By James F. Tracy

Defining Domestic Lone Wolf Terrorism

Section 802 of PATRIOT Act and “Domestic Terrorism”

Radicalization via “conspiracy theories” have inevitably led to violence and signal potential acts of domestic terrorism. This is how Google, Interpol and the Las Vegas police have interpreted the social media activities of 24-year-old Bryce Cuellar. 

The Las Vegas Sun reports:

Shortly before allegedly punching and threatening to kill his wife, the apparently intoxicated and heavily armed 24-year-old man stepped in front of a camera.

In the 15-minute video filmed and posted to YouTube on July 1, Bryce Cuellar slurred and mispronounced his words, declaring he was a Christian warrior ready to kill homosexuals and Satanists, according to authorities.

Cuellar has been known to Metro Police for about three years, during which time he has [been] increasingly radicalized, according to his arrest report. The July message was aggressive enough to constitute a credible threat.

It was also credible enough to a jury, which indicted him Wednesday, court records show. He is to face one felony count each of making threats or conveying false information concerning acts of terrorism, conspiracy to commit a crime, and one misdemeanor of attempting to destroy evidence.

Cuellar was arrested the night he filmed the video on one count of misdemeanor domestic battery, police said. The next day, Interpol, alerted by Google, reached out to Metro’s counterterrorism center to report the video.

In an interview, Cuellar told detectives he “screwed up with the video” and that he was angry, and drunk from consuming substantial amounts of beer in a 30-minute span, but that he was not a murderer, the report said. His wife, also booked at the Clark County Detention Center that day, provided little assistance in the investigation.


The report continues:

Cuellar’s ideology is rooted in government conspiracies, such as one involving the Illuminati, which some believe to be a secret society that controls world governments and economies, police said.

“America is done and America is over, ‘F— America’ and he will fire his gun in order to initiate a civil war within the United States and within the government,” he said, according to the report. He ends by saying he wants to kill Satanists and homosexuals.

A detective who prepared the arrest report wrote that the video is similar to propaganda videos produced by international terrorist organizations. [Emphasis added]

Online posts credited by authorities to Cuellar also demonstrate his “long-held” anti-government, sovereign citizen and militia ideologies, which have increasingly turned more aggressive the past three years, police said.

Cuellar is being held at the Clark County Detention Center where he is serving time for the battery conviction until November, jail logs show. On the charges stemming from the video, he’s being held on a $100,000 bail.

Like thousands of social media outlets, Cuellar’s YouTube channel does indeed include videos highlighting unusual public events like 9/11, in addition to questioning alleged mass shooting incidents that has now become commonplace at this blog. Further, the story of his apparent indiscretions and incarceration have been heavily promoted by several leftish outlets (i.e. here, here, here, here). Indeed, his story is featured prominently since the 24-year-old fits the “crazed right wing gun nut” stereotype.

What these “liberal” venues fail to recognize (or perhaps willfully ignore) is the fact that while Cuellar may be a maladjusted young man he may ultimately be charged for thought crimes under the USA PATRIOT Act. Moreover, such a law can be used just as easily on individuals who have any discernible political ideology, and are engaged in any political activism intended to influence public opinion through rhetoric or action.

Black Lives Matter activists engage in domestic terrorism in St. Paul, Minn., Aug. 29, 2015. Image source: Daily Caller

As readers may recall, Section 802 of the USA PATRIOT Act expands the definition of terrorism–traditionally conceived of as international in origin–to cover “domestic” purported forms.

A person engages in domestic terrorism if they partake in an act “dangerous to human life” that is a violation of the criminal laws of a state or the United States, if the act appears to be intended to:

(i) intimidate or coerce a civilian population;
(ii) influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion;
(iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination or kidnapping.

trump protester
Protesters objecting to Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump engaged in act of domestic terrorism as defined under PATRIOT Act

With the above in mind, the definition of domestic terrorism is expansive enough to include the activities of organizations, activists or protestors who are exercising their Constitutional rights to persuade (“coerce”) a civilian population to their political viewpoint, and/or to influence government policy. In other words this involves Freedom of Speech.

martin king in jail
Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. behind bars after committing what under the PATRIOT Act Sec. 802 would be considered “domestic terrorism”

Thus under the PATRIOT Act those who oppose existing laws and policies and choose to influence public opinion and their governments for a redress of grievances are domestic terrorists, provided they break a specific law–any law.

In a truly free society Cuellar’s posturing and diatribes, however disturbing and politically incorrect they may be, might be scoffed at or scorned. The fact that they attract the attention of Google’s online spy force and the International Police, and now constitute the basis for potential criminal prosecution, is more-than-ample proof that we live in a fear-driven police state where once-cherished constitutional protections are a dead letter.

H/t Peace Frog

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31 thought on “‘Anti-Government Conspiracy Theorist’ Imprisoned Over YouTube Video”
  1. FYI MHB site is inaccessible this morning since about 4 am Central. is also inaccessible this morning. I use Mozilla Firefox browser. No problem accessing any other sites today.   “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

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  2. Good piece. Unfortunately, The War on Terrorism was always about free speech & free thought, & therefore its what we call “Political Correctness” taken to its logical conclusion. This is one such example of Political Correctness(the “terror” of conformity to the social norms, hence “trends” are the route they provide us): . A more fleshed out one on Political Correctness (3-part series) which shows IMO that Political Correctness is the true end goal of ALL TERROR, really society in general as we know it, ergo ANY TOP-DOWN PROGRAM FROM ABOVE serves to achieve this objective, albeit Journalism, Healthcare, Schooling/”Formal”Education, Environmentalism, AGENDA 21/NWO, the very money system itself.

    1. Absolutely correct and is too often overlooked, to the detriment of freedom loving individuals. The first step is ALWAYS control of words as they shape the narratives to follow.

      “Racist” once meant you believed a race was gifted with special laudatory attributes that others did not, making the others inferior.

      Now, “racist” means someone who disagrees with the narrative of what a racist is. Think about that for a moment. They’ve shape shifted the meaning of a word, enabling them to make the case that holding a different opinion, regardless of any feelings of superiority, is racist.

      This is being done wholesale by the brain dead who inhabit the West, aiding and abetting those who will be the first to put the revolver to their heads when the anti-freedom campaign is complete.

      So yes, Political Correctness is nothing more than a very sophisticated, and so far successful, strategy to make disagreement with the Left’s goals impossible.

      Fortunately, we are seeing the very tangible push-back on this forming among many, both old and young. The important thing to remember is this is not about some nobody with a protest sign “misunderstanding” you. This is about those at the top who use all the nobodies to make it IMPOSSIBLE for you to dissent from what they have planned for us.

      That is a much more serious game, deserves much more attention and focus, and an iron will to refuse to be backed into a semantic corner by these language assassins.

  3. The reason for the arrest listed on the arrest report is “terrorist threats”, the date on the report is July 1, 2016, the day of week FRI, time of arrest as 1645. However in the arrest circumstances section of the report it starts out by saying on “July 2nd at 20130 hours” Det. Mead “was notified by email from Interpol via Google” of the video. So. how did they arrest Cuellar at 1645 on July 1, for terrorist threats, if they were not aware of the video until July 2 after being informed by Interpol and Google? If Cuellar was arrested “the night” of July 1 for misdemeanor domestic battery as the Sun article says, why is the report dated July 1 timed 1645 and starts out with the July 2nd contact from Interpol? Would a person allegedly arrested for a “misdemeanor” on July 1 be given a sentence of incarceration until November? Would a person receive that severe a sentence without a trial?
    All the marks of another, common hoax.

    1. There is something hinky going on with this. We know that when we see pre-dated reports and changing dates and times, we are looking at another scam. If his arrest was in July, why are the news reports from the last day or so? Also, it seems a bit strident that Interpol would be interested in a mere YouTuber. Don’t they have anything more serious to do?

      1. Probably a mis-info piece designed to frighten &/or draw out ‘truthers’? Not sure. I had never heard of him myself and I thought I kept fairly good tabs of the ongoing conspiracy(s) & “theories”.

  4. What is the source of the image of the distinguished looking gentleman holding the rifle? Reminds me of the famous Oswald photo on the cover of TIME. It does not appear to me to be either a “.308 sniper rifle” or a “.22 caliber AR-15 type” rifle, unless the police officer is ignorant enough to refer to a .223 Rem or 5.56 NATO as .22 caliber. Perhaps it is not from the alleged subject video.

  5. This is strange to me. I read this post and watched the video that showed the arrest report for Bryce Cuellar. I had never heard of him or watched any of his videos. I simply noticed his name on the report and that he was arrested in Las Vegas. Shortly after that, I decided to find something on YouTube to listen to while I did a little shopping. I clicked on a video that sounded interesting on Fisher of Men’s channel, and watched the first few seconds of the video. It opened with several screens showing written quotes, and I happened to glance at my screen just in time to see this:

  6. Horrors! A man can’t even (anymore) over-imbibe within his own domicile and spout-off his big mouth in front of his personal computer screen! But its okay for radical U.S. politicians to daily do the crazy and be highlighted by the corrupt government mainstream media whores! And neither do the neo-Nazi police state operatives bat a gnat’s eyelash over #BlackLivesMatters crisis acting low-lives, frothing from their racist and hate-mongering double-standard mouths as they threaten and attempt to intimidate.

    The only thing that matters for the Propaganda Government, is to stereotype the loner eccentric white guy to further their complete shut-down of American freedoms, agenda.

    And, who knows (even) barring future investigation, whether “this” reported (alleged) news was fabricated (staged)? I would not doubt that it was……..

  7. In the matter of criminalizing speech, the federal government, with states following their lead (in this case Nevada), have departed from an “immanent threat” standard, requiring a specific threats of harm to a specific person or group. The problem with this case is that he directed threats to the gays, etc, over the internet, to a world audience. Would a gay in NYC actually be in fear of immanent danger after viewing this video? I think it’s more likely that he or she would laugh it off as a crank. What is disturbing is that tracking statements on ubiquitous social media, when there is no plan to put such blunderbuss speech into action, is a slippery slope that ultimately criminalizes the expression of thought.

    Here is a more detailed legal analysis:

    1. BigTim – You ask: “Why is an event that allegedly happened on July 1, or July 2, being promoted so vigorously in the media almost 2 months later?”

      My thoughts:

      Because this “event,” is, no doubt, more contrived and staged “news” disseminated from the propaganda media whores. It’s just another “piece” of the continuous overall (layered) agenda.

      Crimes Against Peace: How U.S. Government Plays Judas Against Its Own Citizens

      Operation Mockingbird, CIA, NSA, Media Whores And Hoaxes

      1. When I viewed Bryce’s Youtube page, it was like looking at a collection of popular conspiracy theories the government argues is corrupting the public mind. However, it occurred to me that this whole event might be a PSOPS. If they desire to close American society, and create a totalitarian police state, they need gun confiscation, and they need to reign in the internet and criminalize speech (they need to nullify both the First and Second Amendments, and, the rest of the Bill of Rights, will freely fall).

  8. ~A person engages in domestic terrorism if they partake in an act “dangerous to human life” that is a violation of the criminal laws of a state or the United States, if the act appears to be intended to:
    (i) intimidate or coerce a civilian population;
    (ii) influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion;
    (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination or kidnapping.~

    This point right back to the government itself. This is exactly what they do.

    When will it be “domestic terrorism” to make comments on the Internet that expose and criticize tptb?

  9. They are testing the waters, if no one reacts you will see more of this coming.

    First everyone should do is boycott Googles browser. They decloked and have always been DARPA as Facebook is.

    Interpol..really? Next will be armed Drones.

    Good Piece Frog, no pun intended.

  10. He is charged with 3 counts (according to the local te levi sion report). One of them is ‘conspiracy to commit a crime’. With WHOM did he conspire? Conspiracy requires at least 2 people. Perhaps it was a local FBI agent who has been working with him for awhile and convinced him he could be a ‘hero’? What kind of prescription drugs was Cuellar taking? If he was prescribed drugs, WHO prescribed them?

    The te levi sion report states Cuellar has been in trouble with the ‘law’ on other occasions. Was he charged with anything? Was he indicted? If he wasn’t jailed, what were the circumstances of his NOT being jailed? Was any agency observing him?

    Has he served in the U.S. military? What are his family connections? Is his family in the military or have they served in the military? Are any of his family members in the intelligence services or involved with any companies that are known to be used by the intelligence services as fronts?

  11. Bryce Cuellar threatened to kill homosexuals & Satanists. Even tho it’s just speech I suppose that’s a crime? I see no reason to dress it up as “terrorism”. It’s like “hate crimes”; if you kill or beat someone it’s a crime so why dress some of these acts as “hate” crimes, and others not?

    btw, since we are talking about legal procedure I must tell you that I’ve come across a credible site that demonstrates that some prominent court trials are a hoax, just like the “terrorist incidents” which appear to be merely theatre (nonevents for propaganda only).

    Miles Mathis is an artist, has several sites; this is the one I’ve read & recommend to your notice: . It demonstrates that the OJ Simpson trial & murders were a hoax & “Assistant Prosecutor” Marcia Mason an actress! I had followed the case closely at the time & was left w several unsolvable riddles, like “How did they cancel California’s law against cameras– let alone VIDEO cameras in the courtroom?” & “How did they speed up the trial so much? These things usually take years to come to trial.”

    Miles Mathis investigation is incredibly detailed.

    This is one of the most astounding, yet credible things I’ve ever read. I hope that James Tracy will take note of Mr. Mathis’ work.

    1. I have reblogged much of his stuff for sometime. I especially like the Lincoln trial and the Tate murders especially. No doubt they are a hoax. Sharon Tate is said to have taken her dead sister’s identity and living on Malibu beach. Charlie could be just down the road and appear once in awhile for interviews with Geraldo Rivera.

  12. Amazing what a few like Soros, SPLC, ADL and a handful of Freemason of the fraternal order can do. It’s hard to want to debate and litigate what is a total farce and psy-op on constitutional or legal merits when the agenda is a strategy of tension and brainwashing to indoctrinate the police state full spectrum surveillance.

    I have to submit this as another piece of the psy-op Pie . Occu-Pi , that is. I fits so nice and neatly with their new ALT-RIGHT meme which is peaking right now much like Pokemon Go, another slice of Jade-Helm and Masters of the Human Domain.

    Had Mr. Cuellar excluded homosexuals in his script it would have been much harder to have the state bring charges against him for threatening satanists and illuminatists since according to them, do not exist. Next time he ought to mention congressional pedophiles and Corporate drug-traffickers as targets. They don’t exist either but his audience will know to whom he’s referring.

  13. This article strikes me as a lousy example to use in the first place,
    if the information is correct (and I have not verified that) a guys gets on the internet drunk with an AR 15 and threatens people? What else would you expect but a visit from the police?

  14. If Bryce Cuellar did not exist, it would be necessary for the Hillary Clinton campaign to invent him.

    Whether this is a psyops or not, the timing of this so quickly on the heels of Hillary’s alt right conspiracy rant is, shall we say, “curious”.

  15. It is indeed significant from a communications studies standpoint to point out the absurdity of law enforcement here (to name but one offending party).

    The implication is that shot-gunning beer precedes the production of most “international terrorist” propaganda. So, like Cuellar, “ISIS” must send a lower order member on a beer run before executing their CGI propaganda. And as far as “propaganda” and “international terrorists”, who could possibly be a better analyst that a Las Vegas police officer? That makes perfect sense.

    Of course, if Sandy Hook (to name but one) was a psyop intended to “coerce a civilian population” (check), intended to “influence the policy of a government by intimidation of coercion” (check), or intended “to affect the conduct of a government by [fake] mass destruction, [simulated] assassination, or kidnapping [or kid faking], then the US gov are the most prolific domestic terrorists of all. Of course, their brand (also heavily reliant upon simulation) is and has been for some while global. 9/11 would seem to be very much an international event (especially when considering such bumbling, stumbling participants as AA77 pilot Hani Hanjour who was official subject to a bona fide miracle when he acquired “the right stuff” at the very last minute [after having consistently evinced “the wrong stuff” for so long]). Hani’s “flight” from Ta’if in Saudi Arabia was a Cinderella story in every way imaginable.

    I believe it was MLK who said “The greatest purveyor of violence in the world : My own Government, I can not be Silent.”

    And as per thought crimes “If my thought dreams could be seen/They’d probably put my head in a guillotine.”
    Bob Dylan had it right.


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