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Suspending a course in the middle of a semester is one of the most serious actions a university can take. On Sept. 13, Dean Carla Hesse of the University of California at Berkeley did exactly that to a student-taught DeCal class about Palestine.

Jewish-Israeli Lobby Pressures UC Berkeley to Cancel Class
1960s Free Speech Movement. In 2016 Jewish-Israeli Lobby Successfully Pressures UC Berkeley to Cancel Class

DeCal stands for Democratic Education at Cal, an old-fashioned tradition where undergraduate students teach 1 or 2 unit courses, pass/fail, to their peers. The instructors, called facilitators, plan their own courses, which must be approved by a faculty committee and the chair of a department.

In a statement, Paul Hadweh, the student facilitator, declared:

I complied with all policies and procedures required for creating the course. The course was vetted and fully supported by the faculty advisor, the department chair, and the Academic Senate’s Committee on Courses of Instruction (COCI).

The university suspended the course without consulting me, the faculty sponsor, the chair of the department, or the Academic Senate’s COCI, which is responsible for approving all UC Berkeley Courses. The university did not contact us to discuss concerns prior to suspending our course.

Universities should never suspend courses in the middle of a semester except under the most dire circumstances, where a course has been proven to violate university policies and cannot be fixed, or some kind of extraordinary fraud has occurred.

Nothing like that exists in this case. In fact, nothing like that has even been alleged by the administration, which relies upon bureaucratic snafus to justify suspending this course.

On Sept. 14, UC Berkeley Assistant Vice Chancellor Dan Mogulof wrote to me that “The administration was first made aware of this issue last week when students, faculty and staff noticed posters for the course and expressed concern about the syllabus and, among other things, its compliance with Regents policy.”

InsideHigherEd likewise reported:

However, the public clamor was not the tipping point for Hesse’s decision, Mogulof said. She began her inquiries into the course last week, after a colleague raised concerns about the course to the dean internally. This occurred before public criticism began.

But it was two weeks ago, on Sept. 1, that Mogulof was quoted in a Jewish newspaper responding to concerns about the course from critics.

(UPDATE: Mogulof reports that his original timeline reported in the press was inaccurate, and that the administration first heard about the course on Aug. 26 from a faculty member. But this raises still more questions about a course that began on Sept. 6. If there were legitimate academic concerns about the syllabus, why not contact the instructor about them? Why wait 19 days and then suddenly ban the course? Hesse’s whole complaint is that the failure to deposit a copy of syllabus with her office deprived her of the opportunity to examine it for problems. Now we find out that she had 11 days before the course started to examine the syllabus and she did nothing.)

The administration seems anxious to claim that their decision was made in reaction to the concerns of students, faculty, and staff on campus. But the truth is that Berkeley faced a global onslaught of organizations attacking them for allowing this course. In a letter to Chancellor Dirks on Sept. 13, 43 Jewish, civil rights and education advocacy organizations declared that the class was “intended to indoctrinate students to hate the Jewish state and take action to eliminate it:”

But interestingly, even these organizations did not call for suspending the course; they were solely focused on preventing a similar course from being approved in the future.

By this point, though, Hasse appeared to have a plan to save Berkeley from the bad publicity and put the blame on the student who proposed the course for failing to follow proper procedures. A few hours later on Sept. 13, she emailed the instructor and the faculty who approved the course, informing them that she had suspended the course. It was the first time she had contacted the student instructor.

Berkeley was quick to alert the press about the news, and to blame the student instructor.

Chancellor Dirks’ office emailed critics on Sept. 13:

It has been determined that the facilitator for the course in question did not comply with policies and procedures that govern the normal academic review and approval of proposed courses for the Decal program.

The San Francisco Chronicle on Sept. 13 reported:

The campus letter says the student teaching the course “did not comply with policies and procedures that govern the normal academic review.” A spokesman for Dirks said the student did not show his course proposal to the dean of the College of Letters and Sciences, Carla Hesse, as required.

Almost the same exact explanation was given to InsideHigherEd in its Sept. 14 story:

The university suspended the course because its proposal was never submitted to Dean Carla Hesse of the College of Letters and Sciences, said Dan Mogulof, executive director for communications and public affairs at Berkeley.

Although the dean is not required to approve the course, students must still send her a copy of the proposal. That way, she can review the course and speak to colleagues or the department chair — who is required to sign off on the course — before it is taught.

“When the dean was made aware of the course, she had serious concerns,” Mogulof said. “And she was surprised because she had not previously heard about it.”

But there was a big problem I uncovered. The DeCal website explicitly states that the Dean of Letters & Science does not need to get a copy: “Note that DeCals in the College of Letters & Science no longer need to submit a copy of their proposals to the Dean starting Fall 2014.” (UPDATE: Dean Hesse explained in an email that apparently the head of the Undergraduate Studies made this decision in 2014 without informing the other division heads in Letters & Science or the Dean of Letters & Science.)

When I contacted the Berkeley administration, Dan Mogulof got back to me with a new explanation:

The Executive Dean of Berkeley’s College of Letters and Science was never informed of any change in the review policy for Decal courses, and would not have approved of any change that would withhold information about course proposals from the Dean’s office. In addition, it has also been determined that a department chair with the authority to grant approval for courses in the fall did not review and approve this course. The existing policy of the Academic Senate’s Committee on Courses and Instruction explicitly states that the relevant department chair or the Dean must approve new courses, and that “a copy of the approved proposal form” must also be provided to the Dean. Neither of these steps were completed in this instance.

This is incorrect. What Mogulof calls a “policy” is actually a “Department Chair Checklist for Student-Facilitated 98 and 198 Courses.” It includes three sections: the first two involve verifying the substance of the course, while the “next steps” at the end are bureaucratic procedures. This checklist refers to providing copies of the “approved proposal” to various people, including the dean. This wording would indicate that the faculty, not the dean, make the decision to approve a course, which is how it should be. If the dean doesn’t have the power to approve courses, then she doesn’t have the power to suspend courses, even if she isn’t given a copy because that’s exactly what the DeCal program website says to do.

It’s notable that no Berkeley policy gives Dean Hesse the authority to suspend a course. According to Mogulof, “The course was suspended as per the Dean’s assessment of how best to handle a situation where rules and policies were not adhered to.” This is extremely alarming: the Dean asserts that if “rules and policies” are not followed, the Dean can arbitrarily suspend a class, without a hearing.

After trying to blame the suspension on the student facilitator’s failure to follow proper procedures, it is now clear that the student (and the faculty) followed the written procedures. It would be terrible to ban a class over an innocent bureaucratic error. It is far worse when there was no error at all, and the student and faculty (who are the ones responsible for informing a dean) had no way of knowing that a dean had to be informed when the official university website for the DeCal courses said precisely the contrary.

Now the administration has quickly invented a new explanation to justify why the course must be suspended. According to Mogulof: “there was an acting chair over the summer who did not have the authority to approve courses for the fall.”

Since an acting chair is normally acting as the chair, it would be very strange to say that the acting chair lacks the power of a chair to approve DeCal courses. I asked Mogulof if there is any written policy that says acting chairs cannot approve DeCal courses, and how DeCal courses would get approved in a department if no one has the authority to do it, but he hasn’t responded to those questions yet.

All of these procedural excuses cannot possibly justify suspending the Palestine class. But is there a substantive reason for objecting to the course? No.

The Regents Policy on Course Content denounces “Misuse of the classroom by, for example, allowing it to be used for political indoctrination…” The Regents Policy on Course Content is a terrible policy because a ban on “political indoctrination” is so vague and ill-defined, and can be abused to punish controversial political opinions. But it has no relevance to this controversy because political indoctrination cannot be determined solely by looking at a syllabus.

There appear to have been no complaints about the course by students enrolled in it, and no one in the administration attended the class.

Although a syllabus can reveal some indications of bias, it is almost impossible to conclude that a course is “political indoctrination” without evidence from the way that it is taught. Even a syllabus with one-sided readings can be taught without political indoctrination, if the instructor is open to encouraging dissenting viewpoints.

Nor is the course a violation of the Regents Policy against intolerance “in which dissenting viewpoints are not only tolerated but encouraged.” Actually, this policy is being violated by the Berkeley Administration in its efforts to ban this class.

The policy goes on to declare: “Freedom of expression and freedom of inquiry are paramount in a public research university and form the bedrock on which our mission of discovery is founded. The University will vigorously defend the principles of the First Amendment and academic freedom against any efforts to subvert or abridge them.”

Yet the Berkeley administration is demanding changes to the content of the course already approved by faculty.

Hadweh reported that at a meeting on Sept. 13, Dean Hesse told him three things he needed to do to have her reconsider her decision and approve the course, although approval was not guaranteed even if he did them.

First, she said that he would need to “prove that it’s balanced” because she felt it was “unbalanced.” Second, he reported that she said it was “seeking to politically mobilize students” and that was not allowed. Third, he reported that he would need to justify having the class as Ethnic Studies rather than Near East Studies or Global Studies.

There is no requirement that classes at Berkeley (or anywhere else) are “balanced,” nor should there be such a requirement for such a vague goal. There is no requirement that classes at Berkeley cannot seek to politically mobilize students (although there’s no evidence this class did that). And it is bizarre to challenge the particular department approving the course, especially since that has nothing to do with the course.

According to Berkeley’s website, Hesse’s expertise is “Early Modern Europe; 16th-20th century France; European Intellectual History, 17th-20th century.” Her books are The Other Enlightenment: How French Women Became Modern and Publishing and Cultural Politics in Revolutionary Paris, 1789-1810. She appears to have no scholarly expertise at all about Israel and Palestine. So it is strange that Hesse would evaluate a syllabus and order changes without any input from the faculty involved, after suspending it without any input from the faculty involved.

The InsideHigherEd article reported:

The dean will now work with the Berkeley Academic Senate to review the course and examine whether it meets the university’s academic standards. The review process will also determine whether it complies with Berkeley’s intolerance policy, which was revised in March to condemn anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.

But rather than consulting with faculty, Hesse is demanding changes to fit her personal beliefs. Yet none of these changes required reflect anything that would justify suspending the course. If Hesse wanted to encourage him to alter and improve the class, she was free to do that without suspending the class. If Hesse wanted to publicly denounce the class, she was free to do that. Instead, Hesse abused her authority to ban a class without due process and without any sound justification.

Once a course has been approved and is underway, a heavy burden must be on the administration to prove that there is something fundamentally wrong with it, so completely wrong that it must be immediately halted without further review. Berkeley has not met this high standard; in fact, it has not even attempted to try to meet this standard, and does not even allege that this standard has been violated.

It is absolutely shocking that a university would ban a course under political pressure, using the violation of bureaucratic procedures as an excuse for its censorship. It is even more shocking because there was no violation of bureaucratic procedures.

If there was a breakdown in bureaucratic procedures (and there is no evidence of it), then it is the obligation of the university to fix those procedures in the future, not to ban a course and punish a facilitator and his students who reasonably followed every written rule.

This decision sends a clear message to the campus: controversial speech will be punished, especially if it is critical of Israel.

This course suspension is absolutely indefensible, completely unacceptable, and purely motivated by politics and public relations. It is a violation of academic freedom, shared governance, UC-Berkeley’s guidelines, the Regents Policies, and the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

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35 thought on “UC Berkeley Cancels Palestine Class Midway Through Term”
  1. she said it was “seeking to politically mobilize students” and that was not allowed.

    Ridiculous. Is she claiming they have no classes on “sustainability” (UN Agenda 21)?

  2. Colleges have one function that transcends all others. It’s called doing away with questioning of the now extant dogma related to getting our young people to accept communism, conformity, and the con games. Talk to college students their freshman year, talk to them as seniors. What is the consistent thread? Yes, they likely know more about their chosen subject matter, but they have this imprinted acceptance that smells of……communism. Disguised as altruism, it has infested their minds and was well started by the Dewey mindset about education long ago.
    Our kids today, unless well guided by aware parents, are rapidly becoming zombified. Rarely do I enjoy talking to a college student, too often I see wasted money going to bloated administrative game players. College needs a total workover but athletics is used as a touchy feely “necessity” for teaching about teamwork and unity…..oh, yes, “we are going to spend absurd amounts because athletics teaches unity and teamwork just as, gasp!, communism does.
    The Berkeley veto on the Palestine course typifies the absolutely vicious Zionist command over so many academic structures. It is all rooted in the HoloHoax, the eternal wellspring of animus directed against the goyim world.

    1. I think you’re on the right track, Gil. I see what you’re talking about in the way “globalization” is being presented in academia. My texts and professors have been 100% pro-globalization. As far as this goes, I have certainly felt that any criticism of this geopolitical tide is verboten. If assumptions about globalization are so robust, why can’t they be subjected to scrutiny? The reason, of course, is that the agenda is essentially propaganda. This same epistemological conundrum exists with respect to the above class on Palestine and many other off-limits fields of inquiry. Dr. Abbe was right to mention another of these: 9/11. His point is well-taken. To wit, where are the thousands of physicists who no doubt realized the collapses were controlled? They are nowhere. Because, unlike Dr. Abbe, they are themselves controlled. –Paul

      1. Globalization is meant to solidify the death hold the elites have over the rest of humanity. I’m always railing against the position professors tend to make in defense of “greater efficiencies, a fair shake for all, sounds oh so good, etc.” It’s ironic in that a little check into history about the origins of Masonry, the Illuminati and other organization cults, many in number, show that the notion of controlling others is as old as any other impulse, going way back to the beginning of recorded history. Well now that the ducks are closer to being all in a row, the elites realize that information is spreading about their nefarious mentation and intentions. They know we know.
        Sounds great, to the professoriate, that having cheap labor countries do all the manufacturing is a great idea. Until they realize that there are people in advanced countries that have higher expectations than mere survival, they won’t get it. One world sounds so lip smacking good, but it is just another name for serfdom and penury. Stifling control over citizens is already here in the US just waiting for final activation. People are bedazzled by the seemingly altruistic promises of continued succor emanating from the government, nothing is farther from the truth. Government has become our mortal enemy. Now replete with our Gestapo and its multiple spawn, we are awaiting total control over our entire lives all nicely packaged and disguised as benevolence aka lies disguised as the Mother Lode of humanity.
        Trite as it sounds, we have to fight ’em on the shores, the skies, and the throughout the fatherland. By throwing the economic systems of the world down the veritable toilet, it predisposes us all to a takeover with total loss of our precious bodily fluids.
        Kaepernick was right, jingoists were wrong. This government rots from within and it threatens our very existence. Our elected officials assume their lofty positions and then they turn on us. Look no further than politics as the germinal center of our destruction. Banksters and business are right there with their cudgels on our skulls, but the mountebanks who have mucked up this nation are those who supposedly represent us.

      2. Thank you Paul for your kind comments. The above link to the blunt comments by former U.S. Marine Ken O’Keefe from LAX have been posted here about 4 days and about 6 months since he originally posted it on the internet. I am sure Professor Tracy would have posted almost any reasonable rebuttal to his comments should any have been submitted even anonymously. I have not read a single one anywhere disputing the claims of former US Marine O’Keefe. Until I do, I must accept his statement at face value as true. I believe the totally illegal and improper ways he has been treated deserve the strong language he uses to expose them. The gutless cowards running the University of Florida are obviously in the same bed in the same whorehouse of the same house of ill repute as the people of our government who have gang raped our precious constitution and virtually flushed its basic fundamental principles of freedom right down the toilet. The only way this can be stopped and reversed is if every United States Citizen speaks up strongly just like US Marine Ken O’Keefe did in the video above and say it loud and clear because the cowards at UF and our government and the ignorant sheriff in Florida all evidently have hearing problems and possibly learning problems as well.

  3. Thanks to professor Tracy for posting this excellent but disturbing piece about my alma mater. I graduated in physics from UC Berkeley with an A.B. degree in 1961. Those were the days of the “free speech” movement and sit ins in the office of the Chancellor and/or University President Clark Kerr. a top man. He would never have approved these politically correct shenanigans described in this piece, nor would the dean at the time. The current UC President is a political hack lying lawyer from the Obama Administration Department of Homeland Security by the name of Janet Napolitano. She was recently caught on a hot mic with students voicing complaints at a Board of Regents meeting saying: “Let’s get the H…out of here” according to a comrade. My once great alma mater has now sunk to the lowest of the low, defending the scoundrels half way around the world who not only have illegal nuclear weapons, but refuse to sign the non proliferation treaty and refuse any international inspections and can’t get along with neighbors and even trespass on neighbor’s lands routinely. What kind of “neighbors” are these who steal land in the dark of night from neighbors while the non leaders of our country facilitate them with out hard earned borrowed and printed billions of dollars given to them with no, zero, consultation among the American people. As former U.S. Marine Ken O’Keefe, from San Diego, California recently said in his recent blunt statement about Israel from LAX a few months ago, Israel is a pariah state, an outlaw state, in patent violation of all international laws as only recently the UN General Secretary reiterated again, yet the outlaws in America continue to sustain all these crimes against humanity with our hard earned money. Shame shame shame….on UC Berkeley and the United States of America. I wouldn’t donate one thin dime to my alma mater UC Berkeley and I hope and pray no one else does either. This is no longer a true university celebrating knowledge, truth and understanding, but a politically correct cesspool celebrating lies and propaganda and indoctrination. The world must act together to boycott this pariah state of Israel until they learn a simple lesson on how to live with neighbors. Winfield J. Abbe, A.B., Physics, UC Berkeley, 1961, M.S., Physics, California State University at Los Angeles, 1962, Ph.D., Physics, UC Riverside, 1966.

      1. Hey Israel: Here is a simple suggestion for a change: The Golden Rule: “DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU.” Why not try it? You might learn something new for a change.

        1. Here is the link to a recent article discussing leaked e mails of General Colin Powell regarding his estimates that Israel has some 200 nuclear weapons “pointed at Iran”.

          This article also claims a government policy of not allowing any discussion of these illegal weapons held by Israel. Just look at the hypocrisy of all this, Israel criticizing Iran for potentially becoming a nuclear power, while Israel already is reported to have hundreds of undisclosed illegal nuclear weapons but refuses not only to acknowledge them but also refuses to sign the nuclear non proliferation treaty and even refuses international inspections while our country aids and abets all this hanky panky with these dangerous weapons of mass destruction. Our countries cowardly leaders are improperly using secrecy to hide the crimes of treason against America by collusion of some favored few over there in our government with zero consultation with our taxpayers and citizens. Our country been hi jacked and is a shameful disgrace. The Founders would be very unhappy if they were here today to observe all this unconscionable, improper and illegal misconduct at high levels with zero leadership to end it by the coward in charge or potential new cowards in charge with zero public discussion of these vital issues in the meaningless propaganda presidential campaigns either. By the way, if Israel in fact does have these illegal nuclear weapons, how and where did they obtain them? And why do they possess them at all? This is exactly the type of misconduct the Non Proliferation Treaty was intended to prevent but fails due to voluntary compliance. Why is the U.S. supporting this country who refuses to cooperate in this vital matter and even facilitating them by sending them our hard earned money every year? Who does our Congress and President work for the illegal rogue nation of Israel or us lowly U.S. Taxpayers? Isn’t something very wrong in Dodge? Obviously Americans are asleep at the wheel and more concerned with getting the car washed at the local car wash or putting poison on the lawn to keep it green as kids play on it and track it into homes and later are surprised when they get cancer and so many other horrible diseases due to all this hypocrisy and ignorance. By the way all this has nothing, zero, to do with so called “anti semitism” but instead has to do with what is morally right or wrong in the world because a possessor of these very dangerous nuclear weapons has the power to destroy people, populations, property and the very earth itself on a massive scale. This is no laughing matter and our government so called leaders, followers in reality, are grossly negligent for allowing this disgraceful situation to develop and evolve as it has. This is all a shameful disgrace and total failure of leadership in our failed nation today. Shame, shame, shame… on all of them. Every American has every right to know the answers to the above vital questions and more and not be obstructed by the ruse of hiding all this behind the veil of secrecy just like former Nazi, Germany or the former Soviet Union did to their duped populations. All we learned from them is how to copy them. By the way observe the deafening silence in all this disgraceful misconduct by the roughly 50,000 members of the corrupt American Physical Society just like their also deafening silence about the lies of the official report of the attack on 9/11/01. Gutless cowards is far too polite a phrase to describe these defacto traitors to America by this deafening silence. A handful of other rogue nations also possess such nuclear weapons and should also be held to account for placing the safety of the world at risk. This is deadly serious business and involves every living being, animal and plant, every molecule of air, oxygen and water on this planet!

    1. This is nonsense. The diplomas in the sixties were signed by Ronald Reagan, and a huge number of people were arrested for Vietnam and Filthy Speech. There was always censorship at Cal. What this article doesn’t say is what the recently banned syllabus was, and we know that Tracy and Fetzer never say one word about the horrible treatment of women in Palestine, and I’m sure this course ignored that as well. I’ve noticed that when making arguments, professors always ignore the complexity of the issues in order to prove a point or sound more profound or just titillate their followers.

      1. Tracy and Fetzer have taken a more global approach in decrying the nature of the Palestinian travesty. Under their aegis, under their umbrella, is a most definite umbrage directed against ALL nightmarish and detritic hatemongering that emanates from those who have the dirty little fingers. I don’t understand why some people rail against professors whom they bloviate against for being ignorant of the complexity of the situation in the Palestinian quadrant. This is a preposterous statement, Tracy and Fetzer are razor sharp academicians with massive responsibilities and massive involvement in the belly of the beast. They call ’em like they see ’em. And, don’t think they are not aware of the subliminal points of darkness that speckle in the darkest reaches of hell. They don’t need defending, if you can match their massive contributions, have at it, spill your guts out as they do. Show us what ya got, let’s separate the wheat from the chaff.

    2. Fantastic comments, Win. You said what a lot of people dare not to say. Everybody has their own pain tolerance and I’m ecstatic watching people finally waking up to the truth about the power brokers who seem to own everything and who run it as their PC Kingdom. The origin of many of these attacks against America, ironically, came from just after 911 and especially the HoloHoax. To think there are teachers at all levels that still call this swamp a democracy boggles the minds of sentient Americans. We’ve got our work cut out for us, but it’s pedal to the metal, time to rock and roll, lock and load.
      Onward, patriotic Americans.

    3. Great comment! Napolitano should have ceased to be a serious player for any position of importance merely for supporting the ludicrous DHS program “If you see something, say something” (which is ongoing). At least the US Navy had the good sense to deep-six a similarly vile tag line “A Global Force For Good”. As for the illegal nukes, US monetary/military support, and Israel’s shameful actions towards its neighbors, you are again spot-on! Thanks for the comment! –Paul

    4. Thanks for speaking out.
      Sadly, this subjects you to potential “whistleblower” status like me.
      Please check out former Chief Regent Gerald Parsky and connect the dots from Saudi Arabia creating petro dollar in early 70’s as undersecretary of Treasury. He is Everywhere. Especially collapsing banks. Starting with S&L’s in ’80s (HonFed) to Enron, Goldman Sachs, Lehman brothers, AIG. HE IS CORPORATE RAIDER/PARASITE.
      Even had to register as Foreign Agent working for Saudi Arabia and the violent Wahabbis.
      We MUST go after the cause of the problem.
      The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia is their name
      Globalization (treason)is their game
      GAME THEORY. is how its done. Because it Works every time. We must out game these psychopaths asap

  4. Read how a U.S. Citizen was arrested at this sorry excuse of a “university” in Florida for exercising his basic freedom of speech on campus while the cowardly whores in the administration sit idly by and do nothing. If this is “higher ” education what would “lower’ education be? The Sheriff who illegally arrested this citizen should be himself arrested and jailed for at least 20 years: Here is the link to the article today in VeteransToday and a brief quote from the aricle:
    Quoted from above article in VeteransToday:
    “Successful 9/11 Building-7 Challenge Ends With Unlawful Arrest at University of Florida
    By Harold Saive on September 19, 2016
    “You guys are doing conspiracy theory stuff so you should expect this.” – Deputy Lalonde”
    ”This video documents Tuskin’s arrest as he was following orders to vacate the University of Florida property on “trespassing” charges falsely alleged by Alachua County Sheriff deputy, Lt. Richard Lalonde. Tuskin later discovered that Lalonde has a record civil rights abuses including a previous lawsuit. Tuskin secured an attorney to prosecute a case of false arrest but has not made a decision to follow through. Tuskin’s reluctance is based on fear that Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell’s deputies will continue to harass him and his family. Videographer, Ed Sanders is a UF Alum but was also unlawfully ordered to leave taxpayer supported, state property at the University of Florida, Ben Hill Griffin stadium grounds.
    .Deputy Lalonde revealed his disdain for due process and civil rights when he justified Tuskin’s arrest with a deliberately, inflammatory remark:”
    “You guys are doing conspiracy theory stuff so you should expect this.”

    1. Here are two comments to the above article by the author Harold Saive and me:

      September 19, 2016 at 6:23 pm
      One can be confident that the Sheriff got a call either from the UF president or their representative, or even Lynch or possibly Obama himself requesting them to carry out this illegal and unconstitutional act against a U.S. Citizen. That it happened on a so called “university” campus is even more egregious. Of course this is not a true university at all but a garbage dump of indoctrination and brainwashing which worships fixed sports entertainment and party time. The way this was handled allows the cowards in the back administrative offices to hide from their duty to be down there dismissing the Sheriff from the campus which is what they should have done. Where were the campus police in all this? This illustrates the basic failures of the Founders for not providing that any citizen could arrest the sheriff, charge him with criminal violations of our precious constitution and have him tried in separate citizen courts and then sent to jail for at least 20 years to life where this despicable ignorant whore belongs. He has shamed every good U.S. Soldier who has died or been injured defending our precious Constitution for over 200 years.

      Log in to Reply
      Harold Saive
      September 19, 2016 at 7:09 pm
      The zionist enforcer for the UF is in the provost office. Joe Glover has intervened in many attempts to bring speakers to UF and even to the public library. He;s a major cockroach.

      Boycott this despicable sorry excuse falsely named a “university” which basically takes the good names of every true university in the world in vain. Call you Congressmen and demand all federal and state funds to this intellectual hypocritical cesspool be terminated today, pronto. Do not even think of sending your kids or grandkids to this intellectual whorehouse of house of ill repute. Never donate one thin dime to this gang rapist of intelligence, knowledge and our precious Constitution produced for us by the genius level Founders so long ago. Shame on every cowardly member of this worthless institution of lower learning who sits idly by while these gutless wonders rape our precious Constitution which so many brave souls have fought and died defending for over 200 years. If General Patton were alive today he would most certainly boot these worthless American Cowards right out of the hospital. They don’t deserve the benefits of freedom.

  5. Quote from the article:
    UC Berkeley reinstates controversial Palestine history class after outcry
    Published September 20, 2016

    “Administrators at University of California, Berkeley reinstated a Palestinian history class Monday amid an outcry over its suspension last week.
    The school’s social science dean announced in a letter to faculty that the ethnic studies class was reinstated after the teacher revised the course description.
    The “Palestine: A Colonial Settler Analysis” course was suspended by social science dean Carla Hesse after receiving a complaint from Jewish and civil rights groups that the course syllabus appeared to describe a politically motivated, anti-Semitic class. Hesse temporarily suspended the class, saying it wasn’t properly vetted to ensure it wasn’t espousing a single political viewpoint. The one-unit class is taught by student Paul Hadweh, who said the class was suspended without consulting him.
    “The university threw me under the bus, and publicly blamed me, without ever even contacting me,” Hadweh said in a prepared statement. “To defend the course, we had to mobilize an international outcry of scholars and students to stand up for academic freedom. This never should have happened.””

    This is the kind of positive result which can happen when people will stick together and act in unison and not be bullied by selfish one sided bullies.

  6. “Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of leaders…and millions have been killed because of this obedience…Our problem is that people are obedient allover the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves… (and) the grand thieves are running the country. That’s our problem.”
    ―The late Howard Zinn, Ph.D., History, Former professor of history Boston University.
    A perfect example of this prescient statement by the late professor Zinn is how only in the last day or so U.S. Air Force pilots bombed areas of Syria and killed a number of innocent people, civilians and children and others. Their supervisors claimed it was an “accident”. All of them up to and including the “particle physicist” Ashton Carter U.S. War Department Secretary from Yale and Oxford should be arrested and charged with murder along with the general in charge of these dupes operating weapons of mass destruction call airplanes. The United States is the master terrorist of the world. This is disgraceful and is exactly what former U.S. Marine Ken O’Keefe is talking about in his moving video which link is posted above. By the way professor Zinn himself, a very courageous good citizen from New York, was a bombadier in WWII but that experience changed his life which he spent fighting to end war and evil violence in the world.

    1. “How can you have a war on terrorism when war itself is terrorism?”
      ―The late Howard Zinn, Ph.D., professor of history, Boston, University’
      Before WWII our present “Defense” Department was named the War Department. After the war the name was changed theoretically to reflect its more “defensive” nature. Obviously the name is totally inappropriate today. Let us all advocate changing the name back to the former “War Department” to more honestly reflect its true daily purpose, fighting selfish wars all around this planet, killing and injuring millions of innocent victims by U.S. pilots who cowardly don’t look down at the death and destruction they have wroght, just “following orders” you know just like those early pilots in Nazi, Germany. We learned nothing from Nazi, Germany or the former Soviet Union except how to copy their evil deeds of tyranny in the world. Hey pilots of those U.S. warplanes the other day, why don’t you worthless cowards take you wife and children and parents back over to Syria and show them all those you killed and injured? Your blind following orders we need like we need a hole in our heads. You should resign and turn yourselves in for prosecution for murder. By the way where does the money come from to make and operate these billion dollar weapons of mass destruction and pay these murderers called officers in the U.S. Air Force only “following orders”? Why it is borrowed and printed leading to an impending financial disaster which will make the depression of 1929 look like a cake walk. Americans must wake up and take their country back from the thieves who have stolen it from them; it may too late now.

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