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(August 18, 2016)

 West Palm Beach, Florida – A federal district court has granted former Florida Atlantic University Professor James Tracy permission to amend his civil rights lawsuit.

Professor Tracy’s Amended Complaint removes twelve (12) individual defendants named in the original Complaint, all trustees or former trustees of the Defendant University’s Board of Trustees, who were originally believed to have voted to terminate Tracy’s federally protected tenured employment. The Florida Civil Rights Coalition has since learned based on information provided by counsel for Florida Atlantic University, that no such vote ever occurred.

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The Amended Complaint adds no additional parties, counts or exhibits; it only re-casts and clarifies Professor Tracy’s original claims brought under federal and state law against the remaining Defendants, alleging, inter alia, that Professor Tracy was fired from his tenured faculty position in January in violation of his constitutional rights, including freedom of speech and due process.


James Tracy again extends thanks to those whose donations have helped make this important fight for free speech, truth-telling, and academic freedom possible. MHB readers and like-minded souls who wish to support the case can visit the James Tracy Legal Defense Fund’s site at TracyLegalDefense.org for additional information. Periodic updates will also be made available at Florida Civil Rights Coalition.

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11 thought on “Federal Court Grants Professor Tracy Leave to Amend Complaint”
  1. Connecticut courts are moving along with Newtown’s finest and Operation Juice Box.

    Ex-Newtown cop gets 16 months in steroid arrest
    Updated 1:28 pm, Thursday, August 25, 2016


    ~Former Newtown police Sgt. Steven Santucci has been sentenced to 16 months in federal prison for his role in a steroid distribution ring. U.S. District Judge Robert N. Chatigny also gave Santucci two years of supervised release, for manufacturing and distributing steroids. Santucci, who is released on a $100,000 bond, was ordered to report to prison on Oct. 10.~

    1. So tell me now. Where was the stern hand of judicial justice following the Sandy Hook farce? The steroid instigated arrest of Sgt. Santucci makes me wonder if his sentence in prison is all for show and not real. It is said that some of the chaos actors that participated in events like Ferguson, Boston, and Sandy Hook got into various “programs” and then blew town on the way to other false flags. Was Sandy Hook the biggest producer of actor revenues of all false flags?
      Santucci is now picking out his Hawaiian clothing on his way to the islands for sun, fun, and babes while he sits out his “sentence” for steroid sales. Hillary lies up a storm and Santucci gets a term in the islands, sounds good to me. Major Podgorski of Sandy Hook major crime squad fame is likely in witness protection and heavily tanned now from exposure in the hot, bright Hawaiian sun. He plays doubles tennis with Robbie Parker, I’m told.
      Don’t know about you, but I derive major satisfaction knowing full well that justice is just a few light years away….

      1. As far as individuals go, the Sandy Hookers are probably the highest paid actors to date. Their longevity on the public stage has to be taken into consideration. They are not fly by nighters as in Pulse and other orchestrated events. In the end, justice shall prevail. We may be watching that will Hillary’s condition.

        Danbury has a low security federal correctional institution, fondly called Club Fed. Mr. Santucci may be sent there or he may go to a tropical place such as Club Med. Dispatcher Jason Chickos, who also was involved in Operation Juice Box, was given two years probation.

        Club Fed is proud of its former guests. It used to be an all male club, but females are now allowed to join if they too have a sizeable net worth. G. Gordon Liddy and Rev. Sun Myung Moon paid visits there. The staff did complain as far back as the late eighties that the guests had become less sophisticated than the waspy types they were used to.



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