Unnerving Questions on Exiled Candidate’s Health 

No Press Conference in 250 Days!

‘Barry Soetoro’

Why have corporate media suppressed medical observations on Hillary Clinton’s apparent maladies? Has Hillary’s seizure doctor been identified? Is this the man who follows Hillary everywhere, telling her, “It’s okay,” while stabbing Hillary with anti-seizure drugs?

Why does the epilepsy doctor shoo away secret service? So Hillary won’t trigger another seizure and fall down on TV?

Despite such probable health issues, internationalists like George Soros are prodding Hillary toward the election finish line to secure US Presidency, video maker argues.


For additional analysis see FOTM’s “Hillary Clinton Refuses to Release Her Up-to-Date Medical Records“.

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21 thought on “Hillary Drugged Up on Campaign Trail?”
  1. I’ve been agnostic about Hillary’s supposed illness, but in spite of some overwrought conclusions and pseudo expertise proffered in this video, it’s still convincing. Dr. Drew is a pathetic joke, and some clips don’t prove what the author claims.

    But some do and I’m wondering what anyone knows about epilepsy. Syphilis seems like an unlikely explanation for these petit seizures.

    It’s also unclear as to whether Soros’ larger aim is to enshrine Kaine as the next president. He seems even darker and more sinister than Hillary, if that’s possible. Never take your eyes off the Jesuits.


    1. In the book “Coningsby”, which was (supposedly) authored by Benjamin Disraeli, and which was a thinly veiled recounting of the life/times of Lionel de Rothschild (who was given the name Sidonia in the book), Disraeli wrote that Sidonia was descended from a ‘very ancient and noble’ Judaic family of Spanish Arragon, members of which served as Catholic bishops and even as Grand Inquisitor.

      As you probably know, the Jesuits were formed by Ignatius de Loyola, who was from a very wealthy family and was likely a Marrano. So they played the parts of ‘converts’ and were secretly continuing to preserve and adhere to rituals and ceremonies of the tribe of Judah. And of course, willing and able to throw at least some co-religionists under the bus if/when deemed necessary/expedient and/or part of the agenda. The Jesuits have been referred to as “the Pope’s men”. And we shouldn’t forget that the Papacy had been under the influence of the money power since the mid 15th century.
      See: https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/judaica/ejud_0002_0014_0_14150.html
      See: Michael Hoffman’s work “Usury in Christendom”.

      Oddly, Ignatius referred to himself as ‘the pilgrim’ in his autobiography…..which is the title of one of Malachi Martin’s books. I probably don’t need to remind you that “Fr.” Malachi Martin was a Jesuit who supposedly quit the Jesuit order when disillusioned by it —after Vatican II —-and was let out to start his writing career. Martin penned a book titled “The Pilgrim” under the pseudonym, Michael Serafian. (Maurice Pinay’s blog goes into great depth on Malachi Martin and his activity as a double and triple agent.)
      According to Rabbi Abraham Heschel’s autobiography (titled “Spiritual Radical”) he was able, as an agent for the American Jewish Committee, to get Malachi Martin’s book “The Pilgrim” published as a political tactic to influence deliberation on the draft for Nostra Aetate (a key document introduced at Vatican II). Nostra Aetate had met setbacks at the close of the second session of the Council. The Pilgrim was published in May of 1964, between the second and third sessions of the council. The aim of “The Pilgrim”, and moreso, of Nostra Aetate was to start and to direct the ‘dialogue’ between Catholics and the tribe of Judah because Catholics were to receive the unqualified message that they were (are) Nazis and that Christianity ‘paved the way to Auschwitz’. The Church had already experienced heavy communist and crypto infiltration by the 1960s (Bella Dodd testified to this before Congress in the 1950s) and key subversive players were in place to ensure the remaking of the Church for the next century and for the next steps of the world plan. It also helped that complete dossiers on all of the attending bishops were available to the key players so that most dissenters to the Vatican II documents could be threatened with exposure of whatever closeted skeletons were clanking around.
      This is, to my mind, is all woven into the matrix fabric of the intelligence services, and those intelligence services work primarily for the money power.

    2. I have to agree. Soros is an evil man, but not a stupid man. One would assume that Soros is privy to Hillary’s medical condition, and it is doubtful that Hillary has the power to choose her running mate.

      Soros may just be lining up Kaine for the next POTUS. As things look now, chances are Hillary would last four years in office.

      1. I find it very interesting that everybody’s “Gut” is telling them Kaine is a Trojan House.

        I said the same when I first saw/heard of him.

        Typical creepy face they all seem to have when they are evil.

        It’s sounds strange, but all these sick perverts all look like inbreds bordering on retardation regardless of their political affiliation.

        It saddens me to make a statement like that.

      1. (More below from Daniel Hopsicker of Madcow)

        The powers struggling so hard to make life miserable for us, they show their force again. We recall Amazon’s ban on “Nobody died at Sandy Hook”.


        Well, they have other means to prevent information reaching a wider audience. They can price books out of the average person’s budget. I have seen “Barry & the boys” priced as high as $ 470.00 on the Internet.

        Here’s from Daniel Hopsicker:


        ~Somebody wrote to tell me a new copy of ‘Barry & the boys’ sells for between $150-$250 on Amazon. I’d be flattered, except what it means is the ‘powers that be’ have been successful—through nuisance lawsuits, to cite one example—from reaching a commercially-viable audience. Being deliberately “marginalized” means that to continue to investigate, write books, and produce documentaries, I need to price my books like the scarce commodities they are. So until my new book is published, or I figure a way out of this dilemma, my books “Barry & the boys” & “Welcome to TerrorLand,” and my six documentaries are available only through donations, and if you want to buy one of my books, you’ll have to buy it from me. No middlemen.~

  2. Yes her doctor has been identified and practices at a place in NY. I looked her up to make sure she was really a doctor and did work at that practice. She has defined Hillary as being in dementia.

    1. WTF? They keep her in such a tight close up, her chin is cut off. Kimmel is in a more normal frame. Again, this is the hottest month of the year, and she is wearing a red wool suit with a tight neru collar. I wonder if she has had recent thyroid surgery? Her bulging eyes go along with that possibility.

  3. Has anyone noticed that Barry has been following the exact steps that Robert Mugabe did to destroy Zimbabwe? The only thing left is to have a major crisis right before the next election so that he can, by executive order, make himself president for a third term and beyond, for the “good of the country.” The “death” of Hillary right before the election would be the perfect crisis for such a maneuver.

    1. Critical thinking is not allowed in this country, you need to turn yourself into the nearest Fema Camp for reeducation.

      You must be one of those people who were educated before 1994 when the government/Clinton
      took over the Education system.

      When Hillary is elected she will round up all you misfits.

      If the word Halloween doesn’t scare you and you don’t need to have a safe place you are the enemy.

      Of course I’m kidding. But they aren’t.

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