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Propagandizing US Public Now Legal

Former Clinton/Gore political consultant Naomi Wolf explains why we should be skeptical of overly theatrical news stories.

Propaganda is legal! This took place at the 2014 Free State Project’s Liberty Forum.


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18 thought on “Naomi Wolf On Fake News and False Flags”
  1. HR 4310, RADIO FREE comes to America across the electromagnetic visual audio spectrum. Unconventional Warfare for the minds and hearts and fear of force. General Tsu would be impressed. We are all living in Guantanamo., we just don’t know it yet. The hearts and minds approach or the use of force, they have implemented and implanted in the population. NDAA bombs away!

  2. Funny that Wolf did not mention the destruction of the Twin Towers and the destruction of Building 7 as excellent case studies in hyping false information and in burying embarrassing information. She seems to carefully beat around the bush of organized disinformation–pun intended.


    1. I really don’t think she needed to interject her own opinion about 9/11 when the question was about Boston. Her “beating around the bush” about it was very skilled, because it laid the foundation for doubting our own government which has been a bridge too far for so many. She is trying to draw people in who heretofore have rejected any skepticism as “conspiracy theory” – and she casts her historical net very wide, but very effectively. At the end you can tell she believes Boston is a total crock, and about martial law practice, about taking the measure of the people living around Boston and how gullible they are.

  3. It is clear from the context what her answer would be were Naomi Wolf not 1) carefully protecting her credibility (and thus ability to influence others to doubt the media) and 2) careful not to be silenced as a scapegoat. She knows (and her tail of CNN’s lame reporting of the beheading of the water-skier on the Mexican border says as much), that Boston was one of those spectacles used to advance the agenda of a society which is like Pinochet’s becoming a closed echo chamber of government propaganda. At the end of what she said it is clear she doubts the truth of the reporting on Boston thus far, but she insists that real reporting be pursued. She could have added her doubts that any such attempts have gotten anywhere.

    I walked into a lab where I had had gone for a medical test, only to find some women at the desk wearing “Boston Strong” lanyards. Of course this was what they were given by the bosses, and their conversation had nothing to do with it (loud and about their old high school). I felt the stupidity in the whole thing was palpable, and added a sinister twist to a scary procedure. But I carried on like them – thinking of something else, pretending not to care how strong a lie is, what legs it has when you say others have lost theirs if you make it bloody enough.

  4. Still no obituaries for the victims at the Cascade Mall shootings in Burlington, Washington. The names Beatrice Dotson, Chuck (or Charles) Eagan, Shayla Martin, Sarai Lara and Belinda Galde do not show up when you search for them here. The Cascade Mall section does not have obituaries, but there are comments on the guest book.

  5. Pentagon paid UK PR firm $540mn to make fake terrorist videos.

    “The Pentagon paid a UK PR firm half a billion dollars to create fake terrorist videos in Iraq in a secret propaganda campaign exposed by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

    “PR firm Bell Pottinger, known for its array of controversial clients including the Saudi government and Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet’s foundation, worked with the US military to create the propaganda in a secretive operation.

    “The firm reported to the CIA, the National Security Council and the Pentagon on the project with a mandate to portray Al-Qaeda in a negative light and track suspected sympathizers.”

    Rest of article on link.

  6. Naomi Wolf’s talk is a good way to introduce skeptics to the notion that the government seems to have given itself the right to concoct synthetic terror events for propaganda purposes. Though this was not the stated purpose of the amendment to the NDAA that she is talking about, she suggests that this is how it is being used.

    The question remains, however, as to whether or not this law really legalizes such traumatic spectacles. For regardless of whether or not the Smith-Mundt Modernization act “allows” agitprop events like the Boston Bombing or the Sandy Hook Shooting, it does not change the fact that such events intentionally inflict emotional harm upon huge numbers of people. Indeed, this is what makes such spectacles effective. Yet such deliberately inflicted emotional harm has been recognized as illegal since the beginning of the twentieth century in English and American law. It is obvious that a law legalizing the creation of fictional traumatic events would be at odds with a large body of current tort law. Furthermore, no public official would ever argue openly that the production and passing off as real of such fake events should be legally sanctioned and is in the public’s interest.

    We need to expose these intentionally traumatic agitprop fictions for what the are, as we have been doing here for years now. The American public will not put up with them once they truly understand what is happening. These synthetic traumatic events are illegal, immoral, unconstitutional, and just down right creepy. Expose one and you begin tugging at the thread that will unravel them all.

    In my opinion, the Boston Bombing represents our best hope for exposing the true nature of this new level of officially sanctioned deception. Because we have so much physical documentation proving what really took place, in the form of photographs and videos, it can be shown conclusively that Government’s narrative is pure fiction. This has been done by many commentators, such as the late Dave McGowan, but my personal favorite source for spreading the word is the youtube account of PlasmaBurns.
    The two most recent videos in his collection (the long one by a different video maker) start to name names and expose the identities of the actors who took part in this preposterous fraud. Watch them and spread the word.

    1. The governor of the Nutmeg state has a certain, shall we say, complicity regarding the affair. No accusations here, of course, but said governor was caught with some dirty wash after the rinse cycle. No state media said it like it was, the Courant adores Democrats, liberals, and those that would push for globalism. It’s one big, rotten media gangbang and if a fair number of people are fully aware of this farce, they are either terrified or blase’ regarding this event. I favor the former. However, I could be totally wrong. After all, our children have been taught to accept total government control and even the university professors voted for Obama nearly 100 percent both times, what does that tell you? It says “educated people can be had, perhaps more easily, than simpletons”. One’s self perception of superiority can do strange things to a person.

    2. The latest government/media project has been the clown scare on the East Coast. After priming the public to be afraid, very afraid of weirdos in clown make-up, teenagers in search of notoriety and no doubt in protest for the absurdity of this manufactured crisis, are dressing up as clowns and apparently (where is the data, though?) being arrested for deliberately putting others in terror. As close to zombie apocalypse as one can get.

      This is total false flag territory, and it’s about breaking adolescents to the bit that they have no liberty, not even for the kind of spoof their grandparents would have enjoyed pulling in a very different country.

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