Over the past week MHB has been covering the defamatory false flag techniques employed by powerful anti-free speech forces in Canada against University of Lethbridge Professor Tony Hall that resulted in Dr. Hall’s October 5 suspension without pay by Lethbridge administrators. That action has since been condemned by the University of Lethbridge Faculty Association.


Below is the inflammatory image posted on Hall’s Facebook page without his knowledge. According to political cartoonist Ben Garrison, it was altered by infamous internet troll Joshua Goldberg when Goldberg and others led an online campaign to frame Garrison as a White Supremacist.

“Goldberg attacked me as early as 2010 on Facebook using the handle ‘MoonMetropolis,'” Garrison told MHB in an email.

Political Cartoonist Ben Garrison

It was one of his many personas. Later on, a cyber detective tried to track down some of my attackers. One was easy—a gay man in his 30s named Bryan Carpen who was living in Hollywood, Florida. He also found out that a person called ‘European88’ was the source of spreading the various ‘hate meme’ boxes with my face and name throughout the Internet .

In 2015 Goldberg was arrested by US authorities after impersonating an Australian Islamic jihadist online and charged with plotting to bomb a 9/11 memorial event.

After the “Kill All Jews” graphic was posted to Professor Hall’s Facebook page was deceptively circulated (i.e. here, here, and here) to the broader public and even law enforcement as alleged proof that Hall  was anti-Semitic and actively promoting the message, and might thus be committing a hate crime under Canadian law.


Below is proof that the image involves not-so-subtle sleight-of-hand where a representation of cartoonist Garrison was superimposed alongside a hateful anti-Semitic screed over a photograph of what in reality was a 2005 faith-based protest of orthodox Jews in Northern Israel. As a recent report in American Herald Tribune observes:

Although the racist, hate-mongering Facebook post was ostensibly put on Dr. Hall’s page by someone self-identified as “Glen Davidson,” B’nai Brith launched no legal campaign against this person. Instead, it succeeded in having the Lethbridge Police Service open an investigation of Dr. Hall. As reported by CTV News Calgary, B’nai Brith said that “by allowing” the anti-Semitic post “to remain on his Facebook page, Hall was committing a hate crime.”

CTV News Calgary went on to falsely report that “Hall did eventually remove the offending post.” In fact Dr. Hall didn’t know about the post’s existence until after B’nai Brith had successfully lobbied Facebook to take it down. As reported by Now Magazine, Facebook removed the post after initially, and ludicrously, claiming that it didn’t violate the website’s standards.


Here is the caption from the original photo:

Israeli security guards struggle with an ultra-Orthodox Jew during a protest against the desecration of alleged ancient Jewish graves May 31, 2005 near Kibbutz Regavim in northern Israel. Dozens of black-garbed religious Jews clashed with the privately-hired guards as they tried to prevent the construction of the Trans-Israel highway over the graves. The protesters say the graves are Jewish, but archaeologists say they are Roman and date to the late second and early third century AD.

This and additional photos of this 2005 event may be found at occupiedpalestine.wordpress.com

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14 thought on “Inflammatory Graphic Deployed Against Prof. Anthony Hall Revealed as Forgery”
  1. Doesn’t Ben Garrison claim that Joshua Goldberg is responsible for the image?

    Garrison: “Unfortunately that Photoshopped image of me assaulting that Orthodox Jew man continues to circulate and be posted everywhere. Ironically, it was created by a 20 year-old Jewish kid named Joshua Goldberg. He was arrested by the FBI about a year ago for sending bomb making instructions to what he thought was a Muslim terrorist–instead it was an FBI undercover agent. Goldberg is now pleading mental illness, but for years he was allowed to stir up trouble from his parent’s basement in Florida. For some reason he enjoyed targeting me and he’s the one who created that image as well as many other hate screeds.”

    Check out the wiki on Goldberg. False incitement is his specialty. Though he’s denounced by people like Rita Katz, I wonder if he really is their opposition, or if he’s working with them from the “other” side.


      1. That’s interesting information from Garrison. Thanks. From his description, I guess I can see for a second how he could come to the position of wanting to police social media. For a second.

        It’s not a position I agree with.

        I neglected to mention this before – how about the fortitude of those anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews?

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