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It is not possible to be a fully effective professional if you are not able to question official narratives and blatant lies told by official personalities. It is now known that Dick Cheney “took over” the 9/11 plot hatched by the Zionist government of Israel (not to be confused with the sane loyal Jews everywhere including Israel).

It is now known that in the aftermath of 9/11 the US Constitution was trashed and 935 now-documented lies were told to justify elective wars and a swath of destruction running from Afghanistan through the Middle East and North Africa down to Somalia, Niger, and Nigeria.

Additional commentary and a structured index of 9/11 coverage by multiple contributing editors are provided below the fold. Here are the categories for the many links below:

*Top-Level Overviews
*9/11 An Inside Job?
*9/11 and Gold War Against Russia + Insider Trading
*9/11 and Zionist Israel (Absolving All Jews)
*Saudis Did Not Do 9/11 (and the Last Bin Laden Was a Fake)
*9/11 Truth Movement / 9/11 as Wake-Up Call for Public?
*9/11 Repression of Truth Movement — Denial, Fear, Lies & Murder
*Aftermath of 9/11 – Endless War & True Cost
*Aftermath of 9/11 – False Flags as Routine

Saudi Arabia is guilty of paying the Clinton Foundation so as to buy US support for regime change in Syria and Yemen because Saudi Arabia wants two oil pipelines to the sea that go around Iranian control of the Gulf. Saudi Arabia is also guilty of funding Wahabbism, a fundamentalist version of Islam that is not terrorism per se, but creates a massive pool of useful idiots more easily enticed into terrorism and subversion. Saudi Arabia is not to blame for 9/11 — they merely provided passports for the patsies whose US visas were personally approved by John Brennan, then CIA Chief of Station in Saudi Arabia, coincident with Buzzy Krongard being at CIA to oversee the Gold War against Russia that was taken to a new level by the movement on 9/11 of $250 billion from the covert off the books side of the house to the overt banking system.

Top-Level Overviews

ANSWERS: Robert Steele for Gary Null on 9/11 — Who Did It and More…

Fascinating Video (Brief) Overview of pre & post September 11, 2001 Circumstances + Two Part Radio Series on 9/11 Commission

Mini-Me: 9/11 Convergence 14th Anniversary — 13 Warnings, Dick Cheney Made It Happen….

Michael Ostrolenk: Absolute Last Word on 9/11


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20 thought on “9/11: An Online Compendium of Research and Analysis”
  1. No references to the work of Dr Judy Wood. None. IMO that notable omission makes this a transparently incomplete resource and entirely ‘on message’ with the managed critique. Jones’ Bones. Thermite and ‘Cold Fusion’ – no alchemy there – just an awful lot of unburned paper and dust. Heyho ~

      1. Just askin’, are you qualified to comment on the “facts” from Dr Judy Wood? Sounds to me like you should write a nice, long article for MHB and clarify matters for all of us ‘cuz we are so stoopid.

    1. Judy Wood has got some crucial facts wrong and her explanations involve nonexisting physics. So called directed energy supposedly coming from above. Her role is controlled opposition. There is no need for anything but known technology. Seismic readings show explosions corresponding to between 1 and 3 kton tnt equivalent occurred. As well as a series of smaller explosions. For a hint consider the fact that the NNSA was initiated in 2000 and began monitoring radioactivity thus having a baseline of data to compare with in case there would be an increase. After 9-11 such increases were unexpectedly observed in 80 hot-spots. An anomalously large frequency of cancers emerged among the rescue workers. NNSA personell wearing radiation protection were collecting body parts from the rubble moved to Freshkills and continued until they had found parts from over 700 victims.
      Neither the steel nor the victims were pulverized despite the rumours suggesting it and used as a reason for bringing up new physics.

        1. Molten steel and pulverized concrete is what you may get from intense radiation as from a nuke. Concrete contains a liquid binding when it solidifies. If it is water the water turns into damp expanding 1000 times creating a huge internal overpressure. If it aint water like I’ve seen someone mention regarding some variants similar to Portland cement, it would still expand when vaporized. Nukes dont even need to explode instantly. Nuclear waste in a container may go critical if they successively add more. That happened in Japan a few years ago and the workers unknowingly got extreme doses. If there is precise engineering involved and not a random accident they could tweak criticality so it doesnt show up in terms of an instantaneous thunder but more like a fizzle giving most of the energy in perhaps a millisecond or a bit less instead of less than a microsecond, making it less recognizable as a nuclear explosion.
          But they probably used multiple conventional cutter charges as well. Someone claimed the bars mostly came down in neat pieces suitable for transport by trucks. And then quickly sold to China.

    2. Peter, I completely respect your opinion, you really understand technology but I really don’t like When everybody calls each other called Controled opposition. It just further divided us.

      Every Single person who has a blog or an opinion has been called controlled opposition.

      I’ve listened to Judy Woods and she certainly doesn’t match the type of person to be controlled opposition.

      I think She’s dumbfounded and looking for an answer. When you see the metal beams literally vanishing in front of your face it’s a tough one to explain.

      That’s all I’m saying, it was a very well organized unique crazy situation that still has not been explained to this day.

      I think almost everybody is right.

      There’s no doubt there was a massive demolition and how they did it could involve many technology’s.

      I certainly do not think satellites were shooting laser beams as she said was her own explanation.

      I think it was a massive combination of all the above including maybe even mini nukes but I don’t know and nobody doesn’t either.

      The simplest explanation is the planes were a diversion to the wired building for demolition, but where did all the stuff go?

      Everything turned to dust!

      And I think that Judy woods was just saying it has to be some kind of incredible technology from Space because we have no other explanation.

      I’m not gate keeping For Judy woods,I just personally think she was stumped.

      As I said, I don’t like the whole controlled opposition, gatekeeper stuff for that is just what divides us

      I may be wrong and she works for the Mosasd I don’t know. You know what I’m trying to say…

      1. The thing is Ric it didnt happen the way she claimed a metal bar turning to dust, it just fell out of sight and there was other dust hanging in the air giving semblance of what you say. The A&E faq has covered it and she ought to know. And the metal was sent to China it did not turn into dust. And the victims didnt turn into dust. The NNSA filtered out bodyparts for over 700 and then stopped sifting out more. Why, well they were wearing radiation protection. It may have been felt that they had enough material for burials. I dont know and despite the protection they would aquire doseage as time went by so they didnt feel it worthwhile to go on collecting more body parts but this doesnt mean it was all dust.
        She could be a useful fool, but claiming to have engineering background she ought to be capable of communicating and asking for more realistic assessments of the available data. She isnt because in order to continue to attract an audience and to reach out with her book, the truth may be less effective while a fantasy about nonexisting physics is more fun and less dangerous as well.

        1. It’s true a lot of people went with crazy theories to sell books and DVDs.

          Your’re correct that that beam that looks like it turned to dust was only from one poor video and could actually be just that, Dust from the explosions.

      2. We need more facts before we can say the buildings were turned to dust. The City gov. or the Fed gov. must have been keeping records as to how much tonnage was trucked away. Subtract that from the known weight of the buildings and you get an estimate of how much was turned to dust. Remember that there were at least 6 stories below ground level that falling debris would have crashed thru to the bedrock. It was not the entire bldg. that turned to dust, so some percentage figure must be reached. Also keep in mind that the underground nukes made tremendous heat in “burning pits”, as they fizzled for months in their China Syndrome, where a lot of debris no doubt was pushed into. Those pits would greatly facilitate the rapid cleanup of the site, and help destroy a lot of evidence. All that smoke contained weight that must be added into the equation. We need some whistleblowers from the cleanup crew, if there are any left. Some day, core drillers will be utilized to find out exactly what is below the layers of military grade radiation absorbing resin that was dumped and spread out down there in the bathtub.

      1. No Doubt, he wrote the book on Scum.

        What’s even more unbelievable is the entire Homeland Security apparatus is based on East Germany’s Stasi.

        And this dim wad, dual citizen, was but in charge of it. No accident or over site he got this job. Treason is what we used to call it 15 years ago.

        He leaves the service of the government and starts a company called Rapiscan or similar in which does naked body scans.

        Business aint going that great so he and Obama Dream up the underwear bomber. Obama gets his cut and these are installed in every airport.

        It’s called crony capitalism. The only thing Democrats know, how to steal and not earn what you have.

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