By James F. Tracy

The targeting of University of Lethbridge Professor Anthony Hall is now a national news story in Canada. On October 3 the Canadian Broadcast Corporation’s David Gray conducted an in-studio interview with Hall, a senior tenured faculty member at Lethbridge, concerning the recent controversy surrounding him resulting from the defamatory campaign waged by Canada’s B’nai B’rith political pressure group.

The edited interview as broadcast by CBC may be listened to here.  The uncensored version, taped by a colleague of Hall refused access to the studio, is captured in the video below.


Throughout the exchange Gray concerns himself much more so with confirming the powerful Jewish lobby’s sensationalist allegations of Hall’s “thought crimes” (i.e. critical thinking on complex events often at variance with official narratives) and suspicious social media posts than with conducting a fair and impartial interview examining yet another instance in North America where free speech and academic freedom are being mercilessly assailed.

Gray became increasingly irritated as Dr. Hall refused to obey the interviewer’s “Yes/No” compliance test format, while Hall maintains the CBC’s final broadcast version “was edited for length” rather than to obfuscate Hall’s repeated attempts to develop a discussion instead of an inquisition.

B’nai B’rith is now requesting the University of Lethbridge fire Hall. University officials have proposed to Hall that a mutual agreement be established between parties wherein Hall would vacate his university position. Professor Hall maintains that now more than ever he must defend his tenured position and the principles of academic freedom on behalf of faculty members throughout North America.

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30 thought on “CBC Hit Piece on Prof. Anthony Hall: Uncensored Video”
  1. Well, we all know this about 9/11. The sons-a-bitches are become desperate as the ice keeps cracking. If I were Canadian I’d question their non-profit status. You can do that sh*t in America – obviously political. Hall is no anti-Semite, and that is obvious – he’s being used as an opportunity to intimidate and I think it’s political, I think the IRS is quite specific about the behavior – I wonder about CN tax code?

  2. This censoring and attempt at firing Anthony is absurd. He should be free to say whatever he wants, BUT, as to Holocaust denying, I’ve read the so called scientific basis and found it faulty. I suggest Tracy, Fetzer, and all go see the new movie Denial because it exposes the Holocaust denial industry in a concise one hour and fifty minutes. Denial is the true story of Holocaust denier and famous Hitler apologist, David Irving, suing historian Deborah Lipstadt and her publisher, Penguin Books, in court in the UK for libel. She wrote a book, Denying the Holocaust, 1993, in which she gave an unflattering representation of Irving, which prompted Irving’s ire. The issues are set forth as scientific error and purposeful faulty translations on purpose by Irving. A 334 page decision by Mr. Justice Gray should be read by all who have an interest in this area.

    1. Now that’s a hell of a new twist-“Holocaust Denial Industry,”
      what more nonsense can the Jews come up with???
      The only industry is the Holocaust fiction, which the Zionist Jews have used as a major part of their absurd theater and propaganda,. using it for extortion (reparations) to the count of billions of dollars,
      and your reference to Irving as a “Hitler apologist” is absurd and and a slap in the face to one of the great brave historians of our time who has withstood gang-stalking, jail and theft from the Zionist-
      he is a brave academic in the same vein as Dr. Tracy, Dr. Fetzner and others who hold the torch of truth,
      your words sound like they are coming out of the mouth of B’nai B’rith, a true terrorist organization

      1. We know who are the the speech police..point out the obvious, and speak of the uninvited terrorists, and the left wing Libtards will terrorize you..I find this heart warming…popcorn and a soda

      1. It is said that Lipstadt paid a certain trial witness $100k to “go along to get along”. How was that tolerated by the judge?
        What about the testimony of Dr Norman Finklestein about the “Holocaust Industry”? All fiction? All contrived? All fictional?
        What about the jail sentences of Zundel, Rudolf and Stolz? All nice and “legal”? What about the Nuremberg kangaroo court?
        Hillary Clinton is manipulated in many ways by those who rule the world by a coterie of forces that spring up periodically like mushrooms after a summer rain.
        Irving has told me that “Hitler did not attend brainwashing sessions at Tavistock”.
        So, have at it, folks. But once you see the belly of the beast, it’s hard to go back to Hoboken.

        1. “Deniers” is a term of social engineering by Organized Jewry for the express purpose of slandering those who refuse to adopt their propaganda and attempt to rewrite history

    2. Millions of people of all races died in WWII and this whole thing that one race died more and we got to keep digging into the ground for this agenda is so useless and pointless means it’s “Really” an agenda.

      I give respect to everyone that died under Hitler.

      Can WE just leave it there and move on?

      Answer: No. There’s big bucks here…. on

      1. I never really comment on this subject but it’s got so out of hand with so special groups claiming some king of superiority for being a race or religion and only the Whites are left standing alone and take the brunt of everything called Racsim.

        How about “Anti- Europian” or “Anti-White” or “Anti-Cacausian”?

        This is rediculous and un-fair.

        All lives matter and no race or religion should hold a “special” power over another.

      2. The US chose to support the communists Stalin and Mao. Why? And, if you can answer that one, tell us why Senator Joe McCarthy was destroyed when he talked about commies in the US government. Stalin and Mao killed over 120 million people between them yet Hitler is picked out for the ultimate in excoriation? Why? You don’t suppose it has to do with ownership of media, do you? Nah, couldn’t be…..

        1. Stalin’s government killed somewhere in the neighborhood of 800 000 over thirty-odd years. These figures of tens of millions are just rubbish.

    3. Deborah Lipstadt never took the stand. She brought a team of 26 lawyers, researchers, and clerks into the courtroom. Her witnesses were paid handsomely to testify and for their academic papers entered as evidence. David Irving entered the courthouse alone, with no barrister, and cross examined her small army of experts for a month. It did not start out as a trial about the Holocaust it was a libel trial which got turned into a Holocaust trial which Irving lost the rigorous cross examination of the experts. Canadian commercial artist Ernst Zundel lost both of his trial in Toronto in the ’80s, but these court cases have proved nothing except “the law is an ass.” Anyone with an ounce of common sense and the abilility to think critically who bothers to read any book length account of these famous trials will come away from the experience scratching their head about the recieved history of the Holocaust. Anyone who goes to a movie and believes the actors they watch are re-creating historical truths is a misguided fool.

  3. It’s a hit piece all right. I’ll add that it is a natural expectation from CBC or any other 9/11 censor. Hall handled himself very well, but even a mediocre interviewer can cut and paste an interview to make it much less favorable to the interviewee.

    Under Plato’s thick worldwide cave, hit pieces are very difficult to avoid, unless the subject is so trivial that even a hit piece carries the risk of educating the public. Hence the respectful advice to avoid defending any ideas more complex than the macroscopic observation of the video record of Building 7’s destruction.


  4. Here’s a link to the False Flag Weekly News radio show from this morning, discussing Professor Tony Hall’s suspension from the University of Lethbridge for exercising his academic right and commitment to free speech.

    SPECIAL GUEST TODAY: Jeremy Rothe-Kushel


    “Our motto is Fiat Lux, which means let there be light, refers to the illumination that comes from research and learning. We create, inquire and discover, and inspire our students to do the same.”
    About 8500 students and 600 faculty members.
    Chartered: 1967. By 1969 they were giving out honorary doctor of laws degrees.
    Current approximate age of institution: 49.
    Quote from the late Clark Kerr, President University of California, 1961, Blue and Gold annual:
    “The theme of the 1961 Blue and Gold is the University’s motto, “Let There Be Light” which appears on the University Flag in its Latin version, “Fiat Lux”. The light, of course, is the light of knowledge and understanding. It is interesting to note that the “lux” of the Latin motto is also related to “luxury”…an etymological relationship, however, that is quite misleading. For the light of knowledge and understanding cannot be regarded as a luxury. Rather, it is a necessity, and an increasingly vital necessity in a world where basic knowledge is giving man ever greater control over the conditions of his life—over his physical environment and, we hope, over his social and intellectual development as well…”
    The University of Lethbridge, in Canada (1967), is about 49 years old while the University of California (1868) is about a century older or 148 years old. For reasons unknown, of all the mottos and colors available, they chose to copy those already used by my alma mater where I hold two degrees in physics, A.B., 1961 Berkeley and Ph.D.,1966 Riverside. But they have not honored the true meaning of this fabulous motto and have indeed betrayed it because they limit intellectual endeavor by limiting questions which can be asked as illustrated by the gross misconduct of the University of Lethbridge in the improper and illegal treatment of professor Anthony Hall without any due process of law, let alone any proof of false trumped up claims against him and the precious institution of Academic Freedom he represents but the institution gang raped through their lawyer in chief, who rather than following the law, gave it his middle finger.
    Truth cannot be reached by limiting investigators with intimidation and fears of charges for offending certain groups or politically correct demands to comply with. Every investigator must be totally free to ask any questions and hold any views no matter whose Ox gets gored. Every scholar wears the badge of “conspiracy theoist” with honor, because it means to question authority or orthodoxy or church or favored groups who have much wealth to buy politicians or any other constraints; or lying government or lying media. This is the long standing purpose of Academic Freedom. Canada is moving backward intellectually, not forward. If the draconian rules they seek to forcibly impose by law, on the Academy, were in effect in earlier times, we would still be living in the Dark Ages. Evidently the Dark Ages are where some very ignorant people in Canada seek to return us to today. This is a shameful disgrace resulting from political power of ignorant selfish loudmouths aided by cowardly, ignorant mostly lying lawyers running these cesspools of indoctrination and brainwashing like the University of Lethbridge today in Canada aided and abetted by prostitutes and whores in the lying media.
    Boycott Canada. Never buy anything from there or take any trips there. If traveling to Alaska, use air or ships owned by others, not Canadians. Never take a train sight seeing trip there. Vote with your pocketbook against intellectual tyranny imposed by selfish, insolent arrogant, elist, …ignorant, blind…hypocrites. This is the only kind of language these ignorant tyrants might understand because at bottom, they love money. Dinero is their God, not knowledge, truth and understanding and which the University of California Motto in Latin Fiat Lux truly represents, not hypocritically in meaningless hot air words, as at the copycat University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
    Winfield J. Abbe, A.B., Physics, UC Berkeley, 1961, M.S., Physics, California State University at Los Angeles, 1962, under the late professor Earl D. Jacobs, Ph.D.; Ph.D., Physics, UC Riverside, under professor Peter E. Kaus, Ph.D., 1966.

    1. Hillary promised “free college for all”. Would that not be wonderful? Just imagine, millions more stereotypical braindead, non-analytical, palms up individuals hoping to spend upwards of a decade “learning” what their masters tell them. The university today is guilty of brainwashing but there are those who would even intensify this brainwashing. Make college fun, pay your football coach 5 million bucks, fill the stadium, and titillate the fans with gladiatorial contests that no longer typify the good, clean, free spirit of competition on the gridiron. College has become a tampered-with farce with bloated administrative staffs, pontificating deans and presidents, and graduates that too often are ill prepared to go out and become productive. A college has become a money maker for dreaming fools known as professors who too often, not always, succumb to the siren song of this lockstep but overrated ticket to the future. Moreover, colleges tie the hands of their most inquisitive minds by dictating what will be taught and what will not. A tragic shame, a farce that reeks of travesty. And gleeful would-be voters for Hillary are perfectly unmindful of these current realities, ignorance is blissful and refractory to understanding and change. The college scene is rapidly becoming a sick scene.

  6. Faculty Association steps up to the plate in the U of L case. Perhaps Canadians should contact the B’Nai Brith society and thank them for bringing these cases to our attention and saying that we now have more questions about the Holocaust than the official stories answer, thanks to them.

    LETHBRIDGE, Alta. — The University of Lethbridge’s faculty association is speaking out against the suspension of a professor whose online comments about the Holocaust and Israel have angered Jewish groups.

    Association president Andrea Amelinckx says the move violates provincial law and contravenes the contract between faculty and the university.

    Rest of article on site.

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