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In the immediate aftermath of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno Nevada Thursday there is an unusual six-seconds of missing video. Thereafter as the video comes back and Clinton is glad-handing audience members, smart phones capturing footage of Clinton’s exit in apparently real time reveal an empty room. This can be verified against identical video of the event here beginning at 39:00. Video footage continues for only a half-minute until segueing to  still images at 39:31. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.48.36 PM

MHB is a platform for discussing and examining events that do not appear to actually be what the public has been told. This includes the Sandy Hook School massacre, which Clinton invokes in this speech as a means to decry critical thinkers and alternative media. (Conveniently overlooked is the fact that Clinton herself is implicated in the so-called shooting massacre.) In this instance there is video manipulation suggested of an event involving a prominent political leader and taking place (so the public is led to believe) in a particular sequence.

This raises a number of questions. When in fact did the speech take place? How many video sources were used in the apparent composite production? What happened in the six expurgated seconds of video? Did the candidate fall down again? Was the audience so insubstantial that footage from another speech (perhaps one of Trump’s?) was grafted over that of her departure? How many of the audience members were paid to attend and wave banners? Is Clinton even shaking hands with those who appear to be present? Adding to the intrigue are the many reports on the candidate’s inability to attract decent numbers at her speeches, her potential health problems, and the fact that she hasn’t held a press conference in over eight months.

H/t DITRH and ‘Barry Soetoro’


Update: Below is another new analysis of the video.


Update 2


I noticed this at the beginning. Clear as day, the backgrounds don’t match. Rock solid proof of fakery.

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2016-08-26 07.58.55 am

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38 thought on “Video Manipulation Suggested in Hillary’s Nevada Speech”
  1. When I first saw this, I also thought WTF. That is, until I examined the original video which DITRH posted a link to fortunately. I believe DITRH and others who are claiming shenanigans are mistaken on the cell phone displays. If you examine the original video in full screen mode and pause often to compare the cell phone displays with the stage, you’ll understand that it’s actually a perspective difference. The cell phones are essentially wide angle shots that show a much larger portion of the stage set, whereas the camera that took the video is a lot further back and zoomed in — like a telephoto lens type shot. That compresses everything, including what appears to be short distances from those holding the cell phone cameras, which are in fact not that close to the stage. Therefore, those cell phone cameras are shooting from further back than it would seem, and are catching a much larger area, which appears to be very different from what we observe in the video. The best proof of this is at the beginning of the ORIGINAL video (not DITRH’s) where you can watch Hillary’s entrance onto the stage and can make out the podium and the flag backdrop, and Hillary herself on the main cellphone camera being held up — it all matches up, just with different perspectives (wide vs. zoom). This can also be verified in the segment shown on DITRH’s video, but it’s easier to discern at the beginning of the original video.

    Please understand I’m no Hillary fan — I think all of these people are scum of the earth, BUT we need to be careful at analyzing these kinds of situations, that’s all.

  2. Mangrove, that doesn’t make sense because the people who are holding up all the cellphones are just 2-3 people deep away from Hillary – they can’t be as far away from her as you seem to believe. This is no wide angle view from a far distance. The images on their phones show NO red stripes at all, nor anything else like the flags, nor any people whatsoever.

  3. Somethings Brewing.

    I think we are going to see a head on collision between the NWO left and the Alt-Right for the Battle of the white house.

    This is for all the marbles and the left have trillions of dollars and the entire media on their side.

    Brexit won against these same odds and rhetoric and False polls.

    Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Alex Jones on ‘Pickle-Gate’. The left are coming after AJ…


  4. I’ve only watched the first 5 mins and we have 2 “Black outs” by ABC news.

    @4:05 screen blacks out to 4:09, NOW everybody has USA signs and the back stairwell that was empty is full of people holding signs. there many people now behind the podium….Can we video manipulation? Not really a “Live” stream.

    Now, we go Black again at 4:12 to 4:20.

    This time the “perspective” seems a little different.. 2 men appear inside the Black ring. Somethings Not right.

    This is Just the first 5mins so far.

    This will take all day………..

    1. Besides what I have already said in my previous post, I’ll recap:

      at the 4:05 mark is the fist time the video goes black. At 4:09 the video returns only to show everyone has USA signs, the stairwell is now stuffed full of people with same signs and many people are now behind the podium. Also at 4:12 the video goes black again until 4:20. when the video returns 2 men are now inside the Barrier and something has changed in the perspective.

      This Proves this video was Not “Live” and ABC manipulated the video. Giving all these people signs and flooding the stairwell with supporters with signs could not have occurred in the mere 4 seconds when the video went Black. This Proves they had stopped the broadcast and staged the people with signs and moved people on to the rear stairs.

      Now, when you look at the video before Hillary comes on there is Podium surrounded by a 3 foot barrier, much like a dough boy with a Podium in the middle pool if you will.

      After Hillary goes to the Podium, the camera zooms in so you can only see Hillary and the back drop.
      Right before the Third Black out (39:00 video below) you see the “Hands” with sign directly in front of the Podium as the camera pans out then we go “Black” again.

      When the video returns it’s as if the round dough boy pool barrier is Gone. Everyone appears to be standing right next to the Podium and against the far wall where the people in the bleachers are.
      I don’t think this can be from the cameras perspective for they look as if the could almost reach across to the people in the bleachers when in fact they are about 15 feet away from them due to the barrier.

      Every time the Video goes black something changes which tells me this was Not a Live Streaming video.

      As far as what the video on the Cellphones show it is confusing. When Hillary (Dracula) passing directly in from of the camera and it doesn’t “see” her, that I can’t explain but the Flag backdrop and the 3 standing flags are consistent.

      One thing I can honestly say is they stopped and started the video feed 3 times and “staged” the people with signs. Not Live.

      Just my 2 cents.


      1. Thank you Ric for saving us the pain of watching it, most of us could not bare it!

        Obviously this was a film production that shows hrc in the best possible light. The first blackout has no interruption in sound but presto magic a crowd appears in the staircase backstage in a flash. Poor young boy in the first row end seat has his ears plugged when in view, this is surely child abuse!

        HRC turns her back to the camera for the last blackout, with her face never again to be shown. We see her sprint down the stairs to greet the abused boy and then she is swallowed up by the secret service.

        Of course they could have blackouts that are invisible to the naked eye, they probably figured no one would watch anyhow.

        My guess is that a body double was brought in for that last sprint down the stairs to demonstrate great health and vitality. A very strange production indeed!

    2. Thanks for that research Dr. Eowyn, especially the photo showing what the background looks like. It does match up on the cell phones, despite people thinking they’re seeing skylines and all manner of imaginary stuff.

      See MattyD 4Truth channel and others who show the original video footage from C-SPAN which does NOT have the blackouts.


      And please look at the BEGINNING where Hillary walks up to the stage and pay attention to the cell phone displays there — there’s nothing going on there OR at the end when she finishes. Thanks for considering this.

      1. Mangrove,

        The CSPAN supposedly Govt. sanctioned Videon cuts the first FULL 7 minutes out of the Original video ABC live streamed. WTF???

        See my Real Full Video I Posted.

        Thats where the 1st blackout appears then everyone has signs and the back stairwell is now FULL of People.

        Explain That?

        I don’t have an opinion on the Cell Phone controversy.

        1. The CSPAN Video is NOT the ABC live stream video. It’s from a different camera source.

          In the ABC video right when she finishes you see the hands and phones waving in front of the podium.

          The CSPAN video doesn’t have ANY hands or Cellphones.

          It Proves they are NOT the same source or angle.

          Anyways I’m done with this.

        2. I thought the whole point from those who think there are shenanigans afoot was that Hillary wasn’t there, or was greenscreened, or that people were added into the footage, or that the cellphones showed a landscape, or even that the people holding the cellphones might have been at the WTC skyline (HowISee TheWorld speculated about that). I’ve seen even more bizarre claims than that in the comments sections of those who are posting about this on youtube.

          The point of the CSPAN footage was that it reveals the reality of the situation — that Hillary was indeed there, and that the audience was indeed real and also there. Furthermore, the background shown in the photos that Dr. Eowyn provided at his link reveal the true look of the total space. That larger space (with the windows high up in the background) is what people are showing on their cellphones. It does look suspicious, granted. I was initially, like I said in my first post, in WTF mode.

          I’m not sure why you think the CSPAN video doesn’t have cellphones. Just watch the first 30 seconds.


          I count 4 or 5 cellphones at various points during those first 30 seconds. All show exactly what’s on the stage. The video that DITRH linked to, where he got his footage, also has those cellphones at the beginning (DITRH didn’t show that). That was how I initially started questioning the veracity of the claims he made. You don’t even need the CSPAN footage to prove the cellphone displays are legit, but now that it has been shown, along with the separate photos of what the room looks like, the claims of shenanigans are totally debunked (except the baphomet hands, which are ubiquitous nowadays).

          I really don’t know what more people need at this point, assuming they’ve investigated all of these sources.

          Given this proof, I’m done here as well. One last point: This really doesn’t reflect well on Memory Hole Blog, IMO.

        3. I agree Mangrove,

          There was one anomaly that occurred in the live feed from ABC where after it when black suddenly all these people show up with signs. That’s just “Staging” to make it look better.

          The Cspan video starts after that occurred.

          There is really no conspiracy.

          We Good my Friend.

        4. Thank you Ric. I appreciated you looking into this and am glad you came to the same conclusion. Now that we’ve put this particular non-issue to rest, let’s rest up for the real conspiracies coming down the pike including the election debacle. I’m going to do my best Bette Davis seat-belt impersonation in advance — because these next few months are likely to be rather bumpy. Cheers, friend!

      2. At your link, that “C-SPAN” video says “This video NOT created or uploaded by C-SPAN.” That disclaimer is posted across the top of the webpage, just above the video you’re referring to. In other words, some user created/spliced it together before uploading. Could be anyone and could include all sorts of visual trickery. It looks pasted together (keeps jumping around).

        1. I gotta admit that was a good come back Dub.

          I walked right into that one.

          I forgot about CROWLEY and Barbara Bush’s real daddy theory ?

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