in the Polls, She Turns To Backing Other Democrats.” By Alexander Burns and Amy Chozick (A1)
  1. “Clash of Two Lives at Trump Rally Reveals Layers of Nation’s Divide.” By Farah Stockman (A1)
  1. “All the People, Places, and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter Since Declaring His Candidacy for President. To an Unprecedented Degree in American History, Mr. Trump Has Made Personal Insults and Attacks Part of His Campaign. This List Represents Our Best Effort To Identify and Characterize Them All.” By Jasmine C. Lee and Kevin Quealy (A10-A11, two-page spread)
  1. “Money Spent on Clinton Ads Dwarfed That Spent on Trump Ads.” By Adam Pearce (A13)
  1. “Obama Assails Senate Candidate and Others in G.O.P. for Links to Trump.” By Julie Hirschfeld Davis (A15)
  1. “G.O.P. Hopefuls in State Congressional Races Walk Tightrope on Trump.” By William Neuman (A16)
  1. “Clinton’s Specter of Illegitimacy.” By Charles Blow (Op-Ed)
  1. “It’s Trump’s Party.” By Paul Krugman (Op-Ed)
  1. “Now at GQ, Keith Olbermann Takes His Outrage Online.” By Richard Sandomir (Sports, B1)
Tuesday – 10/25/16:  9 anti-Trump articles
  1. “Obama Urges Voters to Reject Trump’s Message and Deliver One of Their Own.” By Julie Hirschfeld Davis (A15)
  1. “Why the Justice Dept. Will Have Fewer Watchdogs in Polling Places on Nov. 8.” By Eric Lichtblau (A15)
  1. “Yes, Trump Is Saying ‘Big League,’ not ‘Bigly.’ Professional Linguists Have Studied His Speech for Months.” By Liam Stack (A17)
  1. “Another Accuser Comes Forward, To Be Dismissed by Trump.” By Nick Corasaniti and Alan Rappeport (A17)
  1. “Bar Association Stifles Its Own Report Labeling Trump a ‘Libel Bully.’” By Adam Liptak (A17)
  1. “What’s in a Name? Trump Place Residents Are Petitioning for a Change.” By Charles V. Bagli (A20)
  1. “Dear Republican Voters…” By David Leonhardt (Op-Ed)
  1. “The Epidemic of Worry.” By David Brooks (Op-Ed)
  1. “Turning a Skeptical Eye toward the Election.” By Neil Genzlinger (The Arts, C1)
Wednesday – 10/26/16: 9 anti-Trump articles
  1. “What Drives Trump? A Fear of Fading Away: Hours of Interviews Reveal a Refusal To Accept Defeat.” By Michael Barbaro (A1)
  1. “Growing Costs of Health Law Pose a Late Test.” By Patrick Healy and Abby Goodnough (A1)
  1. “‘A Bizarre Experience’ in North Carolina’s Races: Protests, Hurricane, and Firebomb Add Drama to 3 Tight Contests in a Swing State.” By Richard Fausset (A13)
  1. “Black Voters on Trump: We’ve Heard It All Before.” By Yamiche Alcindor (A21)
  1. “Poll Shows Wide Fears That Ballots Won’t Count.” By Giovanni Russonello (A22)
  1. “Muslim Parents Grapple with How To Explain a Tumultuous Election.” By Samantha Schmidt (A24)
  1. “Trump Wanted To Put His Name Across the Earth. New York City Said No.” By David W. Dunlap (A25)
  1. “Trump, Alien to All That’s Great.” By Thomas Friedman (Op-Ed)
  1. “Clinton’s Resounding Mandate.” By Frank Bruni (Op-Ed)

This trend is set to continue through November 8 – with a stand-out article on October 28: “Trump Backers See Revolution If Clinton Wins: Dark Fears and Talk of a Stolen Election.”

But wait, you say, surely they print articles critical of Hillary as well. No, not really. The very few that appear to find fault actually give her a pass for her lies and bad behavior. Pandering to Wall Street? Hey – no problem.[3] Private e-mails for State Department business? Please.[4] Incriminating campaign e-mails from WikiLeaks? A Russian hack.[5] Serious health problems? A minor bout of pneumonia.[6] And videos of DNC operatives admitting to instigating violence at Trump rallies, and actually conspiring to rig the election?[7] Honestly, does anyone care? (See article 14 above.)

We do get cuddly features like “True or False? Hillary Clinton, a Native Chicagoan, Is a Cubs Fan.” Also a gauzy cover photo for a recent New York Times Magazine along with two admiring articles (“Her Way” and “How Hillary Became ‘Hillary’“). This charade masks her fealty to Israel, a word strangely absent from coverage on foreign powers conspiring to influence the (s)election.[8]

Clinton and Netanyahu, September 14, 2010 (one of many such photos). Image CNN.

One of the biggest anti-Trump articles is the two-page spread of October 24 (see article 44 above). This catalogs Trump’s insults on Twitter since he declared his candidacy. In tiny but readable print, we see his opinions on people, corporations, the debates, and the electoral process.

“All the People, Places, and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter Since Declaring His Candidacy for President.” New York Times, October 24, 2016 (A10-A11).

The longest string of insults is reserved for Hillary, but we also have Trump’s comments on the media. On ABC News Politics: “LIE.” On Anderson Cooper 360: “a waste.” On The Wall Street Journal: “bad at math, nobody cares what they say in their editorials anymore…so dishonest…so wrong, so often.” On the New York Daily News: “failing, failing, dead, worthless, bleeding red ink, a total loser.” On the Washington Post: “dishonest reporting, bad, big tax shelter, loses a fortune.” On the New York Times: “Just write whatever they want to write, making up sources along the way! Really disgusting, a laughingstock rag! no longer a credible source…gets worse and worse by the day…newspaper of fiction…false, malicious, and libelous…a disgusting fraud…They knowingly write lies, truly one of the worst newspapers, failing, failing, allows dishonest writers to totally fabricate stories…should focus on fair and balanced reporting…” And as for Charles M. Blow: “dishonest reporting.”

You don’t have to be a Trump supporter to agree with his take on the press.

Vivian Lee is the nom de plume of a tenured professor at an east coast university.


[1] Redsilverj, “Donald Trump Is Running for Hillary Clinton 2016 CURVEBALL Exposed,” August 21, 2015. “Donald Trump GAME OVER Shocking Discovery EXPOSED For All To See,” May 14, 2016.

[2] “Donald Trump Does Not Believe in Man-Made Climate Change, Campaign Manager Says,”, September 27, 2016.

[3] “Clinton Could Be Tough on Wall St., Emails Hint,” New York Times, October 18, 2016. “Genial Clinton Emerges in Hacked Transcripts of Goldman Sachs Talks,” New York Times, October 16, 2016.

[4] “F.B.I. Director James Comey Recommends No Charges for Hillary Clinton on Email,” New York Times, July 5, 2016. BUT in the latest twist: “‘This Changes Everything’: Donald Trump Exults As Hillary Clinton’s Team Scrambles.” Nonetheless, the Times insists that Clinton has a 91% chance of victory.

[5]  “John Podesta Says Russian Spies Hacked His Emails To Sway Election,” New York Times, October 11, 2016.

[6] “Hillary Clinton Is Set Back by Decision To Keep Illness Secret,” New York Times, September 12, 2016.

[7] Anthony Brian Logan, “Revealed: How Democratic Party Pays Agit-Prop ‘Protesters’ To Incite Violence at Trump Events.”

[8] “Hillary Clinton Addresses AIPAC March 21, 2016 [FULL SPEECH].”

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35 thought on “Open Season on Donald Trump: Corporate Press Propaganda at Behest of Clinton Campaign”
      1. Penelope, thanks for posting this link. Just watched the video and you are right. Brilliant take on the “rigged” election. “Changing Reason” took time to focus on the word “rigged” frequently used during this (s)election period. Looking up the word, aside from the usual meanings it also refers to “means that one side holds an unfair advantage”.

        In agreement with the YouTube poster that we are watching scripted performances from all sides, award winning performances, the word rigged does not fit in regards to the next White house resident.

        And just for fun:

    1. Strange that the Rense video would be in that playlist, sunaJAeon. Doesn’t match anything else that that user has posted. He’s got no political stuff at all.

      It’s almost as if someone wanted to post some Bach here today.

  1. Dems are desperate, pulling out all the stops. They are trying everything under the sun.
    Would I bet I knew what was going on? No way, I’ve only got hunches. This one goes beyond my pay grade.

  2. The sexual assault allegations are purely hypocritical as Hillary’s husband has been a serial sex assaulter since he was a Governor, and, she his apologist, shaming the very women he assaulted.

    Government is the biggest business in the country funding the defense contractor industry hundreds of billions of dollars per year. The feds pay about one-third of local budgets for police, emergency services, highway and infrastructure projects. Both of the Clinton’s have abused their positions in Hillary’s charity, inter alia, hiring paid employees who funneled business, and, arranging speaking engagements that ran into the tens of millions for them in personal wealth. Can we expect Hillary to run the country any cleaner than she has her charity?

    Louis Freeh was appointed FBI Director by Bill Clinton in 1993. Freeh rarely visited the White House during Clinton’s two terms, and, he wrote an article criticizing the various Clinton scandals. The re-opening of the Clinton email leak scandal may prove that Comey can show the same independence as FBI Director as did Freeh.

    1. Comey’s corrupt: “millions of dollars that Comey accepted from a Clinton Foundation defense contractor, Comey’s former membership on a Clinton Foundation corporate partner’s board”
      When nominated, “Comey promised the United States Senate that he would recuse himself on all cases involving former employers.

      But Comey earned $6 million in one year alone from Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin became a Clinton Foundation donor that very year.

      Comey served as deputy attorney general under John Ashcroft for two years of the Bush administration. When he left the Bush administration, he went directly to Lockheed Martin and became vice president, acting as a general counsel.

      I think he had to act before it leaked & will now try to contain it.

      1. Quite contrarily, he is acting at his own peril since AG Loretta Lynch and media are calling Comey’s re-opening the investigation a crime”:
        Lynch should be in cuffs, in the above picture, or at least subject to impeachment. She did meet with Bill Clinton privately during the initial investigation of the email scandal.

  3. Quite an impressive catalogue of invective. It’s hard to miss the anti-Trump voices in all media, but this article reveals the utter waterfall of castigation that’s flooded out of these self-described authorities.

    Small ray of hope…
    Carl Bernstein, Hillary supporter, says of the FBI Director Comey’s Friday letter to Congress about the newly discovered emails, that “We don’t know what this means yet except that it’s a real bombshell.”

    Later, at the prompting of Intelligence pet Anderson Cooper, Bernstein said:

    “This is not Watergate. Watergate was about a criminal President of the United States who presided over a criminal administration from the day he took office to the day he left. This is nonetheless about a hugely serious event in which a Secretary of State was clearly reckless, endangered the National security by her handling of emails.”

    Of course, CNN packaged this as, “It’s not Watergate.”

  4. It’s changed I think, fellow MHB’ers. It may be that the evil ones are afraid that the outright theft they were planning would create a cry for paper ballots. Too many of their operatives have been installed and maintained with the phony machines. I think they might be about to let Trump win and go for whatever their plan B is.
    Just my thinking.

  5. Yep, Jim Stone hits the media on all cylinders and is correct. They have lied about everything. We still don’t have real details on the JFK assassination. Every September, they haul out the old canard of 9/11. They bleat endlessly about Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon, cop killings, Black Lives Matter, etc and have taken their part in ruining the US, Europe, Canada, have trashed Middle Eastern countries, murdering of innocent civilians and made the 1% of 1% immeasurably more wealthy and powerful, at all of our expenses. If they are backing away from Hillary and investigating her, they still should not be forgiven for their being accomplices in murder, war and mayhem. We should not forgive them.

    Stone writes (more of article on site): The MSM turned on Hillary. The FBI turned on Hillary. WANT TO KNOW WHY? Because in Florida, where they flipped a HUGE number of votes, Trump still had 68 percent of the vote. Nationwide they did not have the vote scam machines everywhere, and when that got averaged in, Trump took 82 percent of the votes nationwide EVEN WITH THE STOLEN VOTES SUBTRACTED FROM THE AVERAGE. THE FBI, FOX, CNN, EVERYONE ELSE KNEW THE GIG WAS UP AND IS NOW ONLY MOVING TO SAY “SORRY” SO THEY DON’T GO TO JAIL.
    Well, I’ve got news for you: They are still the same lying despicable malfunctioning trash scum they always were, THEY SHOWED THEIR WORTH and we would be IDIOTS to forgive them no matter how badly they burn Hillary.

    CNN is despicable trash, we all witnessed it, NEVER FORGIVE THEM, because they have proven their worth already. No matter what they do, they can’t recover from what they have done, they are garbage, a disease, bleach worthy filth and I hope Trump ERASES THEM. DITTO FOR ALL of the rest of the MSM, including the Huffington Post, Snopes, ABCCBSFOXYOUNAMEIT ALL of them are the lowest of filth that is now heading for the darkness of the nearest sewer to get away from the coming bulldozer.

  6. Interesting Vivian Lee. I follow the headlines of a few daily publications, and it’s absurd how many anti-Trump articles and editorials appear on any given day. NYT usually has half a dozen negative Trump features each day. It’s almost laughable, and I wonder how many people see it and scratch their heads at the bias, or if everything is swallowed whole. As for polls, today I heard that the one index which has been most reliable in predicting election outcomes, since 1980, is Halloween mask sales. Whoever they sell the most masks for wins. This year it’s Trump. It will be most interesting to see how everything unfolds.

    1. The target isn’t Trump. It’s us. They want political destabilization, action in the streets, as pretext to do a big domestic false flag that they’ll blame on us. I don’t know what they’re planning but several things may figure into it:
      –their rehearsals (drills) for shutting down the net.
      –their rehearsals for evacuating Florida.

      See to understand how long they could prolong the election destabilization.

  7. It’s not only the legacy “corporate/mainstream media’s” lopsided editorial content/omissions/repetitions at issue; it’s also their fake self-conducted “latest poll results” which they constantly bleat on about, pretending HRC is constantly leading nationally– obviously trying to psychologically prep the public for the fraudulent “election outcome” & installation of HRC.

    Proof The Polls Are Rigged & Trump Is Winning
    News Media Versus The Social Media
    Americans Are Laughing At The MSM

    Not sure how much attention this leaked/hacked memo got– it certainly reads/rings true, despite Monmounth’s requisite (& evidence-less) claim that it’s fabricated,
    LEAKED: Monmounth polling internal memo shows polls totally rigged for Hillary

    On the bright side, this #DraftOurDaughters social media campaign mocking HRC’s war mongering rhetoric is proving really effective,

  8. I still think this whole thing is, in all actuality, an operation to get Trump elected. Counter-intuitive I know.
    * Probably against anyone else Trump couldn’t win.
    * He’s a total wildcard, politically speaking. Remind you of another president who no one really knew anything about?
    * Small operation. Only a handful of people would really have to know and act. Media heads, upper campaign staff, etc.
    Lest we forget, it was the MSM that got Trump “selected” as republican nominee. Only after, did they turn on him. Now they bash him relentlessly. Why? Possibly as cover for Hillary and supporters. Who would suspect she was in on it. Take one example: Trumps “locker room talk”. Doesn’t anyone find it a bit odd that of all the issues to nail Trump on we have verbal sexual misconduct??? Who was it again that was actually caught in sexual misconduct… oh right… Hill’s hubby. There are ton’s like that. Every one of their “attacks” are actually mirrors of her own flaws. That doesn’t sound like good strategy.
    * Also the entire wikileaks and project veritas issues. Wikileaks is probably CIA and does anyone really think these “undercover” journalists wouldn’t have been caught. For a measly $20k no less? “Thanks for the donation, let me explain in detail how we’re wrecking democracy!” Now we’re onto FBI emails that may or may not have anything to do with anything but just wanted everyone to know. Sure he’s just being cautious.

    The more I look at everything happening the more I realize that none of this is real. It’s all theater and scripted with very little room for real life. When you look at it that way, things actually start to make more sense. The unimaginable becomes probable. I don’t presume to know because I typically use logic and reason and, frankly, I don’t think they apply here in the Simulacrum 2016.

    One thing is for sure. As far as theater goes, it sure is a hell of a show!

  9. Dr. Tracy, plz try to invite onto your podcast an election fraud expert like Bev Harris ( or Jim Condit Jr. Or even Chris Bollyn, for whom election fraud/reform is one of his peripheral issues.

    The gold standard, despite the info/electronic age, remains 100% paper ballots, hand counted at every polling place at poll closing time under the watch of many eyes & camcorders; result posted & published at those polling places before the ballot boxes leave the room. Full transparency & recount/auditability afterwards.

    Presently the same legacy-media deceivers with their slanted coverage & fake self-conducted “polls” are actually the same people entrusted to “count the votes” behind closed doors & report (their) “election results”… incredible!

  10. Pat Buchanan says system is rigged and calls out media bias on CNN.

    Part of article, rest of story and video on site: Former Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan joined CNN’s Michael Smerconish and laid out points slamming both political parties. Smerconish wanted specifics about the rigging of the system which most of us have known for years, so Buchanan talked about what happened to Bernie Sanders and how the DNC cheated him.

    Smerconish dismissed Buchanan answer, which is what liberals usually do, that’s when Pat hit fifth gear and didn’t stop!

  11. New from Bev Harris of [url][/url] — YT desc:

    Fraction Magic – Detail Version
    Bev Harris 100,545 views
    Published on Oct 31, 2016
    A real-time demo of the most devastating election theft mechanism yet found, with context and explanation. Demonstration uses a real voting system and real vote databases and takes place in seconds across multiple jurisdictions. Over 5000 subcontractors and middlemen have the access to perform this for any or all clients. It can give contract signing authority to whoever the user chooses. All political power can be converted to the hands of a few anonymous subcontractors. It’s a product. It’s scaleable. It learns its environment and can adjust to any political environment, any demographic. It runs silently, invisibly, and can produce plausible results that really pass for the real thing.

    9 min version:

    25 min version

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