Social media posts deemed as “incitement to commit violence against Israelis”


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Israel has been interrogating and imprisoning dozens of Palestinian minors for months without any legal representation or a parent’s presence.

As Facebook gives the Israeli government more access to posts deemed as “incitement,” occupation forces have been raiding the homes of Palestinians children and detaining them for months over posts on the social media site, a report by the Defense for Children International-Palestine said Monday.

The group spoke with several Palestinian minors who were arrested for their Facebook posts, interrogated for hours and then kept in prison for months without charges under the Israeli policy of “administrative detention.”

“Israeli authorities must immediately stop using administrative detention against Palestinian minors,” attorney and international advocacy officer at DCIP Brad Parker, said in the organization’s report.

“Inability to file charges against children due to lack of evidence should never be grounds for holding them indefinitely without charge or trial.”

The group said this the first time that Israel has used administrative detention against Palestinian children since 2011, a policy that allows Israeli authorities to keep Palestinians in jail for an indefinitely without charges.


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54 thought on “Israel and Facebook Team Up to Imprison Palestinian Children”
  1. Just more of the same. If Israel and its Zionist sympathizers do it, it is legitimate. If anyone else anywhere in the world does it, it is criminal.

    When is this double standard for Zionists and Israel going to end?

    1. Agreed, Patrick. There has also never been one article here or on Fetzer’s site about the disaster that Muslim culture is to women and the high rate of rape, beating and murder – across Palestine, and many other countries. Marrying their first cousins by more than 50% – consanguinity – for thousands of years results in lower IQ, more violence.

      1. Well, not “thousands.” Islam is only 1,400 years old. But point well taken, marzi. Consanguinity is certainly responsible for the horribly low average IQ in the Moslem world, and is a large explanation for the wickedness of the people it produces.

        But the real point here is the reflexive hatred James Tracy has increasingly demonstrated for Israel over the last year or so. He is a media critic, and in the past has proven to be a very effective one. But when it comes to the Arabs who were ruled by Jordan and Egypt from 1949 to 1968, he believes every propagandistic lie, apparently, this article being a childishly ridiculous example. One wonders why?

        Why does the estimable former professor not care to investigate the nature of these 17 year old “children”? The story behind this stupid “story”? Lots of similar “children,” of the black persuasion, shoot dozens of their confreres in Chicago every weekend, and a few of them die. Maybe, just maybe, the “children” Dr. Tracy is so concerned about in the lands Israel inherited from Jordan in 1968 might be similar types, from a public safety perspective. Maybe there is more to the social media behavior of these adult “children” to learn about. But the good Doctor is seemingly entirely uncurious about that. Strange. Maybe he’s lost his media criticism chops in the wake of his unfortunate sacking. Just thinking out loud here.

        Anyway, if there’s anyone I hold in high esteem in the Arab world, or DID, before the Hildabeast murdered him, it was the esteemed Muammar Gaddafi. He was a great man, a great leader, and a great truth teller. Here he is, calling out the leaders of the Arab world on the subject of their sudden concern for the so-called “Palestinians.” It is a joy to behold:


        Anyone who presumes to hold an opinion about the rag-tag collection of Arabs who have pronounced themselves “Palestinians” had better learn to answer the late Colonel’s challenge to his fellow leaders (all of whom seemed singularly uninterested, just as the West’s Israel-haters are).

        There’s not much point in commenting here any more, so I don’t, but sometimes something Tracy trots out is so disgraceful that at least SOMEONE needs to point it out, for his own good.

        You haven’t heard much from me of late, and maybe never will again. I mourn for what this place once was.

        1. I’m kinda hoping I never have to rub against your obvious depression anymore. Please do keep your promise this time. Thanking you in advance,

        2. I have heard trash here before but you take the cake,
          Dr. Tracy has been professional in his references to Israel, documented everything he has said or articles posted, he has also shyed away from the vehement excoriation of Israel and their crimes as most people do who study this criminal enterprise called Israel, for which Americans are being propagandized and fleeced (38 billion dollars in aid by this traitorous president!)
          the fact that he allows an obvious Zionist schill (or perhaps paid by JIDF) says reams about his patience, consistency and fairness-most of the old timers would have kicked your a** out of here a long time ago
          good riddance

        3. I have been to Israel too, Patrick. You are sadly misinformed. Considering your hostility toward MHB, you would surely do better to find another venue for your commentary.

        4. Wow. Over 2-3+ years ago I made a very specific comment related to what I believed was a strange video anomaly on a particular JT post. I just wanted to tell/warn James Tracy to check on it. Maybe his video had been altered since his original posting?
          The response was “patrickchatsamiably” jumping all over my post and telling me to stay away from commenting on this site because he had directed “friends” to this site who wanted to have reasonable discussions. And I was off topic. (Gatekeeper?)
          It worked. Although I have followed the site, I have never made a comment since then, even though I had communicated directly with James Tracy several times before that. And he was straight forward and reasonable.
          Gee. A media studies professor has dared to acknowledge the obvious. Namely, the commonality of traits of virtually all of the owners of commercial media. And they openly acknowledge this with braggadocio.

          My, how things have changed in a couple of years.
          I guess “pca” thinks that James Tracy isn’t toeing the Zionist line. So now he is still dominating the comments, but they are negative.
          Interesting. But not surprising.
          i’ll check the comments in a few more years to see if “pca” has been outed any further as a Zionist shill.
          Bye Bye.

          P.S. Every time I typed “pca”, including this time, it came on screen as “pac”. I had to go back and change it every single time. It wasn’t spell check. I looked.
          I wonder why?
          Who knows how this post will appear to anyone else looking at this site?

      2. Israel is a center of sexual slavery. It’s no beacon of girls’ and women’s rights. It’s also a country where citizens have to do genetic testing to make sure both parents aren’t carriers for defects and syndromes the rest of the world doesn’t worry about.

        1. An astonishing statement. Probably, an expression of lunacy. I have been to Israel. I have known many Israelis. I know lots about its history.

          This is a web site that is now beyond hope.

      3. Patrick, I mean desert culture in this area as well. The practice of consanguinity is much older than Islam itself. A while back I put up Steven Isserlis’s interview from FT in which he says anti-Zionists are basically anti-Jewish but they don’t know they are. James and Fetzer have more hatred than they realize and are both Holocaust deniers as well. The administrator here is equally prejudiced.

        1. I have little knowledge of Arabia pre-Mohammed, so I can’t speak to that, marzi, but I DO know that the Magreb and the Levant were Roman, and then Christian, lands–until the Arab hoards overran them and forced them to submit to Allah, and adopt Arabic customs.

          Some of the great doctors of the Church came from those regions, and what I know about Rome tells me that North Africa and the Middle East, as we call it today, were, well, Roman in their customs, and Romans did not marry their cousins. Certainly, their average IQ at the time was not as low as it is in those places today.

        2. Only propapagandist use terms like “Holocaust Denier” or anything else associated with “—————-Denier” and I am surprised Jewish supremacist have gotten away with it-it is an insult to intelligent people everywhere,

    2. Wow, Patrick. You sure have shown your colors.
      What difference does their age make? Not that the child in this photo looks “17,” nor many of the children we have seen arrested and killed by IDF.
      There is what’s called “an important point” here and many of us are allergic to red herring. Here is that “point” in case you missed it.
      Minors, under 18, who are people, are being IMPRISONED INDEFINITELY WITHOUT TRIAL FOR SPEECH.
      I put it in caps so even your amiable self might not be able to find some other part of my comment to post about.
      This is what the blackmailed folks that run Israel and everything else want to be able to do… to all of us. They want the power to jail us for being “offensive.” Guess who decides?
      They are already using the words, “non violent extremist.” How close are they to their treasured goal of “non-violent terrorist?”
      Your distraction from the real issue is sure to help your Israeli friends reach their stated goal of a world where criticizing their crimes is punishable. (NOTHING to do with being “jewish” or “semitic” … that’s a different discussion, I am anti-culture not anti-race)
      It’s now true that children’s speech is criminalized without civil rights in your beloved Israel and elsewhere.
      Is that what you want here, oh amiable Patrick?

      1. Israel is uniquely plagued by terrorism. It witnessed multiple countries around it taken down in recent years by young adults “speaking” to each other via social media. The “speakers” were proud of it, too, boasting of the success of their organizing. In the case of Egypt, one of the conspirators was a Google executive, and all the world’s press used his name proudly, because everything was going to go so wonderfully once the governments of all those Arab countries were taken down.

        They are now hellholes.

        People who hate Israel, I have noticed, share several traits in common. One, they assume that the country is so despicable that the only people who defend it must be paid to do so, because no one could possibly like it. Two, they seem to believe that Israel has no business defending itself from its enemies, foreign or domestic; it should just lie down and allow itself to be destroyed. Three, they become irrationally outraged when they detect any pushback on Israel’s part, especially if it is effective. And four, when independent observers, such as myself, identify Israel’s strategies to counteract the attacks it undergoes, and applaud those efforts, they become hated more than Israel itself.

        Israel obviously detects a conspiracy, the tools of which are social media, on the part of young adult Arabs, to coordinate terroristic activities. And Israel will NOT simply give up and allow itself to be destroyed. This may make you very upset; if you want Israel to cease to exist, it might frustrate you when Israel actively fights back against these plots. But the idea that a 17 year old terrorist must be left alone to plot the country’s destruction just because he hasn’t yet gotten to his 18th birthday is ridiculous. 17 year olds are not “children,” as the post we are discussing repeatedly insists, and they can murder just as effectively as a 30 year old.

        As for me, I have written here many times critical comments about Israel’s government and leaders. But it is a country of free people, not a government, and those people are warm and loving, for the most part, and they don’t deserve to be murdered in the streets, or tormented and traumatized by missiles launched into their suburban neighborhoods, or by tunnels under their houses. The Israeli people should fix their government, obviously, because it’s THEIR country–it belongs to them (this includes the more than a million Arab citizens of Israel, who possess exactly the same rights as any other Israeli citizen) and the government should be their servant, and a decent one.

        If a young man is using social media to plot the destruction of Israel, in coordination with other young men, I do not believe that Israel should take no notice. What the government does to forestall the murder of its citizens in this case, what is the best way to counter such behavior, I don’t know. But they have to do SOMETHING. If they act excessively harshly (I am no expert in these matters), their people need to get involved, and correct that. But for the most part, I assume the people just want the terrorism to stop, and trust the government to make it happen. Israelis have no warmth and love for people trying to kill them, I don’t expect.

        1. Holy Christ, Patrick. Are red herrings edible? You could start a fish farm.
          You didn’t respond to what I actually said AT ALL. One little tiny bit was slightly tilted toward my argument as one of your herrings had to dodge another in their flight away from the debate.
          What do I do now, oh distracting amiable one? Respond to your numerous new assertions, or remind you what my questions to you were?
          Would it do any good? If you didn’t have any intention of discussing my salient points, then why take time debating? I’m not really asking you, I’m asking myself.
          I am not savvy enough to have some “notification” tell me if you responded, I simply have been reading the comments in this blog for years and often have enjoyed yours. I kept in mind that you said you were “done with this blog” and was interested to see if you had a reply. Then I find you going on about Israel’s right to exist as if that had been questioned?
          Have you forgotten that this site discusses false flags? The evil regime in Israel is no more “Israeli” than the Bush or Clinton’s and the Khazarian Mafia backing them are “American!!!” They sneak in to Palestine, toss a couple rockets in to an empty lot on the Israeli side and proceed to slaughter thousands of innocent people and bulldoze their olive trees; and you assert this has something to do with fighting “terrorism?”
          I almost believe that you are not the real Patrick that I have followed these years, but a hacker. The real Patrick actually reads the articles posted here and knows the truth about the “war on terror.” He knows about the organ harvesting, the child sex trafficking, the drug running, the war profiteering; the debt and energy slavery and the pedo ring at the top. The real Patrick knows that the “leaders” of Israel are in complete collusion with the “leaders” of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the U.S. and many others, and that every one of these countries is as much of a “hellhole” as they can make it so they are free to pursue these evil activities.
          So no, I have decided not to take up a debate with whoever you are. I may check back to see if you went back to really answer my questions, and I may not.
          Like you, I despair of the quality of these discussions.

        2. What? Your question was about Israel imprisoning little kids for talking; my entire reply was about exactly that, to wit, (A) they’re not little kids and (B) if their “speech ” is a conspiracy to commit coordinated terrorism, Israel’s government owes it to its people to do something about it.

          I also mentioned that perhaps Israel is reacting overly harshly, but I don’t know enough about it to say. In America, as an example, Lincoln indefinitely detained his opponents in the North for the duration of his illegal, immoral invasion of the Southern states, but most of America thinks he was justified in doing that. I tend to think the comparison is probably apt.

          None of this is distraction, or avoidance of your all-caps point.

          The rest of your remarks, for the most part, assumed an all-powerful Israel plotting to control speech everywhere, which seems a little coo-coo to me. For instance, you said this:

          “It’s now true that children’s speech is criminalized without civil rights in your beloved Israel and elsewhere.
          Is that what you want here,….”

          As if Israel now interferes with the rights of first graders to talk, making their schoolyard chitchat a crime–and wants to do that to all little kids, everywhere.

          That may be how you think about it, but as I keep saying, 17 year olds are not “children,” and if they are conspiring to coordinate terrorism, that certainly is, and always has been, a crime. The only question here is the new tools the terrorists are using to “speak” to one another. If they are conspiring to commit crimes, just doing so is a crime. That kind of speech has always been illegal.

          As for my identity, I have never hidden it; you can click on my picture to know exactly who I am (buy my books while you’re at it; you may learn something). I want to be known. And I don’t care if people don’t like my opinions. I am the same as I have always been here, at MHB, although MHB is not what it was.

          Finally, you are correct that I said I find what MHB has become distasteful, and don’t like being associated with it. So for months I have only commented in extremis. This post is such an extreme lie that SOMEONE needed to speak up, even if no one reads MHB anymore. Someone had to point out the falsity. I’m shocked that no one else (except marzi) was disgusted.

          Israel has not outlawed baby talk. It’s not putting little kids in jail, indefinitely, for talking. Sheesh.

        3. For once, Patrick, I agree with something you said.
          In your second paragraph of your second reply you say, “I don’t know enough about it to say.” You are correct, you do not.
          But fortunately, we do know enough about it to say. Brilliant researchers like Dr. Tracy, James Fetzer, Chance George, and even myself have spent years looking in to the horrific crimes of the people who claim to represent the good people of Israel and act in their name, much as Dick Cheney did for the good people of the United States Of America.
          Since you admittedly do not know enough about it to say, when it comes to whether Israel has acted “over harshly” to “17 year olds” allegedly “plotting terrorism” I can, as an actual informed person who does know enough to “say;” enlighten you.
          The mob that has control of Israeli government actions has systematically committed genocide, has created false flag terrorism on it’s own people in order to justify the expulsion of people from their lands, has pretended to be somehow historically connected to the land when they are in fact imported Khazars who simply use “judaism” as a tool to plunder and rape.
          You, who do not know enough to say, certainly say a great deal to defend these monsters and child killers with your silly “17 year olds plotting terrorism” canard. IDF regularly make a sport of killing Palestinian children, as they have been trained and encouraged to do. They have become the Nazi’s they claim to despise. Many of us do know enough to say, because we pay attention.
          And I do not put my real name “out there,” not because I believe that your murderous monster masters couldn’t figure it out, but because I am not on their payroll, and my hope is that murdering me, as they have done to so many other researchers and activists, would not give them enough “deterrent” quotient since no one would know it happened.
          You are pretty good at turning your admitted ignorance in to long paragraphs, but you still never, not once, addressed the underlying issues that we have been trying to discuss. Criminalization of speech and the ultimate goal of those seeking it.
          You should paint yourself red and go swimming.

        4. Israel is uniquely plagued by terrorism”
          you gotta love it-only the Jews (and their schills) could start blood feuds all over history and nations, create an ideology where your small insignificant tribe of cut-throats (“Hibiru”) is destined to rule over all the rest of the world’s tribes, under her feet as chattel slaves to serve them, these Goyim, whether it be pedophilia or organ harvesting-
          and then play the victim when their victims return fire

        5. Here’s another great article about Arab “children,” Angel, in case you ever come back. It starts out like this:

          “I confess I was rather looking forward to the arrival of the alleged ‘children’ from the Calais migrant camp.
          Leftists have an oily habit of stretching the definition of this emotional word. It helps them make the exaggerated claims of suffering, by which they so often achieve their political aims.
          I fully expected to see square-jawed, muscled, hairy young men of military age, and I have greatly enjoyed the embarrassment of the soppy idiots who spread and believed the propaganda about them.”

          I’m certain Israel is dealing with exactly this charade much of the time, although real 17 year olds are bad enough.

        6. Reread that paragraph, Angel, and pay attention to what I say I don’t know enough about: the best way to close down conspiracies to commit coordinated terrorism via social media.

          All the rest of what you talk about I have spent decades familiarizing myself with. All the topics you bring up are absolutely irrelevant to the point I have repeatedly been making: this article Tracy posted is a flat out lie:

          Israel is NOT conspiring to imprison little kids for talking.

          It IS attempting to avoid being just another country destroyed by the tactics of the so-called “Arab Spring.”

          Israel’s government does many bad things, and I would not dream of defending evil of any kind. But those things have absolutely nothing to do with the topic of the article.

  2. The firing of that U of L professor is shameful. However,, firing this bigmouthed bozo who admitted he and others infiltrated Trump’s campaign,is a good thing.

    Portion of article; rest ono site: James O’Keefe has claimed his first scalp since releasing his latest bombshell undercover video.

    Scott Foval, the National Field Director of Americans United for Change–who can be seen in the video bragging about paying homeless and mentally ill individuals to cause disruptions at political events–has been fired from the organization.

  3. “Administrative detention.” A bone chilling phrase. Will the US adopt it? and on can think of its elaboration. “Administrative torture.” “Administrative capital punishment.”
    In Israel it is directed racially against Arabs, Palestinians, and Muslims. It will most likely begin in the USA racial as well. But it will not end there. Once only eliminates the rule of law in criminal accusations, it eventually affects all the people.

    1. Accused and convicted terrorists like Dzokar Tsarnaev and many others are held under what the DOJ calls “special administrative measures (SAM)” in which they are in solitary confinement, have no right to know why they are imprisoned, can’t speak to any fellow inmates and can only speak to their attorneys and immediate family for as little as 15 minutes a month. And, the reason given is largely about their own protection. But, as soon as their status changes or sentencing takes place they go right into the population showing that it’s actually intended as punishment even before any conviction. Keep in mind, a large percentage of these guys were just set up by the FBI and have no prior convictions. And any terrorism related charges carry minimum term sentences.

      1. It is also common for Intelligence agencies to imprison their personnel to control them and be able to silence them quickly if need by with threat of more lail etc.

  4. Ah…the Israeli defense league is here ……….when they do it ….its for a good reason……….if you do it to them you are a criminal. Religion in any form is a blight on humanity. When combined with political zealotry its a threat to humanity as Israel has shown us. Its obvious that Israel has become the thing it claimed to despise. Try reading the Talmud or the Torah some time to see what these religious fanatics think about non-jewish people. Or how about their views on women? Think the Muslims are harsh? Maybe their views on Jesus, his mother and other Christian icons might clear your head. And we think these people are our allies? I know, I know……you’re an anti-semite or some other B.S. Save it for someone that would be silenced by that. And….if what they are doing to the Palestinians is just peachy…..what happened to our Christian nation, founded on Christian principles and all that gobbly goop.

  5. Memory Hole has exposed this country’s ‘deep state’ false flags and the complicit mainstream media. James Tracy has paid dearly, as has Professor Anthony Hall, Joy Karega, and Steven Salaita.

    Gilad Atzmon tells us that one of the most powerful aspects of Israel, the ADL, the SPLC, the JIDF, etc., is that we can’t discuss the power of the ADL, the SPLC, the JIDF, etc.

    Patrick, please let us here.

  6. “Gee. A media studies professor has dared to acknowledge the obvious. Namely, the commonality of traits of virtually all of the owners of commercial media. And they openly acknowledge this with braggadocio.”

    That’s not the point, checkinin88. The point is, Tracy posted this ridiculous article. My question is, why? It is stupid, and he can obviously see that. 17 year old terrorists are not “children.” The press, obviously, LOOOOOVES to portray the Arabs Israel inherited from Jordan and Egypt sympathetically, no matter how wickedly they act. It’s so uniform an impulse, it’s eerie.

    One of the techniques is to give no details, but report how Israel is acting beastly toward Arab children, knowing that normal Americans immediately picture in their minds innocent tikes playing tag in a leafy park in a happy suburb, not swarthy grown-ups with scheming countenances. What kind of monsters lock up little kids for using Facebook?

    Any conspiracy observer immediately sniffs the suspiciousness about a threadbare story like this. Tracy, of all people, can sniff that acrid stench. But he presented it as a real story, betraying absolutely no interest in finding out what these adult “children” were doing on Facebook that so alarmed an Israel which is under relentless assault by terrorists just like these so-called “children.”

    Add to that the fraudulent so-called Arab Spring was widely reported to have been coordinated via social media, leaving many Arab countries in ruins.

    Can’t Tracy notice the connection?

    Israel does not intend to become Egypt, or Libya. If these fake “children” are plotting schemes on Facebook, Israel will be on the case. I applaud them for it.

    THAT’s the real story here. It’s not about the mistreatment of innocent kids riding their tricycles to the candy store.

    So why did Tracy post the article, betraying no skepticism at all? Answer: he wants us to believe the lie, however obvious it is to anyone with open eyes, because he wants to tell us how much he dislikes Israel. There is no other answer. Why does he want to broadcast that message? I have no idea.

    As I said, I do not like that this web site has come to this sad state. It used to be great, and I defended it as best I was able (although I have no memory of the exchange you reference).

    As I also stated, I have been to Israel, and know that it is a normal country, no different from America or Western Europe (at least until Merkel invited the wretched refuse of the third world to flood in). Talk to the people there, and it’s just like talking to someone you meet in public in any city in America. They are happy and free. But there is an agenda to have us not know this simple truth; Israel must be made to seem to us very dark and nefarious, sinister and evil. Probably because Jews “own” and run all the media, I’m guessing. They have an agenda to portray Israel in the most horrifying way, for some reason. These media moguls want us to despise Israel, because all we hear is how nastily they treat eaveryone. I see the logic now (well, I’m trying).

    Israel is beastly to the “Palestinians.” Israel isn’t under siege by endless waves of terrorism; anything Israel does to forestall terrorism is just an obvious example of its beastliness. Right.

    Returning to reality, conspiracy observers should see the pattern I laid out above, but if they have an anti-Israel agenda they must suppress it. It’s called intellectual dishonesty, and I don’t like it.

    1. The only “sad state” is the bought-and-paid for nature of comments by one Patrick Murphy’s AKA “patrickchatsamiably (unless one broaches the topic of Israeli war crimes and human rights violations).” In true troll fashion Murphy presents a red herring argument, detracting from the original reason for posting the article to bring attention to the fact that Facebook has allied with a nation state to suppress expression and violate related civil rights of an entire people.

      Such a story bears a clear relationship of another topic discussed at length here: Facebook’s role in the suspension of tenured professor Anthony Hall. And it really doesn’t take a great deal of lofty thought to conclude that since Facebook has offices in Israel and has recently appointed one of Netanyahu’s major advisers to head up the Israeli headquarters that given Zionists’ hostility toward free and open debate such a relationship and affiliation has grave implications for free speech throughout the world.

      Murphy suggests that Tracy is misleading his readers by posting the story because those undergoing interrogation are adolescent males. What difference should that make? Does that mean they can throw stones more effectively, or better bear the destruction of their homes, and the injuries or deaths of their loved ones at the hands of Israel’s ultra-modern military?

      Consider Murphy’s line of “reason” for a moment, which would be very much at home in ante-bellum Mississippi, where whites were similarly propagandized against the alleged “threat” against white womanhood posed by all black men who’d transitioned from puberty. Palestinian = terrorist like “Negro” = rapist.

      It’s difficult to believe that Murphy is sincere in this over-the-top racist argument. A more plausible explanation is that his modest single proprietorship has taken a downturn and he’s contracted with (or perhaps even sold his patrickchatsamiably handle to the ADL) to supplement his income.

      On the Zionist control of mass media remark, note that the story has been censored from US audiences quite effectively. It is worth noting that this story was carried by telesur–an entity owned by independent nation states rather than congealed corporate/financial interests.

      1. As an addendum, and keeping with the original theme of the post, Glenn Greenwald observed in Sept. 2016:

        The Associated Press reports today from Jerusalem that “the Israeli government and Facebook have agreed to work together to determine how to tackle incitement on the social media network.” These meetings are taking place “as the government pushes ahead with legislative steps meant to force social networks to rein in content that Israel says incites violence.” In other words, Israel is about to legislatively force Facebook to censor content deemed by Israeli officials to be improper, and Facebook appears eager to appease those threats by working directly with the Israeli government to determine what content should be censored.

        The joint Facebook-Israel censorship efforts, needless to say, will be directed at Arabs, Muslims, and Palestinians who oppose Israeli occupation. The AP article makes that clear: “Israel has argued that a wave of violence with the Palestinians over the past year has been fueled by incitement, much of it spread on social media sites.”

        … While the focus here is on Palestinians’ “incitement,” it’s actually very common for Israelis to use Facebook to urge violence against Palestinians, including settlers urging “vengeance” when there is an attack on an Israeli. Indeed, as the Washington Post recently noted, “Palestinians have also taken issue with social-media platforms, saying they incite violence and foster an Israeli discourse of hatred, racism and discriminatory attitudes against Palestinians.”

    2. I’d not wade into this because at least one poster isn’t dealing in reason. His attributing ‘lunacy’ to everyone who disagrees with him pretty much demonstrates that lack. So I’m ignoring the main topic of this thread.

      Instead, I’d like to point out that the fear in post-Reconstruction whites of ‘negro’ male sexual aggression was not wholly unjustified. I’m not accusing MHB Administrator of claiming it was entirely ‘propaganda,’ but the relevant paragraph could easily be interpreted in that more radical sense.

      The Yankee government encouraged a vindictive, castrating spirit in the blacks it installed in government during Reconstruction. It was inevitable that many to most former slaves would harbor resentment towards their former white ‘owners’ upon emancipation, but it was detrimental for the formation of an integrated middle class to indulge unjustified black vendettas. Black animus towards most non-planter whites was exactly that – unjustified.

      To suggest that many black men didn’t take the Yankee endorsement of their unfounded hatred of most white anglo southern women through the decades and into poor white neighborhoods seems extremely ignorant to this white anglo northern woman (whose great great grandfather escaped mass starvation to fight to free black slaves, among other northern motivations for the Civil War).

      My personal sense is that black male sexuality was fetishized in an oppressively dark way in the South, but that white anglo female sexuality was fetishized by blacks as well. Eldridge Cleaver began his book Soul On Ice with a declaration of his right to rape white women as some point of departure for black liberation. This fact shouldn’t be so arcane to those purporting to concern themselves with human rights.

      ‘Ante-bellum’ may denote the era preceding the Civil War, but many readers don’t distinguish and given the context in this country of conflating both eras and classes of whites, I thought I’d clarify.

      1. I should add that Leo Frank raped and murdered Mary Phagan, and afterward framed his black employee for the crime. American jewry has falsified a ‘lynching’ by whites of Frank, in keeping with their outrageous framing of whites for what was always more jewish exploitations of blacks.

        White ‘yankees’ played a bigger role in the intensifying of black and white conflict during Reconstruction than they did during the Jim Crow era, when jews played both sides of the coin and pretended to be ‘white’ when it suited them but somehow not when it didn’t.

    3. Patrick, is “Jewish” an ideology, a religion, a race, a culture or a nationality… according to you?
      All wars are Banker wars, I don’t care if Bankers are “Jewish,” or if Jews “own” the media. The media is an evil entity created by a greater evil entity. Many of the people in the banks and corporations that Jefferson warned us about claim to be “Christian.” Is that a race? A religion? A culture? A nationality? Am I anti-Christimitic if I talk about the Bush or Clinton crime syndicates?
      Most “Jews” aren’t even jewish! They come from the Khazar region and just use Judaic texts to justify raping and pillaging… just as many people who claim to be christian do.
      The people of Israel are just like the people of the United States, you say. I couldn’t agree more. We have in common that we are occupied by Khazarian gangsters posing as Jews, Christians, Muslims, Athiests or Pastafarians… depending on what will get them the youngest and freshest booty, blood and treasure.

      1. They are a unique people group. I use the Bible as my guide to them, and their history and future. Abraham came from what is now called Iraq, and his sons went back there to obtain brides. Later, when they spent a few centuries sojourning in Egypt, they certainly picked up a bunch of that bloodline, too. But they were a distinct “nation,” selected by God, for a purpose. God consistently sees them that way, and still does (read Romans 9,10 and especially 11 for details).

        God not only crafted them from the nations around them, He separated them severely, making them absolutely distinct. The Law He gave them at Sinai, after their release from Egyptian bondage, has three aspects: moral, ceremonial, and dietary. All three made them dramatically different from the other nations, and this isolation only grew over the centuries.

        The so-called 13th tribe theory is false. The man who invented it denounced it late in life, and retired to Israel. It is easy to prove its falseness on a great many ways, but I will mention only three. First, no one, NO ONE has ever asserted a discontinuity in the transmission of Judaism from the Romans’ permanently banishing them from Jerusalem after the Bar Kokhba revolt in AD 135 to the present. They were the largest minority group in Rome already, in all of the empire, and the Judeans cast out of the land had plenty of communities to go to. No one has ever proposed that they stopped existing and another racially alien group replaced them, acquiring all their cultural traits. It really doesn’t matter if that Asian tribe converted, they definitely did not replace them.

        Which brings me to item number two: Yiddish. It is the language they spoke in Europe, and it is a mixture of German and Hebrew. It has no Turkic words. None. The people whose daily lives evolved that new language did not speak a Turkic language (Khazarian, as Koestler posited) as they melded into the germanic culture.

        Third, they have no cultural/racial memory of any of that, and no people group is more obsessed about its history than them. No discontinuity, no replacement by an alien race. They generation after generation taught their kids Hebrew and read the scriptures in Hebrew together, and they passed on their peculiar cultural distinctives, remembering the Passover and Sukkot, year after year, always praying “next year in Jerusalem.”

        They are not a race or a religion, but a unique blend of both, unlike any other people group. God had a reason for making them what He did, and His purpose for them is still playing out. It is a mysterious thing. We must all learn to feel comfortable with theological mysteries, which seem to us paradoxical.

        1. Holy sh!t. You are one hell of a nut job! The bible says so and the jews are chosen??
          So did god tell those Khazarians to convert in 800 AD?
          Well you did lay it out didn’t you, saying we “must” be comfortable with “mysteries.”
          Well, I mustn’t. No one must. You are wrong.
          Go look it up at the link below. The Khazars who converted and took over “jewishness” had most of the real Israelites killed. They also have a lot of Neanderthal blood (barrel chested, hairy, sloped foreheads, big noses, disdain for anyone but their tribe, focus on hoarding and material goods) which helps them believe that horrid putrid filth in the Talmud about being able to rape goyim children cause they “aren’t human.”
          You really are right, you don’t belong here amongst thinking people of discernment who don’t believe in the fairy tales written by women hating pedophiles at the council of Nicea (the bible) in order to justify the primacy of priests and frighten the “flock” in to submission to their rape and plunder.

        2. Hate is a poor guide for reason (and “Angel” is an ironic pseudonym for a hater to adopt, by the way). Such outrage. Calm down, son. Have a beer. Relax.

          Clearly, you read, or understood, nothing in the comment you are supposedly replying to. I spelled out a logical argument, which you ignored.

          The article you linked to mentioned Yiddish. But it made no point about it, to prove the Koestler theory (which I proved to be false, beyond question–which you refuse to acknowledge). I argued that Yiddish proves the Khazar theory false, because it contains no Turkic words. My argument is true; the article makes no argument at all about that.

          How, pray tell, “Angel,” is it that an asiatic tribe of Turkic people abandoned their language and culture, en masse, and became completely Hebraic, linguistically, culturally, and religiously, perfectly imitating the people group they had adopted the civilizational characteristics of? Has that ever been done in history? It would be like the English coming to America and becoming perfectly Algonquin in language, culture and religion, displaying no “Englishness” ever after; perfectly Indian, but with white skin. Impossible to imagine.

          To produce, organically, a new language, over time, blending one with another, traits of the “joiner” always–ALWAYS–are found in the hybrid language (these new languages are called “creoles” and “pidgins” in linguistics). The idea that an asiatic race became so completely Hebraic as to have lost all Turkic linguistic memory is, well, preposterous. This simply does not happen.

          Furthermore, the replacement people did not retain any of their own historical customs, if the 13th Tribe theory is true; they became 100% Biblical. Who can believe such a ridiculous proposal? A hater, I guess. But a hater who steadfastly refuses to think about what he has chosen to believe.

          So how is it that there are no Turkic words in Yiddish? But I repeat myself. How is it those people have always, year after year, cried out to God “next year in Jerusalem!”? Why would a Turkic race of converts do these things? Why would Jerusalem mean anything to them, even though they had converted to the religion that cherished it?

          Hate can be pretty amusing. And you, “Angel,” are a laff riot.

          No one is required to believe the Bible, incidentally, “Angel.” But I’d recommend it–because it really is true. It can be trusted. I’d advise you to investigate its veracity.

      2. A “hater” eh? What a subtle and semitic ad hominum!
        Yes, I agree with you again.
        I hate child rapists, kidnappers, murderers, organ harvesters, those who commit usury (money changers), war profiteers, slavers, inciters of violence and false flag terrorists.
        That would pretty much sum up your beloved masters. Which makes you an accessory to these crimes Patrick.

        1. Since the article being discussed here has absolutely nothing to do with the list of horrors you seem so obsessed with, but you feel compelled to repeatedly muddy the waters with, I naturally conclude that you are doing that because you cannot reason. You hate Israel so irrationally you cannot focus on the single topic of the article. Your mind immediately fills with all the terrible things you think of whenever the subject of Israel comes up.

          You should think about that. It’s not healthy.

          The article Tracy presents here tells a very nasty lie, i.e. that Israel is conspiring to put little kids in prison indefinitely for using Facebook. You reflexively believe it because you hate Israel and would believe anything anyone says about it, no matter how preposterous.

          Then, you attack me for pointing out that this article is just cheap propaganda. The author is certainly entitled to his/her opinion about whether Israel is dealing with this new threat it faces overly harshly, and to propagandandize about it any way he/she wants (the article is unsigned). But it says something about James Tracy that he presents it here as if it’s true, not pointing out that it’s propaganda. He must agree with the author that Israel is handling the threat improperly, but he is comfortable with re-selling the lie that the story is about the mistreatment of children; he claims the part that interests him is the partnership with Facebook to root out the conspirators, but since he does not acknowledge the problem itself, he’s being disingenuous about that. It’s a very serious problem, after all. At least admit that.

          That is, all parties intentionally remain silent about Israel’s motive, and mischaracterize what Israel is doing to make Israel look monstrous. Who could possibly want, after all, to throw little tikes in jail for having Facebook accounts? It’s designed to leave a false impression in the reader’s mind, to reinforce the idea that Israel should be delegitimized. I find that disgusting. There are plenty of bad things Israel’s leadership does that can be discussed if you don’t like Israel, but this is just making things up.

  7. “Murphy suggests that Tracy is misleading his readers by posting the story because those undergoing interrogation are adolescent males.”

    “Consider Murphy’s line of “reason” for a moment, which would be very much at home in ante-bellum Mississippi, where whites were similarly propagandized against the alleged “threat” against white womanhood posed by all black men who’d transitioned from puberty. ”

    “…this over-the-top racist argument.”

    These are not arguments. And they are false characterizations of my remarks.

    To address the first, if you read what I wrote, I posited that there was no doubt a connection between what these “children” were posting on social media and the Israeli concern it evoked. NOT their ages. I’m talking about the connection, plus the weird propaganda element of calling grown men “children.” How do you miss this? I did not say all the Arab young men Israel has to administer are in the same category; I was talking about those in the article posted. I suspect that there is a reason those particular young men were detained, that it was in fact NOT that they were “children,” which is what, ironically, the article disingenuously implies.

    Second. Since I did not do what you claim I did in the first item cited, to extend it to something insanely unrelated, but emotionally charged, is quite a remarkable thing. Setting up a straw man, and knocking it down should really not be one of the tools in your box, James. Honestly. Pathetic.

    And talk about pathetic, standing over the fallen straw man, and doubling down about how my argument is “over-the-top racist” is hilarious. Can’t you see how illogical is this reply to my remarks? Apparently not. What does “race” have to do with it? It is a stretch beyond the breaking point.

    What’s most interesting, though, is your evading of the argument I made. I am saying, again, that it is not at all surprising that Israel is very concerned about potential “Arab Spring” machinations amongst the youthful terrorists it has been forced to oversee, by the abdication of Jordan (and Egypt), and that any rational observer should instantly notice that. And that it is absolutely disingenuous for anyone to call these adult possible terrorists “children,” which should be a red flag for anyone reading the article. They are calling these grown men “children” for propaganda purposes, obviously, so we should immediately call that a “clue.” There must be a reason they are doing that.

    Pretty much all of your remarks here are squid ink in the water, designed to stop observers from seeing what’s really being discussed.

    If you are in fact a conspiracy observer, I keep saying, why can’t you admit that the reason these most likely terrorists are not “children,” but the story calls them that to misdirect our thinking?

    That is to say, back when MHB was gaining credibility, I would have expected your take on this ridiculous story to have been exactly the one I am presenting, and complaining about your refusal to acknowledge. You would have been pointing out how the story being told is hiding the story we should be noticing. That is what MHB was there for. That it’s not about that any more is the sad state I was referring to.

      1. How is that possible? This is an article about a modern nation conspiring to imprison innocent little kids, which, if it were true, would be history-making outrageous.

        But it’s a flat out lie. Why isn’t anyone else pointing that out? Why only me?

        The story behind the story is the interesting one, and should interest everyone: the media’s routine description of adult Arab terrorists as “children.” Why do they do that?

        The real story here is Israel’s endless need to fight terrorism in its midst, and it’s adaptation to terrorism’s changing tactics. They do not intend to be just another victim of “Arab Spring” overthrow. How is that fascinating story a waste of anyone’s time?

      2. The noticeable lack of any dialogue so far as articles posted on this topic – every article is against Israel and pro-Islam or Palestine reveals that there is a deep lack of fairness. If this were an investigative site it would include articles on both sides. The same is true for Hall, Fetzer, McQueen, Sheehan and so many others. They as here never print one word about the negative statistics on women in Muslim countries, etc. Iraq was ahead under Saddam who continued education started under Gertrude Bell, and the US couldn’t have that.

        1. Are you sure you are not Jewish?
          I’m starting to think you’re just another one of Patrick’s dragon heads “Kvetching,”
          The Israelis/Zionists can bomb a hospital (literally) and blame their victims, Israel is the black whole of the world, the center of the worst fanatacism, theft, murder war and death in the last 100 years, touching every nation, causing the upheaval and murder/agony of millions (e.g., Bolshevism)
          your description of the editorial content and reporting on MHB is inaccurate at best and does not represent the excellent journalism here,
          I also smell a conspiracy with Patrick who has intimated an attempt to infiltrate this blog with co-conspirators to drop a monkey wrench in the works and prevent the powerful important messages of this blog to citizens of the US and the world,
          frankly Dr. Tracy I believe you have bent over backwards already and done due diligence by allowing an obvious 5th column Zionist asset wide berth in this blog, and imho are more than justified in removing the fly from the soup, open discussion is one think, a true conspiracy to interfere with the mission of this blog is something quite different

  8. Appropriate to the militant defense of –isms taken up in this thread, is this comment from Talcott Parsons and Gerald M. Platt, in The American University:

    “A major aspect of the ethos of science – i.e., all the intellectual disciplines – is organized skepticism. The duty of the scientist… is to question the cognitive validity and/or significance of propositions…

    “The ideologist, on the other hand, always questions the level of his commitment to the ideology, including the cognitive belief component of it. Ideologies constitute forms of rhetoric which seek to mobilize faith.”

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