On this edition James is joined by lifelong New England resident and political activist Maureen Crowley, who over the past few years has investigated and publicly questioned the official narrative of the Sandy Hook massacre event. Maureen is perhaps best known for confronting the Newtown Public Safety and Security Commission in March 2015, where she demanded officials interrogate and explain the Sandy Hook shooting’s numerous anomalies. She has also confronted various individuals linked to the event and prodded journalists to truly investigate the official narrative’s numerous inconsistencies.

Maureen Crowley was born in New Britain Connecticut, attended local schools, and graduated from Central Connecticut State University. A community news reporter and piano teacher, around 2004 she began her first of 12 years of letters to the President, as she enclosed an article about children in Voluntown, Connecticut sending coffee to troops in Afghanistan.


A personal letter came back from Crawford, Texas and she continued writing to both the president and Congress. When her provocative letters to President Obama got noticed by the late Bob Grant, she became a regular invited guest on his WABC New York radio program, “The Bob Grant Show”. Initially, she believed the official narrative of Sandy Hook, but after much research, she concluded it was not what the government and media told the world it was. She continues to be active along side Wolfgang Halbig and many ardent researchers in getting the truth of the December 14, 2012 events exposed.

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      1. Maureen Crowley – I also thank you for your courageous testimony here. I have only been researching this topic for the past week, and i have uncovered startling results in YouTubes that document the cover-up and the red flags of this case. I have also shared my findings on Facebook – and been met with a full dose of criticism for asking these questions and suggesting that this was a “staged event” where no one really died.

        You have contributed a succinct account of what occurred – delivered in a heartfelt testimony – & I wish others could understand what we are up against. You are doing your part!

        Thank you & bless you! I pray that you be protected as you go about your work.

  1. The only people who believe Sandy Hook was real, are the people who WANT to believe it was real. Sandy Hook was a sloppy, horribly disorganized hoax meant to fuel the gun grabbers. EVERYONE involved in the Sandy Hook staged shooting is a LIAR.

  2. There has not been a serious investigation of intelligence agencies’ activities in over 40 years. If such an investigation were undertaken today, it would reveal a shadow government, the likes of which would make the revelations of the Church/Rockefeller committees seem like a Sunday school operation by comparison. It is the obligation, of the part of the billionaire class who wish to preserve the Bill of Rights, to fund the congressional campaigns of those who pledge to re-open Church/Pike style committees.

    1. I would differ from you when you say there has been no investigation of intelligence agency activities in 40 years. I would steer you to books by Dr John Coleman like the “Committee of 300”. I would also recommend websites like Veterans Today, a tricky read at times with occasional tinges of disbelief or disinformation interspersed in some interesting if shocking reading.
      CIA activities are well documented by many, many writers including Coleman. There are 16 major intelligence agencies in this country and lots has been written, you just have to dig and analyze reams of information.

      1. Nice try,

        I said that there was no SERIOUS investigation of the intelligence agencies in over 40 years. There certainly has been no COMPREHENSIVE investigation of the American intelligence agencies in over 40 years.

        The conspiracy book and web site you cite are wholly irrelevant on this point.

        1. No serious investigation? So, are they all flippant and full of lies? What are you trying to say here?Your use of the word “conspiracy” book and casting of aspersions on VT described as wholly irrelevant is scurrilous and suspicious. Since you’ve done no research on the subject, you imply others should do the work and report back to you, right?

        2. You are a government troll who is, among other deceitful and misleading ploys, trying to intentionally confuse “investigation” with “research”. Your act is transparent, and, it is easy to see your modus opernadi by reading your comments. Only a government fraud would argue against the fact that there has been no serious investigation of the American intelligence agencies in over 40 years.
          You and several other here pretend to be critics of Zionism and criminal Jewry. The fact that you are trying to sell Veterans Today as a trusted source reveals your fraud. Veterans Today’s Jewish Editor stated 40 percent of what is in “VT” is disinformation. Go peddle your garbage elsewhere.

  3. I ended up with three 3’s in my name…lol…Thanks, Jim Tracy for the interview, and the chance to tell people what it’s like to directly confront participants in the hoax of our lifetimes. I regret not mentioning my deep respect for QK Ultra- he is a great researcher. We don’t have to, nor is it possible to agree on everything, but I am sorry I didn’t cite QK and his great work.

  4. The truth has been firewalled by the global security system GIG. When the Mafia married the Technocracy the family was born. Halbig and Crowley brush fires will be contained. We get some packets and kernals of truth but the big event and deeper agenda is secure. We had hoped JFK, Waco, 911, Sandy Hook and other operations would have been hacked and exposed but this will never happen now in my estimation. The firewalls are all in place and no conspiracy will ever get beyond it.

    I appreciate both of them, but at this point in time I think it’s necessary to begin focusing on the bigger picture. What happens next? 911 to tenth power. When it happens they will not need the firewalls anymore the naked truth will be revealed and all the programs under Agenda 21 and Masters of the Human Domain will run openly. We will know it by personal experience, sublime, efficient and completely transparent. These final days of truthers attempting to disclose evidence is mostly based on information originating from the MIC, which cannot be trusted.

    I liked it much better when audio tape, Kodachrome negatives and analog data were the tools. Now they have replaced it in our technology and memories, everything is suspect in the digital realm from inception. A fatal error I fear. Most of my truth now comes from the archives of the “Departed”

    1. Excellent analysis, for sure. You’re a mighty mite, Paddy, me boy.
      However, I’m not sure the collective “we” are so far away from scoring and scoring big. For example, many books have been written about the so-called “War on Drugs”. Information on Iran Contra and the accompanying drug smuggling into the US are everywhere. You can buy and read as many books as you wish, the information is there, readers know it, BUT implementation of these truths, Ah!, that’s the 64 dollar question. As I’ve stated prior, we can’t get from first base to second….why is this so? Well,for starters, we don’t own papers, we don’t have the powers of fear and revenge on our side. We don’t have the abilty to threaten, coerce, and use wet squads to do the deeds. That said, I’d definitely say enough people know enough about these events so they could lay it on the public, but that’s where the wickets get a bit stickier. Yes, there are some intrepid folks out there with the big cojones that are writing books one after another trying to inform people with facts as they become available. That’s when it hits the fan and things bog down. We are essentially confined to the alternate sites that have far smaller readerships and a jaundiced reputation courtesy of the perps and their sayanim.
      I think we are close. Still, we are all to blame. We are not as skilled as Bernays, we fumble and bumble. There are ways to reach people, since we have not assembled to fabricate those methodologies, we are still fumbling, bumbling, and drifting. Close, but no cigar……yet.

  5. I do believe Sandy Hook school had already been closed, but why haven’t any residents of the town to tell the truth? The whole thing is puzzling. According to Wikipedia, the population of the town is 27K… why hasn’t anyone in the town come forward and told the truth?

    1. You are absolutely correct in your comment. A school, especially in a small town, is well known to everyone, even kids. Even kids this age and especially older saw it all the time and knew if it was closed or not. It is amazing how they have kept the lid on this with fear from both sides, because you know what would quickly happen if someone began walking around asking kids or even adults if that school had been closed for years; they police would quickly arrive with some trumped up charges to scare them with or even jail them. Look at Jonathan Reich who simply asked some rude questions on the phone but they charged him with some outrageous crimes. If this were happening to blacks Lynch would be down there arresting some of these criminals. But she is just as corrupt as they are. It is clear they are covering up horrible government crimes likely initiated at the top by Obama and Holder themselves. America is in a bad way today. It is likely to get much worse before it gets any better too.

    2. Because who are they going to tell? You see when you live there and everyone in a position to do anything about this and all the way up to the president is in on it and the media who is left to tell? People act like water most of the time and take the easiest route to get by any obstacle .

      1. There are lots and lots of people to tell about this event. The outside world has not been sealed off. The alternate Internet is there, ripe for using. How do you keep 27k citizens quiet after such a shattering event? Is Newtown just a Potemkin Village built up over a number of years? Do people in adjoining towns have insights into Sandy Hook? Are they willing to spill some beans? What about those who live in Monroe, Danbury? What about hospital floor sweepers who were around the alleged triage and treatment department at the Danbury Hospital? Would they not open up on anything they could contribute? Keeping everybody quiet involves a number of modalities including fear, threats on peoples’ lives, financial considerations, etc. Some people likely believe the motives behind Sandy Hook were legit, namely gun control.
        This one is a stumper. We can’t seem to gain a toehold, can we?

    3. Scanner I live in Sandy Hook. I try to publish as much factual information as possible to expose as many lies as possible and raise other issues regarding factual discrepancies in the report and in statements made by Sandy Hook witnesses.

      For the record I believe that this was a preplanned event intended to replicate Dunblane and result in a severe assault on our 2a with the ultimate goal of Port Arthur results banning semi automatic weapons especially the AR-15. Hence there should be no meaningful basis to accuse me of being a shill since a shill would do everything possible to divert the story from those motivations and methods.

      Unfortunately many people do not want to accept the facts when such facts do not comport with one of their pet baseless conspiracy
      theories. The free houses, Adam Lanza did not exist, Nancy Lanza was really Ann Hadad etc.

      First the free house theory I believe is total utter nonsense. I cannot unequivocally assert that nobody got a free house but I can attest with certainty that my friend’s house was among those listed for a $0 sale in December 2009 and he certainly is still paying his mortgage. He did not get a free house nor did anyone pay off his mortgage. I am sure he would love that to be the case but sadly for him this theory is not true on his property.

      Second- Nancy Lanza, Adam Lanza and Ryan Lanza did exist. I personally confirmed this with someone I have known for over 12 years that knew the Lanzas from when they first arrived. Adam’s picture was most certainly photoshopped to make him appear more menacing than the harmless pip squeak that he was. However just because his picture was photoshopped does not mean he did not exist any more than a photoshopped picture of me or you would nullify our existence.

      This individual further stated that he never saw any AR-15, Saiga 12 gage or any other guns at her house nor did she ever once talk about shooting such guns.

      I admire Maureen for her courage and conviction but in my opinion she is completely wrong on this and furthermore the debate on this issue is irrelevant since we all agree that there is no evidence Adam ever shot anyone whether he existed or not.

      If I were to speculate I would suspect he was set up as a patsy and asked to play the role of a shooter or they just used him to blame for the incident. How they disposed of him after the incident could be any number of ways.

      Third- I believe that the school was open at least from the 2010-2011 school year because my friend had a child in the school that year.

      Fourth – I have no reason to doubt that the Lanza house was staged with salted evidence however this does not mean that the Lanzas did not exist and did not really live there.

      I think we need to focus of the significant factual discrepancies if this case will ever be exposed. These are too numerous to list but among the most significant are :

      The state police and Newtown police have 2 different stories. Mssgt Cario said Newtown PD said that the shooter was seen running into room 10 shooting and yet they stood there for 5 minutes and did nothing. At least two children were clinging to life and yet Newtown PD did nothing ???? WHY DOESN’T WOLF FOCUS ON THAT ? Where is the outrage from the parents? (If the story is real)
      Mssgt Cario also reportedly chose to take pictures of the pile of dying children before checking their vitals for survivors. Again this is huge – if this was real then where is the outrage?
      Police seen eating snacks in the middle of the crime scene while the nurse and secretary remain missing. They roll in a portable toilet into the middle of a crime scene and place one virtually inches from evidence marker 502 marking a blood trail in the parking lot. Does this video look like an active crime scene.

      No evacuation video of a single kid between the school and firehouse
      Multiple story contradictions- Dr. William Begg, Nicole Hockley, Nelba Marquz Green, The Phelps, Sue Short all have two different stories as to what transpired.

      I can go on and on and on- who cares is the school is dirty- maybe the school was a dirty school. Maybe not but there are much better issues to pursue here.

      Regarding speculative issues I believe the most potential lies with identifying what appear to be some “construct” children victims. Wolf did an excellent job getting an independent verification that Avielle Richman was really Lennie Urbina.

      I believe these issues can be proven one way or the other very easily- the families can either produce videos of themselves with the children together or they cannot. a MHB article postulated that Noah Pozner was really Michael Vabner at a younger age. This would be a great start – Can Lenny show any video of Noah and Michael together ? Any video of Lenny and Noah together ? (although that could be possible it is unlikely)

      Can Scarlett Lewis show any video of Jessie and JT together ?

      Can the Richmans provide sufficient video evidence to support that Avielle was really their daughter and not Lennie Urbina.

      Can the McDonnells show any video of them and Grace ?

      The QK Ultra superbowl video was epic and compelling.

      I appreciate all the hard work and dedication of the researchers out there.

      We all pay a price for seeing through the lies. My close friend finds my beliefs to be absurd. ” All the police lied ? all the parents lied ? everybody lied ? If I believed what you believe I don’t know if I could get up to go to work every day.”

      I just offer to share the dash cam video of the police breaking into a picnic. They all decline the offer – What else can I do ?

      1. Ray, you refer to the missing nurse and secretary. According to Stephen J. Sedenskys official report, Barbara Halstead and Sarah (Sally) Cox hid in an art closet for nearly FOUR hours, managing to avoid detection during FOUR official sweeps of SHES, including a canine unit.

        When I confronted a blogger named Chris Hernandez the Author about this particular nonsensical dribble, he lashed out at me (he is ex military), asking me if I had ever been involved in clearing a building, that “there are many places to hide.”

        This may explain how Sandy Hook, and other false flags, are so protected. For every challenge like mine to this either controlled or frighteningly naive blogger, there were countless others showering him with praise for putting conspiracy theorists like me in their rightful place.

        I know what you mean about ‘what else can I do?’ All we CAN do is stay alert and press forward.

        1. Yes Joe any rational question is dismissed as being insensitive or unreasonable or whatever. The issue is though that there are dozens and dozens of legitimate rational questions that remain even if one after another are dismissed by a warranted concern. I give every benefit of the doubt to any marginal issue and still could list a ton of anomalies.

          So none of the parents cried ? OK maybe they are all on Prozac ? next ? The school was dirty so it must have been closed ? Okay maybe the school was filthy – next – The school should have had handicap parking -okay maybe it didn’t. So what ?

          Let’s stay with the important factual discrepancies.

          Team Wakemup puts together a fairly coherent list

          Regarding a visit to Newtown I will send you an e-mail

    4. Newtown removed their “Transition Town” website. This was clearly the language of United Nations Agenda 21. There have been retailers from Sandy Hook, lying along with the actors that day. How can this be, unless “operatives” of some type have been imbedded in that town, since the days of George HW Bush and John Kerry being affiliated with nearby Yale Skull & Bones, as Newtown is but 24 miles from Fairfield University, run by Jesuits, and considered a CIA incubator. And of course, Newtown hosts the 2nd branch of Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan, the first one begun 6/6/66 in San Francisco. In fact the late Scott Getzinger, of Batman movie fame, also worked on “Truman Show”. This is a special town, where nobody has a report card from 2012 from Sandy Hook, no basic work orders, no permission slips for the Superbowl singers. This is, in a way, a town that is not part of America. Pat Llodra, a Free Mason – an organization that in Italy, has been infiltrated by the Mafia – the low level henchmen to pull off the hoax. Llodra and Malloy – visiting China, and their new $50 million school, is considered an institution of “International Learning” as imo, Chinese anchor babies will fit it, in coming years. The level of blackmail to bring in these actors, is beyond imagination, imo. So much mystery, but so necessary for the citizenry, still protected by the US Constitution, ostensibly, anyway, to pursue exposing this monster.

  6. There are about 3.6 million citizens living in the third smallest State but this courageous citizen and William Shanley are the only two with the guts to challenge obvious government lies about Sandy Hook. Intimidation by the fear and armed force of government can be a powerful weapon of government to restrain a questioning public. Here are a few quotes from an excellent article on crime scene investigations and how to improve on them. Obviously the authorities in Connecticut learned little from Dr. Henry Lee or deliberately did not follow his advice if they sought to create a fake event to promote gun control as Sandy Hook was based on all the evidence not hidden by the full military force of government:
    Reference Citation: Schiro, G. New Crime Scenes – Same Old Problems. Southern Lawman Magazine, Winter 1999

    New Crime Scenes – Same Old Problems
    George Schiro, MS, F-ABC
    (337) 322-2724

    Quotes from above article:
    “ In 1989, I heard Dr. Henry Lee speak at a homicide conference in Metairie, Louisiana. Dr. Lee is currently the Connecticut Department of Public Safety Commissioner and, perhaps, the most famous forensic scientist in the world. He said that the same problems we were encountering at crime scenes in 1989 were the same problems that we encountered at crime scenes for the past 30 years. In the ten years since I heard his talk, I’ve observed that, while evidence collection and crime scene investigation education has increased, we are still encountering these same problems. These problems aren’t unique to any single law enforcement agency, but they can be found in many departments, large or small, rural or urban throughout the United States and the world. In this issue’s column, I will address some of these problems. “

    “ The biggest problem encountered in crime scene investigations is too many non-essential personnel in the scene. Unfortunately, the bulk of these non-essential personnel are often police officers. Once the scene has been stabilized and the victim is either removed from the scene or declared dead at the scene, then everyone, including police officers, must be removed from the scene as soon as possible. The scene must be secured until the detectives and crime scene investigators arrive. Until they arrive, no one, including sightseeing police officers regardless of rank, should be allowed to go in the scene. Non-essential personnel will either inadvertently disrupt some portion of the crime scene or they will give the impression that something has been disrupted. One of the most popular lines used by defense attorneys and the media during a trial is that the police contaminated, disrupted, tainted, or otherwise screwed up the crime scene. “
    “Another major problem is the lack of communication at crime scenes. The first responding officers must report everything they have observed including their actions at the scene, the paramedics’ actions, the victim’s actions, the suspect’s actions, and any other actions taken at the scene. This information must be communicated to the detectives and crime scene investigators. The detectives and crime scene investigators must work and communicate with the coroner’s or medical examiner’s investigators, so they can properly perform their job when dealing with a deceased individual. In turn, the pathologist who conducts the autopsy must communicate his or her findings to the detectives, crime scene investigators, and forensic scientists in the crime lab. The detectives and crime scene investigators must also communicate with the forensic scientists so that the evidence can be analyzed properly to obtain the maximum amount of information in the investigation. The forensic scientist must give the results of the analyses to the detectives so that the investigation can be completed. Finally, everyone involved in the case must have a two way communication with the district attorney’s office. Lack of communication can hamper the final disposition of a case.”
    “The way mistakes are sometimes handled at a crime scene is a problem and this can lead to bigger problems, including perceptions of cover-ups and conspiracy. Mistakes at a crime scene are inevitable. The best we can do is to minimize the mistakes made at crime scenes through proper education and training. Each processed crime scene should be internally critiqued by each participant. This is so he or she can learn from any mistakes made at the scene and look for ways of improving the next crime scene investigations. Each crime scene should be a learning experience.”
    “If you make a mistake at a crime scene, own up to it at the beginning. Don’t try to cover it up. Be honest about it and report it to the person in charge. If the mistake is fixable, then rectify it, but if you have altered the scene in any way, don’t try to recreate that scene. A scene can never be recreated and any attempt to do so could result in subtle and unconscious changes that might affect the outcome of the investigation. If the scene is recreated, then it becomes perceived as a cover-up. If someone else sees you do it or helps you recreate it, then it becomes perceived as a conspiracy.”
    “Too few photographs taken of a scene is a problem that is also still encountered. The crime scene photographer has only one chance to thoroughly document the crime scene. The photographer should capture that scene and evidence from as many angles as possible. Film is cheap so use as much as you feel necessary. Some departments are switching to digital cameras. Do not use a digital camera or a point and shoot camera for crime scene documentation. Some aspects of crime scene investigation require extremely detailed close-ups. This cannot be accomplished with the current generation of digital cameras and the limited flash unit on the point and shoot cameras. A law enforcement agency must invest in good crime scene cameras and side mounted flash units. Training with the camera must also be provided by the agency.”
    “By working to eliminate these major problems at crime scenes, law enforcement agencies will be more effective, have increased public confidence, and have more solid case investigations. The problems are easily identified and, if the proper leadership is in place, then these problems are easily rectified. We can and must learn from our mistakes. Hopefully, the next ten years of crime scene investigation will be conducted so well that no one will ever again have to mention the past 40 years of the same old crime scene problems.”
    Obviously the authorities at the Sandy Hook Hoax dismally failed to follow the above good expert advice even from their own expert Henry Lee, Ph.D. If they followed any of it no one could prove it because they used the full military force and power to keep it a carefully guarded secret. Secrecy is the enemy of the truth. This is largely why the so called “investigation” of Sandy Hook by Connecticut authorities is not believable.

    1. There are late arriving characters that arrived on the Sandy Hook scene that caused me to pause and wonder.
      Some have been mentioned in Abbe’s dissertation. Dr Henry Lee is a case in point. He’s a person who knew something was badly rotten in Denmark, acknowledged it, and was not heard from again…..say what? His explanation of the correct and proper crime scene protocols was so marvelously lucid and on point. For such an eminent forensics magnate to admit that the Sandy Hook “investigation” was done so sloppily and in cursory fashion that was followed by his blending into his environment subsequently is most interesting.
      Look at a character like Rebekah Roth, author of a book that was written in fictional fashion but was given traction and street cred. How does fiction suddenly become almost “respected” despite its nefarious origins? Her book on 911 regarding the planes involved was clever but shot full of holes soon after introduction.
      The bigger the false flag, the more hangers-on that are seen hanging around after the event to keep the pot stirred and adding pinches of disinfo from time to time. The more important the website, the more likely shills are hovering around like pilot fish.
      In this regard, the participation by the State of Connecticut and it’s governor was an example of total fabrication and lies littered about the premises regarding Sandy Hook. Sandy Hook has been a hugely expensive adventure for the NWO types, money stolen from American taxpayers as well as black monies obtained from other well known sources. Sandy Hook was an incredible event and it could be dangerous to the health of the United States. Very dangerous, indeed. And the beat goes on and on…..

  7. How many New England governors that participated in the “Drug Interdiction Conference” of last year acknowledged CIA participation in the smuggling business? The governors expressed shock, awe, and woe at the depth and breadth of the drug problems in New England. I wrote each governor and asked these same questions and got NO answers or notes of acknowledgement. What does that tell you? War on drugs? How about the war on farce? If the governors are aware of the Iran Contra episode, why are they not aware of the intelligence agencies involved in actual smuggling from South America and elsewhere? These are actually our representatives? Shirley you jest…..
    Scads of articles and books have been written on this rueful blight on America, what are these governors doing about it? Do they confront the US government agencies entrusted with our safety? Of course not, who cares about Americans who are concerned anyway? America is rotting from the inside and who cares?

  8. Everytime I watch Maureen’s measured comments (at least til she was hastened at the end),I understand just how fractured the reaction to Truth telling has become;how soon will it be until “Truth Telling” will become a psychosis listed in the DSM-5? Many of those in the profession act as though it already has. Thank you,James and Maureen.

  9. The best scams are those in which the victims do not know they were fleeced or had. The sympathy scam is at the very top of the list of “best scams” because by its very nature, the normal human defenses against it are virtually shut down because attention is diverted from natural questions about the validity of the claims to sympathy for the alleged victims. This is exactly what happened in this Sandy Hook Hoax and exactly why it was chosen for this purpose. Then, to add insult to injury, if one does ask any rude questions, the perpetrators turn the tables around to make the questioner appear guilty for not blindly accepting their claims at face value without any questions! Suppose these con artists sought to do this with real crime scene investigators? They would be immediately charged with the crime of interfering with a crime scene investigation and jailed. But in this case the investigators themselves have become part of the con itself and the only parties left of ask any rude questions are the lowly victims who were had in the first place! From the criminals point of view it is indeed a magnificent con. All the real evidence which could prove the con has been kept hidden by the full military force and power of government. This is tyranny at its best or worst depending on which side you are on. This is the result of failure to have controls in place for lowly citizens to bring charges against corrupt government officials and have them adjudicated in different courts than those controlled by government. When a very intelligent and courageous citizen like Ms. Crowley or Mr. Shanley comes along then they isolate them and easily make them look bad because most people do not have the guts to go against the crowd and join them in the fight against tyranny. I never in my lifetime thought this country would reach this low in the bottom of the cesspool of our government today. “When the government becomes the lawbreaker it breeds contempt for the law.” U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis. In our system basically the only peaceful way to resolve such massive problems is the ballot box. Obviously this is far too slow and ineffective. The perpetrators of this con obviously realize this and know they have the upper hand against the mass of citizens when they can corrupt a whole government with virtual impunity. The silence of so many participants is a shameful cowardly disgrace to this once great nation, not to mention the deafening silence of the many thousands of expert crime scene investigators across this land who obviously see and realize this whole charade was a massive ruse to fool a gullible public. In fact all the rigid rules of crime scene investigations were designed to prevent exactly the hoax of Sandy Hook in the first place; but of course none of them were followed.

  10. I believe serious false flag researchers, in this case Sandy Hook, must be honest on all fronts. We need to admit when something we have grasped onto as “evidence” can be, in any way, reasoned away.

    For instance, in Fetzer’s Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, one contributor offered as evidence that the Lanza home was staged, the fact that moving pads are clearly seen under the legs of what is alleged to be the bed of Nancy Lanza. To this well intentioned researcher, this implied that the bed was made to be as mobile as possible, through the aid of these plastic furniture moving pads.

    Well, I am a contractor, and have very often used these pads to move very heavy furniture, such as heavy bed frames, so that I might be able to perform the contracted work a bit easier.

    When the job is complete i give the option to the customer to keep the pads where they are for future moving, or removal. They ALWAYS keep the pads under the furniture.

    Holding on to spurious “evidence” such as this will only serve to weaken our seemingly tenuous position.

    Other, very significant information, seems to be more obscured, such as the fact that Donald Trumps former lead campaign manager, Paul Manafort’s family business, Manafort Brothers Inc., based in Plainville, Ct., was the firm which demolished at no charge to Newtown the alleged Lanza home at 36 Yogananda St. in Sandy Hook.

    Why would a construction company do such a thing? Why was Paul Manafort brought on to oversee the Trump campaign in the first place, and why was Manafort dumped? Did Trump choose Manafort, or was it the other way around? Was Trump made aware of Manaforts Sandy Hook connection, and therefore was released back into the shadows?

    These are the issues which frequently cause me to reach for the 5g’s of Melatonin at night.

    1. 5g’s of melatonin or 5 mg’s??? Let’s get it right, Charles. 5 grams of melatonin would keep you asleep like Washington Irving’s famous character.

      You do draw some dramatic associations, though, with this connection of Manafort Construction and the Trump campaign. Proving things beyond this initial mention is another story. Manafort could have been forced on Trump, or not. Tough call. But an interesting association nonetheless.

    2. You make excellent points. The various anomalies and apparent contradictions brought out in the book are of varying quality. There are enough of them that if some are discarded for reasons you cite, the conclusions still stand. Of course the reasons why more direct scientific evidence is not available is exactly because the government of Connecticut abused its powers and used its full military force and power to hide any true scientific crime scene evidence which might be available. They should be criticized for this in every post to remind the public of their criminal negligence in this matter. The demolitions of the school and Lanza home were discraceful. Just think of it: As much as these people are interested in some easy government or private money, they could have held tours of both of these places like Knotts Berry Farm and made millions of dollars over the years showing all those bullet holes in the walls and where the blood and dead bodies were on the floors couldn’t they? Clearly the only excuse or reason to demolish these alleged crime scenes, especially demanding the contractor hush up with criminal sanctions was to cover their tracks and hide it all exactly because it was a swindle a ruse a con where no crimes were committed except those of government defrauding its own citizens instilling fear in the population for the outrageous purpose of abridging the 2nd Amendment to disarm all Americans of their Constitutionally provided defense of homes and property and persons if all else fails. Obviously his contractor and his employees all observed the crime scene. They know if there were any bullet holes or remaining blood stains or other remains of this obviously fake crime scene. I was unaware that Manafort was the contractor for this job. This is truly an amazing point because he would have most certainly told Trump about his observations of this fake crime scene. I would also be very surprised if he did not take many pictures of it before demolition as well and place them in a safe place somewhere in the world. This brings a whole new light to both Trump and Manafort. Trump is largely mum on Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing and 9/11 but I would bet he knows or as heard many rumors of the perps of 9/11 and Lucky Larry and the judge who blocked all challenges to the official lies. Yours is a very powerful comment again showing the power of the internet today. Great job.

    3. Agree. Some of Fetzer’s material is weak. Among the factors that DO point to staging of 36 Yogananda are the bloodless bedroom wall, despite Nancy Lanza supposedly being shot four times in her left eye, with a 22. Also, ammo for a 45 found, but no actual 45 weapon, and no cleaning supplies for a massive arsenal, that smells of a police evidence locker. Then there is the toilet water practically non-existent – not absolute proof of course, but leads credence to the house not being occupied. A drawer full of brand new, unworn socks, and the placement of a “Let’s Go Shooting” card from Peter Lanza. Then the matter of the actual holder of the AAA membership card- being Ryan not Lanza, according to a researcher who called AAA. Also, “Nancy’s car” which traveled to New Hampshire the night before in December, totally spotless in the garage. And the question of why “Adam” would neatly make his bed, if he planned to shoot up a school, and then himself. The day of the event, the first responder cars were not in the Lanza driveway, they were in the driveway of next door neighbor, John Trentacosta, head of the Newtown Savings Bank, a member of the Federal Reserve of New York, and also the person in charge of United Way – infamously collecting for “victims” on Dec. 11, four days before the event “happened”

      1. There was also the crime scene pictures of a near empty refrigerator in the alleged Lanza kitchen. It had been reported that Adam was a vegan who had very specific likes and dislikes in food, and that Nancy would have to cook many things and stock them for Adam before she left town. If hypothetically she shared Adams dietary preference there should have enough food items for both. If she wasn’t vegan she would have had her own things in the shared fridge and I recall seeing nothing in the crime scene pictures of the open refrigerator but a few stray water bottles. In other words, a functioning and filled refrigerator shared by two people one with a particular preference and one not, in an other wise very well “stockpiled house” and “lived in” house was not being pictured. Unless it’s police procedure to throw out food before photographing a kitchen?

        1. I think each false flag has it’s own unique ultra insane ultra unbelievable assertion of fact that is reported. I think these may be intentional to measure just how stupid the brain dead masses are and see to what extent people question the reporting.

          In the Lanza back story they reported that Adam had become so very reclusive that he would only communicate with his mother through e-mail. Seriously how could anybody believe that ? The kid may have been ultra shy or whatever but he would go to Lowes Theater and play Dance Dance Revolution for hours but he would not speak with his mother ?

          In the Cassidy Stay story we are told that her entire family was executed but that she survived by blocking the bullets to the back of her head with her fingers ??? Then she goes on a smiling victory parade the day after ? Nobody asks if this appears rather anomalous ?

          In an effort to promote the ever present escalating war on terror we were told that Doctors are now surgically implanting bombs into suicide bombers. This, in my opinion, is the most utterly absurd report of all. Let me reiterate – Doctors are surgically implanting bombs into suicide bombers. And the Kardashian loving, Oprah watching public believe that ? Sadly they do.

        2. Ray, here is another lost in space absurd Dance Dance Revolution and Lowes Theatre Adam Lanza tidbit; in Stephen J. Sedensky 3s official report we were told that Adam Lanza suffered from a condition which caused him to refrain from touching metal objects.

          All commercial buildings have metal doors and handles. Hello, SJS3?

          If there was a Mt. Rushmore for false flag “victims,” Cassidy Stay would SURELY be emblazoned. I have never seen anyone so full of glee at the loss of family members.

          Although, the Parkers and McDonnels do come close.

      2. A Newton Funeral director by the name of Daniel Honan stated in an interview a week after Sandy Hook that all seven of the children he handled had wounds consistent with shotgun pellets. Have you ever spoken to him.?

  11. Man arrested in crank phone call against Sandy Hook School.

    Part of article, read more on site.

    “Pierre Beauvil, 28, of Stamford was identified as the caller.

    “Beauvil was arrested Sept. 2 around 2 p.m. He was charged with breach of peace, second-degree harassment and first-degree threatening.

    “He may have made numerous other school threats, police said.”

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